SSD Family is a Selltainment Platform

Association of family and friends are doing good, both in good-natured Bantering as well as creating Business, thanks to the advent of WhatsApp. There are some WhatsApp group that are making rounds for creating great impact for its members. And one such group that is becoming popular rapidly is SSD Family group. It is run by Mr. Santosh Jha, an eminent teacher of Koilakh, Motipur of Madhubani District.

Santosh Jha is versatile, remembers Ashish Jha, the renowned writer who has got the credit of writing more than 1,000 books as ghost writer and translating books of Mr V.K. Jaitley, President, All India IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association, Anurag Aggrawal, the business tycoon and one of the brand ambassadors of Amway and Amandeep Thind, the world-renowned motivational speaker, globe trotter(He has travelled all 7 continents), Dr. Birbal Jha, the Paagman of India, and Director of the British Lingua, and several others.

Describing Santosh Jha, he says, “He was our childhood hero. He was very good at study, equally good at sports, very impressive at enacting roles in dramatic clubs and almost all the things that necessitated wit and courage. I think his brainchild SSD Family will be able to make significant changes in the lives of its members in particular, and the society in general.”

The other participants of this group include Mr. Rajeev Jha, the elder brother of Mr Santosh Jha, Rahul Jha, elder brother of Ashish Jha, Mr. Dadan Mishra, Uncle of Santosh Jha and Ashish Jha, siblings of Santosh Jha, his sister-in-law(Bhabhi), Mr. Ajit Jha(Brother) Mr Anjani Mishra ,  Pankaj Mishra, Nikhil Mishra and eminent personalities from different walks of life.

When asked about the purpose of SSD Family, Mr Santosh Jha, the patriarch of the family quipped, “It’s a selltainment platform, to say the least. You get both bantering and business here. You come here, enjoy, display the product that you sell/of your choice and get it sold/known. You can say it Mini Amazon with amazing features. 

                                                                                      ----Ashish Jha

Indian cricket team's complete schedule for the year 2021, see full list


Team India's complete cricketing schedule for 2021: Even though the cricket fans did not get to see much cricket in 2020, in 2021 cricket fans will be seen enjoying the tournament from IPL (IPL 2021) to T20 World Cup.

Team India's complete cricketing schedule for 2021: Even though the cricket fans did not get to see much cricket in 2020, in 2021 cricket fans will be seen enjoying the tournament from IPL (IPL 2021) to T20 World Cup. Indian cricket fans are going to enjoy cricket more and more in 2021. This is because the Indian cricket team has a busy schedule in 2021. In 2021, the Indian team has to play 14 Tests, 16 ODIs and 23 T20 matches. Along with this, big tournaments like IPL Asia Cup and T20 World Cup will also be played in 2021. The Indian cricket team is going to participate in about 10 series this year i.e. in 2021.

India's year 2021 schedule

# India tour to Australia (January 2021)

In January 2021, the Indian team will remain in Australia. The third Test match will be played on January 7 and the fourth Test match of the series from January 15 to 19. The third Test match of the series between India and Australia is to be played in Sydney and the last Test match will be played in Brisbane.

# England on India tour (February to March)

In February, the Indian team will play 4 Tests, 3 ODIs and 5 T20 Internationals against England at their home. The first Test match between India and England will be played on 5 February, the second Test will be played on 13 February in Chennai. The third Test match of the series is to be played in Ahmedabad on 24 February. At the same time, the last test match of the Test series will be played in Ahmedabad on 4 March. India will play the third Test match against England on 24 February at the newly constructed Motera Stadium which will be day-night. After the series of Test matches, the T20 series will start from March 12. The T20 series will be from March 12 to March 20. All 5 T20 matches will be played in Ahmedabad only. Apart from this, all three matches of the ODI series are to be played in Pune. The ODI series will be played from March 23 to March 28.

# IPL 2021 (April to May)

IPL 2021 (IPL 2021) will be organized this time in India only. The 2021 IPL is scheduled to be played at home between Prale and May. Let us know that the IPL of 2020 was played in UAE, which the Mumbai Indians team was successful in winning.

# June-July 2021, Sri Lanka Tour and Asia Cup

After the IPL, the Indian team will go to Sri Lanka between June and July to play a series of 3 ODIs and 5 T20 matches. After the ODI and T20 series with Sri Lanka, the Indian team will take part in the Asia Cup to be held in Sri Lanka. The schedule for the Asia Cup 2021 will be announced in 2021.


# Visit to Zimbabwe (July 2021)

In July, the Indian team will go on a tour of Zimbabwe, the Indian team will play a series of short formats on the tour of Zimbabwe. This series senior Indian players can get rest.

# Indian team to visit England (August-September 2021)

The Indian team will go on a tour of England between August and September. The Indian team will play a 5 Test series on the tour of England. On the England tour, the Indian team will play the first Test on 4 August, the second Test on 12 August, the third Test from 25 August, the fourth Test from 2 September and the fifth Test of the last Test of the series on 10 September.

# T20 World Cup 2021

The T20 World Cup is to be held in India in October-November 2021. Before the T20 World Cup, the Indian team will play three ODIs and five T20 matches against South Africa. After the series against South Africa, the T20 World Cup will be played in India.

# New Zealand tour to India, India tour to South Africa (December 2021)

In December 2021, the New Zealand team will visit India. New Zealand's team will play two Test matches and three T20 International series on Indian soil. After the series against New Zealand, the Indian team will visit South Africa at the end of the year. Where the Indian team will play a series of 3 Tests and 3 T20 matches.

PM Modi will gift 6 states on the first day of the year, will lay the foundation stone for light house projects


The Light House Project is an ambitious plan of the Union Urban Ministry. Under this, people will be provided accommodation. On Thursday evening, PM Modi had tweeted in this regard and informed that on the first day of 2021 New Year, I will attend a program aimed at changing the urban landscape of India.

On the first day of the new year i.e. today, at 11 o'clock, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of 6 'Light House Project' in 6 states. Significantly, under the Global Housing Construction Technology Competition-India, Prime Minister Modi is going to lay the foundation stone of light house project in Tripura, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu today. Along with this, PM Modi will also announce the names of the winners of Asha India i.e. "Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerator" during the program organized through video conferencing. Apart from this, the Prime Minister will also distribute the annual award of excellence for the successful implementation of the housing scheme (urban).

Accommodation will be provided

Let us know that the light house project is an ambitious plan of the Union Urban Ministry. Under this, people will be provided accommodation. On Thursday evening, PM Modi gave information by tweeting in this regard. He had said, 'On the first day of 2021 New Year, I will participate in a program aimed at changing the urban landscape of India. I will lay the foundation of the light haute project. Along with this, I will also distribute PMAY and Asha India Awards.

