Obama in his book called Rahul nervous, before PM had said this big thing for Modi


America's first African-American President Obama visited India twice during his tenure in 2010 and 2015. After this, he visited India in 2017.

Former US President Barack Obama has mentioned Rahul Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his book 'A Promised Land'. Barack Obama has called Rahul Gandhi nervous. Obama has also described Rahul as a 'politician with little merit' and 'a nervous leader lacking passion'. This book is actually an autobiography of Obama. Which he has brought under the name 'A Promised Land'.

Obama has compared Rahul Gandhi to such a student in his autobiography. Those who have done the course work, they are also eager to impress the teacher. But to achieve mastery in this subject, either they do not have merit or lack of passion. Obama has also called Rahul Gandhi nervous.

Former PM Manmohan Singh also mentioned ...

Apart from Rahul Gandhi, former PM Manmohan Singh has also been mentioned by Obama in his autobiography. Obama has praised Manmohan as a politician with a senseless, quiet kind and deep integrity.

America's first African-American President Obama visited India twice during his tenure in 2010 and 2015. After this, he visited India in 2017, when the Modi government was -1 at the center. Obama also met Rahul Gandhi at that time.

BJP MP Giriraj Singh took a pinch

Union Minister and BJP MP Giriraj Singh has taken a dig at Rahul Gandhi. Giriraj has tweeted that as soon as Rahul Gandhi's insanity starts decreasing in the country, he gets insulted from abroad.

This big thing was said for PM Modi

In 2015, former US President Barack Obama also wrote an article on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this article, Obama praised PM Modi. In his article, he wrote, "Modi's emphasis is on poverty alleviation in India. Modi first promoted the family by selling tea and now he is advancing the country. This is the picture of emerging India."

Now Chatting can be enjoyed on WhatsApp as well as shopping, company added 'shopping button'


Through shopping button, users will be able to see the catalog of business accounts of WhatsApp on one click and easily know which company is offering the sale of which products. If the user likes a product, then he can buy it through chat.

The new app will be available on Windows 8 and above and Mac OS computers. It can be downloaded by going to the Windows version of WhatsApp and the Mac version at www.whatsapp.com/download/.

Along with chatting on WhatsApp, shopping can also be enjoyed. Actually, the company has rolled out the shopping button on WhatsApp all over the world. Through this shopping button, users will be able to view the catalog of business accounts of WhatsApp on one click and easily know which company is offering the sale of which products. If the user likes a product, then he can buy it through chat.

You will get information about a catalog of your business

In a statement issued by the company, it is now known that once they look at the shopping button which appears as a storefront icon, they will know that the business has its own catalog, from which they can browse the products and by pressing just one button Also, you can move forward with anything. Significantly, the shopping button icon has been replaced by the voice call button. Those who do business with the shopping button site will get the facility to increase their products and their products will also increase. According to the company, add to cart and check out buttons will also be included in the app soon.

Earlier, some features were added to WhatsApp

Earlier too, WhatsApp had added some more features. Recently, the company rolled out a feature on WhatsApp for users. This feature has also been made available in India after testing with beta users in the year 2018. Through this, users will also be able to pay with chatting. Please tell that NPCI has also set a limit for this. NPCI has set a cap of 2 crore users in its first segment, while WhatsApp has around 40 crore users in India.

Is China's railway project near Arunachal a matter of concern for India?


Chinese President Xi Jinping recently asked his officials to complete the Sichuan-Tibet railway project as soon as possible. He insisted on completing the Yan-Linzhi railway line of this project.

The Yan-Linzhi railway line will connect China's Sichuan province to Linzhi in Tibet, which is close to India's border with Arunachal Pradesh.

Xi Jinping says that this railway line is very important for stability in the border areas.

According to the Chinese government media Global Times, the entire project is worth $ 47.8 billion.

The journey from this railway line to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, to Lhasa in Tibet will be 13 hours, which is now 48 hours.

Is it a matter of concern for India?

Linjhi area is near Arunachal Pradesh. China considers Arunachal Pradesh to be part of southern Tibet, which India rejects.

Alka Acharya, professor of Chinese studies at JNU, says that this is not a new thing about which India did not know before.

He said, "The boundary between the two countries is not fixed and both countries are working on their infrastructure to strengthen themselves. So because of this, tension also increases. India already knows all this and can say In response to that, India is also emphasizing its infrastructure along the border. It has picked up in the last 7-8 years. But China's infrastructure is far better and more expensive than India. "

Professor Phunchuk Stodban of the Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis says that whenever China develops infrastructure, it also has a military perspective.

He said, "This means that by creating infrastructure, China can bring missiles to India's border. Then they do not need nuclear weapons. They can also target with missile. This pattern of China I have in places like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Have seen, they build railways first and this increases their missile capability. Whereas India and Pakistan talk about nuclear bombs directly. China's strategy is that it does not talk about nuclear weapons. It just surrounds is."

Why should India worry about this railway project?

On this, experts say that the Brahmaputra river is a major source of water in India in this area. There have been reports that China wants to divert this water for itself.

They also say that after the completion of this project, the movement of Chinese army in this area will also increase. Where the Chinese army used to take 36 hours to reach, now it can be reached in 9-10 hours i.e. rapid deployment will be possible. It will also become easier to bring Chinese tanks and missiles to the Indian border immediately.


China is developing in Tibet

BR Deepak, a professor of JNU itself, says that China has been doing the work of building infrastructure in Tibet for decades.

He says, "Before 1962, China started laying a network of roads in eastern Tibet adjoining its Sichuan province. China knew that it was dangerous to reach this area. There is a plateau area. When the Chinese forces in 1951 When it entered Tibet, the Tibetans attacked the Chinese army by climbing the high hills. The Tibetan army, despite being weak, could not reach the Chinese army. Because of this, they made a strategy how to build roads and capture the sectors. "

Professor Deepak explains that after this, by 1957 China had prepared the road to Aksai Chin and this was one of the reasons why the relations between India and China were bad at that time.

He says that in China's Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, building infrastructure on the Tibet border was a priority, for which China also gave a budget of $ 20 billion. But the budget of the railway project that Xi Jinping is talking about is different.

Says Prof Deepak, "China has built a network of 90 thousand kilometers of roads in the Tibet sector. A highway is built that runs from Beijing to Lhasa and the journey of 3 thousand kilometers is done in 3-4 days."

India's infrastructure problem with China?

Professor Stodban says that India has also accelerated the work of its stalled infrastructure in the border areas in the last few years.

He says, "A 255-km strategic road from Ladakh's Darbuk to Daulatbeg Oldi is being built, which China has responded to and since then India-China stand is going on, no solution is being found. "India is also building new airports, building roads. Recently the Atal tunnel was inaugurated in Ladakh."

They say that Daulatbeg Oldi Road is a strategic road according to India's security. She goes in parallel with the LAC, through which the Indian Army's connectivity is possible up to the Tibet Xinjiang Highway.

However, Professor Deepak says that there are very few projects on the border of India with China.

