A New Word Enters English Dictionary

 New Delhi, 1/12/2020

With the pandemic coronavirus, English dictionaries have swelled with inclusions of words like Covid-19. The latest one is the Intellectual Donation published by Collins Cobuild English Dictionary and online Urban Dictionary. The Intellectual Donation is defined as charitable sharing of the wealth of knowledge and expertise for the social cause of an individual, entity or society, with an example- an initiative seeking intellectual donation for the cause of the deprived section of society has been taken under the aegis of British Lingua, an institute of communication skills.

This word was coined and submitted by eminent author and social worker Dr Birbal Jha, who has more than 30 books to his credit. Notably, Dr Jha, an etymologist, had English dictionaries enter some other words like Covidise, Paag, Healthsake, etc.

 “The intellectual society should come forward and shake hands with others to promote intellectual donation by way of a charitable contribution of their intellectual property, their expertise, thoughts, views and perspectives on varied subjects as an enabling factor for those who have not been able to gain access to the wealth of knowledge and better livelihood”, says Dr Jha.  


Committed to taking the advantage of English skills to the common man of India Dr Birbal Jha adds “a sound knowledge of the English language is a must for the furtherance of intellectual abilities and growth in one’s life in today’s context in the country where 1652 languages are spoken.”