India Post Payments Bank launches digital app 'DakPay', make payments to anyone in a pinch


If someone wants to pay, transfer money or take services of online postal department, then India Post Payments Bank has launched its digital payment platform DakPay. See what are its benefits

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) and Department of Posts (DoP) together launched their digital payment app 'DakPay'. Launching this app, the Ministry of Communications said that to bring digital financial inclusion to every corner of the country, this app has been launched.

'DakPay' offers features such as India Post and IPPB Digital Financial and Assisted Banking Services through the postal network. Let's take a look at some of its special features

Big Work 'DakPay' App

1. Through 'DakPay', customers can send money through Domestic Money Transfers i.e. DMT. Apart from this, you can also send money by scanning QR codes. Payments can be made to any service or merchant through a virtual debit card and UPI.

2. The app will also help in creating a cashless ecosystem through biometric. With this, customers of any bank will get interoperable banking services, will also be able to pay utility bills.

3. Through this, banking services and postal products can be availed online. Through this, the customer can take advantage of postal financial services from home.

'This is a landmark achievement'

At the launch of this app, Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad praised the efforts of India Post Payments Bank. He said that even in the times of Corona epidemic crisis, by providing AePS financial services to the people at home, they have financially empowered those who were far away from the banking system. Jay Venkataramu, MD & CEO of India Post Payments Bank said that 'DakPay is a landmark achievement. Our objective is every customer is important, every transaction is important and every deposit is valuable.

DLC service was started for pensioners

Earlier, the IPPB introduced the DLC service for pensioners. Through which pensioners could submit digital life certificates from home. A small fee has to be paid for this. The postal network has 1.55 lakh offices, of which 1.35 lakh is present in rural areas. It employs a total of 30,000 employees

Get ready from January 1, will change the way to dial mobile number from Landline


According to the new rules, from 1 January 2021, a zero (Zero) will be required to talk to a mobile number from any landline phone. This will allow telecom service providers to make more numbers. In this regard, the telecom department has also issued a circular on 20 November.

From the new year, the way to dial a mobile number from any landline phone in the country will change completely. The Department of Telecommunications has fully approved a proposal of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

This is the new rule

According to the new rules, from 1 January 2021, a zero (Zero) will have to be applied to talk to a mobile number from any landline phone. This will allow telecom service providers to make more numbers. In this regard, the telecom department has also issued a circular on 20 November. It has been said in this circular that the recommendations of TRAI to change the way of dialing the number from landline to mobile on the landline have been accepted. This will facilitate the creation of sufficient numbers for mobile and landline services.

This facility is currently available for calls outside your area. Telecom companies have been given time till January 1 to adopt this new system.

254.4 million numbers will be generated from zero

With this change in the way of dialing, telecom companies will get the facility to create 254.4 crore additional numbers for mobile services. This will help in meeting future needs. After this, companies will also be able to issue new numbers.

Mobile number can be 11 digits

In the future, telecom companies can also issue 11-digit mobile numbers. At present, the number of mobile subscribers in the country is increasing rapidly, due to which the 10-digit mobile number is also falling. In such a situation, the use of zero will make the road ahead much easier.

LPG Price Hike: LPG cylinder becomes costlier by Rs. 100 in two weeks


Oil companies fix the price of LPG gas cylinders every month. Earlier in the month of July, oil companies had changed the prices of LPG cylinders. In September this year, the government did not even provide domestic LPG gas subsidy due to the coronavirus epidemic. With which the government had directly saved Rs 20 thousand crore.

Oil companies have increased the prices of LPG cylinders (LPG) once again. Within two weeks, companies have increased the price of LPG cylinder by Rs 100. It has become expensive for the common people to cook food in the kitchen and the domestic budget will also be affected. However, due to the change in the price of petrol and diesel from 8 days, people were relieved.

Prices have increased so much on Tuesday

Oil companies have increased the price of LPG by Rs 50 on Tuesday. This is the second increase in a fortnight. According to this, now in December, those people who will be booking cylinders from today will have to pay 100 rupees more. Earlier, on December 3, there was an increase of 50 rupees. This increase has been made on 14.2 kg domestic and 19 kg commercial cylinders without subsidies.

Price of cylinder without subsidy has become so much

After this increase, the price of 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinder without subsidy in Delhi has increased to Rs 694. Earlier it was priced at Rs 644 per cylinder. This is the second increase in the price of gas cylinders in 15 days. Apart from this, the price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinder has increased by Rs 36. New prices are applicable from today. Earlier, the oil companies had increased the price of gas cylinders by Rs 50 on 3 December.

At the same time, the new price of this cylinder has been increased to Rs 720.50 in Kolkata, Rs 694 in Mumbai and Rs 710 in Chennai.