He says, "India's border projects will not be more than 60-70 and they are also running late. There are some projects which have not been surveyed. There are 2-3 railway line projects out of these projects. Surveys were to be completed by 2020, which have not been done yet. The nine-kilometer Atal tunnel was also inaugurated many times but it was ready to go which was recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister. So how many thousands of kilometers long railway line to build It will take time? India did not pay attention to it at first. Like going to Tezpur in Assam  But the road is very bad. Whereas China had made its access there only in 1962. "




Is the solution difficult?

Professor Alka Acharya says that it is not that China is now doing this to surround India.

He said, "In the 1980s a theory of String of Pearls was taken out which said that China was trying to surround India, investing in neighboring countries of India, investing in ports. But now the profile of China has increased in this area. Now the distance between China and India has become much different. So now to say that China is doing all this especially by targeting India, in a larger perspective It doesn't look like it when you see it. "

But is there any solution to this geopolitical game soon?

On this, Professor Stodban says, "America's election is over, then it may be that these tensions are reduced or else India will have to put its resources in the border areas. China says that construction work on India border is stopped And in the same way, India also argues that China should be stopped as well. Its solution can come out of bilateral negotiations but it also has no mechanism at the moment. "

Unmarried couples will now be able to live together in UAE, amendment in law


The United Arab Emirates has recently made some sweeping changes to its civil and criminal laws. In this country with a population of more than 84 lakhs (according to a survey conducted in 2018) there are about 200 people of nationality.

These amendments have been made to make the lives of citizens and migrants living there more positive and favorable. A large population of migrants living in the United Arab Emirates is from South Asia.

Under these amendments, foreigners residing in the UAE will now be allowed to settle individual cases according to the law of their own country. For example, in the case of divorce and separation, in the case of bequest or property sharing, in relation to consumption of alcohol, in case of suicide, in relation to sexual relations with a minor, in case of female security and honor-crime.

A few weeks before this, the UAE has signed a landmark agreement to normalize its relationship with Israel. With this step, it is also expected that the influx of Israeli tourists and investors will increase in the country.

Meaning of this change in laws

There has been a lot of reactions from the migrant community and legal experts on these changes.

Aamir Alakhza, a lawyer for international legal firm Baker McKenzie, says "the new amendment is a step taken to try to boost investor confidence."

He adds, "In the recent times, the UAE government has made amendments to a number of laws that directly affect the migrant population. Be it amendments under the Golden Visa Scheme or the Residency Visa for Entrepreneurs Amendments to the terms of ".

Alkhaza says that the government has amended and relaxed the laws for which people (whether citizens or migrants) have often been punished.

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed announced these changes by issuing a decree on 7 November and these amendments came into force with immediate effect.

"This is a federal law. Once published, all citizens must abide by it," says Alkhaza.

Alkhaza believes that the new amendment will boost tourism in the country and will have a positive impact on all important events. Of which there is also a much awaited event Expo 2021. It is expected that many important investors and millions of spectators will be involved in this international event.

For migrants, amendments to the laws related to divorce, separation and property are the most important. After these legal amendments, now if a couple marries in their country but their divorce is in the United Arab Emirates, then the laws of the same country will be valid for them. That is, the laws of their own country will be valid for them.

Alakhza feels that implementing these amendments will be easy and effective. He said, "UAE society is a mixture of migrants and its native citizens. Both the majority have a sense of acceptance about each other and they respect everyone's culture."

Changes have also been made in the laws in which Honor Crime was till now protected. Now they have been placed in the category of crime. A person convicted of rape with a minor or mentally under-developed person can now be given the death penalty.

If you are found to be consuming alcohol without a license, you will not face any punishment. However, certain conditions have been imposed for drinking and buying liquor. One of which is that the drinker should be above 21 years of age.

An Indian diaspora says, "There was always fear of drinking alcohol. We are definitely feeling a little safer with these changes."

With these changes, unmarried couples are now allowed to live together under the amendment. In the UAE, it has been a crime for unmarried couples to live together before.

These new amendments also allow foreign nationals to avoid Islamic Sharia courts on various issues including inheritance, marriage and divorce.


28-year-old Zareen Joshi has been living in Dubai for the last 25 years. She is of Indian origin. They believe that this amendment is a great acceptance to various nationalities.

He told the BBC, it makes us feel like our house is close.

She further says, this step has increased the possibilities of further investment as well as this decision is encouraging them to stay in the UAE more.

Many people have expressed their happiness on social media.

Giulio Ochionero, who lives in Abu Dhabi and is an engineer by profession, expressed happiness in this regard by tweeting. They see this decision as an example of civil progress.

Another Twitter user, Yusuf Nazar, says that with these modifications couples will be able to live together without marrying.

According to WAM, the official news agency of the United Arab Emirates, these amendments are intended to further improve the country's legal environment and motivate people to live and work here.

According to media reports, these changes are to strengthen the position of the country to progress on the path of progress and woo foreign investment.

An editorial in Gulf News states that the new laws will ensure the stability of the financial interests of foreign investors.

Despite being the champion of Mumbai Indians, there was a huge loss, know why Prize Money got half


The team of Mumbai Indians won the IPL title for the fifth time. But after becoming the winner due to Kovid 19, the team has suffered heavy losses.

In the final match of Indian Premier League season 13, Mumbai Indians defeated Delhi Capitals by five wickets and won the title. Mumbai Indians, who won the title for the fifth time, also suffered losses due to Kovid 19. Mumbai Indians got a prize money of Rs 10 crore for being the winner this year, while the Delhi Capitals team managed to win an amount of Rs 6.25 crore.

In the 13th season of the IPL, Sunrisers Hyderabad were placed at the third position, while Virat Kohli's Royal Challengers Bangalore had to settle for fourth place. Both these teams got Rs 5-5 crores as prize money.

Why Mumbai Indians lost

Due to Corona virus, BCCI had to face a lot of problems in organizing the IPL this year. Due to Kovid 19, not only was there a delay of 6 months in organizing the tournament, but also due to the entry ban of spectators on the field, the earnings from IPL were also reduced.

Apart from this, Vivo retracted from the title sponsor of the IPL due to a dispute with China in June-July. BCCI got a new title sponsor in the form of Dream XI, but Dream XI paid BCCI 200 crores for a season, compared to Vivo paying Rs 450.

Due to all these losses, the BCCI announced a 50 percent reduction in prize money this year. Earlier, the team that won the IPL title got Rs 20 crore, while the runners-up got 12.5 crore. Teams of the number three and four came to the account of 10-10 crores.

Ishan Kishan emerged as the new 'Sixer King' of IPL, received lakhs of rupees in prize


In the 13th season of IPL, a star player like Maxwell was very disappointed. But young players like Ishaan Kishan and Sanju Samson emerged as the new Sixers King.

Sixes rained heavily on the 13th season of the Indian Premier League. However, this year, where players like Maxwell and Dhoni, identified as Sixer King, proved to be a flop, Ishaan Kishan, Sanju Samson and Rahul Tewatia shocked everyone with their bat. In the 13th season, Mumbai Indians youngster Ishaan Kishan hit the maximum 30 sixes.