'Navaritih' will begin

Let us know that the 6 states of the country in which the Prime Minister is going to lay the foundation of the 'Light House Project' today. Pucca houses will be built there under the GHTC-India Initiative. During this program, a new course in the field of innovative construction technology will also be started by PM Modi. The course is named "Navaritih". In addition to Housing and Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, the Chief Minister of 6 states, Tripura, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will also be included in the program.

It is to be noted that in 2017, the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs started a challenge for states and union territories to select 6 states across the country for the construction of the 'Light House Project' under GHTC-India. All the states and union territories were encouraged by the ministry to participate actively in this challenge. According to the prescribed norms, it was announced to provide 'Light House Project' to the 6 states and Union Territories which got the highest marks.

Provision for technology innovation grant

According to the guidelines of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, central assistance was provided to these states for the construction of these projects. In addition to this, a provision of technology innovation grant was also made to deal with the use of new technology and other matters related to the economy and to offset the impact of any other costs due to other related factors.


CBSE board exam dates announced, results by July 15


Education Minister of India Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' announced the dates of the tenth and twelfth board examinations on Thursday, 31 December.

Announcing the dates, he told that CBSE board 10th and 12th examinations will be held from May 4 to June 10.

The Union Minister said that the results will be announced by July 15.

Following the minister's announcement, the CBSE Examination Controller issued a press release stating that schools would be allowed to start their 10th and 12th practical examinations from March 1.

Date sheet of exams for class X and XII will also be released soon.

On December 26, Ramesh Pokhriyal had told that he will announce on December 31 when the CBSE board examinations will start in the year 2021.

Earlier, the Education Minister had refused to conduct the 10th and 12th board examinations till February in view of the circumstances created by the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Usually CBSE board practical exams start in January and written exams are held in the last weeks of February every year.

While communicating with the teachers through digital medium, the Education Minister recently said that it would not be possible to conduct the exam in January-February. But when the examinations will be conducted, various parties will give information after deliberations.

The Education Minister also informed today that under what circumstances the board examinations will be held. Necessary guidelines were also issued in this regard.

Some senior CBSE officials have already indicated that the board examinations will not be online. Earlier, speculations were being made as to what examinations would be held online on the lines of online classes. But the Ministry of Education is of the view that the examinations should be offline so that all students can be included in it.

Online exam requires computer and Internet facility. But there has been a constant concern about online education in India that not all students have the same resources, not all students have access to computer and internet, so conducting online examinations here means many students with this system Will have to be carried out.

Talking to some private TV channels, the Education Minister recently said that it will be mandatory for students to wear masks during examinations. Circumstances are odd. But it is not that major examinations were not conducted in India. We also conducted big exams like NEET during the pandemic period. Board examinations will also be conducted in the same successful manner.

Before the NEET exam, opposition parties had raised questions about the safety of students. But despite a lot of uproar, the central government had decided to conduct this national level examination.

Central government declares entire Nagaland a disturbed area under AFSPA

The central government notification states that there is such a turbulent and dangerous situation within the state's border that it is necessary to use the armed forces to assist the civil administration there.

The Central Government has declared Nagaland a disturbed area for the next six months under AFSPA. The notification said, "The central government is of the opinion that the area within the border of the entire Nagaland state is in such a turbulent and dangerous condition that it is necessary to use the armed forces to assist the civil administration there."

It further states, "... Therefore, by exercising the powers conferred by Section 3 of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, the Central Government hereby, for the purpose of the said Act, confers the entire Nagaland State on 30 December. , Declares a disturbed area for a period of six months from 2020.

Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai to be visited by QR code, booking will be online


In the Siddhi Vinayak temple, this darshan will be seen from 7 am to 12 noon from January 1, and after half an hour break, then again from 12 noon to 7 pm.

The religious places closed due to Corona virus may have been reopened in Mumbai, but there is a lot of precaution from the local administration. Some similar rules have been made for the darshan of the famous Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai. Here, every year from January 1, 800 devotees will be able to book online and visit for darshan.

In the Siddhi Vinayak temple, this darshan will be held from 7 am to 12 noon from January 1, and after half an hour break, then again from 12 noon to 7 pm. The temple will be open for darshan from 8 to 9 pm, for those booking online, they will be able to visit the Siddhi Vinayak temple with the help of QR code.

Significantly, the Siddhivinayak temple of Mumbai is a famous Hindu temple. A large number of people come here to see Ganpati Bappa. Siddhivinayak is the most popular form of Lord Ganesha, in which the trunk of Lord Ganesha is curved on the right side. According to the information, temples with such a statue of Ganesha are called Siddhapeeth. Because of which these temples are called Siddhivinayak. Vinayak is the name of Lord Ganesha. It is being said that this temple was built on 19 November 1801.

Atanu Chakraborty will be the next chairman of HDFC Bank, has held important responsibilities in Gujarat and Center


The tenure of Shyamala Gopinath, the current chairman of HDFC Bank, ends on 1 January 2020. Shyamala Gopinath has been the deputy governor of RBI.

* 99 * 43 # code will have to be dial for HDFC Bank.

Atanu Chakraborty, former secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will be the next chairman of HDFC Bank. An Economic Times news said that Chakraborty's name has been sent to RBI by HDFC Board, the country's largest private sector bank. His name has been sent on December 28, although there is no news of its approval.

Shyamala Gopinath is currently the chairman of HDFC Bank

The tenure of Shyamala Gopinath, the current chairman of HDFC Bank, ends on 1 January 2020. Shyamala Gopinath has been the deputy governor of RBI. She is the chairman of HDFC Bank since January 2, 2015. HDFC Bank has also sent the name of Chakravarty to the stock exchanges.

Chakraborty is a 1985 IAS officer of Gujarat cadre

Chakraborty is a 1985 IAS officer of Gujarat cadre. He has an MBA in Business Finance from UK. He has been the Managing Director and Executive Director of Gujarat State Petronet M Limited since November 2015. He has also been a collector of Sabarkantha, Vadodara and Amreli. Chakraborty has 22 years of experience. He has handled different departments of the state including revenue, finance, home, revenue, water connection and education.

NZ Vs PAK: New Zealand became number one team in Test rankings, beat Pakistan in first test


NZ Vs PAK: New Zealand's team has managed to become number one in the Test rankings for the first time. New Zealand beat Pakistan in a very exciting match on the last day of the first Test match.

NZ Vs PAK: New Zealand beat Pakistan by 101 runs in the first cricket test and scored a hat-trick of victories in domestic Test matches this season. New Zealand has now made it 1–0 in the two-match series. With this, for the first time, the New Zealand team defeated Australia in the World Test rankings to become the number one team.