This is the new price of 19 kg cylinder

The price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinder has also increased. The price of commercial LPG gas cylinder has increased by Rs. 36. The rate of this cylinder in the national capital Delhi is Rs 1332. The price of 19 kg gas cylinder has increased to Rs 1,387.5 in Kolkata, Rs 1280 in Mumbai and Rs 1446.5 in Chennai.

Previously it was price

On December 3, the rate of 14.2 kg non-subsidized LPG cylinder in Delhi was reduced to Rs 644, which was earlier Rs 594. In Kolkata too, its rate had increased to 670.50 paise, which used to be 620.50 earlier. In Mumbai, the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinder was increased from Rs 594 to Rs 644. In Chennai, the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinder had increased from Rs 610 to Rs 660. The price of commercial cylinders was also increased by up to Rs 56.

US Election: After stamping the victory, Biden said - democracy persisted, truth won


In Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said in his address that "those who did not know before are now aware of it." It is deeply ingrained in the hearts of the American people that "democracy has remained intact." Biden said, "Truth has won. Your votes are counted and only the leader you choose will lead the country. "

America's newly elected President Joe Biden told the American people that "democracy remained intact" in the country after the electoral college confirmed his victory. He said that attempts were made to defy the principles that guided the country, but it was not weakened.

It's time to serve the american people

In Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said in his address that now is the time to serve the American people, forgetting the accusations during the election campaign, and the outgoing President Donald Trump not accepting his defeat. He said, "Those who did not know before, now they are also aware of it. It is deeply ingrained in the hearts of the American people that "democracy has remained intact." Biden said, "Truth has won. Your votes are counted and only the leader you choose will lead the country. "

President will take over on 20 January

Please tell that Biden is going to take the presidency on 20 January. He said Trump's actions violated America's core democratic values, even affecting the peaceful transfer of power. He said that the principles that guided America will always remain intact. Biden said, "In America, the people rule and the public gives the right to a leader to take the reins of power." Now we know that those who abuse power cannot extinguish the light of democracy. "

Nature Photographer of the Year 2020: Know who got this title this year


Roberto Marchesengi, a nature photographer from Italy, has been declared the overall winner of the competition for the Jurassic Park title photo. This year due to the corona epidemic, this competition was held online. During this period, the judges selected winners from 19,547 images submitted by 95 different countries in several categories.

The Nature Photographer of the Year (NPOTY) has announced the winners of its 2020 competition. Let us know that this competition is held in the Netherlands every year, but this year due to the corona epidemic, this competition was held online. During this period, the judges selected winners from 19,547 images submitted by 95 different countries in several categories.

Overall winner becomes a nature photographer from Italy

Roberto Marchesengi, a nature photographer from Italy, has been declared the overall winner of the competition for a photo of the Jurassic Park title. Magdalena Herrera, director of photography for Geo, France and Chair of Jury, said Roberto, Marchesengi's photo is of a fairy tale quality that goes far beyond the Wildlife document. He said, "Lightning-like branches with black thick forest and a small giraffe is very surprising."

Stubbornness created winner

Roberto tells his photo that, in order to have a better chance of getting good light, Marchezini went on a safari organized during the rainy season. Just before sunset, Marchesengi and his friends noticed a group of giraffes passing in front of the forest and clicked the photo with a 600 mm lens. Instead of taking pictures of giraffes passing by, he placed the foresting at a particular point in the forest and hoped that the giraffes would pass at that point. The angle was narrow, there was a lot of vegetation in the foreground which could damage the image. So they used maximum aperture to blur the vegetation.

Marchesengi further says that in the end I was successful in doing what I wanted and because of this stubbornness, I have become a winner today. He explains that the giraffe passed through the exact spot, "This scene reminded me of a Jurassic landscape, which had a vegetarian dinosaur similar to the giraffe."

Here are the winners

Alejandro Prieto of Mexico was the portfolio winner of Fred Hazelhoff. He created an interesting photo project about the wall between Mexico and the United States and the impact on wildlife. Other winners included Jo-Annie McArthur in the Man and Nature category, Ruben Perez Novo in the Other Animals category, Payal Hermansen in the Natural Art category, and Radomir Zakubowski in the Plants and Fungi categories.

careful! If you remove a car without color coded sticker in Delhi, then you will get Rs 5500 fine


Color coded fuel stickers are going to be very important for Delhi's trains. The color coded sticker for the car is special because it will know from which fuel the car runs.

