98 amazing benefits of drinking milk

Properties of milk
Man has liked milk since old times. Milk is called the nectar of the earth.
Except for vitamin 'C' in milk, there are all nutritional elements i.e. vitamins. Hence milk is considered a complete food.
Of all the milk, mother's milk is considered superior, second is cow's milk.
Cow's milk is best for sick people.
Those with gas and potency should drink boiled milk after adding digestive spices like dry ginger, cardamom, piper, pipramool.
Boiling the milk for a long time reduces its nutrients and makes the milk thick.
Milk is boiled and cream is extracted from it. Malai is the preservative, cold (cold), enhancer, satisfying, confirmatory, perforating and metal enhancer. It eliminates Pitta, Vayu, Bloodshed and Bloodshed.
Morning milk is especially heavy and cold compared to evening milk.
Milk drank at night is useful for the elimination of impurities, TB antidotes, semen etc. for old age. Milk should be drunk at night to soothe burning sensation after eating.
Milk is very beneficial for everyone with high burns, weak body, children, young people and old people. It soon produces semen.
The quantity of fat in buffalo milk makes it heavy to digest.
According to 'Charaka', cow's milk is delicious, cold (cold), soft, heavy and pleasing to the mind.
Different beings have different characteristics of milk. Buffalo milk is sleepy. Goat milk cures cough, diarrhea (diarrhea) and fever. Sheep milk removes heat and stones. The mare's milk is hot and powerful. Camel milk eats ascites (filling of water in stomach). Donkey milk provides strength to children, and makes the heart strong. It is also more beneficial in cough.
Goat milk is pungent, sweet, cold, mind-stopping and light. It cures blood disorders, diarrhea, TB, cough and fever. Goats are small in stature and consume sharp and bitter substances, drink less water, do more hard work. Therefore, their milk eliminates all diseases.
Healthy goat milk is considered more healthy. Goat's milk is digested faster than cow's milk. Therefore, it is beneficial for young children.

Benefits and uses of drinking milk
1. Strengthening the body:
• Mix 10 grams of honey in 500 ml milk and whisk it in an egg. Drink this milk in the morning and sleep for some time. It should be consumed continuously for 40 days, it increases blood in human body, which brings strength in the body.
• Mixing sugar candy, 'honey and ghee' in hot milk gives strength to the body and increases strength.
• Eating 2 date-palms in milk develops strength in the body.
• Drinking mixing honey in milk increases physical strength and semen.
• Heat about 250 ml milk and mix 4 or 5 saffron petals (about one fourth of 1 gram) well in this milk. Now mixing sugar candy in this milk and consuming this milk before going to bed in the morning or night increases the manhood of a person. Apart from this, there is protection from the cold, the body gets excited, the body glows and the hands and feet cool down like snow.
2. Items not used with milk: Banana, pineapple, berries, radish, coriander, garlic, urad dal, whey, curd, tamarind, mango khatai (mango powder) etc. are harmful with milk.
3. Some simple experiments of cow's milk:
• By adding ghee, dry ginger and dry grapes to cow's milk, drinking it can cure chronic fever.
• Heat the cow's milk and add sugar powder and black pepper powder to it to cure cold.
• Boil 5 grams dry ginger powder in 100 ml milk and mix sugar in it and eat at bedtime at night, it removes bile disorder.

