Delhites Need Not Feel Panic about Corona: Sher Singh Gupta

Noted social worker Mr Sher Singh Gupta has appealed Delhites, not to be in the shadow of panic in the wake of the spread of Corona Virus, recently declared Pandemic by most of the governments across the globe.

Making a Clarion Call to the people in Delhi in particular and people of India in general, the noted philanthropist further added, “It is high time we expressed our solidarity to fight this deadly disease in unison. We have a long history of fighting and defeating several diseases and that crisis too will pass.”

A noted public figure Mr Gupta further added, “Sanitiation and personal hygiene are two of the things we need to befriend, in order to bring Corona Virus at bay. Whenever you come back to your home, before doing anything, sanitise your hands. It is important to note here that you need not bring sanitiser(expensive). Only soap or dettol wash will suffice.”

Praising Delhi Government’s inititive to bring down the impact of this disease, Mr Gupta said, “I am quite happy, the Government of Delhi is taking all the necessary steps to make its people safe, be it closing cinema halls, to schools. The Government is doing its part and the Delhites should contribute to their own capacity so that the spread of the disease could be prevented.”

“Indian Culture of Greeting People is something we should stick to, as the world at large is following our tradition with an eye of curbing the menace of Corona. We have a rich culture and hence, we need not resort or ape Western culture and make ourselves vulnerable to this disease. Just be alert, do not be panick”, emphasisesd Wazirpur-based Gupta. Importantly, Mr Gupta has been in the limelight for so many years for his social works that is more commendable and rare.