National Discourse on Raising Human Values

National discourse on ‘the role of religion and politics in the context of human values in present era’ was organized by the ‘Ultimate Educational Vocational and Social Welfare Association’ on 28th December 2019 at the Constitution Club of India, Delhi with the aim of raising human values across the country.

Below is the excerpt from the speech delivered on occasion by Dr Birbal Jha, the Managing Director of British Lingua, and an institute of communication skills of international repute and the Chairman of Mithilalok Foundation working for socio-cultural and economic development in the country.

There is worth of every being in this world. Efforts of co-existing in society, sharing love, giving respect, developing an understanding for the protection of every being are our human values. They need strengthening owing to the changing nature of existence itself.

Practising these very principles is our dharma. And our dharma is our way of life. How we think, how we conduct ourselves, and what we practice, all these are parts of our dharma. Hence, Our Dharma should seek to live a significant life and add values to the society we are born in.

Politics is to frame policies of ensuring the co-existence, governance, discipline and helping realize the aims, objectives and philosophy of human values. It has both preventive and punitive aspects while running a family, society, nation, or the world itself.

We need to bear in mind all the time that we can give life to somebody but we can’t take anyone’s life. Giving life to someone is our privilege to protect the process of God’s creation, while taking it back is against Godly principles.

Protecting human life is saving human values. Taking someone’s life is not only against nature, but also a heinous and unpardonable crime that everybody would agree to pooh-pooh. However, there are some people around the world who appear to be blood thirsty of each other. They often elbow down each other to take advantage.

To raise the human values is to create a congenial environment of living together with a bonding, not only to survive and sustain, but to evolve to a higher possibility. Being inclusive and giving a better place to our future generations to live, while driving out malice both from the self and society must be supreme. Thus, thanks to our dharma of humanity, we all can connect to God.

Ensuring the existence of human life is creating a society of living together. Creating an infrastructure for the same and ensuring good governance and justice to all should be the aim and objective of politics.

However, the politics of the day is in poor shape. The meaning of politics has been distorted to suit a particular class of people that wants to rule but shy away from taking on their responsibilities.

It is a big concern. How a new definition of politics has sneaked into our system! Gaining power by hook or by crook has become the new definition of politics. The basic essence of framing policies for the betterment of the nation and society has taken a back seat. Befooling others, hoodwinking, telling lies and spreading rumors seem to characterize politics practised these days. However, politics should mean that the national interest is above personal gains and vested interest. Probity should be an essential part of political affairs.

It is an open secret how mercenaries, scandals, deceit, disruption, etc. are used to wipe out a person for a personal gain. Those in power are so intoxicated that they forget that nothing is permanent in this world. They neglect the real objectives of politics for their personal gains. The blame game has become the order of the day. Misleading, not leading, has become the practice of shrewd politicians. We hardly find statesmen and visionaries in today’s political circle.   

Thus, human values are at stake. We need to acknowledge the fact that everyone and everything in this universe is different and have their own value for existence. It means each of us is unique. We are expected to do something unique. Each of us needs to ask what values we are going to add to this world while acknowledging the value of others.

I believe if we begin to ask ourselves we can find the answer to the question on our own. We will begin to understand human values. We would learn to appreciate everything and everyone around us. Being human means being able to observe and act consciously. We need to seek the ideal balance between diversity and unity of our thoughts, understandings and actions. There must be a reconciliation between our actions and thoughts
Our Dharma is not only to perform our duties but to ensure that we stand out against the evil forces that try to bring disharmony and work against the well-being of society and nation with malice in their minds.

Recognition of uniqueness of everyone will strengthen our view. Whether it is the Ramayana, the Gita, the Quran or the Bible, the spirit is the same- do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Hence, our education policy needs revisiting. It is the education that transforms us into valuable beings. Our direction towards setting things right should begin from home, educational institutions and public life. That would be the first step towards instilling human values, clean politics and upholding one's dharma. Charity begins at home. Let’s clean our home first and the surroundings.

Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author and the youngest Living Legend of Mithila.

Paag Features in English Dictionary

New Delhi, 22/12/2019

 Paag, a cultural symbol of Mithila features in Macmillan Dictionary with a definition- ‘a kind of headgear worn by people in the Mithila belt of India’ with an example- Save the Paag Campaign was launched by Mithilalok Foundation to promote the age-old culture of wearing paag.

“It is yet another feather in the cap of the Maithil community living in the region or elsewhere. Remarkably, the Paag which dates back to prehistoric time when it was made of leaves of plants and trees at a certain point is a great token of honor and respect and a significant part of Mithila culture”, said noted author and social entrepreneur  Dr Birbal Jha, who had sought an entry of the word in the dictionary.

The central government led by PM Narendra Modi issued postal stamp on Mithila Paag in 2017 in recognition of its value, public sentiments and demands made through the campaign by Mithilalok Foundation, pressure outfit working for socio-economic and cultural development.

Remarkably, the drive had pressed upon the government to acknowledge, pre-historic headdress on the hand and awaken the masses to the need for cultural movement and safeguard the age-old tradition of wearing paag on the other. The movement saw a tremendous response as more than a crore of volunteers came forward and registered their support for the social cause led by Dr Birbal Jha known as the ‘Youngest Living Legend of Mithila.

“The campaign ‘Paag for all’ aims at curbing social disparities, casteism and religious conflict. People irrespective of caste, creed and religion who live in Mithila or have their origins there are Maithils and they are easily identified with a single cultural identity – Mithila Paag bearing a strong resemblance to Pugg, Pagdi, Turban, Pheta, Safa, Skull-Cap and others as used in different states and regions “added revolutionary Dr Jha, better known for his social enterprise British Lingua with the slogan English for all.

“I have already written a letter to the Oxford Dictionary and Collins’, requesting them to include the word--paag with its meanings and usage in their ensuing publications, and I am confident of an inclusion in those dictionaries also in days to come” informed Dr Jha, a cultural activist.

paag - definition and synonyms

kind of headgear worn by people in the Mithila belt of India
Save the Paag Campaign was launched by Mithilalok Foundation to promote the age-old culture of wearing paag.
Submitted by Birbal Jha from India on 01/11/2019

Meanwhile, to the Government of Bihar, Dr Jha reiterated his demand for declaration of Paag as state cap that will be an honour to Goddess Sita, who was born in Mithila.  The paag song penned by Dr Jha and sung by Vikas Jha has been a hit among music lovers and the community men.

Bihar Government damaged Maithili Language, Centre protected and promoted it: Dr Birbal Jha

"Maithili, the sweetest language of the world was progressing fairly well until 1990 when with  hate politics, prejudiced Lalu Prasad Yadav, then Bihar Chief Minister from Bhojpuri speaking belt attempted to do injustice to this language by scrapping the provision of  Maithili as a subject in the examinations conducted by Bihar Public Service Commission" said noted linguist and literateur Dr Birbal Jha while speaking on 'Education, Employment and Market of the Maithili Language'.

"Howerver, it was restored by Court decades later by the time it was too late for lacs of students whose future was damaged. However, Maithili, the language of Goddess Sita  got a boost with Atal Bihari Vajpayee led central government included it in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution. This inclusion  paved  the way for this language in Union Public Service Commission, opening the floodgates of opportunities and prosperity", added Dr Jha.

"This  panel discussion was the part of  Mithila Literature Festival-2 organised by Maithil Patrakar Group at Press Club Of India held  on 7th December 2019 with an objective of  showcasing  and promoting  the linguistic beauty and culture of the region,  a part of Bihar where Lord Ram was married to Goddes Sita" infomed Dr Jha.

