IRCTC gives huge gift to passengers, these trains will continue even after the epidemic is over


During the Kovid-19 epidemic, Railways started operating Kovid special trains and cloned trains for the convenience of the people. During this time, the railway has received a very good response from the passengers.

Big loss in earnings from passenger trains

Railways 1089 running train

Clone trains fill approximately 72% to 80%

Indian Railways has taken a big decision in the interest of railway passengers. Clone trains to be run during the Corona period will also be continued. Railways has said that they have received very good response from the general public. According to Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav, the use of the clone train has been successful so far and based on this it has been decided that the clone trains will continue to run even after Kovid. Indian Railways has said that at present clone trains fill around 72% to 80%.

Government released National Rail Plan

Under the National Rail Plan of the Indian Railways, there are plans to make the stations world class by the year 2030, from new bullet train projects. Apart from this, a roadmap has been drawn to make railway infrastructure world class. If the Railways believes, the Modi government's National Rail Plan will change the picture of the railways in the country.

Plan to end waiting ticket ready

According to Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav, Railways has also prepared a plan to end Waiting Ticket. However, of the 1089 trains that the Railways are running during the Corona era, 30 to 40 percent of the trains are still running at very low occupancy. Railways is keeping a close watch on all routes, where there is also a high demand for passengers, we are either running a clone train or increasing more trains on this route. Looking at the corona, the operation of trains is being normalized gradually.

Major damage to the railways during the Corona period

According to the Railway Board Chairman, Railways have suffered a big loss in earnings from passenger trains. Last year, 53 thousand crore rupees were earned from passenger trains, which has so far earned only 4500 crores. There has been an 87 percent decline in earnings from passenger trains. 9000 crore less revenue than freight has come to rail. In fact, due to Corona, the railways have suffered heavy losses this year, as most of the passenger trains remained closed and the freight was also heavily affected in the lockdown.