LYCOPENE/ TOMMATO and Health Benefits

 Lycopene is the most effective in nutrilising free radicals. Lycopene is the photochemical that makes tomatoes red.

Small amount of lycopene is found in watermelon and pink grapefruit. But tomato juice and puree are the best way to consume them.
Lycopene offers more cancer protection than beta-kerotene. Perhaps as much as ten times more.

It also offer protection against LDL cholesterol oxidation. So Lycopene is very good for protecting your arteries and heart against plaque formation.

Many studies showed that man who eat atleast ten servings a week of tomato based foods are up to 45% less likely to prostate cancer and who have already developed, treatment with lycopene may decrease tumor size and make the cancer less aggressive.

It helps prevent other cancers as well including cancers of Lung, Stomach, Colon and breast in fact it can reduce your overall risk of cancer by about 40%.

Person who had highest Lycopene levels were half as likely to have a heart attack as those with lowest levels.

It has a positive effect on immune system also.