• Consumption of sugar in milk mawa ends with migraines (half headache).
• Add 5 times water to cow's milk and boil it till water burns and drink it by cooling it, it cures blood loss.
• Boil equal amounts of cow's milk and water. When there is only milk left after boiling, then drinking this milk removes the complaint of dysentery.
• Giving fresh milk and ghee to the cow and mixing sugar candy in it and giving it to the children is beneficial in smallpox fever.
• Grind dry ginger in cow's milk and apply it on the head, it also removes severe headache in 7-8 hours.
• Soaking cotton wool in cow's milk and tying alum powder on it cures sore eyes.
4. Kampwat (Tremor of the body): Cook 10 grams of ghee made from cow's milk and 40 grams of milk in 4 parts (10-10 grams of quantity) and cook on low flame. Mix 3 to 6 grams powder of unbleached Nagauri in this four parts. Taking this mixture daily in the morning and evening cures the disease of the patient.
5. Leprosy (leprosy): Take Brajavalli equal to the feast (nail) of the thumb and eat it with milk, all types of leprosy are eliminated in just 21 days.
6. Headache:
• Eating milk and jalebi together stops headache within a few days.
• Mixing sugar in milk and taking it by the nose ends the pain of migraines (half headache).
• By putting cold milk and cold water on the head, head disease named Shankhak is cured.
• Mix and heat milk, sugar and water. Smelling its steam from the nose cures headache.
• Massaging the scalp with goat's milk and massaging it in the head Headache caused due is cured.
• Milk mixed milk, milk only, coconut water, cold water or ghee by drinking through the nose relieves the pain of migraines (half headache).
7. Anemia:
• By eating one gooseberry with milk daily, the disease of anemia disappears.
• Drinking 20 to 25 grams of mango juice mixed with a glass of cow's milk before eating is beneficial for blood patients.
8. Dryness of lips and cracked lips: In winter, if the lips are cracked with dryness, mix half a teaspoon of milk with a pinch of fine powder of turmeric and rub it slowly or applying it makes lips smooth and soft.
9. Skin soft and shiny: Massaging the cream of milk on the skin makes the skin soft and soft. To avoid sunburn, rub milk and rose water on the face. Mixing cream of milk and 'honey' and applying it on the face is also beneficial.
10. Lingodrak:
• To remove penis stimulation, mix 1 kg of water in 4 kg of milk and drink it throughout the day. The patient gets benefit from this.
• Consumption of warm water or milk with 3 to 6 grams of Chopchinidadi powder daily reduces the stimulation of penis in the patient.
11. Facial skin should be soft and clean: Boil lacquer in milk or roast it in ghee. Then after adding 3 grams of honey to the milk and roasting it with lacquer daily, morning and evening, the body becomes blond. After taking it continuously for few months, facial pimples also disappear.
12. Weakness of memory: Milk prepared after mixing almonds should be eaten on empty stomach in the morning and nothing should be eaten till 2 hours after that. Drinking this milk also cures half a headache.
13. Mumps: Drinking about 12.5 grams of lime water in milk and drinking it kills the boils flowing from mumps.
14. Inflammation of the navel of children: By heating the lump of clay in a fire and then cooling it in milk, by gently lightening it on the navel of children, swelling of the navel (tundi) is eliminated.
15. Temperate milk: After filtering out fresh milk and filtering it, without mixing it with water of sugar or honey and soaked raisins, drinking it continuously for 16 days increases the semen of the man and also makes the eyesight sharp. This milk is also very useful in diseases like cough, muscle weakness, rickets of children, tuberculosis (TB), hysteria, heartburn etc. Small and weak children get benefit by drinking this milk.
16. Baby boosters: If the children are weak or have rickets, then feeding them with almonds in milk is beneficial.
17. Teeth spoiled quickly by drinking top milk: Children who drink more milk than children who drink breast milk tend to spoil their teeth quickly because the sugar added in the milk spoils the teeth.
19. Urination irritation:
• If there is burning sensation in the urine by eating more hot things during summer season, adding water to raw milk, making lassi and drinking it is beneficial.
• Mixing sugar in 250 ml milk and 250 ml water provides relief in burning sensation of urine.
20. Milk for all types of diseases: Any disease, drinking milk at least 15 to 20 times a day is beneficial in all diseases.
21. For lips: Put a little rose petal in some milk and keep it. Grind the petals after a while. The color of milk will be light pink. Grind almonds in it and make a thick paste and keep it in the fridge. After a while, remove it from the fridge and apply it on the lips and after some time clean it with wet cotton. Applying it on the lips daily keeps lips soft and red.
22. Strength enhancer: Boil 250 grams carrot in half kilogram milk and grind it with small amounts of grated milk and consume it quickly. The diarrhea becomes clear and the amount of iron in milk is high.