It is now mandatory to install color coded fuel stickers and high security number plates on every vehicle in Delhi. If both these things are not found on a train registered in Delhi, then they will be fined. Now a campaign is also being run in Delhi, in which vehicles will be tested and it will be checked whether High Security Registration Plat (HSRP) and color coded stickers are installed. At the same time, an invoice of Rs 5500 can also be deducted if they are not installed.

In Delhi, now color coded fuel stickers are very important for Delhi vehicles. The color coded sticker for the car is special because it will know from which fuel the car runs. Through this sticker, it will be easy to know whether the car is running on petrol or diesel or is an electric car. Not only this, it will also know when the vehicle has been registered and which BS model it is. At the same time, the laser code on the high security number plate on the vehicle will also be present on it.

Three color sticker

Currently, there are three types of color coded fuel stickers. They have blue, orange and gray colors. Blue means petrol or CNG. If there is a green stripe with blue then BS-6. If there is no green stripe then it is BS-4 or BS-3. While orange means diesel car. If there is a green stripe with orange color then it is BS-6. If there is no green stripe then it is BS-4 or BS-3. Finally, gray or gray color comes. This means the car is electric car.

How to get stickers

There are still no color coded fuel stickers on many trains. To get color coded fuel stickers installed on the vehicle one has to go to the website Booking and payment will have to be made here. After this, it can be installed by going to the dealer or workshop as per your schedule.

Winter session of Parliament will not happen, Congress bid - excuse Kovid, government scared of farmers demand


The effect of Corona virus is being seen all over the world. The number of corona virus patients in the country is increasing towards the figure of 1 crore. Meanwhile, the government has announced that the winter session of Parliament will not be held this time due to covid-19.

Seeing the danger to Corona, the central government has decided not to call the winter session this time. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi has written to the Congress leader in the Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, by informing him.

Prahlad Joshi wrote that in view of the spread and danger of Kovid infection, after talking to the leaders of parliamentary parties of all other parties, it has been decided not to call the winter session. However, in his letter to Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi has assured to call the budget session of Parliament in January 2021.

Earlier, after discussing the demands of the farmers, demanding the withdrawal of all the three related laws, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary had demanded a parliament session. Reacting to the government's decision, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary told ABP News, "There can be an assembly in many states in the country, many institutions can run but Parliament cannot be called." The last Parliament session was when Kovid was at its peak. It is clear that the government is not calling the Parliament session as an excuse for fearing farmers' demands.

What does the country say about Corona

After about five months in India, less than 23 thousand new cases of Kovid-19 were reported. At the same time, the rate of recovery of patients has also exceeded 95 percent. After 22,065 new cases of Kovid-19, total infection cases in the country increased to 99,06,165. At the same time, after the death of 354 more people, the death toll increased to 1,43,709. According to statistics, with the total 94,22,636 people becoming infection free, the recovery rate of patients in the country increased to 95.12 percent. The death rate from Kovid-19 is 1.45 percent.

On August 7, the number of infected people in the country had crossed 20 lakhs, on 23 August, 30 lakhs and on 5 September, it had crossed 40 lakhs. At the same time, the total cases had crossed 50 lakh on 16 September, 60 lakh on 28 September, 70 lakh on 11 October, 80 lakh on 29 October and 90 lakh on 20 November.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be the chief guest on Republic Day


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be the chief guest on Republic Day 2021. Britain's Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has confirmed this.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be the chief guest on Republic Day. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be the chief guest for the Republic Day celebrations on 26 January 2021.

During the phone conversation on 27 November, Johnson was given this invitation by PM Modi. Johnson accepted this invitation. Britain's Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has confirmed this. Raab said, "Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted the invitation to attend the Republic Day celebrations of India as the chief guest."

After this, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that accepting the invitation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to attend the Republic Day celebrations of the country as the chief guest, will mark a new era in India and Britain's relations.

Britain's Foreign Minister Dominic Raab is on a visit to India. After meeting External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar today, he said that we want to strengthen economic relations with India. He said that he discussed the challenges arising due to terrorism and fundamentalism, which are common concerns.

After a gap of 27 years, the British Prime Minister will be the chief guest on India's 70th Republic Day next month. Earlier, John Major has participated in the Republic Day Parade held in New Delhi in 1993.

In this state, the government will give a weighment in the marriage of girls


Now the Assam government is going to give a weighed gold to the girls wedding in the state. Under the Arundhati Gold Scheme of the Government of Assam, parents will be given 10 grams of gold coin for free in their daughter's wedding.

Every parent in the country has to worry the most for jewelery in their daughter's wedding. The Assam government has launched a scheme for parents, which will lighten their burden to some extent. The government is now going to give a weighed gold in the marriage of girls in the state. In fact, under the Arundhati Gold Scheme of the Government of Assam, parents will be given 10 grams of gold coin for free in their daughter's wedding.

