lifestyle modification and exercise may give a positive impact on weight management.weight loss is essential in any program to prevent or slow down the progression of osteoarthritis. If our skeleton structure will bear more weight than it is built to bear, then it will certainly damage the cartilage in the weight bearing joints, particularly the hips and knees.hence keeping ideal weight is must to avoid additional strain on joints.

Likewise exercise is essential to slow the progression of osteoarthritis ,reason behind this is that inactivity causes joints to stiffen and activities keeps them flexible. Exercise also helps in maintaining ideal body weight.
Exercise also helps in gaining stronger muscles around the affected joints and hence less chances of further cartilage damage.

However low stress, low impact, slow motion exercises that stretch and develop muscles and ligaments in affected areas should be done with expert advice.

Good posture also play an important role in preventing the crippling effect of osteoarthritis, poor posture can cause body weight to be distributed unevenly , placing more stress on joints.

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