Mobile App will tell how pure the gold is, it will be able to complain if fake


Gold Purity Mobile App: The biggest risk in buying gold is its purity, because the carat by which the gold is being sold to you is really pure, till now there was no mechanism to check it, but now The government itself has made this problem easy through an app.

It is now easy to check how pure is the gold sold in the market. For this, you do not need to go to any jeweler, instead this can be done only through a mobile app. Let us tell you that the government is going to implement compulsory gold hallmarking in the whole country, although it was to be implemented from January 15, but now the date of its implementation has been extended to July 1, 2021.

BIS-Care app will show the purity of gold

The Union Ministry of Consumer and Food (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution) has launched a mobile app 'BIS-Care app', using which customers (consumer) can check the purity of gold.

Complaints can also be made on the BIS-Care app

complaint on BIS-Care app

Through this app, you can not only check the purity of gold but also make any complaint related to it. If the license, registration and hallmark number of the goods are found wrong in this app, then customers can complain immediately. Through this app, the customer will get information about filing a complaint immediately.

The app was launched this year

app launched this year

Let us tell you that the central government launched this app in July this year, in which customers can also check the purity of gold themselves. This year, the Consumer Protection Act 2019 (Consumer Protection Act 2019) has also been implemented in the entire country.

Currently BIS-Care app currently in Android

BIS-Care app for Android users only

Explain that along with implementing the BIS standards, it also checks the authenticity of the veracity. Recently, BIS said that around 37,000 standards have been issued across the country. The BIS-Care app is currently for Android users only. Not currently available for iOS users. You can download it from Googel Play Store.

Learn purity in this way with BIS App

how to use BIS App

1. Go to Googel Play Store, search and download the BIS-Care app

2. Once downloaded, the registration process will begin

3. Enter your name, mobile number and email id

4. Verify your mobile number and email ID through OTP

5. After this you are ready to use this app

6. When you open the app, there will be an option Verify Hallmark with many options.

7. When you click on Verify Hallmark, you will know what the purity of gold is by entering the hallmark number.

'One Nation One Standard' plan

one nation one standard

In the beginning of the year 2021, the government can make a big announcement about gold. In the middle of 2021, the scheme of 'One Nation One Standard' is also going to be implemented in the country.