23. Acidity:
• Those who have acidity (burning sensation from the stomach to the larynx), benefit from drinking cold milk 3 times a day.
• Cow or goat milk should be used. The consumption of buffalo milk is harmful, so it should not be used.
• Mixing half a glass of raw milk, half a glass of water, 2 grinded small cardamom and drinking in the morning provides relief in acidity.
24. Fatigue: One glass of hot milk should be taken to relieve tiredness.
25. Beauty of lips: Mix a little saffron in 1 teaspoon of raw milk and massage it on the lips, it removes the blackness of the lips and increases its beauty.

26. facial beauty:
• To remove pimples, pimples and blemishes on the face, rub warm milk on the face at night before bedtime, then wash it with clean water after half an hour, it will increase the beauty of the face, the froth of milk rubs on the face. Are eliminated.
• To remove pimples, pimples, pimples, scars, spots on face, wash warm face before sleeping, wash face. After half an hour wash face with clean water. This will increase facial beauty. The spots are erased by getting fresh milk froth on the face spots. By rubbing milk on the face at bedtime, spots are erased by rubbing fresh foam on the nail and acne spots and spots.
27. Itching: Itching disappears by taking bath after a short time of rubbing on the body with a cotton swab mixed with water.
28. Migraine pain:
• Eating Jalebi or Rabri with warm milk before sunrise (before sun rises in the morning) relieves the pain of Ardhashi (half head pain).
• Approximately 50 grams of hemp juice in 50 grams of goat milkPut it to warm in the sun. Now mixing about 5 grams of black pepper powder in this mixed milk, rubbing it in the head, relieves half the headache.
29. Eye diseases: If the eyes are hurt, burning sensation, chilli-spice has fallen, a worm has fallen or it is painful, soaking cotton swabs in milk and keeping them on the eyes provides relief. Putting 2 drops of milk in the eyes is also beneficial.
30. Undesirable things fall in the eyes: If a straw or something falls in the eyes and it is not coming out, then put 3 drops of milk in the eye. The smoothness of the milk will remove unwanted things from the eye.
31. Diseases of the windpipe: Heat 5 peeples in milk, add sugar to it and drink it in the morning and evening to cure respiratory diseases like cough, cold, asthma, lung weakness and lack of semen.
32. Confirmation of semen: In the morning, eat 1 banana, 10 grams of native ghee with breakfast and drink milk from above. After noon, eat 2 bananas, about 30 grams dates, 1 teaspoon native ghee and drink milk from above. Doing this daily increases the amount of semen in the body.
33. मूत्राशय के रोग: मूत्राशय के रोग में दूध में गुड़ मिलाकर पीने से लाभ होता है।
33. Bladder diseases: Drinking mixed jaggery in milk in bladder disease is beneficial.
34. Tooth the teeth of children: After feeding the children, give a little water. After eating and drinking anything, give the child a little water and make a poultry. This does not thaw children's teeth.
35. Diarrhea: If young children have diarrhea, drink a pinch of ground cinnamon in hot milk and give it to the patient. Elders should be given double the amount.
36. Useful time to drink milk: Drinking milk in the morning is very beneficial. Milk is digested by the heat of the sun. Therefore, one should not drink milk at night. Generally, milk should be drunk three hours before bedtime. Drinking more hot milk at night is likely to cause nightmares.
37. How to drink milk: Drinking fresh hot milk is good. If this is not possible, then heat and drink milk. Make it as hot as it can be drunk. The natural properties of milk are eliminated by boiling the milk more. Drinking milk is very fun by drinking milk slowly and causing froth.
38. Sweetness in Milk: Milk mixed with sugar is a puffiness. Often sweetened and drunk by mixing sugar in milk. By adding sugar, the calcium in milk is removed. Therefore it is not appropriate to add sugar to milk. Milk has a natural sweetness. Drinking unrefined milk gives an idea of ​​its natural sweetness in a short time and there is no need to sweeten it by adding anything outside. As far as possible, do not add sugar to milk. If sweetness is needed, soak honey, sweet fruit juice, dry grapes and add water, sugarcane juice or glucose. Milk mixed with boora or sugar is an antidote and antidote.
39. Quick digestion of milk: Some child or person does not digest milk or they do not like milk. For this, while boiling milk, add 1 pipal and boil it and drink it. This does not produce gas in the stomach. Taking honey mixed with milk does not produce gas in the stomach. Milk is digested quickly. Milk is digested quickly by drinking orange, seasonal juice mixed with milk, or by eating orange after drinking milk. If milk is used for cooking, making gas, then ginger pieces or dry ginger powder and raisins should be consumed.