What is Arundhati Gold Scheme

Under the Arundhati Gold Scheme, the Assam government will provide 1 tola gold to families with an annual income of less than Rs 5 lakh. Under this scheme, only the first two children of a family will be given gold. Under the Arundhati Gold Scheme, married daughters are entitled to 10 grams of gold after registration of marriage.

What to do

Due to this gold scheme, daughters will also get some financial security in the state. To take advantage of this scheme, firstly one has to register for marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Daughters can apply for this scheme only on the day of registration application. For this, the girl's age should be at least 18 years and the groom's age should be at least 21 years. The benefit of this scheme can only be given to those families whose annual income is less than Rs 5 lakh.

ICC Women's Cricket World Cup schedule released, India will face these teams in the tournament


The International Cricket Council has released the schedule of the Women's Cricket World Cup.

The first match of the tournament will be played on March 4, 2022 at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.

India's four matches are against New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has released the schedule of the Women's Cricket World Cup. According to the schedule, a total of 31 matches will be played in this tournament. The first match of the tournament will be played on March 4, 2022 at the Basin Reserve in Wellington. At the same time, the final match of this tournament will be played on April 3, 2022 at Hegley Oval Ground in Christchurch, New Zealand. The ICC has given information about this schedule from its official Twitter handle.

6 cities have been selected for this series. Talking on the subject, ICC Women's Cricket World Cup CEO Andrea Nelson said, "We are fully prepared to hold this tournament. Soon the world will get a new champion." He also said, "I want people to watch this tournament more and more and cheer their favorite team."

India will play seven matches in this World Cup

Defending champions England will begin the tournament against arch-rivals Australia on 5 March in Seddon Park. While India will play a total of seven matches in this World Cup. India's four matches are against New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England and the remaining three matches are against the qualifier teams which are yet to be decided. At the same time, Mithali Raj will lead the Indian team in the World Cup.

India became the World Cup runners-up in 2017

Significantly, in the year 2005, Australia won the World Cup title, while in 2009, England won the World Cup. After this, in 2013, once again Australia took possession of the World Cup trophy. At the same time, in 2017, England won the World Cup trophy. In the year 2017, India became the World Cup runners-up.

Arun Jaitley's statue will be installed in Delhi's Feroz Shah Kotla ground


This six feet tall statue will be unveiled on Jaitley's 68th birth anniversary. Home Minister Amit Shah himself will unveil this statue.

The statue of the late Union Minister and former President of Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) Arun Jaitley will be installed at the Ferozeshah Kotla ground in Delhi's Arun Jaitley Stadium. This six feet tall statue will be unveiled on Jaitley's 68th birth anniversary. Home Minister Amit Shah himself will unveil this statue.

It is worth noting that Jaitley was the President of DDCA for 14 years. At the same time, his son Rohan Jaitley is the president of DDCA. The statue of Jaitley will be constructed by Ram Sutar Art Creations Private Limited and Ram Sutar Fine Arts Private Limited. These two companies built the world's tallest Sardar Patel statue in Gujarat. This statue named Statue of Unity is 597 feet high.

Anil Raat Sutar, son of V Sutar, confirmed to prepare the statue of Jaitley himself. The decision to install Jaitley's statue in the stadium was made in the meeting of the Apex Council of DDCA held in October.

Please tell that on September 12 last year, the name of Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium was renamed Arun Jaitley Stadium. This stadium was built in 1883.

Covid Vaccine: Will Pharmaceutical Companies Earn Bumper Profits?


At the time of the onset of the corona epidemic, we were warned that it takes years to develop a vaccine for any disease. So don't expect too much about vaccines.

But now with the passing of ten months, the corona virus epidemic vaccines are being given and many of the companies that are ahead in inventing these vaccines are behind them.

As a result, investment analysts predict that at least two of these companies (American biotech company Moderna and Germany's Bio-En-Tech), together with their partner company, Fizer of America, will trade billions of dollars next year.

But it is not clear how much money will be made by the manufacturer of the vaccine.

The way these vaccines have been funded and the way a large number of companies have come forward to manufacture vaccines, it seems that there will be no long-term opportunity to make big profits.

Who has invested money

Seeing the need of vaccine in times of epidemic, the government and fund givers gave billions of pounds to plan and test the vaccine. Organizations like Gates Foundation openly supported these schemes. Apart from this, many people also came forward and supported these schemes. Alibaba founder Jack Ma and music star Dolly Parton also came forward and gave funds for these schemes.

According to science data analytics company Airfinity, £ 6.5 billion has been given by governments to make and test Kovid. At the same time, 1.5 billion pounds were given from non-profit organizations.

