What is this moving ATM? Where you can withdraw money from home, you can also send money from the bank to another account

 National Payment Corporation of India i.e. NPCI has brought Aadhaar enabled payment system AEPS, which can help in banking related work sitting at home through microATM.

There are still many people in our country who have to go away from their homes to do their bank related work. This problem is seen more especially in rural areas. But now NPSI has brought Aadhaar enabled payment system AEPS to solve this problem.

This is a model operated by the bank, which allows online interoperable financial inclusion transactions at micro ATMs through a bank's business correspondent through Aadhaar card. This includes the use of biometric information in UIDAI database for financial transactions, e-KYC, demographic authentication, customer authentication and ease of banking transactions in any corner of the country without any hassle.

This is how easy the work is

If there is not a bank in your village and you have to go far for the work of the bank, now your work is going to be easy. For this, you have to go to the business correspondent of the bank and provide the Aadhaar number, transaction type, bank name and amount. After this, you have to give your biometric fingerprint or iris to the micro ATM. After this, the business correspondent will give you a receipt, which you have to keep. After doing this, now you can easily update the balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, cash deposit, mini statement mobile number.

Transaction is safe

Through this service, you can now send money to anyone's account through Aadhaar and account number. You can open new bank accounts instantly through e-KYC. To open an account, you will have to ask the bank to do e-KYC. Let us know that AEPS is 100 percent secure, which makes banking easy and efficient through Aadhaar. Its purpose is to bring people living in far flung areas of the country into the mainstream of banking.