40. In which diseases, we should not drink milk: We should not drink milk in the condition of cough, asthma, diarrhea, dysentery, stomach pain and indigestion. Fresh whey (whey) should be drunk.

41. Items used with milk: mango cooked with milk,
Eating oatmeal, jamikand, pomegranate, grapes, date-palm, cardamom, clove, cinnamon and sugar candy etc. is beneficial.

42. Mental mania (Insanity): Feeding two red colored ginger powder with 250 ml cow's milk to the patient continuously for a few days cures insanity caused by mucus.

43. Growth: Taking 25 grams of cow's urine and sugar mixed with boiled warm milk, the intestine in the testicles goes up on its own.

45. Eye drops:
• When the eyes are red, cleaning the rot of Motha or Nagar Motha, rubbing it with goat milk and applying it to the eyes provides relief.
• Eye drops are cured by putting 1-2 drops of mother's milk in the eyes of the child.

46. ​​Breathing or asthma:
• Peepal should be drunk with thin milk. It cures breathing or asthma.
• The patient gets relief from asthma by thinning the phlegm by feeding only warm water or warm milk.
• In case of asthma attack, keep both the legs of the patient in warm water. It provides a lot of benefits and increased breath becomes normal immediately.

47. Lung diseases: Heat 5 peeps by adding milk. After this, add sugar to it and drink it daily in the morning and evening. It cures cough and lung weakness. This experiment should be done for a few months.

48. Fever: Drinking mixed juice of milk or dry grapes reduces fever.

49. Eyes canker: Mix 6 grams to 10 grams of Panchtikta Ghrita in cold milk and drink it in the morning and evening daily, it cures eye cancers.

50. Cough:
• Take 250 ml milk, 125 ml water, one lump turmeric powder and jaggery as per need and put them all in a pot and keep them to boil and when the boiling only boiling milk is left, then remove it then By filtering, the patient of cough is lukewarm Let's drink. This cures cough completely.

• Mixing 100 grams of Jalebi in 400 ml milk and eating it provides relief in dry cough.

• After adding 5 peeps to the milk, heating it and adding sugar to it, drinking it twice a day daily cures cough.

51. Eyes puffed: Lotus stamens, dry grapes, kakolimul, yashtimadhu and vidark and, boil in milk and prepare its eye point. Puffing of the eyes is cut by putting 2 to 4 drops in the eyes daily.

52. Conjunctivitis: The swelling of every part of the eyes (canine, pupil), pain in the eyes, redness of the eyes, etc. are cured by adding buffalo milk to the eyes.

53. Teeth Whitening:
• In the case of diarrhea (diarrhea) when the teeth of the child grow, drink milk. Keep attention - do not give buffalo milk when baby teeth grow out.

• When the teeth of the baby come out, feed the children by adding a light birthmark in warm milk. It ends stomachache and constipation.

54. Eyes pain due to heat: If a woman's milk is put in the eyes, blood pain and aortic eye pain ends.

55. Nutkhand: Make a milk (decoction) of a woman's milk and liquorice, using it as anjan (kajal) is beneficial in nutritional disease.

56. Dry cough: Boil 10 grams of Indian gooseberry powder in 1 glass of milk. Once in the morning on an empty stomach and once at night while sleeping, milk should be drunk a little. Dry cough is cured by drinking it.

57. Night blindness: Drink 250 grams of hot milk mixed with 20 grams of indigenous ghee in the morning daily or eat 25 grams of sugar candy mixed with butter or add 4 dates dates in 250 ml of milk and boil the milk and drink milk after eating the dates. It cures headaches caused by weakness of the brain and provides relief in night blindness (night vision).