Pakistan, however, gave him a tough challenge and for the first time this season, New Zealand pulled a Test till the fifth day. The Pakistani team had a target of 373 runs to win and after losing three wickets for 71 runs, the entire team was dismissed for 271 runs in the second innings. Earlier, the hosts had increased to 192 runs by dismissing Pakistan for 239 in the first innings.

Left-arm spinner Mitchell Santner sent No. 11 batsman Nasim Shah to the pavilion. Earlier, Naseem and Shaheen Afridi put the Kiwi bowlers to eight overs.

Good partnership for the fifth wicket

On the last day, Trent Boult dismissed Azhar Ali (38) with the third ball of the day. After this, however, Fawad Alam and Mohammad Rizwan had almost dashed the hopes of New Zealand's victory. Both put pressure on the Kiwi bowlers with a century partnership.

On a difficult batting pitch, both took two sessions in the morning on the last day and raised hopes of a draw. Both added 165 runs for the fifth wicket and stayed at the crease for five hours. Fawad scored 102 runs in 236 balls with the help of 14 fours. At the same time, Rizwan, who saved Pakistan from Followan by scoring 71 runs in the first innings, scored an innings of 60 runs in 156 balls.

Kyle Jamieson broke this partnership by dismissing Rizwan. Fawad was caught by Neil Wegner at the hands of wicketkeeper BJ Watling. After this it was meaningless to expect miracles from tail batsmen.

Farmer Movement: Why does the Modi government not withdraw the new agricultural law?


The central government has wanted to negotiate with the farmer leaders to find a middle ground on the new agricultural law. However, farmer leaders are adamant on withdrawing the law. Six rounds of talks have been held so far.

There was first a secretary level discussion, then a ministerial level. Then on Tuesday night, Amit Shah, who holds the number two position in the government, was entered. But the efforts to convince the farmers have proved to be cipher till now.

Last Saturday, sources quoted such reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also held a meeting with senior ministers on this issue before the farmers' meeting.

The central government is trying to indicate from such talks that the government is not insistent on its stand. Showing great heart, he considered the farmers' matter and also sent written proposals for some amendments in the law on Wednesday. The farmers have rejected the government's written proposal.

At the same time, the government is also clearly saying that new agricultural laws will not be withdrawn.

In such a situation, the question arises that after all why the government is not ready to withdraw this law? Is there only political reason behind it or is it also related to the economics of some agricultural sector. Is there any international angle in the way in which the voices of support are coming out of farmers in Canada and Britain.

To know this, the BBC talked to some journalists and agricultural experts.

'BJP is currently in the strongest position in power, not now or never'

Senior journalist Nistula Hebbar, who has covered the BJP for years, says, "The government believes that these laws are necessary for agricultural reform. That is why these reforms were talked about not only during the tenure of the NDA but also the UPA. Sharad Pawar This is also evident from the letters of the BJP. But, no political party had the willpower to do this nor did they have the numbers in the Parliament. BJP has come with more than 300 seats in the center. If the law is not implemented now, it will never apply. "

Credit and nose question

Earlier, the Central Government had brought a land acquisition bill in Parliament. He had to drag his feet back on it. At that time, Rahul Gandhi gave the slogan of 'Suitboot ki Sarkar' to the Central Government in Parliament. Due to this the government was very bad. These laws have been described as very revolutionary and beneficial for farmers from different forums from the Prime Minister to the Minister of Agriculture. After all this, withdrawing the law will be like a blot on the credit of the government.

Another thing to be understood here is that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was also not with the central government on the land reform law. However, this time the farmers' organizations associated with the RSS, whether it is the Swadeshi Jagran Manch or the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh are telling these laws in the interest of the farmer, but with two to three reforms.

'Opposition parties also demanded it during their tenure, hence opposition to the law is political'

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad held a press conference two days ago and told how the Congress, NCP and other parties had supported such legislation in their respective times.

While narrating the Congress manifesto of the year 2019, he said that in the last Lok Sabha election, the Congress had promised to abolish the APMC Act. A letter written by Sharad Pawar, BJP leaders are also constantly tweeting. There has also been a backlash from Sharad Pawar and the Congress.

In the same way, where the Aam Aadmi Party government is in Delhi, one of the three laws has also been implemented. On the other hand, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal is reaching the dharna site to meet the farmers and support them.

That is why the government feels that the new law is being opposed only to protest.

Complaints on international stage also

There is also an international angle in the whole matter. Many agricultural experts feel that the demand of farmers to make laws on MSP will not benefit the agricultural sector of India.

India is not able to negotiate the prices of its crops on the platform of the World Trade Organization (WTO). One reason behind this is India's MSP system.

Professor Pramod Kumar Joshi has previously been the director of the South Asia Food Policy Research Institute. He says that according to international rules, a country can give subsidy to farmers up to 10 percent of agricultural GDP. Countries involved in the World Trade Organization have shown commitment to do so. More than 10 percent of the subsidy countries are accused that they are manipulating prices in the international market.

The crops on which the Indian government gives the minimum support price are seen in the international market as subsidy on crops. That is why many times our wheat-rice prices in the international market prove to be expensive than other countries and we are unable to sell crops in the international market.

In this year's report of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), it has been said that India's price for many crops is more than the international market.

'Kisan agitation belongs only to farmers of Punjab and Haryana'

As of today, the Central Government feels that the farmers of Punjab and Haryana are the only victims of these new laws. In both these states, the mandi system is much better than the rest of the states.

The system of middlemen runs in these states, who earn big money without doing anything in the name of tax. These two states also grow the most MSP crops.

The government feels that there is not much opposition to these new laws outside these two states, because most of the farmers of the country are still selling their crops outside the market even today.

In the year 2015, the Shanta Kumar Committee had said in its report that only six per cent farmers get the benefit of MSP. That is, 94 percent farmers never got the benefit of MSP.

According to the agricultural census conducted in the year 2015-16, 86 percent farmers in India have small land holdings or they are farmers who have less than two hectares of land.

But here, a small mistake happened to the government that they did not think that such a large number of these farmers would reach Delhi. The Bharat Bandh announced on Tuesday by farmers on this issue saw mixed effects in BJP ruled states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

'New laws required to double farmers' income'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Varanasi had said to the farmers, "I am confident, the farmers who have some doubts on agricultural reforms today will also increase their income by taking advantage of these agricultural reforms in future."

This is an important reason for the central government not to withdraw these new laws.

Bhavna Vij Arora, the political editor of Outlook magazine, says, "I have talked to many leaders in the BJP about this. The government recognizes that these reforms are historic. Farmers will know in future how big the benefits will be It has happened and then the same farmers will thank them. Such movements happen before every reform. But, this time the government is also ready for a long battle. "

Bhavana further also says that the amendments that the government seems to be agreeing to, it is clear from this that the government has made its stand quite flexible against the earlier. But, how long the government is able to stay on the demand of not withdrawing the law in future, it will also be a matter to be seen.