For the first time, Ishaan Kishan, who scored more than 500 runs in one season of IPL, emerged as the biggest Sixer King in the 13th season. Ishaan Kishan hit 30 sixes in 14 matches and due to hitting the maximum sixes in this season, he also got a prize money of Rs 10 lakh.

These players are also not behind

The Rajasthan Royals team may have finished last in this season. But Sanju Samson left no stone unturned in the matter of hitting sixes. Sanju Samson hit 26 sixes in 14 matches and scored 375 runs in the tournament.

Mumbai Indians star player Hardik Pandya did wonders in the 13th season. Hardik Pandya got very few chances to bat, but he redeemed them, hitting 25 sixes and scoring 281 runs in 13 matches at a strike rate of around 180.

Kings XI Punjab batsman Nicholls Puran also hit sixes in the 13th season. Puran managed to score 353 runs in 14 matches with the help of 25 clots.

Eoin Morgan may not have given KKR's team a place in the playoffs, but he performed brilliantly with his bat. Morgan scored 418 runs in 14 matches with the help of 24 sixes.

IPL: Orange cap named after KL Rahul, know how many lakh rupees have been received in prize


IPL: The 13th season was a great season for KL Rahul as a batsman. Rabada Purple Cap of Delhi Capital managed to keep it decorated on its head.

In the 13th season of the Indian Premier League, the Mumbai Indians team won the title for the fifth time. Kings XI Punjab captain KL Rahul, who did wonders with his bat in the 13th season, came to Orange Cap, while Delhi Capitals fast bowler Rabada managed to retain the Purple Cap till the end.

From the beginning of the 13th season, Kings XI Punjab captain KL Rahul showed amazing form. KL Rahul scored 670 runs in 14 matches played in the 13th season at an average of 55.83. In this season, Rahul has named Orange Cap after scoring a century and five half-centuries. KL Rahul also got a prize money of Rs 10 lakh for winning the Orange Cap this year.

Challenge from Dhawan-Warner

The journey to name Orange Cap has not been easy for KL Rahul. Shikhar Dhawan, the star batsman of Delhi Capitals, gave a tough challenge to Rahul in the Orange Cap race. Shikhar Dhawan managed to score 618 runs in 17 matches with the help of two centuries and four half-centuries.

This season did not start well for David Warner. But Warner showed amazing form in the do or die matches for Sunrisers Hyderabad. David Warner scored more than 500 runs for the sixth consecutive season. This year Warner managed to score 548 runs in 16 matches.

Purple cap named after Rabada

Rabada bowled brilliantly in the 13th season of the Delhi Capitals, leading the Delhi team to the final. Rabada managed to take 30 wickets in 17 matches and the purple cap adorned him. Rabada also received a prize money of Rs 10 lakh for winning the Purple Cap.

Jaspreet Bumrah continued his amazing performance even in the 13th season. Jasprit Bumrah managed to take 27 wickets in 15 matches at an average of just 14.96.

Trent Boult also supported Bumrah well in the 13th season. Trent Boult took 25 wickets in 15 matches and finished third in the list of highest wicket takers.

IPL 2020: Jofra Archer becomes Most Valuable Player


IPL 2020: Jofra Archer is the first player in the history of IPL to achieve this despite his team's last position.

In the 13th season of the Indian Premier League, Joffra Archer gave an amazing performance with the bat with the ball. On Tuesday, Archer also received the award for his best performance in this season, with a new winner in the form of Mumbai Indians. Joffra Archer was awarded the title of Most Valuable Player in the 13th season of the Indian Premier League and also received a prize money of Rs 10 lakh.

Although the 13th season of Jofra Archer's Rajasthan Royals was very disappointing, this star fast bowler left no stone unturned to bring the team to a better position. Archer bowled amazingly, taking 20 wickets in 14 matches at an average of 18.25 and an economy rate of 6.55. During this, Archer's best performance was to spend 19 runs and take three wickets.

Archer tried his best to play a decisive role with the bat in the 13th season. Archer got fewer opportunities to bat, but he scored 113 runs at a strike rate of around 180. Archer also hit 10 sixes in the 13th season.

Be the first player to do this amazing

Archer won a Most Valuable Player title and also had a very special charisma. The Rajasthan Royals team finished last in the league stage with 12 points this season. But Archer became the first player in the IPL to hold the title of Most Valuable Player despite being in the last position of the team.

However, the path to becoming the most valuable player for Archer has not been easy. Archer defeated the legendary players like Rabada, KL Rahul and Jasprit Bumrah in this race.

IPL: Mumbai Indians do Karisma by winning the title for the second time in a row, entry in a very special club


IPL: Mumbai Indians, led by Rohit Sharma, have won a record fifth time. Rohit Sharma has also achieved a very special position with this victory.

Mumbai Indians defeated Delhi Capitals by five wickets on Tuesday to clinch the IPL 13 title. This is the fifth time the Mumbai Indians team has managed to win the IPL trophy. With the victory on Tuesday, Rohit Sharma's Mumbai Indians have also made a very special record.

Mumbai Indians also won the IPL title in 2019. Mumbai Indians is the second such team in the history of IPL that has managed to win the title twice in a row. Before Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings won the IPL title for two consecutive times in 2010 and 2011.

Fifth title win

The Mumbai Indians team has held the IPL title for a record fifth time in 2020. The special thing is that Mumbai has won five titles in the last 8 years. Mumbai had to wait for 6 years to win its first IPL title and in 2013 she became the champion for the first time.

After this, except for one year, the process of winning the title of Mumbai started next year. Mumbai Indians also won IPL titles in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Apart from Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings is the team that has won the IPL title twice. KKR has managed to become IPL winner twice.

IPL has been special for Rohit Sharma

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has been a part of IPL final 6 times as a player and captain and his team has won every time. In 2009, Rohit was part of the Deccan Chargers and then the team managed to win the title. As captain, Rohit Sharma has made Mumbai Indians the winner five times.

Bihar Election: After 15 years as Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar again ready for next innings


Nitish Kumar had said at an election rally in Purnia, "Today is the last day of campaigning, the day after is the election and this is my last election, all is well ...

On November 5, when he said this from the stage, some people said that he is now beginning to see his political end, while some people said that Nitish has played this emotional card so that people vote for him one more time, for the last time. Please give

It is also understandable that Janata Dal United has made it clear that this will not be the last election of Nitish Kumar, but Nitish Kumar, an expert in politics, knows very well when, how much and what he has to say.

Prof. DM Diwakar of AN Sinha Institute of Social Science, Patna, who understands Nitish Kumar's politics very closely, says, "Nitish Kumar is not a leader of light sense. The words he speaks are very thoughtful but this election I have said so much on which Nitish Kumar has said all this.

On his last election statement, he says, "Look at the internal survey of the party, they have already been given the news that the wind is not in their favor and they understand more than what they are seeing together." It is coming that there is anti-incumbency. Through this statement, they have created a space so that if they have to take any step, they give a hint to the people in advance. "

But the election results show that his party Janata Dal United's performance may not have been good but he is on his way to become the Chief Minister for the seventh time, although he is getting this opportunity not because of JDU but because of BJP seats. Although Nitish Kumar is no longer in the role of Big Brother, JDU has got 43 seats in this election and its ally BJP has got 74 seats. BJP has now emerged as the second largest party in Bihar and is just one seat behind from RJD.

