Why Dinesh Verma is my Personal Favourite?

Have not you ever paid a visit to Darya Gunj? This was the response of one of my close acquaintances, when I described Mr Dinesh Verma(founder and CEO, Gullybaba Publishing House, world-renowned publishing coach) as my personal favourite.

Here is the excerpt of the reasons that I gave to that person in support of my view

Yes, I often.. I have worked there full-fledged as a senior proofreader, editorial assistant, editor and language(English) editor of all subjects. I have rather learned the nuances of the making of a book in Darya Gunj itself.

When I tell Dinesh Verma my favourite, I have got good reasons to believe. He is the person who has developed himself to the extent that you will feel charged the moment you get engaged in conversation with him.  First of all, the calm disposition that he wears on his countenance will magnetise you for sure. As you proceed beyond few minutes, you will get the warmth of his conversation—right from the sense of hospitality to eye-contact, everything will enthrall you like anything.

Almost all the publishers with some fame and repute are of second generation businessmen, whereas Dinesh Verma is arguably the only publisher with more than 1200 titles to his credit, sans any family background. Another big quality that I noticed in him is that he has an eye for detail. Name any MD of publishing house, he or she is hardly able to tell about the books of his company. But, Dinesh Verma has elevated to the level of publishing coach, nay world-close publishing coach.

He is arguably the most scintillating star in Self-publishing field as well. Name any publisher that talks about vale force and cost force, has a dedicated guy for taking care about the intention of the book to be published, gives royalty on the MRP of the book, gives more than what is promised to the authors, provides insight about each and everything related to effective book making—right from the number of pages a particular author’s book should contain, to make a book come in the category of Amazon best seller—he has the master key to unlock the abundance through book writing.

The staff of his publication house (Gullybaba Publishing House)—Neha Madam, Ritu Madam, Arora Sir, Menka Madam, Monica Madam, Naseem Sir, Jamal Sir, Krishna Madam, Sarita Madam, Sandhya Madam, Rajnish Sir, Farah Madam, Abhijeet Sir, Anjan Sir, Mansi Madam, Mamta Madam, Faiz Sir, Megha Madam— are also like an extension of his own thought and approach. You will find employees working for a decade there.

                                                                                              -----Pratibha Singh