Bihar elections: Nitish, Tejashwi, Chirag to Modi, what Rahul asked for votes


The campaigning for the third phase of Bihar assembly elections ended at 6 pm on Thursday evening. Polling will be held for 78 seats in the third and final phase on November 7.

Earlier on October 28, votes were cast for 71 seats in the first phase and 94 seats in the second phase on November 3. The counting of votes will be done on 10 November.

The Election Commission had announced the dates for the election on 25 September. From then on, all parties started campaigning loudly.

The NDA coalition comprising the Bharatiya Janata Dal (BJP), Janata Dal United (JDU), Hindustani Awam Morcha (WE) and Vikas Insan Party (VIP) was led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) , The responsibility of publicizing the grand alliance of the Congress and the Left parties was done by Tejashwi Yadav, the chief ministerial candidate of the Grand Alliance and Rahul Gandhi of the Congress.

During the Corona epidemic, Bihar became the first state in the country where assembly elections are being held. Elections have been conducted in many countries of the world during Corona, but no state or country has elections as big as Bihar with more than seven crore voters.

The Election Commission has definitely issued guidelines for conducting the elections, but during the entire campaign, it is hardly felt that from the activists and general supporters to the leaders at some places, they have completely followed the guidelines, but in many places they are openly She appeared flying.

Although there is no official information about whether or not this resulted in an increase in corona infection.

After almost three decades in Bihar, there was an election in which Lalu Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan and Sharad Yadav were not seen.

Ram Vilas Paswan died in Delhi on October 8 after an illness.

Sharad Yadav is also ill in Delhi and Lalu Yadav is being sentenced in a Ranchi jail after being found guilty in the fodder scam case.

In Lalu Prasad's absence, his younger son and former Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav has replaced him and he is making all the decisions himself.

Ramvilas Paswan has been replaced by his son Chirag Paswan and emerged as the lone face of the party.

While maintaining Sharad Yadav's relationship with Bihar, his daughter Subhashini Yadav is contesting from the Bihariganj seat of Madhepura.

Sharad Yadav has been the Lok Sabha MP from Madhepura many times, along with being the president of JDU and once he defeated Lalu Prasad from Madhepura.

Today, his daughter Lalu Prasad's own party is contesting on Congress ticket with the support of RJD.

Rahul Gandhi also came to Madhepura to promote Subhashini and addressed Sharad Yadav as his mentor and Subhashini as his sister.

'The last election of Mandal politics'

The resentment of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was clearly visible among the people and this is perhaps the reason why absurd incidents were seen in his election meetings and for the first time Nitish was seen losing his patience in public.

Nitish Kumar, who was the Chief Minister of Bihar for the last 15 years, was successful in creating the image of a 'Good Governance Babu' in his first term (2005-2010) with the help of development work and media.

But this time during the election campaign, the most angry people were seen by them. Chandra Rai, son of Lalu Prasad and son of former Chief Minister Daroga Rai, is contesting from Parsa seat in Chhapra on a JDU ticket.

Nitish Kumar was addressing a gathering for his promotion. Meanwhile, some people started raising slogans of Lalu Zindabad. Nitish was so angry that he said, "Are you talking nonsense. Don't make all this noise here. If you don't want to vote, don't give up."

Nitish Kumar Murdabad slogans were raised at many places in Nitish's meetings, and onions were thrown at him at an election meeting in Madhubani. Nitish's tongue slipped in several meetings and he launched personal attacks on Tejashwi Yadav and his family.

During a rally in Hajipur, Nitish Kumar had said, "Those people who are producing eight to nine children, what will those people develop?"

For the first time in his political career, Nitish Kumar appeared on the backfoot and during the campaign in Purnia's Dhamdaha on the last day of campaigning, he said that this is his last election. That is why some political analysts are calling it the last election of Mandal politics in Bihar.

If it is being called the last election of Mandal politics, then perhaps one of the reasons for this is that in this election, two young faces Tejashwi Yadav and Chirag Paswan are getting ready from their father's shadow and preparing political ground for themselves.