Nitish Kumar's party JDU did not emerge as the largest party even in the 2015 election results. Despite this, he was made the Chief Minister by the Grand Alliance.

Similarly, in this election also, NDA has made Nitish Kumar the face of its CM and BJP has made it clear that this decision will not affect many from the share of seats.

The BJP has clearly stated that if Nitish Kumar's seats were reduced even less and the NDA coalition gets majority, then Nitish Kumar will become the Chief Minister in that case, NDA has fought this election by projecting Nitish Kumar as the future Chief Minister.

The art of living

In the 2010 elections, the election slogan of Nitish Kumar's party used to be - "15 years for the talker and 5 years for the one who works?"

But both were in front of the public in this assembly election, 15 years of Lalu Yadav vs 15 years of Nitish. In the terminology of supporters and opponents, there was a clash between 'Jungle Raj' and 'Good Governance'.

Manikant Thakur, a senior journalist from Bihar, says, "Nitish Kumar did a lot of work in his first term (2005-2010), there were dress schemes for girls, girls went to school. His attitude was in the interest of the people, in Nitish Kumar's rule. It was almost closed, which was at its peak in Lalu Yadav's time, but in the last seven and a half years, corruption has spread a lot during Nitish Kumar's tenure. Every scheme has got this worm. "

We saw this claim well in Bihar, especially in rural Bihar. Women are considered to be voters of Nitish Kumar and they repeatedly mentioned corruption spread at the block level. Right after completing his first term, Nitish Kumar was accused of doing 'politics of staying in power'.

Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Nitish Kumar broke the Lok Sabha elections alone by breaking an alliance with the BJP, but he had to face defeat.

DM Diwakar says, "Jitan Ram Manjhi was made CM by Nitish Kumar because he did not get upper-cast votes in 2014 and wanted to give a message to the Dalits that he was sitting on top of power in a person in his community. "

But Nitish Kumar, who left the post of CM in May 2014, removed Jitan Ram Manjhi from the party in February 2015 and reached Raj Bhavan with 130 MLAs himself and claimed to form the government.

Soon after, Nitish Kumar, who came to power after fighting against Lalu's 15-year rule in the assembly elections, understood that it is not possible to form a government in Bihar without a coalition, and from here, learned politics under the leadership of JP and Karpoori Thakur. Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar together.

In Bihar, the slogan of 'Development with Social Justice' by both leaders beat the BJP's 'development' slogan in the state.

But on 27 July 2017, political agitation in Patna increased when Nitish Kumar reached Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Kesari Nath Tripathi and submitted his resignation. Nitish gave this resignation after allegations of corruption leveled against the then Deputy Chief Minister of the state Tejashwi Yadav, and those allegations were the reason for his resignation.

Shortly after that Nitish Kumar came to power with the BJP for which the filled houses he had said - 'I will meet in the soil but will not go with the BJP'.

Tejashwi, who was once the deputy chief minister with Nitish, started calling him a pillar due to his political tricks. Tejashwi, who once called Nitish an uncle, is now standing in front of him.

Politics is a game of equations and possibilities. And proving the same fact, he shrugged off the "communal image" of Nitish Kumar, who sought votes from the platform for Narendra Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and in the 2020 Vidhan Sabha, PM Narendra Modi Asked for votes

From Engineer Babu to Good Governance Babu

Nitish Kumar was born on 1 March 1951 in Bakhtiyarpur, adjacent to Patna city. Nitish Kumar studied electrical engineering from Bihar Engineering College and during this time he was also known as Engineer Babu.

Nitish Kumar is the leader of the entire revolution movement of Jayaprakash Narayan who remained in the center of Bihar for one and a half decades in power.

His friend and classmate in the engineering college itself, Arun Sinha, in his book 'Nitish Kumar: The Rise of Bihar', wrote that Nitish Kumar was a fan of Raj Kapoor's films during his college days, he used to watch these films so much that he Friends did not tolerate laughter or ridicule about them.

Nitish Kumar used to get a scholarship of Rs 150 so that he would buy books and magazines every month, these things which were dreamy for other Bihari students of that time, but Nitish's son of freedom fighter always had a inclination towards politics.

Nitish Kumar, who started politics in the shadow of Lalu Prasad Yadav and George Fernandes, has come a long way in politics by 46 years. When the Samata Party got just seven seats in 1995, Nitish Kumar realized that the three parties in the state could not fight separate battles. In this way, in 1996 Nitish Kumar formed an alliance with the BJP.

At this time, LK Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to lead. Nitish Kumar benefited from this alliance and he became the Chief Minister for the first time in the year 2000, though he got this post for only seven days, but he managed to make a solid choice against Lalu Yadav himself.

Politics of Mahadalits

In 2007, Nitish Kumar created the 'Mahadalit' category for the most backward castes even among the Dalits. Government schemes were brought for them. In 2010, plans were given to give home, loan for studies, school dress.

Today, all the Dalit castes in Bihar have been put under the category of Mahadalit. In the year 2018, Paswans were also given the status of Mahadalit.

In this way, Ram Vilas Paswan, the biggest leader of Dalits in Bihar, became aware

It is said that Nitish Kumar has done concrete work for the Dalits.

Nitish himself belongs to the Kurmi caste with 4 percent population, but while in power, he always contested in alliance with the party which had a solid caste-class voter.

Whether it was an election fought with the BJP, where they were supported by upper caste voters considered to be pro-BJP or in 2015 elections with the Yadav-Muslim based RJD.

As soon as Nitish Kumar talked about his last election from the stage, the debate broke out that what is possible Nitish minus JDU? If not Nitish, then who could be the new face of JDU? In response to this question, not a single name is considered.

Manikant Thakur says, "JDU is nothing without Nitish Kumar. And if JDU is in any condition today, it is Nitish who is responsible for it. Nitish never wanted any other leader to flourish while he was there. Even Nitish Kumar That there is not a single minister in the cabinet who can take big decisions for his own ministry. "

Nitish Kumar, with a humble and mild image, can be as ruthless as any other politician in politics. Manikant Thakur says, "What he did to Sharad Yadav and George Fernandes is well known, how it was not hidden from anyone on the last day of George."

Nitish Kumar's party does not have any institutional structure, JDU does not even have a booth level worker in the remote districts of Bihar, but it has been Nitish Kumar's political acumen to shore up parties with vote base and workers in the state He remained the center of power for 15 years.


On the basis of Rohit Sharma's captaincy innings, Mumbai Indians defeated Delhi Capitals by five wickets and won the IPL-13 title. Mumbai's team has become the IPL champion for the fifth time.

Mumbai has won the IPL Trophy for the second time in a row. Chennai Super Kings had done the job of winning Mumbai's first two consecutive titles. Delhi Capitals were playing the final for the first time but they could not make history in the final.

Delhi Capitals presented a 157-run challenge in front of defending champion Mumbai. Mumbai achieved this target by losing five wickets in the 19th over. Captain Rohit Sharma scored 68 runs for Mumbai. Ishaan Kishan 33 and Krunal Pandya remained unbeaten after scoring one run. Trent Bolt, who took three wickets, was elected Man of the Match.

