The Ayurvedic Way to Keep Corona at Bay: Dr. Sunil Srivastava

CORONA and Ayurvedic practitioners....  .recommends adhering to standard hygiene practices, like hand-washing ,getting good sleep, eating healthy meals, and reducing stress. On top of that, and specifically for COVID-19, you can add herbs that support your respiratory mucus membrane and the healthy resident bacterial environment that lines your respiratory tract.

 Ashwagandha a sweet root that is a powerful immune booster and adaptogen, helping you to fight off stress.

 Turmeric, an antiviral, can support the delicate bacterial-rich environment that lines your gut and respiratory tract.

Tulsi Holy Basil is a great stress-fighting adaptogen and powerful antiviral.
Neem, another antiviral agent, is known to repair the epithelial lining of the gut, where 70 percent of our immunity is housed, as well as the respiratory tract.

Chyavanprash is a classic Ayurvedic superfood made with several herbs, including Amalaki, or Indian gooseberry—an immune-boosting rasayana herb that is rich in vitamin C. (In Ayurveda, rasayana herbs are plants that are used to improve memory and strength, and promote longevity.

Foods to Help Prevent Clogged arteries.....

• Garlic
Since ancient times garlic has been used to treat heart
disease and hypertension, in preventive medicine, garlic inhibits coronary artery calcification which serves as a marker for plaque formation.

• Grapes
Grapes are rich in flavonoids, quercetin, and resveratrol.
These flavonoids have been found to prevent the oxidation
of bad cholesterol that leads to the formation of plaque in
artery walls. They also lower the risk of developing blood
clots that can lead to heart attacks.

• Spinach
Spinach is rich in potassium and folic acids, both of which
act as a defense against high blood pressure. Spinach is
also rich in lutein, a plant carotenoid which not only
protects against age related macular degeneration but also
prevents heart attacks by keeping arteries free from
cholesterol build up.

• Fish
 Omega 3 oils, present in fishes like
tuna and salmon, stop the build up of fatty deposits in the
arteries. These fatty acids prevent clots from forming and
cholesterol from becoming oxidized.
• Olive oil

Only oxidized cholesterol is able to stick to your artery
walls and form plaques. Monounsaturated fats present in
olive oil when mixed with molecules of bad cholesterol
become less likely to be oxidized.

• Tomatoes...
lycopene, a compound present in tomatoes that gives them
their color, helps in prevent hardening of the arteries.
Researchers found that women with the highest lycopene
levels in their blood had the least stiffness in their arteries.

• Pomegranates
Pomegranate juice not only appears to prevent hardening
of the arteries by reducing blood vessel damage, but may
also reverse the progression of this disease. Pomegranate
fruit and its juice are high in antioxidant content, which
may help fight hardening of the arteries.

• Kiwi and Cantaloupe
These antioxidant-rich foods work by reducing toxic LDL
cholesterol, which is formed by a rusting process in your
arteries. They can help stop the rust in its tracks and even
prevent it from spreading. Eat one cup of cantaloupe or
one kiwi per day to unclog your arteries.

• Cranberry juice
This juice strains the fat out of arteries. Instead of having
a fat build up in your blood vessels, this juice boosts your
cell’s ability to absorb the fat and use it for production of
energy. Drink three glasses of this juice every week to
unclog your arteries.

• Oats
 Soluble fiber in oats, cholesterol doesn’t stand a chance. This fiber attaches itself to cholesterol and carries it right out of your system. Some studies have shown that eating just 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 cups of cooked oat- bran cereal daily can lower cholesterol levels by almost

Build a lifetime of better health with Healthy Nutrition.
                              ---Dr. Sunil Srivastava

Naveen Bharadwaj: The Brain Behind Bhardwaj Instititute

The man who came to Delhi almost empty-handed two decades ago, is now an institution in himself. He is one other than Mr Naveen Bharadwaj, the educationist, the visionary, the devotee of Lord Vishnu, a great communicator and above all a very good soul.

Those who have got the opportunity to know him from close quarters, know about his deep-rooted faith in Lord Shiva. That he is a great devotee can be easily seen visiting is chamber. He always leaves one chair unoccupied, with the turban put full length of the chair, a rare glimpse in any office.

He manages 15 branches in Delhi and has more than 6,000 students enrolled in various courses offered by his Bharadwaj Institute. His entrepreneurial journey is reaching two decades, still, he does not have any semblance of haughiness on his face or deeds.