The central government has promised to double the income of farmers in the year 2022. They feel that this law can play an important role in fulfilling that promise.



Will India benefit from this decision of Bangladesh?


Bangladesh has cut import duty on rice coming from outside.

Bangladesh has reduced the import duty on rice from the earlier 62.5 percent to 25 percent. The country's food minister Sadhan Chandra Majumdar has announced this.

It is believed that Bangladesh has taken this step with the aim of strengthening the stock of rice in the country and bringing down the prices that have reached its record.

On the other hand, the biggest benefit of the cut in import duty is seen in India. Due to bumper rice production in the country and its strong competitive position in the international market, India can export rice to Bangladesh on a large scale.

Bangladesh and India also want to deal with this rice import through G2G deal among themselves.

Yields reduced due to flood

Bangladesh has traditionally been the world's third largest rice producer. However, Bangladesh has emerged as a major importer of rice in recent times due to dwindling stocks and high rice prices in the local market.

Due to frequent floods in Bangladesh, rice yield has decreased.

China is first and India is second in terms of rice production. After this, Bangladesh's number comes.

In Bangladesh, rice produces around 36 million tonnes.

India is expected to benefit from reducing import duty on rice of Bangladesh.

2.5 million tonnes of rice import deal

According to news agency Reuters, talks are underway between Bangladesh and India on the purchase of 1.5 lakh tonnes of rice through Nafed (National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited).

This is the first such bilateral deal between the two countries in the last three years after the price of rice reached there due to the floods in Bangladesh.

India in strong condition

India is the world's largest rice exporter. Due to bumper yield, there is a surplus stock of rice in the country. In such a situation, India wants to remove its excess stock.

The main competitors of India in terms of rice exports are Thailand and Vietnam. In such a situation, India is offering rice at strong discounts to get a big deal to export rice to Bangladesh by beating both these competing countries.

According to reports, India can sell parboiled or sela rice to Bangladesh for $ 407 per ton and white rice to Bangladesh for around $ 417 per ton.

It is believed that the rates being offered by India are about one-third cheaper than Thailand and Vietnam.

According to the news, NAFED is in the position of giving 5 lakh tonnes of rice to Bangladesh.

In the last one month, Bangladesh has withdrawn five tenders to import 2.5 lakh tonnes of rice from the international market.

Two Indian firms have received the global tender for import of 1 lakh tonne of non-basmati rice which has been removed from Bangladesh.

Rika Global Impex Ltd of India will export 50,000 tonnes of rice to Bangladesh at $ 404.35 per tonne.

The second firm will export 50,000 tonnes of rice to Bangladesh at a rate of $ 416 per ton.

Try g2g deal

Apart from this, the Government of Bangladesh is negotiating directly with the governments of G2G (Government to Government) to buy 1.5 lakh tonnes of rice from India.

In a press conference, Bangladesh food minister Sadhan Chandra Majumdar said that anyone who wants to import rice will have to request their ministry to get the approval by 10 January.

Vinod Kumar, executive director of the All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA), says, "Rice production in Bangladesh has been low this year. This has led to increased demand for imports."

However, they say that this is a temporary thing and if the crop is good again in Bangladesh, there will be less import of rice there.

He says, "The government of Bangladesh is insisting on doing it as G2G with India in which they want to get rice from Indian government agencies like Nafed. But, the rice exporting companies of India also have to give Bangladesh this There may be a chance to send more rice for the year.

Prices increased by 50%

The Dhaka Tribune of Bangladesh, citing data from the state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), has said that the price of thick rice varieties in the country has increased by more than 47% compared to last year. In addition, the prices of medium and fine rice varieties have risen by over 25% and 19% respectively in the same period.

According to the Dhaka Tribune news, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) has recently projected a decline in rice yield in the country by more than 10%.

On December 17, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a virtual meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and this meeting is considered to be important in the rice export deal with Bangladesh.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs release released after this virtual meeting stated, "The Bangladeshi side has requested that since India plays an important role in exporting the essential commodities to Bangladesh, affecting their domestic market, then India Any change in the government's import-export policy can be told first. The Indian side has taken note of this request. "

Dr. Sanjay Bhardwaj, Assistant Professor of South Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), says: "Over the years, PM Modi's focus had shifted from neighboring countries to Kashmir and China. Now India has strengthened the Neighborhood First Policy. Have tried. "

In this connection, the Foreign Secretary and Foreign Minister have also traveled to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and other countries.

Says Bhardwaj, "Bangladesh will also visit Bangladesh on March 26 to mark Independence Day. Modi is looking to end the little indifference between India and Bangladesh about the CAA and NRC and to strengthen the relationship." "There are many important decisions in the virtual summit between Sheikh Hasina. There have been many agreements including trade, connectivity."

India's rice exports will reach record

India's export of non-basmati rice is expected to hit its record this year. In the current financial year (2021-22), the export of non-basmati rice from the country from April to November has been 7 million tonnes.

In the previous financial year, this export was about 5 million tonnes. In 2017-18, this export was 80 lakh tonnes. Whereas in 2018-19, about 7.5 million tonnes of rice was exported from the country.

This year the export of non-basmati rice from the country is estimated to reach 10 million tonnes. The country has witnessed 15-20% more crop loss than last year and there is a surplus stock of rice.

Vinod Kumar, executive director of AIREA, says, "We are in a stronger position this year compared to competing countries like Thailand and Vietnam. India is offering rice at around $ 100 less than these two countries in the international market. Because of this India Rice exports are expected to grow worldwide. "

Japan's revolutionary step, making wooden satellite


A Japanese company and Kyoto University are working together to build the world's first wooden satellite.

They hope that by the year 2023, they will be able to make it.

According to Sumitomo Forestry Company, they have started research on the growth of trees and the use of wood materials in space for this.

First this material will be used in different environments of the Earth. The garbage in space is increasing due to increasing number of satellites, it is called space junk.

Wooden satellites will burn when they return to the earth's atmosphere, they will not release any harmful substances and debris of any kind will not fall on the earth.

We are concerned that "all satellites that re-enter the Earth's atmosphere form tiny aluminum particles that float in the upper atmosphere for many years," according to Japan's astronaut and professor Taika Doi of Kyoto University , "

"These will affect the Earth's environment"

He said, "In the next phase, the engineering model of the satellite will be developed, then we will make the flying model,"

Doi visited the International Space Station in March 2008.

During this mission, he became the first person to throw a boomerang into space. The Boomerang was specifically designed for use in microgravity.