"The Maithili language has bright future and prospectus. The need of hour  is the  translation of Maithili literature into English and other languages and vice versa. Thus, the language and culture of Mithila will register global presence, attracting the people all across the world to have hands-on experiences of the pious land where prosperity is reflected even in scarcity, Mandan Mishra is a case in point.", added Dr Birbal who has the gained the status of the Youngest Living Legend of Mithila.

Dr Birbal, better known as the Paagman  for his initiative of 'Save the Paag Campaign' under auspices of Mithilalok Foundation  following which government  of India issued postal stamp  on Mithila Paag in 2017 laid emphasis on promotion of  Maithili  mass media, movies, dramas and jobs creations for the young generation who is the future of the development of this language.

Interestingly,  recently the Government of NCT of Delhi led  by Arvind kejriwal has taken a decision to introduce Maithili  education and teaching  in its schools in view of 4 millions of Maithili migrants living  in Delhi and national capital region.

The House of Representatives without Representatives: Dr Birbal Jha

It was the 135th birth anniversary of the first president of India Dr Rajendra Prasad, 3rd of December, 2019 when for the first time I as a citizen of the country had the privilege to visit the Parliament to see how it looks and functions at first hand.

On a recommendation I was able to get a pass bearing number 444881 to enter the highest lawmaking body of democracy in the country. The timing was from 2 PM to 2:40 PM well mentioned on the slip of the pass I had obtained from the counter. Accordingly, accompanied by my litterateur classmate Ajay Anurag I reached the destination much in advance with full of curiosity and alacrity.

I took a metro train from Vaishali of Ghaziabad where I stay to reach the central secretariat metro station from where the parliament is just a furlong. Soon after I checked out the gate number five of the station I was stopped and asked to show the entry-pass on the wide road under the blue sheet. The security staff I bumped into was Ms Laxmi whom I appreciated for her righteous duty and she gave me a return wide smile.

 My entry at the first security check was allowed on the presentation of the pass and my Aadhar card.  At the second security check point I saw the visitors lined up in two different queues- one for depositing the mobile phone sets and another for those without a set. The second queue was rather smooth to proceed to the next which I chose; handing over my phone set to yet another journalist friend Manish Kumar Sinha who had joined us only to return to the press club nearby.

Everyone was supposed to deposit their cell phone sets before entering the next gate. Following the norms I reached the next security check that included frisking. I was also told not to carry even the wallet from the certain point of the security management.

 The security staff performing their official duty said “only three things are allowed, entry pass, identity proof and the amount of cash. It was well written on a piece of paper which was pasted on the adjacent wall. Rest of other belongings had to be deposited at security check. I asked for a token of objects I had deposited with a mention of details. I was denied the rights, saying that they did not have the system for the same. I was a little filled with fear of losing any of the multiple cards- Driving License, Voter Identity, PAN and ATM cards I had in my swollen pocket.

 What began to run through my mind was that if I lost any of them, I would not be able to claim in the court of law for lack of evidentiary proof. Hence, it was all a matter of faith and trust while depositing these articles.

At the next entry level, I was told not to carry even a pen, visiting cards and even so a single piece of paper. All I had was deposited there conforming to the security rules.

Passing through the multiple security checks in adherence to norms in place, I was able to get seat on the bench, on the upper floor from where I could see the Hon’ble MPs speaking with my naked eyes. So nice so good!  I was ushered to the seat by the lady staffer mostly using sign language.

 The moment I entered, I found and heard Mrs Muthuvel Karunanidhi Kanimozhi, Hon’ble MP representing Thoothukudi constituency speaking in the House. One by one, I could hear half a dozen of Hon’ble members reading their papers within the specific time limit. Good was that these MPs were raising developmental issues pertaining to their respective constituency. BJP  MP Ravi Kishan drew the attention towards the extension of UPSC at his constituency.  

 In between instructions for the MPs were often repeated on part of Hon’ble speaker to stick to the text submitted to the chair in advance for the august purpose.

 The medium of communications was either English or Hindi. I could notice the leaders from the cow belt chose to use Hindi whereas those from south preferred English.

