Preparations begin for Delhi to Varanasi bullet train, route information will be collected with laser technology


If everything is correct then in the coming time, people of Purvanchal will also get the opportunity to sit in the bullet train and will be able to complete the journey of Delhi-Varanasi in just 3 hours.

The dream of bullet train between Delhi and Varanasi (Delhi-Varanasi Bullet Train) is going to become a reality soon. Aerial survey of this project has started from today. The survey is being conducted using Light Detection and Ranging Survey (LiDAR) technology.

What is LiDAR technology

LiDAR technique will be used for survey of Delhi-Varanasi High Speed ​​Railway Corridor. This is a highly advanced technology, in which laser-equipped equipment is mounted on top of a helicopter, through which everything on the ground is described in detail. This technique has been used for survey of Mumbai-Ahmedabad Rail Corridor.

In this technique, laser data, GPS data, flight parameters and real photographs are also available, due to which the data are absolutely accurate. With this help, the correct blueprint of the length, width, alignment, station, depot, land required, etc. is prepared. Which makes it easy to design the project.

What will happen with this LiDAR survey

Railways has given the work of this survey to National Highspeed Co-operation Limited (NHRCL). Roads constructed from the sky are surveyed using LiDAR technology. In which it is found that what is the way on the ground, where are the pits, where is the height or where are the rivers and streams. How many buildings are there in the way and how is the structure of settlements, slums. If all these are collected on the ground in the normal way, then it takes 10-12 months, whereas with LiDAR technique, this work can be done in just 12 weeks.

Ramlal darshan from Delhi in just two and a half hours

The Delhi-Varanasi High Speed ​​Rail Corridor is 865 km long. Many cities like Mathura-Agra-Etawah-Lucknow-Raebareli-Prayagraj-Bhadohi will also be on its way. The benefit of this bullet train will be to the passengers going directly through this route, the same benefit will also be to the devotees who reach Ayodhya Darshan.

A plan has also been prepared to make Ayodhya a stop in between Delhi to Varanasi. In such a situation, the distance of 700 kilometers between Delhi and Ayodhya will be reduced in just two to two and a half hours. It usually takes 10 hours to go from Delhi to Ayodhya by train. Bullet train will also connect Ayodhya city via Noida's Jewar Airport.