Bollywood celebrities against Republic TV and Times Now


Famous people of Bollywood have filed a lawsuit in Delhi High Court for 'irresponsible reporting' of Sushant Singh Rajput's death case on some media establishments.

Among those who filed the case are four organizations representing the film industry and 34 producers.

This case has been filed against Republic TV, Arnav Goswami, Pradeep Bhandari of Republic TV, Times Now, Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar.

These people of Bollywood say that they should be prevented from making derogatory and irresponsible remarks against Bollywood and Bollywood people.

There has also been a demand to interfere in the rights of the personalities of Bollywood, the privacy of those associated with them and to stop media trials.

The petitioners contend that the defense cable television networks are bound by the program code of 1994 and all the objectionable things that have been heard against Bollywood should be withdrawn.

The petition also demanded a ban on the publication of abusive material about Bollywood on television channels as well as social media platforms.

In a press release issued by the petitioners, these channels have been accused of saying 'filth', 'garbage-garbage' and 'junkies' about Bollywood.