SSD Family is a Selltainment Platform

Association of family and friends are doing good, both in good-natured Bantering as well as creating Business, thanks to the advent of WhatsApp. There are some WhatsApp group that are making rounds for creating great impact for its members. And one such group that is becoming popular rapidly is SSD Family group. It is run by Mr. Santosh Jha, an eminent teacher of Koilakh, Motipur of Madhubani District.

Santosh Jha is versatile, remembers Ashish Jha, the renowned writer who has got the credit of writing more than 1,000 books as ghost writer and translating books of Mr V.K. Jaitley, President, All India IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association, Anurag Aggrawal, the business tycoon and one of the brand ambassadors of Amway and Amandeep Thind, the world-renowned motivational speaker, globe trotter(He has travelled all 7 continents), Dr. Birbal Jha, the Paagman of India, and Director of the British Lingua, and several others.

Describing Santosh Jha, he says, “He was our childhood hero. He was very good at study, equally good at sports, very impressive at enacting roles in dramatic clubs and almost all the things that necessitated wit and courage. I think his brainchild SSD Family will be able to make significant changes in the lives of its members in particular, and the society in general.”

The other participants of this group include Mr. Rajeev Jha, the elder brother of Mr Santosh Jha, Rahul Jha, elder brother of Ashish Jha, Mr. Dadan Mishra, Uncle of Santosh Jha and Ashish Jha, siblings of Santosh Jha, his sister-in-law(Bhabhi), Mr. Ajit Jha(Brother) Mr Anjani Mishra ,  Pankaj Mishra, Nikhil Mishra and eminent personalities from different walks of life.

When asked about the purpose of SSD Family, Mr Santosh Jha, the patriarch of the family quipped, “It’s a selltainment platform, to say the least. You get both bantering and business here. You come here, enjoy, display the product that you sell/of your choice and get it sold/known. You can say it Mini Amazon with amazing features. 

                                                                                      ----Ashish Jha