This disease is a progressive form of dementia (deterioration of mental functions) that strikes in the people's of older age groups. It strikes slightly more women than men (maybe because normally women live longer than men).

Main symptoms are that Alzheimer's patients lose their memories, especially short term memories, but as disease progresses, all memory slips away including the ability to remember and recognise even the closest one. This  loss of memory gives serious effect on the personality and identity of the patient.

Advance Alzheimer's patients develop rigidity in their legs and arms and feel difficulty in walking..

However main reasons could be, reduced amount of neurotransmitters in the brain.  Or free radicals may damage brain cells. Or blood flow to the brain is reduced resultants accelerated brain cells death. Or stress induced cartisol are also a reason of the brain deterioration associated with Alzheimer's.

 ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT OPTIONS for ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE...... First and foremost is to control the stress hormone cartisol which is the root cause of the cognitive problems associated with this disease, second is toxins theory of Alzheimer's cause , hence avoidance of excessive intake of lead,iron and particularly aluminium, which has definitely been associated with brain cells damage.

Hence aluminium in all forms should be avoided including antacid using aluminium.
However some promising nutrients can be used to stop progression or reverse the condition to some extent, such as....all b vitamins, including folic acid with sufficient amount of vitamin C and E.
Three more most important nutrients may be..

 1..    Ginkgo a proven nutrition to increase the blood flow to the extremities and hence being used for peripheral vascular disease since long.
By increasing blood flow to the brain this can improve brain function and mild to moderate memory impairment.
It can also improve cognitive function and speed of learning and reaction time.

2.  ACETYL L CARNITINE....This nutrient can age-related lipid peroxidation of brain cells and reduction in nerve growth factor.
This nutrition also protects receptors in the hippocampus area of the brain from free radicals.

3. SAM a nutritional supplement can also be beneficial for Alzheimer's patients as it increases permeability of cell membrane. This nutrient can definitely increase the density of critical brain receptors with the result of increased brain activity and cognitive function.