Only Digitization of Indian Languages can make them Immortal: Dr Birbal Jha

New Delhi, 6/2/ 2020:  “India has become the largest ever  market for the internet and mobile services, understandably so as apart from being the second most populous country of the world, she has also witnessed great surge in the public acceptance for better lifestyles and Quick Communications. But what comes into play is the English language which restricts the vast populace from enjoying the bounties of the digitization of languages”, said noted author and linguist Dr Birbal Jha, while addressing a conference on Bhasha Bharat held at The Lalit Hotel here.

 The Paagman of India further added, “Localisation of the vernacular languages for the internet and mobile services opens the doors to those involved in such businesses considering that India has as little as 3% English-speaking population and only 10 per cent English-acquainted population", averred Dr Jha, who heads British Lingua, an institute of international repute for English communication skills. 

"The beauty of India lies in multilingualism and multiculturalism that attract the world no end. India is the only country in the world where the largest number of languages (1652) is used. However, English is making inroads into every nook and cranny of the country with economically sound family sending their children to English medium schools”, opined Dr Jha.

“On the flip side, it stands to reason that English education is out of the reach of the vast population in the country. Considering all these, localisation and digitisation of Indian languages are needed and only such steps can protect their lives. Otherwise, many of the Indian languages will meet the fate of extinction in days to come" enlightened Dr Jha to the august crowd.

 “However, the content developers for the purpose will hardly be motivated for localization as their quantum of efforts is unlikely to be remunerated on par with the professionals working in English. Such an economic de-motivation puts spoke in the wheels of localization of services and digitisation of languages. The digitization of content in local languages will certainly boost the economy of businesses involved and life of a language”,  Said Dr Jha while speaking at length about the role of content developers in this regard.

 Giving an example and advocating the need for digitisation of the Maithili language, Dr Jha said, "Mithila has around 40 million of people, who use Maithili as their main mode of communication as the language happens to be their mother language, which is bigger than the populace of a number of countries put together. Hence, it draws the attention of business classes for its high potentialities".
Mr Jha was widely acclaimed, acknowledged and appreciated by the audience.


Healthy lifestyle Main points

1...Modest exercise program is must, and highlights of some benifits are . .. 
Weight loss, Lower blood pressure, Stronger bones and a decreased risk of osteoporosis, Elevated levels of HDL cholesterol and decreased levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, increased strength and coordination, improved sensitivity to insulin, better immune system. 
Hence it can be said that modest exercise program can avoid developing many diseases.

2. Healthy Diet... Which includes atleast 6/7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily can enjoy further health benefits....

Weight Loss, Decreased risk of diabetes, decreased risk of heart disease, decreased risk of almost all Cancers, decreased risk of elevated cholesterol, an enhanced immune system, increased sensitivity to insulin, and increased energy levels.... Means a healthy diet is sure to win situation.

3 . Nutritional supplements.... Basic health benefits of nutritional supplements are....
Good immunity, an enhanced antioxidants defence system, a decreased risk of coronary artery disease, a decreased risk of stroke, a decreased risk of Cancer. A decreased risk of arthritis, macular degeneration and cataract,  decreased risk of Alzheimer's dementia , Parkinson's disease, and many other chronic degenerative diseases.
                                         ----Dr. Sunil Srivastav

JP Nadda Reaches out to Maithil Voters in Delhi

New Delhi, 4.02.2030: With an eye on the  sizable number of voters (around 40 lacs) in Delhi, the BJP President JP Nadda reached out to Maithili-speaking migrants in the national capital, soliciting their votes on 8th February, the day of Delhi Assembly Polls.

He was speaking at  a function organised at the residence of Rajya Sabha member Prabhat Jha on Copernicus Marg in the capital.

"I will safeguard the interest and value of the  Mithila Paag which has been conferred on me as a token of honour", He said addressing  the gathering. It was his maiden interaction with the mammoth gathering after he was made the president of the party.

Nadda, making a scathing attack on CM Arvind Kejriwal’s government enlightened the audience how unsafe drinking  water supplied to the people of the NCT  as per reports placed by Bureau of Indian standard.

"Kejriwal is playing the politics of an eye-wash  with the false commitments and wrong data and also  plundering the governments exchequre on advertisements for which people should teach  him a lesson by their votes",  added Nadda.

BJP National vice president  Prabhat Jha called upon Maithil migrants to stand united and vote to get fair share in the government formation in Delhi by voting BJP to power.

Dr Birbal Jha, noted author and chairman of  Mithilalok Foundation welcomed, JP Nadda  with a bouquet of flowers in the felicitation ceremony held here.
                                        - Ashish Jha

Stephanian Sukheja, Journo Sufi awarded

Delhi, 1.2.2020: The accredited Crime Journalist, Sufi Syed Wajid was felicitated with a citation in recognition of his exemplary journalistic flair for writing, English language abilities and selfless social service by British Lingua, an institute of international repute for communication skills in an academic function held here.

“At times when altruism is a rara avis, you have continued to stand unswervingly as the supreme example of being a trainer, writer and journalist –all rolled into one. We have all faith that you will go forward and maintain the high standards you have set through writing more than 12000 pieces over 20 years”,  reads the citation presented to Sufi.

 I express my sincere gratitude to British Lingua Managing Director Dr Birbal Jha for this honour which spurs me on to own up more responsibility and fight for the cause and literary works. I appreciate the efforts put in by the entire management team to take English skills to the grassroots level in the country, thereby changing the lifestyles of beneficiaries in lacs.

On the same occasion, yet another citation was also presented to the Stephanian Vinod Sukheja for his educational professionalism of the highest standards and integrity that has proved of immeasurable value to the teaching fraternity.

On citing the work of Sukheja, the citation says, “the views and information imparted will also form an invaluable resource and reference point for all involved in the further development of educational standards”

“I’m indebted to the Lingua family for such a rare honour to be bestowed upon a trainer and academician like me, said the septuagenarian Stephanian Sukheja on receiving the honour in person.

“We must recognize and acknowledge the works and valuable services rendered by dedicated and committed personalities in our society. Even a token of recognition works wonders, adds up to the spirits of individuals working in varied fields”, said the social entrepreneur and celebrated author Dr Birbal Jha, who is a legend in his own lifetime.