Iran and Russia have information about American voters - FBI


Intelligence officials in the US have said that Russia and Iran have obtained their information to influence the voters before the presidential election on November 3.

The US Intelligence Agency informed in a press conference on Wednesday that both Russia and Iran want to contact the voters for giving false information.

Officials said that in many states, Democrat voters are being sent threatening emails from Iran.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratecliffe said the emails came from a right-wing Trump supporter group and were sent with the intention of creating unrest.

According to Ratcliffe, American officials have also come to know that Iran and Russia have also obtained information about registration of some voters. This information came just 13 days before the presidential election.

'Trying to spread chaos'

Ratcliffe said that it seems that 'Proud Boys' are sending threatening mail from Iran. It has been sent with the intention of intimidating voters, spreading chaos and causing harm to President Donald Trump.

He said that the voter's data can be used to misinform people, this can lead to confusion so that people's faith in American democracy is weakened.

Ratcliffe said that the authorities have not yet seen any such activity from Russia, but they know that they (Russians) also have information about the voters.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, information of voters in many states can be obtained by petitioning. However, each state has different rules to achieve this.

"If a threatening threatening email arrives in your inbox, don't worry and don't send it to anyone," says Ratcliffe. At the same time, they say that this is a frustrating action of the opponents.

FBI Director Christopher Ray was also present at the press conference. He said that the American election system is safe and flexible.

He said, "You should believe that your vote matters."

Officials did not provide any further information about how the voters' data was obtained or what Russia could use these information.

The email that is being talked about has been sent to Democrat voters of many states including important states like Florida.

According to the American media, the email reads, "Vote for Trump on election day, otherwise we will not leave you."

It also reads, "Change your party and support the Republican Party so that we know that you have received this message from us and you will follow our order."