58. Fearing the lights:
• By putting drops of buffalo raw milk in the eyes daily, it is beneficial in the fear of light.

• Many eye diseases disappear by putting baby's milk in the eyes, drop by drop.

59. Hiccups:
• Drinking hot milk after drinking it stops hiccups.
• Drinking mild lukewarm cow's milk is beneficial in hiccups.
• Drinking milk of sheep stops hiccups.

60. Stuttering, licking: To end stuttering, mix 250 grams of black pepper powder in 10 grams of milk and keep it. Eat 2-2 grams powder mixed with butter 2 times a day. It removes stuttering.

61. Piles: Squeeze lemon juice in fresh cow's milk and drink. In this way, drinking from 5 to 6 days cures piles.

62. Diarrhea and bleeding: Take 125 ml goat milk and 250 ml water. Put 10 grams of Belagiri in it and heat it on fire. When there is only milk left, then filtering it and mixing it with sugar can cause bloody dysentery.

63. Childbirth: Drinking 250 ml water in 125 ml cow's milk gives birth quickly.

64. Excess of thirst:
• If there is more thirst due to weakness, fast thirst quenches by drinking milk.
• Drinking 100 to 500 ml of fresh milk according to digestive capacity removes fast thirst.

65. Ascites: Taking goat or cow's milk 3 times a day in the form of a dose for 2 to 3 months is beneficial.

66. Wound of pancreas (stomach): Drinking milk provides relief in the pancreas.
67. Increasing obesity: By soaking bread in milk, eating it increases body fatness.

68. Urinating at bedtime: Grind 1 dry grained seed in milk and give it to the patient at bedtime, its urine stops stopping.

69. Sleeplessness (insomnia):
• Feeding nuts or khova made of milk, sleeping 50 grams at the time of sleeping helps to sleep.
• Mixing 1 teaspoon of ghee and sugar in 1 glass of milk, drinking at bedtime helps in fasting sleep.

70. In Rheumatism: Mix castor oil in sheep's milk and massage it for 4-5 days, it ends gout pain of knees, waist and legs. Heat and massage the oil and wrap peepal, castor or Aak leaves on top.

71. Gulam (gas sphere): Drinking castor oil or myrobalan powder in hot milk provides relief in gulm (gas sphere).

72. depression apathy sluggishness:
• Using milk, fruits and biscuits in breakfast in the morning cures mental problems (brain problems).
• Taking milk, green vegetables, lettuce and sprouted grains at dinner ends mental depression.

73. Trembling of fingers: Grind four bud garlic and boil it well in milk. Then mixing 2 teaspoons castor oil in it and taking it before bedtime daily reduces the vibration of fingers.

74. Wretch (Fainting):
• Faint is removed by putting female milk in the nose of an unconscious person.
• Grind about 6 grams of fragrant Nagauri and 6 grams of asparagus in about 250 ml cow's milk. Then add 250 ml water and heat it, and when the water burns, mix sugar candy in it and feed it to the patient for 1 week. By this, the unconsciousness due to hysteria disease is removed.

75. Pain in stomach:
• Cook Panchamul medicines in milk and relieve pain caused by Vata.
• Drinking clean and pure castor oil with cow's milk or urine clears the stomach due to diarrhea and relieves the patient from abdominal pain.

76. Eczema: Mixing 3 to 6 grams of Mahatikta Ghrita (Ghee) in milk and drinking it daily in the morning and evening can get rid of all skin diseases.

77. Brain worms: Mix 50 ml Brahmi juice in milk and take it 3 times a day, the brain diseases disappear and memory becomes strong.