Sumitomo Forestry, part of the Sumitomo Group, which was founded more than 400 years ago. He said that he would work on developing a wood material resistant to temperature change and sunlight.

He has not yet given information about the wood used for research and said that it is confidential.

Experts have warned about the increasing risk of waste in space falling on Earth as the number of launching spacecraft and satellites is increasing continuously.

Satellites are increasingly used for communication, television, navigation and weather forecasting. Space experts and researchers are investigating different ways to remove and reduce space junk.

According to the World Economic Forum, about 6,000 satellites are orbiting the Earth. About 60 percent of them are useless (space junk).

Research firm Euroconsult estimates that 990 satellites will be launched every year in a decade, which means that by 2028 there may be 15,000 satellites in orbit.

Elon Musk's company SpaceX alone has launched more than 900 Starlink satellites. They are planning to launch thousands more satellites.

Space junk moves at speeds in excess of 22,300 mph, so hitting an object can cause significant damage.

Why is the Modi government anxious about the new building of Parliament House? Allegations of neglect of rules

 As more information is being received on the proposed Central Vista project of the Government of India, the list of questions related to it is also getting longer.

The trial against this project which gives a new appearance to Central Delhi is going on in the Supreme Court. The issue of debate is the same - plans for the construction of many buildings between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate including a new Parliament House, right or wrong?

The current Central Vista is a historical area that people come from far and wide to see and the beauty as well as the corridors of power have been here.

Bahral, ​​Central Vista will give a new strength to Parliament and the new building will cost about 971 crores.

However, the demand for increasing the place in Parliament has been arising for more than 50 years and it was also debated during the tenure of Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar in the previous UPA government.

However, little was heard about the current project, so when the BJP government announced it only months after the 2019 election victory, some were also surprised.

Actually, the central vista is called the area on both sides of Rajpath which includes the area of ​​Princes Park near Rashtrapati Bhavan near India Gate.

Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament, North Block, South Block, the home of the Vice President are also covered under Central Vista.

The existing Central Vista also includes the National Museum, the grand building of the National Archives, the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA), Udyog Bhawan, Bikaner House, Hyderabad House, Nirman Bhawan and Jawahar Bhawan and all these buildings are redesigned and strengthened. The total cost of the project is being reported as Rs 14,000 crore.

A year after the announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of a new building in which more than 1200 MPs and their staff will be able to sit together.

The Prime Minister said, "Beautiful, what will be more sacred than this, that when India celebrates 75 years of its independence, the inspiration of that festival should be the new building of our Parliament ... It will change itself according to the time and needs. Effort".

Raising questions

The date of completion of the proposed Parliament House is 2024 but with a big question whether the Supreme Court will allow it to be built? While the government has assured the Supreme Court to include everyone's opinion and methods, the Supreme Court has described the government's stand on the creation of Parliament as 'aggressive'.

Narayan Murthy, a petitioner and senior architect who goes against Central Vista in the Supreme Court, believes, "The way this project is going, it is neglecting all our processes and institutions."

He told, "For me and you, there is an FIR that tells how much we can build on a plot. It is not allowed if we build even more than ten square meters and the team of MCD comes and breaks it. But If the government is making one and a half times the height allowed, one and a half times as much as is allowed in the FAR, then what is this learning for the country. Does this mean that the one whose sticks, his buffalo?

Opinions are divided on the need, cost, government permissions or the design of the proposed Parliament building. The question is bound to arise whether this has happened before in independent India.

Modern historian and former professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mridula Mukherjee believes, "Most projects in modern India are built through competition, whether national or international."

According to him, "IGNCA, be it or anyone else, people, artists or architects, were all involved in the process of their formation. Right now I think whoever is the government or the bureaucracy, is very much dominating it. Now Just like there is a Parliament building, the opinion of those who have spent time in Parliament or are still there is not seen anywhere. At present, it seems that the government does what it thinks is good for the people, tells them without discussion Made ".

What does the government say

At the same time, the central government claims that the project is in the 'national interest' because the need for modernizing the Central Vista will save hundreds of crores of rupees and the new buildings will become more robust and earthquake resistant.

The question has been to build more buildings in this green and open area, the government says that it is going to bring more greenery in it. But more voices of protest have been raised about the environment.

Kanchi Kohli, an environmental expert at Delhi's Center for Policy Research, opined, "The proposed buildings have been separated from the entire project by resorting to the law, while it is clear in the government's own press release from the beginning that it is part of the entire project." . "

He said, "The whole environment approval process was done in a manner like plot by plot, building by building. First of all you broke the whole project to get environmental acceptance and said that because this is just an exception project So there is no need for environmental assessment ".

Currently, the ball is in the court of the Supreme Court, which allowed the government to lay the foundation stone of the new Parliament, but has banned any sabotage or new work.

Foundation of existing central vista

By the way, history is witness that Delhi was the capital of many emperors and rulers, in which construction work was done continuously. This trend continued before and after independence, in which the shape of the city changed and the famous Buildings were built.

The foundation of the current Central Vista was laid when King George-5 of Britain announced in 1911 that Delhi would be shifted from Calcutta, the country's capital.

The Town Planning Committee consisted of the British architects Edward Lattens and Herbert Baker who overturned the committee's initial decision in which the capital was to be built in Shahjahanabad area of ​​Delhi. A hill named Raisina Hill was chosen for a grand capital.

There were differences before, but not between the government and ordinary citizens.

Friends Latens and Baker, who designed Central Vista, had differing opinions on the height of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, North and South blocks, and according to historians, it soured their deep friendship.

This is not evident in the current government, but many citizens groups and common citizens have reached the court on the claim of government transparency.

But in response to what can be likened to the British-ruled and now Central Vista, Mridula Mukherjee, a modern historian and former professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, says, "His consultation process was within his government and of course he took the Indian nationalists. Did not consult with the citizens, not at all with ordinary citizens because at that time there was no question. "

He said, "Indians did not participate in the government in the first two decades of the 20th century and only grew after 1930. But now there are no such situations, I think it was a good opportunity and there were changes to be made, then the process was second The second thing was to happen. I did not understand that if experts, architects, citizens or some political groups have objected to this process then what is wrong with it, why can't it be heard? "

Controversy did not happen in National War Memorial

When this area was built, the rule of the British government, which took the decision, came to an end in 1947. The decision to reconstruct these buildings, known as the identity of India, is now being taken by the democratic government of the country.