Mumbai also received the 'Fair Play Award'. Devdutt Padikkal of Royal Challengers Bangalore was adjudged 'Emerging Player of the Year'. Jofra Archer of Rajasthan Royals was elected 'Most Valuable Player'. Kings XI Punjab captain KL Rahul, who scored 670 runs in the tournament, won the 'Orange Cap' and Kagiso Rabada of Delhi Capitals who took 30 wickets, got the 'Purple Cap'.

KL Rahul was also chosen as the Game Changer of the Season. Ishaan Kishan of Mumbai for the most 30 sixes and Kerron Pollard for the best strike rate.

Mumbai innings

Rohit added 45 runs for the first wicket with Quinton de Kock. De Kock was dismissed by Marcus Stoinis in the fifth over. De Kock scored 20 runs.

This was followed by a 45-run partnership between Rohit and Suryakumar Yadav. Suryakumar Yadav was runout in the 11th over. He scored 19 runs. But Captain Rohit Sharma remained frozen. He completed the half century by scoring a four off Kagiso Rabada in the 12th over. Rohit played 36 balls to reach 50 runs.

Rohit Sharma was out in the 17th over off the ball of Enrique Norquia. He scored 68 runs. Keron Pollard could score only nine runs. He was dismissed by Kagiso Rabada. Hardik Pandya was dismissed after scoring three runs. But Ishaan Kishan remained frozen and scored an unbeaten 33 to help the team win. The run which helped Mumbai win came off the bat of Krunal Pandya.

Delhi Capitals - 156/7

Delhi Capitals scored 156 for seven wickets in 20 overs. For Delhi, captain Shreyas Iyer scored 65 not out and Rishabh Pant scored 56 runs. These two shared a 96-run partnership for the fourth wicket.

Before this, the Delhi team, which won the toss and chose to bat, did not start well. Delhi lost the first three wickets for just 22 runs. Opener Shikhar Dhawan scored 15 and Ajinkya Rahane scored two runs while Marcus Stoinis could not even open the account.

For Delhi, Akshar Patel scored nine and Shimron Hetmyer scored five runs. Trent Bolt was the most successful bowler for the Mumbai Indians. He took three wickets for 30 runs. Nathan Coulter Nile took two and Jayant Yadav took one wicket.

Delhi won the toss

Before this, Delhi Capitals captain Shreyas Iyer won the toss of the final match and chose to bat.

200th match of Rohit

This was the 200th IPL match of Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma.

Journey to the finals

The teams of Mumbai and Delhi were first and second in the point table after the league round. In the first qualifier match, Mumbai defeated Delhi and made it to the final. Delhi won the final ticket by defeating Hyderabad in the second qualifier.

LG W11, LG W31 and LG W31 + launch in India, price starts at Rs 9,490


LG W11, LG W31 and LG W31 + smartphones have been launched in India as the company's latest budget smartphones. These new models have been introduced as upgrade versions of the LG W10, W30 and W30 Pro, which were launched in June last year.

LG W11, LG W31 and LG W31 + launch in India, price starts at Rs 9,490

4,000 mAh battery will be available in all three models of LG W series

LG W31 and LG W31 Plus are equipped with triple rear camera

LG W11 has dual rear camera setup

Difference in storage will be found in all three phones

Lg w 11

Lg w 31

Lg w 31+

LG W11, LG W31 and LG W31 + smartphones have been launched in India as the company's latest budget smartphones. These new models have been introduced as upgrade versions of the LG W10, W30 and W30 Pro, which were launched in June last year. LG W11, W31 and W31 Plus These three smartphones come with full display, which also has Google Assistant button. For photography, LG W31 and W31 Plus smartphones come with triple rear camera setup, while LG W11 phones have dual rear camera setup. LG phones are equipped with octa-core processors.

LG W11, LG W31, LG W31 + price in India

The price of LG W11 has been fixed at Rs 9,490 in India, while LG W31 and LG W31 + are priced at Rs 10,990 and Rs 11,990 respectively. All these three phones come in Midnight Blue Color option, which will be available for purchase later this month.

 LG W11 specifications

The dual-sim LG W11 phone works on Android 10, which has a 20: 9 aspect ratio with a 6.52-inch HD + full-screen display. Apart from this, this phone is equipped with 3 GB RAM with octa-core processor. In this phone you will get a dual rear camera setup, whose primary camera is 13 megapixels, which comes with phase detection autofocus (PDAF) support. It has a 2-megapixel secondary camera with super-wide-angle lens. This phone has an 8 megapixel camera for selfie and video calling.

 LG has given 32 GB onboard storage in this phone, which supports microSD card up to 512 GB. For connectivity, it includes 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS / A-GPS and Micro-USB port. Apart from this, the phone's battery is 4,000 mAh and its dimensions are 166.2x76.3x8.4mm.

 LG W31 specifications

Like the LG W11, the LG W31 is also a dual-sim phone that runs on Android 10. It also has a 20: 9 aspect ratio with a 6.52-inch HD + fullvision display. Apart from this, this phone is equipped with an octa-core MediaTek Helio P22 processor, with 4 GB RAM. For photography and video in this phone, you will get triple rear camera setup, whose primary camera is 13 megapixels, which comes with phase detection autofocus (PDAF) support. It has a 2-megapixel depth sensor and a 5-megapixel super-wide-angle lens. You will also get an 8 megapixel camera in this phone for selfie and video calling.

The storage of LG W31 is 64 GB, with microSD card support up to 512 GB. For connectivity, it includes 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS / A-GPS. In this, you will get a rear mounted fingerprint sensor. Apart from this, the phone's battery is 4,000 mAh and its dimensions are 166.2x76.3x8.4mm.

 LG W31 + specifications

LG W31 Plus is a dual-sim phone that runs on Android 10. It also has a 20: 9 aspect ratio with a 6.52-inch HD + FullVision display. This phone is also equipped with the Octa-core MediaTek Helio P22 processor, like the LG W31, with 4 GB RAM. In this phone too, you will get triple rear camera setup for photography and video, whose primary camera is 13 megapixels, which comes with phase detection autofocus (PDAF) support. It has a 2-megapixel depth sensor and a 5-megapixel super-wide-angle lens. You will also get an 8 megapixel camera in this phone for selfie and video calling.

Talking about storage, the LG W31 Plus has 128 GB of onboard storage, with microSD card support up to 512 GB. For connectivity, it includes 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS / A-GPS. Fingerprint sensor will also be found in it. Its battery is 4,000 mAh and its dimensions are 166.2x76.3x8.4mm.

614 crore gift to Kashi, PM Modi said - Varanasi is constantly being made grand


Prior to Diwali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) handed over 30 development schemes to his constituency Varanasi.

Prior to Diwali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) handed over 30 development schemes to his constituency Varanasi. In his address through video conferencing, PM Modi said that Varanasi is moving fast on the path of development. Kashi is never stopped by Mahadev's blessings. Mother keeps moving forward like Ganga. Kashi continued to advance even during the difficult times of Corona.