Only 2.6 billion pounds came from the companies' own investment. Many of these companies rely heavily on external funding.

This was a big reason that big companies did not show any haste in funding vaccine projects.

Producing vaccines in such emergencies in the past has not proved very beneficial. The process of finding a vaccine takes time. Poor countries require a large consignment of vaccine but due to the high price they cannot take it. In rich countries, more profits are made from medicines taken daily.

The companies that manufacture vaccines for diseases like Zika and SARS suffered heavy losses. On the other hand, the market for vaccine for flu like diseases has billions. In such a situation, if the Kovid-19 remains like the flu and it needs to be vaccinated annually, then it can be beneficial for the companies making the vaccine. But only for those companies which will be most effective, as well as in the budget.

What price are they putting?

Some companies do not want to be seen making profit in this time of global crisis, especially after getting so much funding from outside. Major US pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca of the UK are working closely with Oxford University-based biotech company.

She has promised on her behalf that she will keep the cost of her vaccine as much as possible so that only her cost comes out. As of now, in terms of AstraZeneca, it is believed that it will be available at the cheapest price (4 dollars i.e. around Rs 300 per dose).

Moderna is a small biotechnology company. Which has been working on the technology behind RNA vaccine for years. The price of dose against them is more than about 37 dollars i.e. two thousand seven rupees. Their aim is to earn profit for the shareholders of the company.

However, this does not mean that these prices have been fixed.

Usually, pharmaceutical companies pay different fees in different countries. It depends on the governments. AstraZeneca has promised to keep prices low for the epidemic. Maybe they will start charging a comparatively higher price from next year. It completely depends on the nature of the epidemic.

Emily Fields, head of European pharmaceuticals at Barclays, says, "Now the governments of rich countries will pay more. They are so desperate about vaccines or dosages just how they can end the epidemic."

She adds, "Probably as more vaccines start coming into the market next year, the price of the vaccine may also come down due to competition."

Rasmus Beck Hansen, Chief Executive of Airfinity, says, "In the meantime, we shouldn't expect private companies either. Especially companies that are small and don't sell any other product. So don't expect them to They will sell the vaccine without thinking about the profits. "

He says, "It has to be kept in mind that these companies have taken a big risk and they have really moved forward."

He adds, "And if you want these small companies to succeed in the future, then they need to be rewarded in that way."

But some people differ on the state of humanitarian crisis and public funding. According to him, this is not the time of business as usual.

Should they share their technology?

With so much at stake right now, there is a demand that the entire technology and information behind these vaccines should be shared so that companies in India and South Africa, for example in other countries, have dosed vaccines. To make it in your markets.

"This should be a prerequisite for obtaining public funding," says Ellen T. Hoen of Medicines Law and Policy.

She says, "When the epidemic started, big pharma companies did not show much enthusiasm about the vaccine. But when the government and agencies came forward with the fund, they had to work on it."

"They don't understand why they have the privilege to benefit from the results," says Hoen.

She says, "These new discoveries later become the personal property of these commercial organizations."

Although people are sharing some things with each other on an intellectual level, but these are not enough in any case.

So Will Pharma Companies Make Bumper Profits?

Governments and multilateral organizations have already pledged to buy billions of doses at fixed prices. In such a situation, for the next few months, companies will be busy in fulfilling those orders as soon as possible.

People who are selling vaccine doses to rich countries are also expecting returns on their investment. Although AstraZeneca has to supply the most dosage, it will still focus only on meeting the cost.

After the first demand is supplied, it is difficult to predict what the situation will be about the vaccine. Because it depends on many things. For example, those who have been given a vaccine dose remain immune to the corona. How many vaccines are successful and how smoothly the vaccine is manufactured and then distributed.

According to Emily Fields of Barclays, "The opportunities to make profits will be 'very temporary'."

Even though people who are currently in the race to make vaccines and are not sharing their intellectual property with others, despite this, 50 such vaccines are being made worldwide which are undergoing clinical trials.

According to Emily Fields, "There may be 20 vaccines in the market in the coming two years. In such a situation it is becoming difficult to get a high price for the vaccine."

She believes that in the long run, this can have an impact on the company's reputation. If a vaccine is successful, it can prove to be helpful in opening the door to sale of Kovid treatment or other related products.

Hansen of Airfinity says that if this happens, it can be a relief from the difficult phase of the epidemic.

He expects governments to say that governments should invest in strategizing in the context of epidemics. Just like she is doing now for safety and security.

Among all these, what is the most important and influential thing is that how did the market price of Bio-N-Tech and Moderna suddenly go up. This is because their vaccines prove their concept of RNA technology.

