Setting Things Right: Dr Birbal Jha

“India, the country with the largest youth population, cannot afford to see its youth being seduced into being hooligans and act as political stooges playing into the hands of those doing party politics. What is happening today in the country is neither in the interest of the next generation nor the country”, said noted author Dr Birbal Jha while addressing a gathering on ‘Current National Issues’ at British Lingua, an institute of international repute for communication skills.

“Our youth need to know the problems that our country is facing and work for solutions to making a stronger and vibrant nation. The government should provide and promote quality education, job opportunities, research services and other facilities that could help reshape the future of the country”, added Dr Jha while speaking on the topic in Delhi.
“To protest is a democratic right of every citizen and it is one of the most important tools for the public to hold the policymakers responsible for their actions and make people aware about government's policy decisions. However, sabotaging national interest setting ablaze the public or private vehicles and properties, playing with interest and disrupting lives of the people cannot be justified in any manner or fashion”, thundered the vocal Dr Jha.

Dr Jha pointed out the need for proper dissemination of information by the government, regarding its policies so that people are made aware of them and don't become victims of disinformation campaigns.

Appealing to the youth to study the bills and acts thoroughly and not to fall into the trap of vested interests, Dr Jha emphasized that the youth in the country are the future of the nation and they must make sure that they work in the national interest.
“Creating job opportunities, setting the economy right, maintaining harmony in society, all these are the responsibilities of the government and it must own up to it rather than merely talking on emotive issues. The unemployment situation in our country is appalling. The market is down and businesses are struggling. Most importantly, in want of finance which is like the blood for any person or entity, no good can take place. The government must work on the economic issues plaguing the country”, averred Dr Jha.