 However, MP Nishikant Dubey from Jharkhand representing Deoghar (Godda) had submitted his paper in English but spoke in Hindi with permission granted under current system. He wanted the DRDO extension in his constituency.    

In between I got reminded of my college time as back as 30 years ago. One of the professors perhaps to win hearts and minds of the students announced in the class that he would be dictating a set of eleven questions; out of them the five were sure to tally with.

Interestingly, in question battery of the examinations, there used to be a set of 10 questions and only 5 were needed to be answered to score the marks.

The teacher’s claim was often correct with past records which I had heard the seniors speaking so.  Most of the students were contented and happy. The flipside was that the classroom was almost empty with a thin attendance. They only waited for the day  to get ‘guess questions’.
It stands to reason why I got reminded of my college time. I saw the lower house of parliament almost half of the seats unoccupied, the reasons best known to the absenting MPs. I can say I saw the House of Representatives without representatives.

Sessions of parliament are generally conducted for limited number of days in a year. Even for such a small period, the house often goes without full attendance. Given that their absence does not affect their salaries, allowances and other benefits including a pension.

The MPs are entitled to pensions out of the amount of tax collected from citizens ‘hard earned money throughout their life. On the contrary, the scheme of pensions for government officials is almost abolished. An amount of wage is deducted pro rata for their absence and late arrival from those working in private sectors.  

This is what I observed in my maiden visit to the parliament. Hats off to the security personnel who work very diligently, keeping us safe including members of parliament! Can’t we have one card system in place of multiple cards as mentioned above in the country?  Carrying all of them at times is cumbersome and they can sync into one.

The social entrepreneur Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author and  the Founder of British Lingua. He is regarded as having created a revolution in English training in India with the slogan ‘English for all.’

Let’s Celebrate Constitution Day: Dr. Birbal Jha

Let’s celebrate Samvidhan Divas or Constitution Day or National Law Day today as it was 26th November 1949 when the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the constitution of the country which, however, came into effect on 26 January 1950.

Adhering to the law of the land is not only an honour to the establishment but also strengthening the nation and ensuring the better prospects of countrymen. Broadly speaking, the rights of every citizen are well protected and justice for all is well-enshrined in the book for all to follow.
But can the law be selective? People are often heard saying that what is happening is that ‘one law for the rich and another for the poor’. Is that any way natural delivery of justice for mankind? Rather everybody is expected to be equal in the eyes of the law, more particularly in democratic set up that we have chosen to stay with. A self-chosen form of government is the best possible one. The monarchy is the matter of past. 
However, those close to the power behave like that they are a law unto themselves, leaving the common man beleaguered and victimized of their oppression and inebriation of their powers. Reports are all around. Who will bell the cat?
So what will these commoners do? They will have no option but to choose the path of the saying -necessity knows no law. Who will deny the fact that ‘self-preservation is the first law of nature? On the contrary, nobody should be allowed to take the law into their own hands.  Hence, it is incumbent upon the government to ensure the infallible justice to all.

Let the law be equally applicable to everybody irrespective of their, caste, creed, religion, high or low. This is the high time the philosophy of Thomas  Fuller’s words- “be you never so high, the law is above you” be brought into practice in letters and spirits. This will a real tribute to the architect of Indian Constitution, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar who in every possible manner put in everything for the best possible form of governance and rule.
 What is needed is practice and adherence to the constitution of the country, not the way Shiv Sena has declared that his party will boycott the celebration. The national interest must be above the party politics for petty gains. Blame-game is on. The lives of masses are at stake with Delhi choking. Even the apex court has intervened asking the political parties enjoying the power to unite to work for the cause and stop the gas chamber burning in the national capital of the country.

Shall we wake up to the call on this National Law Day or remain within precincts of our houses passing the bucks?
The social entrepreneur Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author and the Managing Director of Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd having a popular trademark ‘British Lingua’. He is regarded as having created a revolution in English training in India with the slogan ‘English for all.’

