Eye on Purvanchali Migrants

The mass influx of eastern migrants to Delhi NCR from the various Eastern States like Bihar, Eastern UP, Jharkhand and the neighbouring places is being keenly watched by the political parties, setting their heart and eye on such migrants settling here as their potential voters in upcoming elections.

Noticeably, in the past two decades, Delhi has got the maximum number of migrants from these areas. "Present political parties assume that Delhi will have a dominating population from these areas and they will play a crucial role in formation of the Government in days to come”, said Raj Kumar Jha, a former IPS officer of Delhi Cadre, who has recently floated ‘Purvanchali Samaj Vikas Manch (PSVM)’ duly registered under the Societies Act, with an aim to safeguard the interest of these migrants.

Ex-IPS,  RK Jha known for his grit and integrity is perceived to be a threat to the political heavyweights like CM Arvind Kejriwal who left his IRS services to join the politics and placed himself at the top ruling man of the Union Territory of Delhi.

PSVM has already begun to work on different aspects including mass-connect with these migrants located in different areas of NCT of Delhi.

“These migrants have been marginalized, so their concerns must be heard and addressed. Along with everything else, their well-being must be ensured. Taking all stake-holders of the society into confidence and working for them is my primary goal", added the bureaucrat- turned- social worker.

PSVM has been streamlining its endeavours by creating its volunteers and representatives in different parts of Delhi NCR. The migrants have been called upon to contact the NGO meant to address their concerns as a one-point solution. The former IPS, Jha claims to have created synergy among the migrants –based Delhi NGOs for better condition of this populace scattered in the capital. During his tenure as Deputy Commissioner of Police- traffic, he had developed a great rapport with taxi, tempo, auto-rickshaw and other private transport drivers and is still very popular amongst them.
“The migrants in Delhi-NCR placed on various levels, right from microcosmic to macrocosmic are a great force to reckon with in the present scenario, especially in view the oncoming 2020 elections. The importance of these settlers cannot be gainsaid in the construction and building of Delhi and formation of the State government”, said noted author Dr Birbal Jha, a migrant from Bihar working for English-skilling to today’s youth.

“The Manch has been actively working towards its goal of helping these migrants on a non-profit basis as a social gesture to uplift them and place them at better platforms from where they can lead a dignified and good life”, asserted the former senior-cop.
                                                             ----Madhu Kumari

Amit Shah Gets the honour of Mithila Paag at Silvassa of Dadra & Nagar Haveli

1.9.2019/ Dadar

On a visit to Silvassa, the capital city of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, an Indian Union Territory, Home Minister Amit Shah allowed himself to meet the residents there. Among the mélange of cultures of Gujarati, Marathi and Hindi speaking people, the migrants of Mithila, who are well-settled and are in good number in the territory, greeted the minister with Mithila Paag, the cultural symbol of the Mithila region. It was the first-ever Shah’s visit after he was administered oath of office and secrecy as the Home Minister of the Republic of India, the world’s largest democracy.

Remarkably, it was Narendra Modi, the Honourable Prime Minister who had issued and released Mithila Paag for the first time in 2017 during his first term as Prime Minister in recognition of the cultural values of the headgear after historic ‘Save the Paag Campaign’ was launched in 2016 wherein a large number of Maithils took to streets to press the demand for their cultural identity under the banner of social pressure outfit Mithilalok Foundation, working for socio-economic and cultural development for Mithila.

“It is a matter of great pride that Maithil, irrespective of their locations and divergent opinions, make consolidated effort to safeguard their cultures and social values. Mithila, a philosophy in itself has a lot to offer for the sake of mankind. One needs to know the heritage of the land of Goddess Sita where she came into being in the Treta epoch “said Dr Birbal Jha, Chairman of Mithilalok Foundation.