A Peep in the Past

Where did you know that time would move at such a rapid pace in the storms of time?

Where we stood yesterday, our children are standing, a lot has changed in the changing world, but the emotions remain the same. The style has changed, but not the saga.

I remember when I had my first day of high school, the atmosphere of the house seemed to be as if I was going to give a job or some big exam. All such troubles were clearly visible in the house .. I was also a little upset. I will be lying if I say I was over the moon.

 Mother's voice still echoes in the ears .. Before you go, eat curd and sugar and why you are still in  a dishelevlled look? You have to wear your dress too. Koilakh is not near. It is a new village altogether, located at a far-off place.

Amongst the nearby schools, Koilakh High School was the best. It was made to ignore the distance .. As the name suggests, it was such a prominent place in the history that intellectual among intellectuals could find it difficult to narrate precisely about the virtues of this village. Koilakh in local dialect means the same.

As beautiful as this name sounds to the ears, there were all good people with high intellectual prowess. This is the village, people from that place used to go to England for higher study(in early 50s) when being a graduate was akin to getting a nobel prize. Right from IAS, IPS, people from this village has emerged as top-notch posts in their respective fields. Harinath Misra, Koilakh’s was the Union Minister of state for Rural Development, Chairman, Parliamentary Privilege Committee at the time when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India. At that time the Governor of Bihar was only its member. Dr. Mohan Mishra, who hails from this village, has got Padma Shree.

My school days’ attraction Koilakh Natya Parshad has also impeccable records of creative thespian actors. Narendra Jha, the actor, I have seen from close quarters right from my school days at Natya Parishad is a well-known actor, who unfortunately departed following a massive heart attack.

                                                    ---Pratibha, Author