Political Marriage of Convenience:Birbal Jha

Where is a moral ground?  The pat counter-question was in response to the resignation sought by the political opponent from RJD supremo Lalu Yadav, who was then the chief minister of the Government of Bihar.

However, he is currently incarcerated in the jail for his conviction in a fodder scam case under different IPC sections. Thereby, he is barred from fighting any elections and enjoying the taste of power either.

Intoxicated in absolute power at the relevant time, veteran Lalu Yadav might have taken only a literal meaning of the word ground, which is the solid surface of the earth, ignoring its wide figurative meanings. Hence, he chose not to budge then. But the legal ground did not spare him, sticking its wise saying - be you never so high, the law is above you.

But the unanswered question of ‘moral ground’ is still fresh in Indian politics whether this ground exists or it has sunk so low that it has become invisible now. A case of Maharashtra politics is the latest pointer.

The melodrama spanning around a month after the declaration of 2019 Maharashtra Assembly election results came to close on Saturday. No instant elected government was formed in want of absolute majority. None of the political party enjoyed the magic number of 145 in 288 seats of the Assembly.

However, pre-poll political alliance of BJP -Shiv Sena was voted to form the government with 105 seats to the saffron party and 56 to its ally. Notwithstanding this fact, Sena backtracked and began to bargain for the chief ministerial post, leaving its big brother in the lurch for number-game. Nothing could materialize and the age old political marriage was divorced with all acrimony for the rejoice of opponents.

The political ideology was assigned to ashes merely for power-hunger. Thus, the veneer of ideological similarities came in full view of the public. Everything hidden so far was unmasked to the bone. Naked dance of politics for power ensued with days passing by.

 Moreover, the drama heightened for a scene-drop. The new scene that emerged was that early in the day on 23rd November 2019, Devendra Fadnavis born in 1970 was sworn in as Chief Minister in succession. He has been able to cobble up the number from the breakaway group of NCP led by Ajit Pawar who is facing corruption charges. God knows what will happen now.

 Shiv Sena that always claimed to be opposed to the ideology of Congress and NCP, a splinter of larger Congress got exposed in the aftermath of election results. It was seen inching as close as possible to both of the political opponents since its inception.

 Breaking all moral grounds for power, it shook hands with Congress and NCP and even declared that Udhav Thackrey was going to be Chief-Minister of Maharashtra which was flashed in all media only to see something else. However, the political acumen of BJP deflated the wheels of Sena, with a masterstroke of winning over the heart of Ajit Pawar led NCP.

But the bigger question of electorate lies unanswered as whom to believe and whom not to believe when it comes to the moral ground. Who has the ideology and who hasn’t?  It is a question difficult to be answered in today’s political scenario.  Morality has taken a back seat whereas hunger for power is in the driver’s seat. The saying fits well here- all is fair in love and war. In other words -all is fair in politics.

The social entrepreneur Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author and the Managing Director of Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd having a popular trademark ‘British Lingua’. He is regarded as having created a revolution in English training in India with the slogan ‘English for all’

Why Dinesh Verma is my Personal Favourite?

Have not you ever paid a visit to Darya Gunj? This was the response of one of my close acquaintances, when I described Mr Dinesh Verma(founder and CEO, Gullybaba Publishing House, world-renowned publishing coach) as my personal favourite.

Here is the excerpt of the reasons that I gave to that person in support of my view

Yes, I often.. I have worked there full-fledged as a senior proofreader, editorial assistant, editor and language(English) editor of all subjects. I have rather learned the nuances of the making of a book in Darya Gunj itself.

When I tell Dinesh Verma my favourite, I have got good reasons to believe. He is the person who has developed himself to the extent that you will feel charged the moment you get engaged in conversation with him.  First of all, the calm disposition that he wears on his countenance will magnetise you for sure. As you proceed beyond few minutes, you will get the warmth of his conversation—right from the sense of hospitality to eye-contact, everything will enthrall you like anything.

