Frequently Asked Questions about Piles

What to eat and not for piles?
Below we are telling which foods should be included in the routine after hemorrhoids and which foods should be avoided:

What to eat in piles?

It is advisable to eat fiber-rich foods while having piles. Fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and grains are as follows:

o Foods made from wheat
o Pear
o apple
o Raspberry
o Dry plumage
o Green peas
o sweet potato
o kidney beans

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What not to eat
If hemorrhoids are caused by chronic constipation, then avoid eating foods that have little or no fiber at all. Below we are telling you which foods you should avoid:
·        Cheese
·        Chips
·        fast food
·        Ice Cream
·        Meat
·        Pre-prepared foods such as Frozon foods and snacks
·        Processed foods, such as hot dogs and microwave-ready foods (pasta, pizza, or macaroni).
What are the best yogasanas to get relief from piles?
Doing yoga regularly can help reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids. These yogasanas can be done daily to get relief from piles:
        • Bhujangasana  (Cobra Pose)
        • Dhanurasana  (Bow pose)
        • Matsyasana (Fish Pose)
        • Vajrasana
§  Sarvangasana

Does hemorrhoids cause pain?

Yes, hemorrhoids can cause pain,  especially when an excreta is tried. Excessive pressure can cause pain as well as bleeding.

Can hemorrhoids cause stomach cramps?

Some patients feel stomach pain or cramps in hemorrhoids. This may be due to constipation.