Dr Manoj: The Homeopath Doctor Par Excellence

Today the concept and understanding of people towards health is changing rapidly. In the era of modern medicine, homeopathy is the most preferred and used medical system in the world after allopath therapy. It is a medical system based on knowledge about medicine and its application, which works on the principle that disease does not start in the gross body, but in its subtle body. If the subtle body (life force) is healthy, immunity is strong, then disease cannot attack the subtle body and the gross body remains healthy. If this subtle body is freed from treatment, then the gross body automatically becomes disease free.

Homeopathic medicine is being adopted in 90 countries of the world. It has developed rapidly in India. Homeopathy is effective in preventing epidemics such as swine flu, dengue, measles, chicken pox, cholera, malaria, meningitis and other dangerous diseases.
Homeopathy medicines can also be consumed with some English medicines, such as-a diabetic patient being dependent on insulin, or the person suffering from an acute and chronic disease like eczema, psoriasis.

Some Special Things
Homeopathic medicine has no expiry date. If these medicines are kept from sun, dust, smoke, strong smell and chemicals, then this medicine will continue for years.

These drugs do not have any side effects.
There is no special abstinence from these medicines.
There should be no food and drink till half an hour before and half an hour after taking the medicine.
Mr Manoj is a homeopathic doctor with great knowledge and expertise. His expertise is proving to be of great help and benefit for the people of Shastri Nagar. Ashish Jha, the owner of Today Twigs and the co-owner of Hyzape happened to visit him with his troublesome teeth. He not only gave him suitable medicine, but also showed his published as well as the books that will soon see be published.