PM Modi said, 'The vitality with which Benaras fought against Corona, which has shown social solidarity in this difficult time. He is very appreciative. Even today, with the launch of 16 schemes worth about Rs 220 crore, work has started on 14 schemes of around Rs 400 crore. The people of Banaras are getting the benefit of the decisions taken by the government for the development work being done in Benaras. Baba Vishwanath's blessing is behind all this happening.

Picture of ghats changing slowly

In his address, the Prime Minister said, 'This effort regarding mother Ganga, this commitment is also the resolve of Kashi, and the path of new possibilities for Kashi. Gradually the picture of the ghats here is changing. Along with the cleanliness and beautification of the Ganga Ghats, Sarnath is also getting a new look. In this development plan of the city and countryside of Banaras, along with tourism, there should also be culture and roads, electricity, water. It is always the effort that the wheel of development moves forward according to the feelings of every person of Kashi.

He said, 'Today, under the Ganga Action Plan project, the work of sewage treatment plant in Kashi has been completed. Along with this, the foundation stone of the diversion line has also been laid to prevent excess sewage from the Sahi drain into the Ganges. The light and sound program launched today will increase Sarnath's grandeur. A major problem of Kashi has been the hanging of electric wires. Today a large area of ​​Kashi is also being freed from the net of electric wires.

People of Purvanchal do not have to travel to Delhi-Mumbai

PM Modi said, 'Now the people of Purvanchal do not have to make rounds of Delhi-Mumbai for small needs. For the farmers of Banaras and Purvanchal, many facilities ranging from storage to transport have been prepared here. In the last six years, unprecedented work has also been done on health infrastructure in Benares. Today not only UP but Kashi is also becoming a hub of health facilities for the entire Purvanchal.

Furthering his address, PM Modi said, 'Farmers are benefiting a lot from such facilities as the Center of International Rice Institute, Milk Processing Plant, construction of Perishable Cargo Center. It is also a matter of pride for us that for the first time this year, fruits, vegetables and paddy from Varanasi have been exported to foreign countries.

IPL 2020: Rashid Khan did wonders, entered the very special club by spending the least runs


IPL 2020: Hyderabad's star player Rashid Khan performed amazingly throughout the tournament. Rashid Khan has managed to get 20 wickets this season.

The journey of Sunrisers Hyderabad in the 13th season of the Indian Premier League has ended. The Sunrisers Hyderabad team lost to Delhi Capitals by 17 runs in Qualifier Two. Although the journey to reach the qualifiers was not easy for Hyderabad, but Rashid Khan made it possible on the basis of his bowling. Rashid Khan has done a great performance in this season and entered a very special club.

Rashid Khan has joined the club of bowlers who have taken 20 wickets at an economy rate of less than 6 in a season. Rashid Khan, playing 16 matches in the 13th season, spent runs at an economy rate of 5.37 and managed to get 20 wickets. Rashid Khan has the lowest economy rate among bowlers who have taken 20 or more wickets in a season.

Malinga is at the forefront

One of the most successful bowlers in the history of IPL, Lasith Malinga is the highest wicket-taker in a season with the lowest economy rate. In 2011, Malinga took 28 wickets with an economy rate of just 5.95 while bowling brilliantly.

Former RCB captain Anil Kumble is also involved in this special club. Anil Kumble played for RCB in 2009 and took 21 wickets with an economy rate of 5.86.

Naren has done this amazing twice

KKR's star player Sunil Narine is the only player to make a place in this club twice. Naren first bowled in 2012 with an economy rate of 5.48 and took 24 wickets. The next year, B Naren's tight bowling continued and he took 22 wickets with an economy rate of 5.47.

IPL 2020: Delhi Capitals beat Hyderabad by 17 runs, in IPL-13 final


Delhi Capitals defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by 17 runs to make it to the final of IPL-13. Delhi team will compete against Mumbai Indians in the final on 10 November.

Delhi Capitals challenged Sunrisers Hyderabad for 190 runs in the second qualifier match played in Abu Dhabi. In response, the Hyderabad team could only score 172 runs for eight wickets.

Kane Williamson scored 67 and Abdul Samad scored 33 for Hyderabad. For Delhi, Kagiso Rabada took four for 29 and Marcus Stoinis took three wickets for 26 runs.

Bad start

Sunrisers Hyderabad did not start well. Captain David Warner, who is in good form, could not show the power of the bat against Delhi. Kagiso Rabada bowled him in the second over. Warner scored two runs.

After this, the second opener Priyam Garg and Manish Pandey added thirty-one runs for the second wicket. In the 12-ball innings, Garg, who hit two sixes, looked in rhythm but he could not make a big score. He was bowled by Marcus Stoinis in the fifth over. Priyam Garg scored 17 runs. Two balls later, Stoinis also dismissed Manish Pandey. Pandey scored 21 runs. When the third wicket fell, Hyderabad's score was 44 runs.

After this, Kane Williamson and Jason Holder added 46 runs for the fourth wicket. This partnership was broken by Akshar Patel in the 12th over. He got the holder caught by Praveen Dubey.

Hyderabad conflict

But Williamson stayed on the wicket. He completed the half century in the 14th over. Williamson along with Abdul Samad added 57 runs in 5.1 overs. The pair, who were finding it difficult for Delhi, were broken by Stoinis in the 17th over. He caught Kane Williamson in the hands of Rabada. Williamson scored 67 off 45 balls. He hit five fours and four sixes in his innings.

Hyderabad needed 42 runs to win in the last three overs. Rashid Khan hit a six and a four off R Ashwin in the 18th over. Total 12 runs scored in this over. Hyderabad had to score 30 runs in the last two overs to win.

Decisive attack of Rabada

Abdul Samad, the Hyderabad team's biggest hope in the last over, was dismissed by Rabada in the 19th over. He scored 33 runs in 16 balls with the help of two fours and two sixes. Rashid Khan was also dismissed on the next ball. Rashid scored 11 runs off seven balls. On the fifth ball of the over, Rabada dismissed Srivats Goswami. They could not even open an account.

Hyderabad were to score 22 runs in the last over. Enrique Norquia bowled in the 20th over. Hyderabad batsmen could score only four runs in this over.



Delhi Capitals-189/3

Prior to this, Delhi Capitals scored 189 runs for three wickets in 20 overs. Shikhar Dhawan was the top scorer from Delhi. He scored 78 runs. Dhawan faced 50 balls. He hit six fours and two sixes in his innings.

For Delhi, Shimron Hetmyer scored an unbeaten 42 off 22 balls and Marcus Stoinis, who came for the opening, scored 38 runs.

The Hyderabad team's fielding was poor. Hyderabad players took several catches. Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma and Jason Holder took one wicket each for Hyderabad. Holders proved to be the most expensive bowlers. He spent 50 runs in four overs.

This company launched e-cycle, will decide 25 KM journey once charged


In Coronavirus, many companies are also making a move in this market when the trend of cycling is back again.

In Coronavirus, many companies are also making a move in this market when the trend of cycling is back again. In such a situation, the UK company GoZero has also launched its range of e-cycles in the Indian market. This e-cycle will be able to easily travel up to 25 kilometers once the charging is complete.