Prior to Kovid, Bio En Tech had been working on a vaccine for skin cancer and on an RANE vaccine for modern ovarian cancer. If any of it succeeds, it will be a huge achievement.

Corana: New form of virus in Britain, strict lockdown imposed


A new variant (variant) of the corona virus has been found in parts of Britain, which is spreading rapidly.

The country's Health Minister Matt Hancock said that at least 60 different local administrations have received cases of Kovid infection in this new form.

He said that the World Health Organization has notified it and UK scientists are doing a detailed study on it.

The minister said that this disease can worsen and the vaccine may not work on it.

He told the House that cases of infection with the Coron virus in parts of London, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire have increased very fast last week.

The Health Minister said, "At present we have received more than 1,000 cases of this type of virus which have been reported especially in the southern part of England. These cases have been found in 60 different areas.

"Because of this, we have to take fast and decisive action which is necessary to control this deadly disease, even if vaccine is being given for it."

Professor Witty, Chief Medical Officer of England, said that this new type of corona virus has been detected in the present-day corona virus, which has been found in the last few weeks, especially in Kent and surrounding areas.

Hardest lockdown

In view of this potential danger, the strongest lockdown has been announced in England so far. New rules will be introduced in London, and especially in parts of Essex and Hertfordshire, from Wednesday.

Tier 3 will have high alert on a large scale. Pubs and restaurants will remain closed in this, only takeaway and delivery will continue. Apart from this, theaters, cinema halls etc. will remain closed.

However, some sections have also expressed resentment over the stringent lockdown. Representatives of the hospitality sector have warned that this could put thousands of jobs at risk.

Try to understand the virus

Changes in the virus are linked to the spike proteins present in it. These are the part of the virus that helps to infect the cells and the Corona virus vaccine has been prepared keeping this in mind.

Now it is difficult to know how this will affect the change of virus.

Expert Professor Alan McNally at Birmingham University told the BBC, "We don't have to worry too much." This does not mean that it is more contagious or dangerous. We just have to keep an eye on him.

There is a big effort to understand this type of virus. It is important to maintain peace in the event of stress.

Doctor Jeremy Farrar, director of Welcome, says it can be serious. Its monitoring and research on it should continue and we should take necessary steps so that we can stay ahead of the virus.

Jonathan Ball, a professor of molecular virology at Nottingham University, says, "The genetic information of many viruses can change very quickly and sometimes these changes benefit the virus, such that it can spread rapidly or escape the effects of the vaccine." is. However, many times the changes in the virus have no effect.

"Even though a new type of virus has emerged in Britain, but it can be a coincidence. Therefore, it is too early to make any claims until we are able to study the changes and effects of the virus.

State of germany and america

Corona virus cases are decreasing in many countries but the risk is increasing in many places.

In Germany, strict lockdown will be done during Christmas keeping in mind the increasing cases of corona virus infection and deaths due to it.

Non-essential shops will be closed all over Germany from Wednesday itself. In addition, schools are also being closed.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed people for the purchase before Christmas, responsible for the current situation.

There will now be a lockdown in Germany from 16 December to 10 January.

On Sunday, 20,200 new cases of corona infection were reported in Germany and 321 people died.

Similarly, America ranks first in the list of countries most affected by the Corona virus.

In the US, cases of corona virus death have been increasing rapidly since November.

So far more than one crore 69 lakh cases of corona virus have been reported in America and nearly three lakh people have died. Corona vaccine has started in America.

Corona vaccine: how and where to get it in India, the government released a guideline


The Central Government issued guidelines regarding the procedure and how the vaccine of Corona vaccine will be administered to the people in India.

One of the instructions of the central government is that 100-200 people will be given vaccine in every session every day, after which they will be monitored for half an hour to see if there are any adverse effects on anyone.

Apart from this, only one person will be allowed to go inside the center for a vaccine at a time.

Use of digital platform

Guidelines issued to the states state that the digital platform 'Kovid Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-Win) System' will be used to track vaccine people and the corona virus vaccine.

Vaccination will be given to only pre-registered people at the place of vaccination so that priority can be set. At the same time no provision for registration is currently made.

Along with this, instructions have been given to the states that they should first identify which vaccine manufacturer will deliver the vaccine to the district of that state so that different vaccines are not mixed together.

According to 'Kovid Vaccine Operational Guidelines', all measures should be taken to ensure that no carrier, vial or ice pack carrying the vaccine is directly exposed to sunlight.

Vaccines and other liquids will not be removed from the carrier until a person is present at the vaccination center to be vaccinated.