Narayan Murthy, a petitioner and senior architect who goes against the Central Vista in the Supreme Court, feels, "In the initial master-plan, the planners thought that this place between this city and this nation should be public only." . "

He further added, "In the master-plan of the Latens, that was what is going to be built today - there were ten big buildings for the office. While the master-planners of our country stopped it and the four-five buildings which President Bhavana or Turns to Vijay Chowk, where Shastri Bhavan or the building Bhavana is today, except for them, in the roundabout around India Gate, all that land was in the name of the public. "

However, if it is for the last few years, then the National War Memorial of Delhi is an example to the contrary.

The demand for making it has been there since 1960 but the decision of construction came when BJP came to power under the leadership of Narendra Modi in 2014. Global design tenders were available for a year in which architects from India and abroad joined their model.

There was a slight delay in its preparation, but the controversy was neither equal to that of the existing Central Vista project.

According to environmental expert Kanchi Kohli, "The area of ​​Central Vista is not just the heritage of the whole country. So when we are deciding about the country's heritage, why not make a mass amendment? Why not involve the public First, tell us what is the plan, take public input on it, only then creative ideas will come out and people will feel that we have created this place by thinking together. "

IND Vs AUS: Team India created history by winning Melbourne Test, equals 1-1 in series


IND Vs AUS: Indian cricket team has managed to beat Australia by 8 wickets in the Boxing Day Test match. Team India has achieved this victory without Virat Kohli and has equaled 1-1 in the 4-match series.

IND Vs AUS 2nd Test Match: Indian cricket team has created history in the second Test match played at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Team India defeated table-bearers Australia by 8 wickets and made it 1-1 in the four-match series. After Australia's second innings total of 200 runs on the fourth day of the match, India had a target of 70 runs to win, which they achieved in 15.5 overs after losing 2 wickets. Captain Ajinkya Rahane, who scored 112 runs, was given the title of man of the match.

Chasing a target of 70 runs, Team India lost the wickets of Mayank Agarwal and Pujara on the score of 19. Shubman Gill, playing his first Test for India, scored an unbeaten 35 runs. Captain Ajinkya Rahane returned unbeaten on 27 runs. Gill faced seven balls with seven fours while Rahane hit three fours in 40 balls.

Siraj-Gil made his debut

Australia took the lead in the series after beating India by 8 wickets in Adelaide, but now India have equalized by winning by the same margin. The special thing is that Team India landed without their regular captain Virat Kohli in this match and on their behalf Gill and Siraj made their Test debut.

Earlier, the Indian bowlers bowled out Australia's second innings for 200 runs on the basis of their superb performance. Be 67 by facing 37.1 overs on the fourth day by the host team. The hosts had scored 133 runs for the loss of six wickets at stumps on the third day.

India took a lead of 131 runs on the basis of the first innings. In such a situation, the hosts had got a two-run lead till the stumps. Cameron Green 17 and Pat Cummins returned unbeaten on 15 by stumps on the third day.

Rahane is the X factor

Green was dismissed after a brilliant innings at a personal total of 45 while Cummins scored 22 runs. These two shared a 57-run partnership for the seventh wicket. Mitchell Starc returned unbeaten on 14 while Nathan Lyon scored three runs. Jose Hazlewood was bowled by Ravichandran Ashwin on a personal total of 10. With this, lunch was announced.

From India, Siraj achieved three successes while Jaspreet Bumrah, Ravichandran Ashwin and Jadeja took two wickets each. Umesh Yadav, now injured, got a breakthrough.

Australia won the toss in this match and scored 195 runs in the first innings, batting first. Against Australia, Team India scored 326 runs in the first innings and achieved a very decisive lead of 131 runs. Apart from Rahane's 112 runs in the first innings for Team India, Jadeja scored 57 runs.

Philippines President Duterte threatens US, says - 'Military agreement will be canceled if vaccine is not found'


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said during a meeting that 'no vaccine, no stay'. That is, if the US does not give the Corona vaccine, then its army will not be allowed to stay in the Philippines. The military agreement between the two countries will be canceled.

Demand to provide vaccine as soon as possible

There is a military agreement between the two countries

Previously suspended military agreement

The game of threats has also started regarding the Corona vaccine. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened the US that the military agreement between the two countries would be canceled if the vaccine was not provided by the US. Duterte said that if the US does not provide us with a vaccine soon in the war against Corona, then we will be forced to move towards canceling the Visiting Forces Agreement.

No response from US yet

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, said in a very strong tone that the military agreement with the US is on the verge of being canceled. If the US did not provide 20 million vaccines soon, the US military would have to leave the Philippines. Duterte said during a meeting on Saturday that 'no vaccine, no stay'. That is, if the US does not give the vaccine, then its army will not be allowed to stay in the Philippines. There has been no response from the US so far on this statement of President Rodrigo Duterte.

'Don't worry about money, buy Vaccine'

Earlier this year, Duterte ordered the cancellation of the military deal with the US, but later withdrew it for 6 months, taking a step back. Under this agreement, American soldiers can conduct military exercises on the territory of the Philippines. In the meeting, the President told the officials not to worry about money to buy vaccine. Buy whatever is available because it is an emergency.

Deal has been done from UK

The Philippines faced the longest lockdown in July in the wake of the Corona epidemic. At that time, the President had said that everything will be normal after the vaccine is introduced by December. The Philippines has also made a vaccine deal with Britain, but President Rodrigo Duterte wants more vaccines so that everyone can be vaccinated. So now they have threatened America.

Known for absurd statements

Rodrigo Duterte is one of the leaders who is known for his strange statements. Like the President of Brazil, Rodrigo Duterte has so far made many absurd statements. Some time ago he made a strange suggestion about Mask. He said that people should free their face masks from petrol from infection. However, when there was a ruckus, presenting a clarification to the officials, it was said that the President was joking.

Mobile App will tell how pure the gold is, it will be able to complain if fake


Gold Purity Mobile App: The biggest risk in buying gold is its purity, because the carat by which the gold is being sold to you is really pure, till now there was no mechanism to check it, but now The government itself has made this problem easy through an app.

It is now easy to check how pure is the gold sold in the market. For this, you do not need to go to any jeweler, instead this can be done only through a mobile app. Let us tell you that the government is going to implement compulsory gold hallmarking in the whole country, although it was to be implemented from January 15, but now the date of its implementation has been extended to July 1, 2021.

BIS-Care app will show the purity of gold

The Union Ministry of Consumer and Food (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution) has launched a mobile app 'BIS-Care app', using which customers (consumer) can check the purity of gold.

Complaints can also be made on the BIS-Care app

complaint on BIS-Care app

Through this app, you can not only check the purity of gold but also make any complaint related to it. If the license, registration and hallmark number of the goods are found wrong in this app, then customers can complain immediately. Through this app, the customer will get information about filing a complaint immediately.