This is the price

The company has launched its e-cycle with an initial price of Rs 19,999. The most advanced version of these e-cycles has been priced at Rs 34,999. The company has launched three models - Skellig, Skellig Lite and Skellig Pro. The three models Scalig, Scalig Lite and Scalig Pro are priced at Rs 19,999, Rs 24,999 and Rs 34,999 respectively. The company said in a statement that these e-vehicles have been designed in the UK and manufacturing in India.

Booking will start from 8 November

Online booking of Scalig and Scalig Pro will begin from 8 November. In addition, both these editions will also be available in the offline market. Booking of orders on Amazon can be done from November 12. While scalig light can be purchased on the company's website i.e. e-commerce platform. The supply of the products of this series will start from 25 November.

The company has also introduced the 'Make Fit' series in the active wear category. The clothes of this series can be purchased online from November 10. While its delivery will start from November 20.

Speed ​​up to 25 kmph

Both the scalig and the scalig light have a maximum speed of 25 km per hour, and provide a range of up to 25 km on a single charge. The Go Zero Scaling Enerdrive is equipped with a 210 W lithium battery pack (800 cycles), 250 W Go Zero drive motor. It comes with several models of operation including throttle mod, 5-level pedal-assist mod, walk mod and cruise mod.

PM Modi's gift to Gujarat, ferry service begins between Bhavnagar and Surat in the sea


On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi said that the distance of the road between Ghogha and Hazira from this service to 375 km will be only 90 km through the sea.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a beautiful gift to Gujarat. PM Modi launched a ferry service between Bhavnagar and Surat to the sea through video conferencing. Now Bhavnagar and Gujarat have reduced from the second 375 km to just 90 km. On this occasion, the Prime Minister said, with the introduction of Ro-Pax service between Ghogha and Hazira today, the dream of the people of both the regions of Saurashtra and South Gujarat has been fulfilled for many years.

PM Modi said that the distance of the road between Ghogha and Hazira from this service to 375 km now, will remain only 90 km through the sea. That is, the distance which used to take 10 to 12 hours to cover, will now take 3-4 hours in that journey. Not only will this save time, your expenses will also be reduced.

He thanked the people associated with this project and said, it has taken a lot of labor to develop facilities like Ro-Pax Ferry service in Gujarat, many difficulties have come in the way. I am thankful to all those colleagues, to all the engineers and workers who remained courageous.

Ferry service between Ghogha and Dowry will start soon

PM Modi said that the work related to maritime business infrastructure and capacity building is going on fast in Gujarat today. Like Gujarat Maritime Cluster, Gujarat Maritime University, CNG terminal at Bhavnagar, many such facilities are getting ready in Gujarat.

He said that the government's effort is to restart the ferry service between Ghogha-Dowry soon. Many challenges related to nature have arisen in front of this project. Efforts are being made to remove them through modern technology.

FASTag will also be mandatory for older four wheel vehicles from January 1 next year


Fastag was made mandatory for new four wheelers from the time of registration. The vehicle manufacturer or their dealers were entrusted with the responsibility of supplying it.

The government has made FASTAG mandatory for four wheeler vehicles purchased before December 2017 from January 1 next year. Fastag was made mandatory for new four-wheelers from the time of registration and the vehicle manufacturer or their dealers were entrusted with the responsibility of supplying it. It was mandated that the fitness certificate be renewed only after the fit of fastag for transport vehicles.

Apart from this, the fit of fastag has been made mandatory for national permit vehicles from 1 October 2019. Now it has been made more mandatory. Now a valid fastag is mandatory while obtaining new third party insurance through amendment of form-51 i.e. insurance certificate, in which details of fastag id will be captured. This rule will be applicable from next April 1, these rules will also be applicable to old four wheelers.

It can be said that this notification has been issued to ensure that the fee payment on toll plaza is 100 per cent through electronic means and that the vehicle passes through the plaza uninterruptedly. There will be no waiting time at the plaza and this will save fuel.

Next year, pilgrims must have negative report of Kovid-19, Naqvi gave information


Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told reporters after a meeting with the Haj Committee and other stakeholders that the last date to apply for Haj Yatra 2021 is December 10.

Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Saturday that it would be mandatory for travelers going on Haj in 2021 to have a report confirming that they were not infected with the corona virus 72 hours before their journey. Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told reporters after a meeting with the Haj Committee and other stakeholders that the last date to apply for Haj Yatra 2021 is December 10.

He said, 'Applicants can apply online, offline or through Haj Mobile App. All passengers must submit an RT-PCR report confirming that they are not infected with the corona virus. This investigation should take place 72 hours before boarding a plane going to Saudi Arabia. '

Naqvi said that in view of the Kovid-19 situation and the feedback received from Air India and other agencies, the number of Haj departure centers has been reduced to 10. Earlier, there used to be 21 such centers across the country.

He said that 10 dispatch centers are Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kochin, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Srinagar. Naqvi said that 'the application made by women for Haj pilgrimage under the Mehram (Male Companion) category in 2020 is also valid in 2021. Apart from this, new applications will also be accepted in this category.

Biden, who will be America's 46th President, said in the first address - I will be the President who will not break the country.


Joe Biden addressed the nation as President elected in Wilmington, Delaware. During this time, Kamla Harris, who was elected Vice-President, was also on stage.

In the US presidential election, Democratic Party leader Joe Biden defeated US President Donald Trump in a tough fight on Saturday. Addressing people in his home state of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden described his victory as historic. He said that over 7.4 crore Americans voted for me. He said that as president he does not look at the Blue or Red State but only the United States of America.

Biden said in his address, "Those who voted for President Trump tonight understand his disappointment." Now give each other a chance. It is time to see each other again, listen to each other again, leaving behind harsh rhetoric.

Kamla Harris of Indian origin, who was elected the first woman Vice President of American history, said that the American voters have protected the integrity of democracy, new days have started in America. Thank you for what the people of America have expressed confidence in us. You have chosen hope, unity, courtesy, science and truth. We have the power to create a better future. Biden and Harris will take oath of office on 20 January next year.

Will be president of all americans

Earlier on Saturday, after the victory, Biden tweeted, "America, you chose me to lead our great country, I feel honored. The work ahead is difficult but I promise you, I will be the President of all Americans - whether you have given me your vote or not. I will maintain the confidence you have expressed in me. "

He said, "A large number of American people voted, facing many obstacles. This has proved once again that democracy resides in the heart of America. Biden said, "With the end of the campaign, it is time to leave behind anger and harsh rhetoric and come together as a nation." It is time to unite America.

US Elections 2020: Black and South Asian women across the world cheered on Kamala Harris' historic victory


Kamala Harris is the daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father. She is the first American of Indian origin to reach the post of Vice President in the US.

In the US presidential election, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump in a tough fight. Also, Kamla Harris of Indian origin has been elected the first woman of America, the first black and the first South Asian Vice President. Black and South Asian women around the world are reacting to this historic victory on social media to Kamala Harris.