Challenges were also mentioned

The guidelines state, "The label of the Kovid-19 vaccine may not contain Vaccine Viol Monitors (VVMs) and expiry dates, but this should not discourage vaccine users from using it. All ice packs at the end of the season and The vaccine carrier, along with the vial of the vaccine, should be sent to the distribution cold chain center. "

States have been asked to create a 360-degree integrated comprehensive support communication system and a social mobilization strategy to meet the challenges and challenges of vaccination.

The central government says that the country stands at the tip of Kovid-19 vaccine management and even some challenges need to be addressed in time.

The government has also mentioned challenges in these instructions. The central government says that in a country with a population of 1.3 billion, it is a challenge to give the right information at the right time to the people about the progress and benefits of vaccination.

Apart from this, to whom the vaccine will be given first, the public's concerns and questions about this decision of the government will also be a challenge. People will also worry about the safety of giving the vaccine after a long trial. Also, many misconceptions can be made about the rumors, negative news and the impact of vaccines on social media.

How will  vaccination

The Central Government document has quoted that five people will be included in the vaccination team.

The guidelines state that only 100 people will be vaccinated in each session, but if there is a waiting room, monitoring center, more crowds to handle and stuff, then another vaccine officer will be stationed there. . After this, vaccines can be given to 200 people there.

Covid vaccine will be given first to health workers, frontline workers and people above 50 years of age. After this, those below 50 years of age will be given those who have other diseases. After this, the remaining people of the country will be given the vaccine according to its availability.

Depending on the availability of the vaccine, people above 50 years of age can also be divided into groups. In this, a group of people over 60 years of age and a group of people aged 50-60 years can be formed.

In the first phase of vaccination, there is a plan to give vaccination to 300 million people.

12 photo identity cards will be valid for self-registration on the Co-Win website for vaccination. These include voter ID card, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport and pension documents.

Corona Vaccine: Who Was The First Vaccine In America?


The first vaccine in America was given to Sandra Lindsey, a nurse in a hospital in New York.

Corona vaccine has been started in America. The first vaccine of Kovid-19 was vaccinated in the US on Monday. With this first vaccine, the country is ready for its biggest vaccination campaign.

The first vaccine was applied to Sandra Lindsey, a nurse at a hospital in Long Island, New York.

Millions of fissure / bioentech vaccines will be distributed.

On Monday, about 150 hospitals will be given this vaccine. Under the American Immunization Campaign, there is a target of providing vaccine to about 100 million people by April next year.

So far, nearly three lakh people have died due to Kovid-19 infection in America. Most cases of infections in the world are also in the US.

The Fizer / Bioentech vaccine was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration last Friday for vaccination in an emergency.

America ranks first in the list of countries most affected by Corona virus. Corona has affected the country badly and that is why vaccination programs are to be run on such a large scale. According to the Kovid Tracking Project, the death toll has been seen since November and the number of people in the hospital is also increasing due to the disease. Currently, 109,000 people are admitted.

According to Dr. Dora Mills of Menhealth, a network of 12 hospitals in Portland, "I think it would probably be the worst December month ever, if we look at the records. Those who died of cancer and heart disease, looking at the data of the previous week "The number of deaths due to Kovid-19 is still less. The highest number of deaths in America is still from Kovid-19."

"It has been a very dark season for us but it is also incomparable in itself because we have the vaccine available less than a year after the onset of the epidemic. If we look at the impact and safety data, it is in the field of public health Is a very big achievement. "

The Fizer / Bioentech vaccine is produced in a mutual partnership between a large US pharma company and a German biotechnology company. This vaccine provides protection up to 95%. This is the first Kovid-19 vaccine to pass under US regulators.

In Britain, this vaccine was already approved.

Preparations begin for Delhi to Varanasi bullet train, route information will be collected with laser technology


If everything is correct then in the coming time, people of Purvanchal will also get the opportunity to sit in the bullet train and will be able to complete the journey of Delhi-Varanasi in just 3 hours.

The dream of bullet train between Delhi and Varanasi (Delhi-Varanasi Bullet Train) is going to become a reality soon. Aerial survey of this project has started from today. The survey is being conducted using Light Detection and Ranging Survey (LiDAR) technology.

What is LiDAR technology

LiDAR technique will be used for survey of Delhi-Varanasi High Speed ​​Railway Corridor. This is a highly advanced technology, in which laser-equipped equipment is mounted on top of a helicopter, through which everything on the ground is described in detail. This technique has been used for survey of Mumbai-Ahmedabad Rail Corridor.

In this technique, laser data, GPS data, flight parameters and real photographs are also available, due to which the data are absolutely accurate. With this help, the correct blueprint of the length, width, alignment, station, depot, land required, etc. is prepared. Which makes it easy to design the project.

