Dr. Ruchi has Natural way of Treating Patients

There are many doctors that are blinded by fame and money. Once they get good credentials to their credit, they forget their duty towards their patients. They become negligent by nature. They turn nelson’s eye to the sufferings and condition of the sick who turn up in the expectation that the doctor will take good care of. But, the modern-day Schylocks(read doctor) only think about the mercenary gains.

But, there are some doctors, who has been able to hold their heads high because they are doing all they can, to serve the patients in particular and the humanity in general. They do not hanker after money, they do not prescribe prohibitively expensive medicines, they do not make their patients run for unnecessary test, they do not extort money.
There could be many, but, there is certainly one doctor in my vicinity who lives up to the highest expectations of her patients. I went to her clinic without any appointment, as there was a man, whom I hold in high esteem, asked me to come to her centre, Happy Health, located at Shastri Nagar, Delhi. She is redoubtable, the revered, the utterly respectable Mrs. Ruchi.
I liked the sparkling ambience and aura of her chamber. There were so many patients, undertaking the message therapy for their respective diseases. Mrs. Ruchi was kind enough to talk to me amidst lots of work and engagements, phone call, etc.
When my inquisitive mind started asking him question regarding her way of treatment, the lady quipped, “See, there is no disease, that cannot be cured, without being dependent on some external help(medicine, etc.). The need is to make the body alkaline, re-energise the energy points, natural therapy and some thought and soul- searching.
We have installed Ginnmei Water doctor’s water purifier. It is pure water in true sense. He asked her helpmate to fetch a glass of water for me and drinking that water I too feel some difference. Later, I saw the place where the water purifier was installed. It was indeed a very good spectacles for me to see only patients, not the panic of a multi-specialty hospital, where the attendants are made to pay pay and only pay in the pretext of one thing or another.
In more than one hour that I spent there, I found everything very heartening. It is high time we moved to such therapy and natural way of treatment.
                                       ---Ashish Jha