Chirag Paswan

First thing of Chirag Paswan Chirag Paswan is the president of his father's party, Lok Janshakti Party and is also a Lok Sabha MP. But so far his identity is nothing more than Ram Vilas Paswan's son.

This time he has taken a decision that can be called a political gamble. He calls himself Hanuman of Narendra Modi, but out of the NDA in Bihar, he not only keeps attacking Nitish Kumar every day but has also made his candidates against their candidates.

They are saying that their only aim is to remove Nitish Kumar from power and to form a government of BJP-LJP alliance. Some people are saying that they are doing this at the behest of the BJP's top leadership, but themselves and the BJP dismiss these allegations.

But there are many candidates fighting on his party's ticket who were earlier BJP Has been an MLA or an active party worker.

It will be known how his party's performance will be on November 10, but experts say that during the first and second phase of voting, many supporters of BJP met their party's candidate instead of JDU.

Experts say that if the LJP candidate is successful only in defeating the JDU candidate, then Chirag Paswan's aim will be fulfilled and he can succeed in proving himself a leader.

Tejashwi Yadav

In this election, if any one person has emerged on the political scene quickly, then it is Tejashwi Yadav.

Tejashwi Yadav is a former Deputy Chief Minister, but like Chirag, he is still not considered anything more than Lalu Prasad's son.

In 2015, he became the Deputy Chief Minister directly by winning elections at the age of 26, but Lalu Prasad was active in that election. After Lalu's prison, Tejashwi took over the entire command of the party and in this election he has emerged completely like a leader.

Tejashwi has made unemployment the biggest issue in this election only on his own. First of all, he said that if his government is formed then on the very first day he will announce 10 lakh government jobs.

The BJP and Nitish Kumar first rejected their claim saying that the state does not have enough money to provide jobs, but promised to provide 19 lakhs of employment after a few days. A large crowd appeared in his meetings and he was seen communicating with a large number of youth.

The BJP and Nitish launched several attacks on them and tried to bring different issues, but Tejashwi stood by his issue and its effect showed that there was no particular resentment for Tejashwi even among the pro-NDA youth.

After social justice, he now talked about economic justice, which means more and more jobs and better economy. Tejashwi kept restraint on his language during this entire campaign and he did not lose his temper over Nitish's many personal statements, except Babu Saheb's statement in Aurangabad only once.

Tejaswi tried his best not to consider him a leader of the Yadavs and the Muslims only. His father Lalu Prasad made the famous statement of 'Mai (Muslims and Yadavs' kindness'), but Tejashwi did not fall into this trap and kept saying during the campaign that his party was A to Z i.e. everyone's party from the beginning. .

By saying this, he does not know how much he will be able to pull his opponents towards him, but it is so sure that the anger that was present against Lalu Prasad in those social groups, the anger may not have been shown on the ground against the stunning.

Will the Grand Alliance be shattered?

It was being said about the Grand Alliance that their alliance will not be possible and these people will split up.

But no differences emerged regarding seat-sharing in the Grand Alliance and a coalition of RJD, Congress and Left parties has been formed which won or lost elections, but is the most natural alliance against BJP on ideological level.

The Left parties are finding new possibilities for themselves in Bihar politics after years. Currently, the CPI-ML has three MLAs in the Bihar Legislative Assembly while the CPI and CPM do not have a single MLA.

Earlier in 1995, Lalu Prasad contested with CPI and CPM while CPI-ML Nitish Kumar's Samata was with the party at that time.

After almost 25 years, all the left parties are unitedly fighting elections together with the RJD and the Congress and its effect is clearly visible on the ground.

The Left parties are in the electoral fray for 29 seats, but some of their supporters are seen in every seat of the state, which seems to benefit the Left parties and the Grand Alliance.

But on the one hand, while there was an extreme anger against Nitish, the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen as less-o-besh earlier. It is also an irony that if Nitish is in power in Bihar for the last 15 years, BJP is also an equal partner in power with Nitish.

