English SIM is the Bible for English Language Learners: Dr S Paul

New Delhi, 23.02.2020
 “English SIM is the Bible for those who want to learn the language and Magna Carta for the students aspiring to master English”, writes Oxonian Dr S Paul while making an endorsement on the book recently written by noted author and director of internationally-recognised British Lingua Dr Birbal Jha, recognised across the length and breadth of India as social and linguistic revolutionist.

 “I've gone through your comprehensive book that indeed helps learners learn the ropes of the English language. I'm sure, the students will benefit from your book. The manner of imparting the practical knowledge of English is praiseworthy and the style is lucid”, in an email to Dr Jha, adds Dr Paul, a Poona-based scholar contributing to world’s premier publications in English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, French, Bengali, Hindi and Dutch.

Coincidentally but interestingly, what Dr Paul has used the term ‘Magna Carta’ for Dr Jha’s English SIM is a document signed in 1215 by King John of England that gave certain political and legal rights to some English people, which is seen as the beginning of the legal system and the rule of law in England.

Dr Birbal Jha has devised this unique English SIM standing for Structural-cum-Interactive Method for guaranteed results in acquiring English language skills that open the window on the world and offer opportunities galore. The writer of more than 2 dozens of books on books on English language and how to master it in its both formats —Oral as well as Written, Mr Jha has also coined the slogan, 'English for all' for his social venture— British Lingua with the mission of helping people, more particularly country’s youth to avail themselves of the advantages of English communication skills that open the floodgate of opportunuties.

The English SIM for communication skills has been put out by Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd to ensure a quick and easy grasp of this life-changing ability.

The technique adopted in the SIM is practical, simple and easy-to-meet requirements of all four aspects of Language learning Skills--Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing under the heads of Teaching English Sounds, Word Usage, Sentence-Framing, Interactive Sessions, and Personality Development. 

The trainees get trained in all 44 English sounds, basic components of the language. Further, the word usage is divided into five parts—-Literal, Figurative, Phrasal, Idiomatic, and Proverbial expressions with the SIM.