Is your sex life in need of repair?


You are not among those thousands and millions of couples who are living a sexless life even though they live under one roof. But you are also not one of the few couples whose sex life is full of adventure. We can say that your sex life is stuck in the middle. You don't understand if everything is okay, or that you both need to talk about it.

As the cases of job stress, work pressure, financial crises are increasing nowadays, negative swing is being seen in the sex life of married couples. There are some cases in which the overall relationship is excellent, but when it comes to sex, the situation becomes worrying. Is something like this going on in your relationship too? Read on to find out those 4 red signs that will tell if your sex life is in need of repair!

First red mark: The climax is missing from your sex life

By the way, you must have read in many places that many women of the world are not able to experience the climax during sex. In this way, it is a very controversial topic. We understand the climax here as the feeling of pleasure you used to feel during sex earlier. If both of you are not able to enjoy sex as before, then it is a kind of red mark. Find out what are the reasons that are hindering you from finding that pleasure in intimate moments. Maybe there are some temporary things like stress. If things don't improve in a few days, then both of you should have a frank conversation. 

Second red mark: sex has become a routine affair

Routine affair is a matter of consummation. If you are feeling that your sex life is not as hot as before, the excitement and mania for having a relationship is missing, then it is a matter of concern. Of course, sex is an act in which the mind keeps looking for newness. If your sex life will go on the same path for a long time, then dullness will make a place in it. If both of you have sex like settling some routine work, then soon you will get bored with it and stop doing it too. Think of something new, so that newness comes and your mind also feels satisfied.

 Third red mark: Both of you have sex, but there is no conversation related to it

Talking about it with a partner is as enjoyable as having sex. The little chuckles associated with this not only make your sex life spicy, but also strengthen your bond with your partner. During the conversation, both of you share your fantasies, giving hints about experimenting in bed. If nowadays both of you have stopped talking about sex, take it as a red signal. 

Fourth Red Mark: Both of you have started fighting over small things these days

The small mistakes that both of you used to smile at and go away, nowadays you get into big fights over them. Nowadays the blame game has also increased in your relationship. You find the reason for the increasing distance in the relationship and intimate relationship, and you are responsible for it in the eyes of the partner. If this continues, then leave your sex life, the normal relationship between husband and wife will also get sour. Both of you will have to talk to each other immediately and understand where the problem is coming from. Talk in time, with an open heart. It will help in getting things right.


Our society, once very open and aware about intimate relationships, has made sex such a big taboo that the situation has become such that even husband and wife shy away from talking about it openly. They make an intimate relationship, but are hesitant to talk about it. This is the reason why many married couples remain dissatisfied with their sex life throughout their lives. Often in this way questions arise in the minds of people in time, then they start thinking, 'Somewhere the partner should not be hurt' or 'Maybe this is what happens' or 'I have a problem' with such answers. Lifelong try to reduce the guilt of your mind.

Today we are going to talk, why is it important to talk openly with your partner about sex? And what should be the right way to communicate? 

Why should you talk to your partner about sex?

Of course, if you are facing any kind of problem in your sex life then you have to talk to your partner without any hesitation. This is also because it is a problem that can be solved only with the partner. Well usually couples first search the internet, read many articles and then try to solve the problem without informing the partner. But in 99% of the cases, it is of no use, because the solution to the problem is not on the Internet, but in the mind of the person who sleeps next to you on the bed. Many researches have also proved that couples who discuss their sex life among themselves, they experience more satisfaction in intimate relationships. Not only this, their mutual relationship is also strong.

 When should you talk to your partner about sex?

Even if you are usually hesitant to talk about sex, without talking during these situations, the talk is not going to work.

If you are not able to feel satisfaction during sex

-If you are bored with routine sex life and want to try something new

-If your interest in sex is decreasing or you feel that your partner has become monotonous towards sex

If suddenly you have started having a lot of desire for sex

If you feel that there is sex in the relationship, but love and affection have decreased

-If you feel any change in the behavior of the partner during sex, as if he has become too violent

If you feel that your partner never initiates sex, you have to do this work every time.

-If you are thinking about family planning


When and how should you initiate a conversation?

If there is not much conversation between the two of you on the issue of sex, then someday you cannot start it by getting up suddenly. Set a time and place to start the conversation. First of all, you have to remember that you don't have to start the conversation about sex in the bedroom. And even if you do it in the bedroom, then do not do it at bedtime i.e. while sleeping at night.

At the same time, take so much care about the time that it would be better not to talk about it right after sex, otherwise the matter may get worse. And one more thing, do not try to bombard the partner with questions or in any way ie directly or indirectly accuse or hold him responsible for the bad sex life. If you feel that you will not be able to express your feelings by speaking, then write a letter and tell your partner. There should not be a blame game here too. Neither blame the partner nor consider yourself responsible for a bad intimate relationship.

Ego has to be kept away from this whole issue, because sex is a way to show love, not to ignite the fire of ego. Talk in a light-hearted manner, whose purpose is to infuse new warmth in intimate relationships. The most important thing is that this cycle of conversation that started about sex should not end in just one or two times. Both of you will have to keep on talking about this for a lifetime. This will mean that over time both of you will be very mature not only about sex, but also about your relationship.