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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Home delivery of LPG cylinder changed rules, this work has to be done from November 1 or else the cylinder will not be found

 Now booking LPG cylinders on the phone will not result in home delivery. After booking, you will also have to do another job.

The system of home delivery of LPG cylinders is changing now from next month. Oil companies are implementing a new delivery system from November 1 to prevent theft and identify the right customer. This new system is named Delivery Authentication Code (DAC). Under this system, LPG cylinder without OTP will not be available in the coming days.

What is home delivery system

Now booking LPG cylinders on the phone will not result in home delivery. After booking, a code will appear on the registered mobile number. This code has to be given to the delivery boy. If the code is not given, the cylinder will not be found. The cylinder will be found only after stating the code. This system will only apply to domestic cylinders, not commercial cylinders.

If an old mobile number is entered in the system then you can update your mobile number in real time. The delivery boy will have the app, through that app, you can get your number updated real time. The code will be generated immediately after this. Take delivery of your cylinder by showing these codes.

Do not face any problem for this

You can update your mobile number and home address beforehand to avoid inconvenience. So that there is no problem at the time of delivery. Although this system will initially be applicable only in 100 smart cities. After this, it will be gradually implemented in other cities and towns.

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