78. Arthritis:
• Eating 10 grams of Kenwach seeds with curd or milk for 14 days ends pain in the knees.
• Boil 250 ml fenugreek seeds and 1 gram of gooseberry in sheep's milk to form a glass pill Make tablets and dry them. Joint pain is cured by taking this tablet with pudding daily.
• Mixing 10 to 15 drops of Afistantin oil in milk or Betashe and taking it in the morning and evening ends the pain of arthritis.
• Drinking castor oil with milk while sleeping at night, reduces the pain of arthritis as well as constipation (constipation).
• Boil 4 buds of garlic in milk and drink, it ends joint pain.
79. Facial Burst: In the winter season, often the face dries up and loses its luster, then add lemon juice to the raw milk to bring that glow again and apply it on the face lightly with cotton and after a while Wash the face with clean water.
80. Fast heartbeat: Grind 1 glass of warm milk to taste or sugar candy or honey, 10 soaked raisins mixed with the same soaked water and drink it daily for 40 days, normalize heartbeat and bring strength in the body.
81. Hypertension: Milk, almond, pistachio, cashew nut, apple, papaya,
82. Stroke in the hands and feet: If you get stuck in your hands and feet, mix jaggery in the milk of the last and tie it on the stick, it provides relief.
83. Scabies: Itching: Mix water in milk and rub it on the body with the help of cotton and take a bath after a while, itching disappears.
84. Heart disease: Cow's milk and ghee are beneficial to the heart patient. Use it daily in food.
85. Visarp (small group of pimples): Applying cow's urine, cow dung and milk on heat provides relief in erysipelas.
86. Glaucoma hysteria: Add sugar candy or honey and 10 raisins soaked in fresh milk and drink it for 40 days daily in the morning, it provides relief in hysteria.

87. Low blood pressure: Blood pressure becomes normal by taking proper amount of milk, curd and ghee daily.

88. Jaundice:
• Jaundice is cured by drinking 2 grams dry ginger in 250 ml cow's milk and drinking it twice a day. Eat only milk and bread in food.
• Cream extracted milk is beneficial in jaundice.
89. Rib pain: Boil 5 basil leaves and cloves in milk and boil it and give it to the children, it makes the chest strong and cures disease.
90. Filapon (gajacharm): When the patient of Philepon has intermittent fever, soak 10 grams machagana and white pepper in 150 ml milk. Change milk after every 24 hours. After 3 days, grind the maknag in ginger juice and make tablets of about 1 gram. Taking 1 tablet 3 times a day relieves fever.
91. Gastric ulcer:
• In the disease of ulcer, the patient should drink milk frequently, not take food. Eat pomegranate juice and gooseberry jam.
• Boiled milk should be given only after a gap of 2-2 hours. But be careful not to consume milk in vomiting of blood.
92. Upatara inflammation:
• Add buffalo milk drop-by-eye to the eyes, redness, swelling of the eyes and eye pain is eliminated.
93. Constipation:
• Put 250 ml cow's milk, 250 ml water and 5 whole black peppers in water and set it on fire and when the water burns, then remove it and filter it. Mixing sugar candy in it and drinking it removes the pain of Vayugola (stomach gas).
• Take isabgol husk or gulakand with hot milk, helps in defecation. Patients suffering from piles should also take it. Rubbing fresh cow's milk on the soles of the feet provides relief in piles.
• Constipation is eliminated by consuming milk and ghee.
• Constipation is not caused by consuming ghee or dry grapes in milk.
• Drinking 2 spoons gulakanda in warm milk and drinking it before bedtime helps in defecation in the morning.
• After adding 4 teaspoons of isabgol husk to 250 ml milk, the stool gets loose and comes out.
• Constipation is eliminated by taking 20 grams of isabgol with milk 30 minutes before bedtime.

94. Atikudha Bhasma Disease (Excessive hunger):
• Drinking buffalo milk mixed with ghee is beneficial in pandemics (frequent hunger).
• By eating mixed seeds of chirchit in milk pudding, the incineration disease disappears frequently (hunger).
• Taking 125 ml to 250 ml milk of Aak 4 times a day, eliminates sprue (dysentery) diarrhea.
95. Stomach gas: Add 5 sugar to milk and add a little sugar and drink it, it will give relief in gas.
96. Identification of infertility: If you put the milk of raw milk on the mouth of the uterus in the vagina at the time of hunger, if the aroma of milk comes from the mouth, one should understand that the woman is not infertile.
97. Intestinal diarrhea: Boil 100 grams milk in 300 ml water and add Nagarmotha, when water burns, then taking it provides relief in diarrhea.
98. Ear pain:
• Take 200 ml goat milk and 25 grams raw pulp pulp together and prepare pulp of both and add 40 ml goat urine and 100 ml mustard oil and cook it well. Pouring this oil in the ear cures pus, earache and deafness.
• Heat 500 ml cow's milk, then mix 20 grams of cow's ghee in it and drink it for 3 consecutive days, earache goes away.
• Ear pain is eliminated by putting goat milk in the ear.