Almost all the publishers with some fame and repute are of second generation businessmen, whereas Dinesh Verma is arguably the only publisher with more than 1200 titles to his credit, sans any family background. Another big quality that I noticed in him is that he has an eye for detail. Name any MD of publishing house, he or she is hardly able to tell about the books of his company. But, Dinesh Verma has elevated to the level of publishing coach, nay world-close publishing coach.

He is arguably the most scintillating star in Self-publishing field as well. Name any publisher that talks about vale force and cost force, has a dedicated guy for taking care about the intention of the book to be published, gives royalty on the MRP of the book, gives more than what is promised to the authors, provides insight about each and everything related to effective book making—right from the number of pages a particular author’s book should contain, to make a book come in the category of Amazon best seller—he has the master key to unlock the abundance through book writing.

The staff of his publication house (Gullybaba Publishing House)—Neha Madam, Ritu Madam, Arora Sir, Menka Madam, Monica Madam, Naseem Sir, Jamal Sir, Krishna Madam, Sarita Madam, Sandhya Madam, Rajnish Sir, Farah Madam, Abhijeet Sir, Anjan Sir, Mansi Madam, Mamta Madam, Faiz Sir, Megha Madam— are also like an extension of his own thought and approach. You will find employees working for a decade there.

                                                                                              -----Pratibha Singh

Pitch for Siya- Ram Mandir at Ayodhya

Lord Ram, who is also known as the son-in-law of Mithila where, after breaking the Shiva’s bow, which was a condition for wedding, was married to Goddess Sita, the daughter of Janak, then king of Mithila.

The people of Mithilanchal comprising several districts of Bihar are clamouring for the nomenclature of the new temple to be built should be ‘Siya Ram Mandir’ or ‘Ram Janaki Mandir’ instead of singular Sri Ram. Janaki is yet another name of the goddess Sita.

With the unanimous five member bench of the Supreme Court pronouncing its historic verdict on the Ram Janmboomi issue on 9th November 2019, it is very clear that a Mandir, not a masjid will be rebuilt on the site where Lord Ram as incarnation of Vishnu was brought into the world in the treta epoch.

At the birthplace existed a temple which was converted into a mosque in 1528 under the rule of the emperor Babar will see a restoration in a way as late as in 2019. In the 1928 edition of the Faizabad Gazetteer well recorded this fact of the destruction of the ancient temple of Ram on the site. Remarkably, the British Rule which documented all these was in place during the publication of the Gazetteer, which also brought on record before the apex court.

However, the apex court in its ruling has mentioned the historical wrongs cannot be corrected by courts.

The Supreme Court Ayodhya Verdict running through 1045 pages, in  biblical nature may be regarded as  legal magnum opus which every citizen of the country must possess, study and understand. It has taken several verses of the Ramayana which is now recognized and certified by the apex judicial body of the country. It should be incorporated into the curriculum of higher education in the country.

This is a great example of tolerance practised in Hinduism over eras. What the wrongs committed by then emperor Babar is ,however, being settled by the courts of law at the present moment. Hindus have always demonstrated a great sense of faith in judicial processes in the country. It reaffirms the world view that Hindu Dharma is a great philosophy, practice for mankind, human civilisation and co-existence. The bonding and sense of living together are the basis of Indian cultural ethos and values.

At the same time, female members of society are pointing their fingers towards the approach of male chauvinism. They have begun to raise the voices for equality in all aspects. Fairly good!  However, this is India wherein Hinduism, the pairings like Radha-Krishna, not Krishna-Radha, Siya- Ram or Sita Ram, not Ram Siya are enchanted in all rituals all the time.

What lies in Indian cultural ethos is to give due respect to women folks. The Manusmriti, an ancient legal text among the many Dharmasatras of Hinduism at its verses 3/56 say,  यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः । यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः। Where women are worshipped, there lives God. Wherever they are not worshipped, all actions fail.