The app was launched this year

app launched this year

Let us tell you that the central government launched this app in July this year, in which customers can also check the purity of gold themselves. This year, the Consumer Protection Act 2019 (Consumer Protection Act 2019) has also been implemented in the entire country.

Currently BIS-Care app currently in Android

BIS-Care app for Android users only

Explain that along with implementing the BIS standards, it also checks the authenticity of the veracity. Recently, BIS said that around 37,000 standards have been issued across the country. The BIS-Care app is currently for Android users only. Not currently available for iOS users. You can download it from Googel Play Store.

Learn purity in this way with BIS App

how to use BIS App

1. Go to Googel Play Store, search and download the BIS-Care app

2. Once downloaded, the registration process will begin

3. Enter your name, mobile number and email id

4. Verify your mobile number and email ID through OTP

5. After this you are ready to use this app

6. When you open the app, there will be an option Verify Hallmark with many options.

7. When you click on Verify Hallmark, you will know what the purity of gold is by entering the hallmark number.

'One Nation One Standard' plan

one nation one standard

In the beginning of the year 2021, the government can make a big announcement about gold. In the middle of 2021, the scheme of 'One Nation One Standard' is also going to be implemented in the country.

Money sent directly to beneficiaries account in Corona period, award to Bihar government


During the Corona virus crisis, Bihar has been rewarded for providing financial assistance directly to the bank account of the beneficiaries. During the Kovid-19 epidemic, it has received the Digital India Awards due to the Bihar government's initiative to transfer money directly to the accounts of the beneficiaries.

In the Corona era, the money sent to the beneficiaries' account, the Government of Bihar received the award for innovative steps in the Digital India AwardsE-Governance.

During the Corona virus crisis, Bihar has been rewarded for providing financial assistance directly to the bank account of the beneficiaries. During the Kovid-19 epidemic, it has received the Digital India Awards due to the Bihar government's initiative to transfer money directly to the accounts of the beneficiaries.

These awards, started this year by the Central Government, have been received by many departments of the Government of Bihar. In an official statement on Sunday, it was said that these awards were given for innovative steps in e-governance.

More than 21 lakh stranded workers of Bihar were provided financial assistance through "Bihar Sahayad Mobile App". According to the statement, besides the Chief Minister's Secretariat, the state's National Informatics Center (NIC), the Disaster Management Department has been jointly selected as the winners for the Digital India Awards 2020 in the "epidemic category".

President Ram Nath Kovind will present the Digital India Award to the winners on 30 December in New Delhi. Let it be said that the Digital India Awards have been instituted under the auspices of the National Portal of India.

WhatsApp will not work in these smartphones from 1 January 2021?


With the beginning of 2021, WhatsApp may stop working in some older smartphones. From 1 January 2021, the company is about to end its support from some old Android and iPhone.

For example, if you have Samsung Galaxy S2 or you are using iPhone 4, then it is possible that from January 1, you will have difficulty in accessing WhatsApp. Or it may not work at all.

According to the report, the support of WhatsApp is being removed from Android smartphones running Android 4.0.3 or below. That is, if you also have a smartphone of this version, then you will need to upgrade to keep using WhatsApp.

Similarly, iPhone users who have an iPhone with software of iOS 9 or earlier will need to be updated. If there is no further update in your phone, then you may need to change the phone to keep using WhatsApp.

Smartphones like Google Nexus S, HTC Deisre S and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc have been quite popular at one time and no new updates are given in them. That is, from January 1, WhatsApp can also stop working in these smartphones.

Significantly, WhatsApp has not yet given any statement regarding this development. We have asked WhatsApp about this and as soon as the company's answer comes, you will talk about which other smartphones are in which WhatsApp support is being discontinued - or not being done.

Talking about another new development related to WhatsApp itself, the company will soon be providing multi-device support in this app. That is, WhatsApp can be run simultaneously on more than one smartphone simultaneously.

PM Modi will show green signal to 100th Farmers Rail today, know what is special?


The 100th Kisan Rail will run from Sangola in Maharashtra to Shalimar in West Bengal. This train will cover a distance of 2132 km in less than 40 hours. Through this train, pomegranates from Sangola, oranges from Nagpur and melon of Jeur, Belvandi, Kopargaon will reach West Bengal and Northeast.

Today, the 100th Kisan Rail was started, in less than 5 months, the 100th train was the first such train in August.

Indian Railways started Kisan Rail on 7 August this year. Since then, within a span of just 5 months, now the 100th Farmers Rail is going to run, which PM Modi will flag today. Let us know whether the specialty of this train and why it is important?

100th farmer train from where to where

Such 100th Kisan Rail will be flagged off by Modi ji at 4:30 pm today. It will run from Sangola in Maharashtra to Shalimar in West Bengal. This train will cover a distance of 2132 km in less than 40 hours. Through this train, pomegranates from Sangola, oranges from Nagpur and melon of Jeur, Belvandi, Kopargaon will reach West Bengal and Northeast. From this train, such items like fruits and vegetables are transported which spoil quickly.

50% discount to farmers in transportation of fruits and vegetables

In October, the Railway Ministry announced that 50 percent subsidy will be given in the transportation of fruits and vegetables in Kisan Rail. This subsidy is being given under the Operation Green-TOP to Total scheme. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal had said that subsidy has been reduced to 50% in transporting vegetables and fruits by farmer rail.

As part of the self-reliant India campaign, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries had announced the expansion of Operation Green Scheme for six months on a pilot basis to bring all fruits and vegetables (total) from tomatoes, onions and potatoes (tops) within its ambit.

First train from Maharashtra to Bihar from where to where

The first such train ran from Maharashtra to Bihar on 7 August this year. This train goes from Devlali station in Maharashtra to Danapur station in Bihar. It takes about 32 hours in its journey. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar started this by video conferencing.

What is unique

Farmers rail will have refrigerated coaches. It has been built by the Railways as a new design with a capacity of 17 tons. It has been built in the rail coach factory Kapurthala. Containers in this train are like freezes. Meaning, it is an on-going cold storage, in which farmers can keep perishable vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, milk etc.

With this, perishable agricultural products like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and milk will be transported from their growing areas to the areas where they have a good market.

Announcement was made in the budget

Actually, the Center has set a target of doubling the income of farmers by 2022. In this series, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced during the budget speech in February that farmers can sell fruits and vegetables in those cities of the country, where they will get good price. For this, farmers train will be run. Under this Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme, there will be a system of transportation of farmer produce along with cold storage.

First Mamta Banerjee proposed

The facility to carry fruits and vegetables along with the facility of air-conditioning was first proposed in the budget of 2009-10 by the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee, but it could not be started.