What will happen with this LiDAR survey

Railways has given the work of this survey to National Highspeed Co-operation Limited (NHRCL). Roads constructed from the sky are surveyed using LiDAR technology. In which it is found that what is the way on the ground, where are the pits, where is the height or where are the rivers and streams. How many buildings are there in the way and how is the structure of settlements, slums. If all these are collected on the ground in the normal way, then it takes 10-12 months, whereas with LiDAR technique, this work can be done in just 12 weeks.

Ramlal darshan from Delhi in just two and a half hours

The Delhi-Varanasi High Speed ​​Rail Corridor is 865 km long. Many cities like Mathura-Agra-Etawah-Lucknow-Raebareli-Prayagraj-Bhadohi will also be on its way. The benefit of this bullet train will be to the passengers going directly through this route, the same benefit will also be to the devotees who reach Ayodhya Darshan.

A plan has also been prepared to make Ayodhya a stop in between Delhi to Varanasi. In such a situation, the distance of 700 kilometers between Delhi and Ayodhya will be reduced in just two to two and a half hours. It usually takes 10 hours to go from Delhi to Ayodhya by train. Bullet train will also connect Ayodhya city via Noida's Jewar Airport.

Good news: now there will be no problem in sleeping on the side lower berth of the train, the Railways has made this special preparation


Indian Railways has taken a big step to facilitate passengers. Now the side lower berths are being upgraded to make the journey comfortable and safe.

Now soon it is going to be comfortable to travel on the side lower berth of the train. Railways have started special preparations for this. The railway will also provide a foam or cushioned planks to the passengers to fill the gap between the side lower berths. A video related to this is trending on Twitter in which you can understand about the new design of the side lower birth.

Side lower birth cancellation is often given to passengers with anti-reservation. Trouble at this berth begins when both these separate seats are dropped and used for sleeping. Due to the separate seats, a gap was created between it and the passengers used to complain of backache.

How to use

Passengers will no longer have to face any kind of pain with this new initiative of Railways. The padded plank is slightly wider than the normal birth size. It will be mounted on the side of the plank berth which can be pulled and used.

Railways are taking many steps to make the journey of passengers comfortable. Earlier, Railways had announced to convert all non-AC sleeper classes into three-tire AC coaches. At the same time, general coaches will also be converted into AC Co. After this step of the railway, the train will be fully AC.

It will cost a total of Rs 3 crore to convert sleeper class to AC coach.

Railways is preparing 230 such coaches. It will cost a total of Rs 3 crore to convert a sleeper class into an AC coach. Prototypes of these coaches are currently being made at Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory. The updated coaches will be known as the Economic AC 3-tier Class. Railways say that it will not have much impact on the pockets of the traveling public.

Inside the Economic Coaches, there will be 83 seats instead of 72

There will be 83 seats in place of 72 inside the upgraded Economic Coaches. Usually, there are only 72 seats in a coach. These new coaches will also be called AC-3 tier tourist class. At the same time, the number of seats in General Coaches will also be increased to 100-105. However, its design has not been decided yet.

According to the information, in the first phase, the railway will make 230 coaches. Each coach will cost about 3 crore rupees, which is 10 percent more than the cost of building a normal AC-3 tier.

New Zealand beat West Indies in second test to 'clean sweep', top Test rankings


The victory over the West Indies in the second cricket test has put 116 points on par with Australia in New Zealand, which is at the top of the Test team rankings.

New Zealand beat West Indies by an innings and 12 runs in the second cricket test to 'clean sweep' in the two-match series and also reached the top of the Test rankings. West Indies started playing on 244 runs for six wickets on Monday on the fourth day. After trailing by 329 runs in the first innings, he needed 85 runs to postpone the innings defeat. The West Indies team was dismissed for 317, their highest score in the series.

The match was also interrupted due to rain

The game started a little late due to rain but New Zealand started positively. West Indies captain Jason Holder was dismissed in the fourth over of the day. Holder scored 61 and also shared an 82-run partnership with Joshua da Silva. He was bowled by Tim Southee.

Aljari Joseph scored 24 runs including two sixes and three fours but was caught by wicketkeeper BJ Watling off a Saudi ball. This was Saudi's seventh wicket in the match and has taken a total of 296 wickets. He is on the threshold of becoming the third bowler after New Zealand to take 300 Test wickets, Richard Hadley and Daniel Vettori.

Silva completed his half-century in 77 balls

Wicketkeeper Da Silva, who made his Test debut, completed his half-century in 77 balls but was dismissed by Neil Wegner. The last batsman, Shannon Gabriel, was bowled by Wegner without opening the account.

The win has put 116 points on par with Australia in New Zealand, which is at the top of the Test team rankings. In the World Test Championship table also, New Zealand team defeated England and came in third place.