Such are the Indian verses, virtues and practices. No yagya, the sacrament is supposed to be complete unless both of male and female partake in the rituals and ceremonies.

“A house without a woman cannot run properly. She often handles the work at home and even outside efficiently. Hence, attaching due respect to the female completes the life cycle. Moreover, creation of mankind is subject to both partners- male and female”, says Gauri Rani from Bihar settled in Delhi with her boutique.

The naming of the upcoming temple needs consideration given that Indian verses, philosophy and recognition of women’s role in human life and the concept of social equilibrium. Moreover, it is more significant when the government has begun to lay emphasis on women education and their participation in every walk of life, be it jobs, politics, administration, management or business houses. 

The writer of this article, Dr Birbal Jha is noted author and the Chairman of Mithilalok Foundation working for socio-cultural and economic development.

Saurath where Match-making Takes Place Under Tree: Dr. Birbal Jha

Have you ever heard of Saurath Sabha or Sabhagachhi? This is a unique shrine for fixing marriages under the shade of trees. Eligible bachelors with their parents sit down with the guardians of marriageable brides, gathering at the place from different locations. Sabhagachhi spread over 22 acres of lush green land falling in the district of Madhubani is 175 km away from state capital Patna in north-east.   

The age-old congregation is identified with Mithila and its surrounding landscape for systematically maintaining a marriage tradition which has been playing a quintessential role in what can be described as Shrishti Nirman (Creation of Mankind).

Though the cases of divorces have become a normal practice in the Western societies and even in many parts of India, yet the institution of marriage in Mithila – the birthplace of Goddess Sita – continue to be as strong as in the olden days with negligible divorces even today.

 Match-making and adherence to the principles of successful married life are so meticulous and socially bound that there is hardly any scope for the proverb- marry in haste, repent at leisure- हड़बड़ी  ब्याहकनपटी सिंदूर. Hence, there does not exist any system of ex-husband or ex-wife what we find in the west with a prenuptial agreements. With traditional rituals to follow, love life in the region is very pure and strong. Conjugal rights are granted post wedlock.  In a nutshell, matrimony is sanctimonious in Mithila lifestyles.

The foundation behind such a strong, institution of marriage is owing to the ingrained ethical values, social ethos, family obligation and uncompromising attitude to adhere to high principles of a successful life and soul-matching.
What’s more, the system of marriage registry, colloquially called panjikar and genealogical records, panji in Maithili has been cautiously but scientifically maintained to avoid marriage between the same gotra (clan). However, Saurath Sabha does not permit intermarriage. An approval for wedlock is sought from the system. What the social marriage registrar issues a sidhant is a kind of marriage approval in itself.     

Bounded on the north by the Himalayas, the south by the river Ganga, the east by the river Mahananda, and west by the river Gandaki, Mithila was able to develop the system of marriage-negotiation congregation as back as 700 years ago. However, many marriage bureaus online and offline have come up in today’s Indian towns.

Moreover, the first svayambara, a self-chosen form of marriage took place at Saurath known as Sitasvayambara in treta era, one of the four epochs.  Noticeably, during the 60th Republic Day in 2009, the Bihar tableau had presented this unique and lively glimpse of Saurath Congregation.

Earlier, such match-making assemblies were held in 14 villages, namely Saurath, Khamgadi, Partapur, Sheohar, Govindpur, Fattepur, Sajhaul, Sukhasaina, Akhrarhi, Hemanagar, Balua, Barauli, Samaul, and Sahsaula in North Bihar. While Saurath maintains the tradition, all other villages have discontinued holding such a congregation. 