आज 100वीं किसान रेल की शुरुआत (फाइल फोटो: PIB)

Inauguration of country's first driverless metro, PM Modi said - Aim to run metro in 25 cities by 2025


Prime Minister Modi has inaugurated the country's first driverless metro today. PM Modi said, 'In 2014 only 5 cities had metro rail. Today, metro rail is served in 18 cities. By the year 2025, we are going to expand it to more than 25 cities.

Today, the country has got the gift of the first metro to run without a driver. Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the country's first driverless Metro on the Magenta Line of Delhi Metro through video conferencing. In addition, he also started the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) service on the Airport Express Line. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also participated in this program.

On this occasion, PM Modi said, "I had the privilege of inaugurating the magenta line almost 3 years from today. Today again I had the opportunity to inaugurate the country's first automated metro. This shows how fast India Moving towards smart systems. "

PM Modi further said, 'Today, the metro is also connecting with the National Common Mobility Card. It started from Ahmedabad last year. Today it is being expanded on the Delhi Metro's Air Port Express Line.

Metro will be in more than 25 cities by 2025

PM Modi said, 'In 2014 only 5 cities had metro rail. Today, metro rail is served in 18 cities. We are going to expand it to more than 25 cities by 2025, in the year 2014, only 248 km of metro lines were operational in the country. Today it is almost three times more than seven hundred kilometers.

The Prime Minister also spoke on the proposed Delhi-Meerut RRTS model. He said, 'The brilliant model of Delhi Meerut RRTS will reduce the distance of Delhi and Meerut to less than an hour. In cities where passenger numbers are less, work is being done on metrolight version. It is prepared at the cost of 40 percent of the normal metro. In cities where the ridership is less, work is being done on the Metro Neo. It is prepared at the cost of 25 percent of the normal metro. Similarly, there is water metro - this is also an example of out-of-the-box thinking.

Bad news for Pfizer vaccine, Chief Scientific Advisor said - Allergic reaction too much of hope


Allergic reactions of the Pfizer vaccine that have been reported so far have resulted in wheezing, rapid lowering of blood pressure, difficulty in breathing and rapid heartbeat.

America is at the top of the countries that Corona has caused the most damage. So far, more than 3 lakh patients have lost their lives. However, the American company pfizer has prepared the corona vaccine. On Wednesday, the United States of America has signed a deal of 100 million doses. Only then has it been reported that Pfizer's allergic reaction to the corona vaccine is much higher than expected.

Allergic reaction of vaccine on 8 people

Dr. Monsef Salai, Chief Scientific Advisor at Operation Warp Speed, said that Pfizer's allergic reaction to the corona vaccine was too high to be expected. Of the 8 people who have had an allergic reaction to this vaccine, 6 are Americans.

This statement of Dr. Monsef Salai has come out then. Whereas just a day before this, United States has signed a deal of 100 million dosages with Pfizer company for Corona vaccine.

Advisory issued for vaccine

The UK Health Regulatory Agency 'MHRA' had already issued an advisory in this regard. He has said that people who have any kind of problem related to allergies, they should not take this vaccine. The Food and Drugs Administration of America, FDA has also issued this advisory for Pfizer's vaccine.

Allergic reactions of this vaccine that have come to light so far are flaking, rapid lowering of blood pressure, difficulty in breathing and rapid heartbeat. The compound polyethylene glycol present in the vaccine is believed to be behind all this. Which is mainly involved in the packaging of the vaccine.


Brexit Trade Deal: UK-EU Free Trade Agreement


Boris Johnson expressed happiness after the initial free trade agreement between Britain and the European Union.

The initial free trade agreement (FTA) has been signed between Britain and the European Union (EU). This will not create any dislocation in the new year for cross-border trade and the Brexit deadlock will provide some relief to companies affected over the years. A week before Britain broke away from Brexit, the matter was successful on Thursday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed happiness after this deal. He tweeted with his picture, 'Sauda gaya hai'.

Downing Street said in a statement, "We have completed Brexit and now we can take full advantage of the opportunities available to us as an independent trading country and enter into trade agreements with other partners of the world." '

Downing Street announced, "We have signed the first free trade agreement on the basis of zero duty and zero quota. It is the largest bilateral trade agreement signed by both sides. It has a trade of 668 billion pounds in 2019. "

Downing Street said Britain had regained control of its money, customs, laws, trade and fishing waters. "On the other hand, the European Union said it was a good agreement, which was a 'long and Shows a wide path. ''

"We finally reached an agreement," European Union chairperson Ursula von der Leyen said at a press conference in Bressles. It is a fair and responsible agreement. "

He said, "EU rules and norms will be respected. Britain was our ally for a long time. Now is the time to look to the future because Britain will now be the 'third country' in relations with the economic bloc. "

Now Britain will have a 'race' to approve and ratify this agreement before exiting the European Union's economic structure. Both the UK and the European Parliament have to vote on this agreement. Tensions arose several times in negotiations between the two sides over the agreement for months.

The main issue between the two sides was the fair competition rules, the mechanism for settling future disputes and the right to fishing. The final hurdle was the right to transport EU boats in British waters, which was later resolved. However, the important aspects of future relations between the bloc and its former member of 27 countries are not settled.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman took first dose of Saudi Arabia amid controversy over corona vaccine


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has taken the first dose of Corona vaccine. The news agency Reuters quoted the Saudi Press Agency as saying this.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got the vaccine on live television. At the beginning of this week, the new US President Joe Biden was also given the first dose of the corono virus vaccine.

The fear of the deadly corona virus remains worldwide. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken the first dose of the corona vaccine. The news agency Reuters quoted the Saudi Press Agency as saying this. The Crown Prince has taken this dose at a time when some Muslim countries are opposing the gelatin used in the vaccine. It is being told that gelatin is made from pig fat.

Saudi Arabia got its first shipment of vaccine this month

After the Crown Prince was vaccinated, the country's Health Minister Dr. Taufiq al-Rabia praised him. Taufiq has said that he expresses gratitude for the Crown Prince's eagerness to provide vaccines to citizens. Praising Britain, the Health Minister said that this country is one of the best countries in the world to face the epidemic. According to a report, the first shipment of the corono virus vaccine developed by Pzifer and BioNTech arrived in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

Netanyahu and Biden have also been vaccinated

Significantly, the name of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has also been added to the list of the world leaders to install the Corona vaccine. Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got the vaccine on live television. At the beginning of this week, the new US President Joe Biden was also given the first dose of the corono virus vaccine.

6168 people killed in Saudi Arabia so far

According to the website Worldometer, three lakh 61 thousand 903 cases of corona virus have been reported in Saudi Arabia so far. At the same time, six thousand 168 people have died so far. So far, three lakh 52 thousand 815 people in this country have been cured of this epidemic. At present, only 2,920 people are being treated in the country.