Not only education, he is a known name in NGO as well. He holds the post of president of the NGO he has founded for several years. Just make a visit to his chamber and you will come to know about his various welfare work that he has done under the auspices of this NGO.

Mr Naveen Bharadwaj is always on the go. He visits Gahziabad almost daily to look after his centres there. His entrepreneurial, inter-personal and communicative skills worth high praise.

Delhites Need Not Feel Panic about Corona: Sher Singh Gupta

Noted social worker Mr Sher Singh Gupta has appealed Delhites, not to be in the shadow of panic in the wake of the spread of Corona Virus, recently declared Pandemic by most of the governments across the globe.

Making a Clarion Call to the people in Delhi in particular and people of India in general, the noted philanthropist further added, “It is high time we expressed our solidarity to fight this deadly disease in unison. We have a long history of fighting and defeating several diseases and that crisis too will pass.”

A noted public figure Mr Gupta further added, “Sanitiation and personal hygiene are two of the things we need to befriend, in order to bring Corona Virus at bay. Whenever you come back to your home, before doing anything, sanitise your hands. It is important to note here that you need not bring sanitiser(expensive). Only soap or dettol wash will suffice.”

Praising Delhi Government’s inititive to bring down the impact of this disease, Mr Gupta said, “I am quite happy, the Government of Delhi is taking all the necessary steps to make its people safe, be it closing cinema halls, to schools. The Government is doing its part and the Delhites should contribute to their own capacity so that the spread of the disease could be prevented.”

“Indian Culture of Greeting People is something we should stick to, as the world at large is following our tradition with an eye of curbing the menace of Corona. We have a rich culture and hence, we need not resort or ape Western culture and make ourselves vulnerable to this disease. Just be alert, do not be panick”, emphasisesd Wazirpur-based Gupta. Importantly, Mr Gupta has been in the limelight for so many years for his social works that is more commendable and rare.

Dr. Ruchi has Natural way of Treating Patients

There are many doctors that are blinded by fame and money. Once they get good credentials to their credit, they forget their duty towards their patients. They become negligent by nature. They turn nelson’s eye to the sufferings and condition of the sick who turn up in the expectation that the doctor will take good care of. But, the modern-day Schylocks(read doctor) only think about the mercenary gains.

But, there are some doctors, who has been able to hold their heads high because they are doing all they can, to serve the patients in particular and the humanity in general. They do not hanker after money, they do not prescribe prohibitively expensive medicines, they do not make their patients run for unnecessary test, they do not extort money.
There could be many, but, there is certainly one doctor in my vicinity who lives up to the highest expectations of her patients. I went to her clinic without any appointment, as there was a man, whom I hold in high esteem, asked me to come to her centre, Happy Health, located at Shastri Nagar, Delhi. She is redoubtable, the revered, the utterly respectable Mrs. Ruchi.
I liked the sparkling ambience and aura of her chamber. There were so many patients, undertaking the message therapy for their respective diseases. Mrs. Ruchi was kind enough to talk to me amidst lots of work and engagements, phone call, etc.
When my inquisitive mind started asking him question regarding her way of treatment, the lady quipped, “See, there is no disease, that cannot be cured, without being dependent on some external help(medicine, etc.). The need is to make the body alkaline, re-energise the energy points, natural therapy and some thought and soul- searching.
We have installed Ginnmei Water doctor’s water purifier. It is pure water in true sense. He asked her helpmate to fetch a glass of water for me and drinking that water I too feel some difference. Later, I saw the place where the water purifier was installed. It was indeed a very good spectacles for me to see only patients, not the panic of a multi-specialty hospital, where the attendants are made to pay pay and only pay in the pretext of one thing or another.
In more than one hour that I spent there, I found everything very heartening. It is high time we moved to such therapy and natural way of treatment.
                                       ---Ashish Jha

Dementia is the loss of mental functions

Dementia is the loss of mental functions such as thinking, memory, and reasoning that is severe enough to interfere with a person's daily functioning. Dementia is not a disorder itself, but rather a group of symptoms that are caused by various disorders or conditions. Symptoms can also include changes in personality, mood, and behavior. In some cases, the dementia can be treated and cured because the cause is treatable.

Examples of this include dementia caused by substance abuse (illicit drugs and alcohol), combinations of prescription medications, and hormone or vitamin imbalances. In some cases, although the person may appear to have dementia, a severe depression can be causing the symptoms. This is known as pseudo-dementia (false dementia) and is highly treatable. In most cases, however, true dementia cannot be cured.