In 2017, this writer launched Paag Bachao Abhiyan (Save the Paag Campaign) under the banner of Mithilalok Foundation and appealed Maithils across the world to attend the Global Saurath Congregation beginning from June 25 concluded on July 3 at Saurath in the year.
The holy place having a temple is merely six kilometers from Madhubani district headquarters in Bihar. The congregation takes place every year in the month of Ashadha according to the Hindu calendar.
Earlier in that year, in a letter to Chief Minister of Bihar, Mithilalok Foundation requested to develop a Multi-purpose Community Hall at Saurath Sabha to hold intellectual activities and discourses besides organising the marriage ceremonies in the conventional ways.

Saurath has all potentialities to emerge as a centre of intellectual gatherings in the state of Bihar. It can connect Maithils from across the globe and take them to their roots.  It stands to reason that Saurath’s development will also curb the unabated migration of Maithils and they will return to their roots and enthusiastically, add and accelerate the region’s growth.

Mithilalok Foundation has also put in a strong demand to the concerned agency to accord Saurath Sabha as a national heritage for its unique tradition and cultural values. The legendary place of congregation fulfils all characteristics as per the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s definition as a heritage.

Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author, social entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd having a popular trademark ‘British Lingua’. He is credited as having created a revolution in English training In India with the slogan ‘English for all’. Moreover, he is regarded as the Youngest Living Legend of Mithila.   

Please play no political blame game on Delhi’s Health Emergency: Dr Birbal Jha

Instead of working on long term concrete plan to address the issues, the NCT, as well as the central government, is playing a blame game. Arvind Kejriwal-led Government is reported to be spending money on personal branding in the garb of advertisements, rather than corrective measures for alarming issues. A whopping amount of fifteen hundred crores have reportedly been spent on such eyewash of publicity and advertisements, siphoning off government’s exchequer.

Still worse, ministers are busy posing for photo-ops of handing out the masks which are termed ineffective by doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMs), the most prestigious public healthcare institution of the country.

The people sweating day and night pay direct and indirect taxes to the government for their safety, security, public health and overall development of the nation. In returns, what they are getting is a gas chamber for mass suffocation which is likely to cause deaths.  

What the idea the gigantic think-tank of the government has come up to enforce is the ‘Odd-Even’ system is not even a band-aid solution to the life-threatening problem before all eyes. Again it is a mere publicity stunt on government’s part. What is the logic behind reducing the pollution by just restricting the select male-driven cars on the roads of Delhi?

Schools vans and cabs driven by irrespective of genders are free for movements. Public transports are under no lens. Two-wheelers are no issues. The vehicles driven by females are free from the odd-even check system. The vehicles boarded by VIPs and politicians can move freely as they do not come under the ambit of the supposedly visionary scheme. The individuals owning two vehicles with one odd and even numbers can drive and enjoy the rides any day and every day.

Even I do not have any problem with travelling as I commute to my workplace by metro, though I hardly find a chance to get a sitting berth in metro trains. The only personal grudge I have is that my shirt gets crumpled as the crowd crushes it only to gain a foothold on the surface of metro trains.

The larger issue is public health. On my personal account, even I have developed a breathing problem, chest pain and a feeling of burning eyes. I dread where to go from here. The economic policy of the central government has already shattered the lives of many including mine.   

The corrective measures for controlling pollution may include 1. All the Delhi inbound and outbound trains should have a two-minute stoppage on the outskirts of Delhi which will reduce traffic congestion and pollution as a good numbers private vehicles, taxies and the likes ferrying the passengers will have a lesser frequencies in the capital town. Saving public time, money and energy is earning a wealth for the nation. 

2. The current pollution emitting factories and establishments should be relocated elsewhere with appropriate compensation and certain provisions. Such industries cannot be allowed to run in Delhi and around in future.

3. The central government should enact a strict law against stubble burning and spreading smokes of whatsoever.

4. As a temporary relief and solution to the predicament, the governments should immediately press the services of sprinkling water all over Delhi-NCR.

5. There is a need for a special drive for plantation all around and fixing the accountability for pollution control and mangemnt.

Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author and social worker.

                                                                             ----Shasvat Gethe