What is Sprouted Grains? Importance of its intake

Food plays a very important role in keeping a person healthy or free from disease. We use most of the food by cooking it in fire. In times past, humans created fire by rubbing stones, since then fire became the test of human civilization and witnessed the development of human civilization. In fact, fire element is an important element of nature and natural medicine. The nature of fire. Burning, burning, but does everything become a Kundan by heating in a fire?… This is a question to ponder.

To ripen a fruit or grain naturally on a tree means that the seed inside it is attained to perfection and after sowing comes the ability to carry on its lineage tradition, but after cooking it on fire,  Can this ability remain in me?
Today, the quantity of exquisite (non-cooked food) in our food has been reduced in the form of salad of fifty to one hundred grams or two hundred and fifty grams to five hundred grams of fruits in a day, in this too much of the population of the country Consuming large percentage of fruits is just a dream. We cook food in tasteful or say taste change and use oil, ghee, chilli-spices etc. by using these refined, soulless dishes, our body is becoming patient and powerless day by day.
It is a matter of surprise that given the level at which new drugs are being discovered today, the proportion and number of patients is increasing in a much larger proportion than the number of doctors is increasing. In today's perspective, it has become very necessary that we get the guidance of nature and incorporate the laws of nature in our lifestyle. We can start with our kitchen. In this context, compliance with one law of nature is to use every thing provided by nature without destroying its nature ”. It is necessary in the context of food. That the art of making raw food which is beneficial from the point of view of health should be developed.
The intention of abstinence or support of natural diet does not mean that we depend on weeds, fruits and flowers like animals, but it means that we consume most of the food in a health-friendly manner. In this context, sprouts can prove of great utility.
Sprouts have been called amritahar. Sprouts in the category of dietary food supplements
It has been considered the source of nutrients. Sprouted diet not only makes us advanced disease resistant and energetic but also purifies the body internally and makes it disease free.
Sprouts are those seeds of food grains or pulses in which sprouts grow. Due to the germination process of these seeds, the properties of getting rid of disease and providing new life come naturally.
Seeds used as a sprout diet can be used to sprout the seeds of moong, fenugreek, gram, wheat, cowpea, sunflower, groundnut, etc. as required.

How to make sprouts / sprouts
First, sprout the seeds several times and wash them thoroughly with water and fill them in a glass jar.
Fill the glass jar with water about four times the surface of the seeds and soak it.
The next day, in the morning, remove the seeds from the jar and once again wash them and tie them in a clean cotton cloth and keep them in the appropriate place.
In summer, sprinkle fresh water on the cloth several times a day to keep moisture in it.
In summer, seeds usually germinate within 24 hours. It may take some more time to germinate in winter.
Wash the sprouted seeds well before eating, after which you can add chopped coriander, green chillies, tomatoes, cucumber, cucumber to taste.
It is beneficial not to add salt to it as much as possible.
Keep in mind:
Before germinating, clean the soil, pebbles and old diseased seeds from the seeds.
Use sprouted grain regularly as a breakfast. Initially, increase the quantity gradually by taking a small amount.
Chew sprouts and eat well.
Older people who are unable to chew can grind the sprouted seeds and make a paste. Keep in mind, keep the paste in the mouth for a while and chew it so that saliva mixes well in it.
Advantages / Benefits of Sprouted Grains:
Sprouted diet is a life-giving nectar of the body.
Sprouted grains are an excellent source of getting vitamins and minerals.
Due to sprouts, the body assimilates easily, which makes the body energetic.
After the seeds germinate, the starch-glucose found in it turns into fructose and maltose, which not only enhances their taste but also increases their digestive and nutritional properties.

Loss of sprouted grains: Ankurit Anaj ke Nuksan
There are no known side effects of consuming sprouted grains, yet initially increase them gradually by taking small amounts.