A woman named Flamella Benjamin said, "Whenever I see Kamala Harris, my heart leaps with joy, because she has made history by becoming the first woman to become the Vice President. She is an inspirational black woman, who is a girl of the world." Will inspire them to aim higher. "

Another black woman named Le Gatou Chocolet shared a video of Harris's dance, writing on Twitter, "Daughter of immigrants, daughter of India, Jamaica and daughter of America ... in America ... a black woman. Kamala Harris She will be the Vice President of the United States.

A woman named Nicole Lynn said, "The Vice President of the United States is now a black woman. I can hardly believe that I am writing this. You don't know what it means to me and every black girl there." It matters. Anything is possible! Wow! "

A woman named KK Palmer wrote on Twitter, "I am very excited and really surprised to see a black woman on this post. In America, I have been searching for a black woman over and over again, That looks like me. "

Opal Vaden said, "I am thinking of all the brown and black girls who will see themselves in Kamala Harris and will be big thinking they can do anything."

Another Twitter user wrote, "I can tell my future son and daughter that one day you too can become President and Vice-President. They will also have proof in their history books that anything is possible."

Let me tell you, Kamala Harris was first elected as the District Attorney of the County of San Francisco in 2003. She then became the Attorney General of California. Harris was sworn in as a United States Senator from California in 2017. She was the second black woman to do so. He also worked on Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, Select Committee on Intelligence, Judicial Committee and Budget Committee.

Gradually, she became popular among the people. Especially his speeches got a lot of support during the 'Black Lives Matter' campaign. Harris often speaks of the need to end systemic racism.

Harris announced his own candidacy for the 2020 presidential elections on January 21, 2019. However, she withdrew from the race on 3 December and has been a vocal supporter of Biden since then.

IPL 2020: Compete in Delhi and Hyderabad to reach final


Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by six wickets in the Eliminator match in the IPL-13 playoff in Abu Dhabi on Friday.

Even though Hyderabad achieved the target of 132 runs for the win with only two balls remaining, it can be seen that the match must have been very exciting, but in reality it was not so.

Hyderabad maintained its dominance over the entire period. Now Hyderabad will face Delhi in the second qualifier on Sunday.

Whichever team wins will face four-time champions Mumbai Indians in the finals on the 10th.

Mumbai is playing well, but given the way Hyderabad has won the last few matches, it can be said that winning from Hyderabad will not be easy.

Hyderabad are upbeat with consistent and impressive victories. Now the final will be talked about later but before that there will definitely be increasing lines of concern in the camp of Dabang Delhi.

Hyderabad has proved amazing

Hyderabad has made it to the playoffs after seeing all the ups and downs. For this, he defeated the previous champion Mumbai by 10 wickets in his last league match.

Even though Mumbai did not get full strength in that match because Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya did not play then. But Mumbai has the option of every player, so just not playing them does not reduce the importance of Hyderabad's win.

In that match, Hyderabad first stopped Mumbai for 149 for eight wickets, and then captain David Warner scored an unbeaten 85 and his partner Wriddhiman Saha scored an unbeaten 58 and showed how to bat in such an important match.

With this win, Hyderabad not only secured the third position in the points table but also spoiled the game of Kolkata Knight Riders in the playoffs by removing all kinds of agar-points. She also advanced to third place ahead of Bangalore with a better run average.

Contest teams of the title were beaten continuously

Hyderabad also defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by five wickets in a league match before Mumbai. Then Hyderabad first stopped Bangalore for only 120 runs for seven wickets in the prescribed 20 overs and then achieved the target of winning by losing only five wickets in 14.1 overs.

The target of victory was so low that even small scores like Wriddhiman Saha's 39, Manish Pandey's 26 and Jason Holder's 26 runs also won the match.

In fact, in this match, Jason Holder ended the worry of captain David Warner by hitting three sixes and a four off only 10 balls. Jason Holder plays with great vigor, and if a batsman comes to number six or five and plays such innings, then the opposing bowlers are under pressure.

Jason Holder did something amazing in the playoff eliminator match against Bangalore. He played in a fearless manner, in the last over of Navdeep Saini, with the help of two consecutive fours in the last over, he won the team with the remaining two balls, otherwise despite the low score many times, bad batting spoils the hard work of the bowlers.

Rashid Khan, Jason Holder and Sandeep Sharma bowled very economically against Bangalore. The amazing thing is that in the league match, Bangalore was stopped for 120 runs, but in the playoff also, Bangalore only allowed 131 runs.

This time too, it was Jason Holder and the rest of the bowlers. That is, two consecutive victories over Bangalore were not insignificant.

Delhi was defeated by 88 runs, both matches won in the league

Hyderabad had won a stunning 88-run victory against Delhi in the league match when the battle to join the first four teams was going on in the point table.

Mumbai was still at the top most of the time. Delhi was also swinging in second place.

Shikhar Dhawan's bat was on fire, so the Delhi bowlers were also in full swing. In such a situation, Hyderabad scored 219 runs against Delhi, losing only two wickets in 20 overs.

Captain Warner scored 66 runs by Wriddhiman Saha and Manish Pandey scored an unbeaten 44 to finish the eve of Rabada, Norkiye and R Ashwin. In that match, Rabada did not get a single wicket for 54 runs.

Actually, joining Wriddhiman Saha proved to be the turning point. Contrary to his nature, by batting smokelessly, cricket pundits were also forced to press their fingers under the teeth.

After this, Hyderabad bowlers tied Delhi's bundle for 131 runs in 19 overs.

Sandeep Sharma, Shahbaz Nadeem, Rashid Khan and T Natarajan's balls wreaked havoc. Not only this, Hyderabad had tasted defeat of Delhi by 15 runs in the first league match also.

Then Delhi could only manage 147 runs in reply to 163 runs to win, losing seven wickets. Then Bhubaneswar Kumar was also in the Hyderabad team.

So Hyderabad turned out to be such a hidden roost that beat Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, the contenders to become champions on a very easy look. Is this record not enough to consider Hyderabad a dangerous and surprising team?

Hyderabad's bowling is sharp and reliable

In the first qualifier in the playoffs, where Shikhar Dhawan, Prithvi Shaw and Ajinkya Rahane were unable to open their account against Mumbai, then captain Shreyas Iyer also failed.

The team's coach Ricky Ponting was seen talking to Rishabh Pant for a long time, whose bat was not seen as much as it should have looked, so in the bowling, Mumbai batsmen of Rabada and Norkiye beat fiercely.

In view of this, it can be said that Delhi will have to play against Hyderabad with very high morale.

Hyderabad captain David Warner has scored 546 runs in 15 matches so far this season. By the way, Shikhar Dhawan of Delhi has also scored 525 runs in 15 matches with the help of two centuries. But now if Hyderabad Amazing team is seen then one of the main reasons is its bowling.

In Kanjus Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem and fast bowling Sandeep Sharma, Josh Jason Holder and T Natarajan have done magic on opposing batsmen.

In batting, David Warner is now playing in the style for which he is known. If Wriddhiman Saha is also fit then what to say? If Manish Pandey is playing well, Kane Williamson has proved to be the backbone. Jason Holder is the one to play taboo.

In such a situation, it is better to predict who will win in the competition between Hyderabad and Delhi and wait till Sunday.