NIT Warangal Biotech Graduate Develops Coronokit

The deadly outbreak of Corona has put the entire world to its knees. Coronavirus pandemic demands we all submit to extreme precautions. There is news of death, increase in the number of people infected with this virus and lockdown. But, amid all these gloomy news, there is at least one reason not to sink into worry or fear.

A biotechnology graduate from National Institute of Technology (NIT)- Warangal, has developed a Coronakit to equip people with basic tools for sanitation, preventing infection, handling cases showing symptoms and thereby trying to stop the chain of infection at as many nodes as possible, particularly in infection hotspots. Vijaypushpa Healthcare Solutions has launched this infection prevention kit.
This kit can prove to be of great help and benefit in densely populated cities, especially metros, such as Delhi and Mumbai. The use of this kit will stop the progression of this deadly disease.
“Coronakit is a novel personal equipment kit that includes eleven items useful even for doctors in this hour of crisis, says Dr Ratna Priya, ENT specialist at Hamdard Institute of Medical Science and Research under Jamia Hamdard University.”

 “The Covid-19 outbreak is a challenge to all. Precautionary prevention equipments if made universally available, can reduce the rate of infection at a great extent”, said a senior health officer from Hong Kong, based on his experience in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Commenting on use of protective equipments as adopted in the Coronakit, Dr Asim Bikas, Assistant professor, NIT Warangal understood that the present scenario demands this kind of a product. The kit is very useful in prevention from Covid-19 virus and will be largely helpful in tackling the present precarious situation.

 At the juncture, when the entire country is reeling under health crisis, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they are not afflicted with the Covid-19 in appreciation of the adage- self-preservation is the first law of nature.
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Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver.....occurs when excess fat accumulates inside liver cells. This means normal, healthy liver tissue becomes partly replaced with fatty tissue. The fat starts to invade the liver, gradually infiltrating the healthy liver areas, so that less and less healthy liver tissue remains. The fatty liver has a yellow greasy appearance and is often enlarged and swollen with fat. This fatty infiltration slows down the metabolism of body fat stores, which means that the liver burns fat less efficiently, resulting in weight gain and inability to lose weight. However some people can have a fatty liver without being overweight.

When liver is not working on his full capacity, toxins will start accumulating,resultant many other health related complications in future.
However with some precautions and preventive measures fatty liver can be reversed. Specially grade 1 situation