But it is Modi's charisma or media management, but it is so important that the anti-incumbency resentment among the common people is only from Nitish and no particular resentment about BJP was seen among the common people.

In many places, BJP supporters and voters were also found saying that they want to replace Nitish and form a BJP government.

Prime Minister Modi's revenge style

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Bihar four times to campaign and during this time he held a total of 12 rallies.

Starting from Sasaram on 23 October, he held the last rally in Saharsa on 3 November. Modi did mention Article 370 at Sasaram's rally, Ram temple at Darbhanga, Pulwama at Chapra and 'Jai Shri Ram' at Araria and Saharsa on the last day, but Modi is known for his aggressive and Hindutva language elections in Bihar. That form did not show during the campaign.

He certainly sought votes from the people in the name of the work done by the central and state government, but the main point of his speech was the alleged 'Jungle Raj' and 'Double Crown Prince'.

From 1990 to 2005, when Lalu Prasad and his wife Rabri Devi were the Chief Ministers of Bihar, a section of the media called it 'Jungle Raj'. The pair of Tejashwi Yadav and Rahul Gandhi were ridiculed by Modi as 'double prince'.

57 percent of people in Bihar state are under 25 years of age.

A party which has been in power at the Center for six years, has been a partner of power in the state of Bihar for 15 years (except only from November 2015 to July 2017), which has the support of more than three hundred MPs and has government in about 20 states. , Instead of any roadmap or vision document of their better future, the head of the youth asked him to vote for them by fearing the earlier governments.

Communal issues could not dominate the elections. Union Home Minister and BJP leader Nityananda said in an election meeting in Mahanar of Vaishali district that if the Grand Alliance government is formed then the 'terrorists' of Kashmir will take shelter here. However, the party later defended him and said that his statement was being manipulated.

UP Chief Minister Adityanath talked about Ram temple and Kashmir and said on the last day that the intruders will be taken out after the NDA government is formed. Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that in Bihar too, a law should be made on the so-called 'love-jihad'. But in spite of all this, all this could not become an electoral issue in the eyes of the common voter.

Nitish missing from Modi's platform

When the Prime Minister's visit to Bihar was announced, it was also said at that time that Nitish Kumar would also share the stage in all the 12 rallies of Modi. In the initial rallies, Nitish Kumar had also shared the stage with him but on the last day Nitish did not appear with Modi in Araria and Saharsa.

There has been no response from both the parties on this. But people who keep an eye on the politics of Bihar are looking at it from a different perspective.

Elections are to be held in Seemanchal area in the third phase, where a large population of Muslims lives. Some say it was a political ploy.

Nitish wants to woo the Muslim voters, while Modi wanted to mobilize the Hindu voters in favor of the NDA, so he did not deliberately share the stage together.

People cite this, saying that Yogi Adityanath, referring to the CAA and NRC in Katihar, said that the infiltrators will be taken out after the NDA government is formed in Bihar.

In Kishanganj adjoining Katihar, Nitish Kumar rejected Yogi Adityanath's talk in his election meeting and said that there is no need for anyone to get our people out of the country.

Why did Amit Shah not participate in the election campaign

But Union Home Minister Amit Shah did not appear in this entire election campaign.

Amit Shah himself had told a private TV channel that he has now fully recovered from Corona and will go for campaigning in Bihar after October 25, but he did not hold a single rally.

He was involved in ticket distribution and all the big decisions related to Bihar. Also went on a two-day tour of West Bengal, but Bihar did not come to campaign. There is no statement about this from the party's side.

Political analysts believe that BJP and Nitish Kumar did not want them to be brought forward in Bihar due to their image created due to a law like CAA-NRC.

But some people believe that they did not come due to mutual factionalism of BJP. The current BJP president JP Nadda took charge in January and after that the party lost in the assembly elections held in Delhi and Jharkhand.

Analysts say that in such a situation, if Bihar also comes out of BJP's hand, then the party's defeat in three consecutive assembly can be blamed on Nadda's head.