A Full-stop Needed on Attacks on Bihari Migrants: Dr. Birbal Jha

Addressing a gathering of hundreds of migrants at Laxmi Nagar in Delhi, noted author and social worker Dr. Birbal Jha said, “The recent attacks on Bihari migrants in Gujarat, the land of Bapu, known for non-violence, is a blot on the democratic structure and values of the country and such a violence and hatred towards any community in the country of billions must be dealt with iron hand. The hands and masterminds behind such anti-social and anti-national acts must be identified, prosecuted under the appropriate law in place and punished for the sake of national integrity. Those guilty of sabotaging the social fabric and taking undue advantage of the situation for their personal gains, must not go scot-free.” 

“Safety, security and the rights of mobility of citizens from one place to another in the country enshrined in the constitution of India must be ensured. It is obligatory for the government in place to ensure that every citizen has the freedom to move freely throughout the country, reside and settle in any part of the country and also practice any valid profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business”, added Dr. Jha, Chairman of Mithilalok Foundation, a non-governmental organization based in New Delhi, working for socio-economic and cultural development in the country.

“Bihari migrant workers are a workforce to reckon with as they play a big role in raising local economy and industrial growth, adding value to the place they move and relocate in search of jobs in order to eke out their livelihood. Many of human resource-based industry will instantly collapse and see the shut-down in the case of destabilizing them outside their home state, where they work. We always  take pride in asserting that India is one and a union territory as well mentioned in the constitution, why is there such a discrimination with people from north India?”, thundered Dr. Jha, who has been working for Bihari migrants for last twenty-five years with his social enterprise British Lingua providing a platform for skills development.

 The cultural activist Dr. Jha, known as Paagman, further demanded from the government a full-stop on attacks on Bihari migrant workers spread in different pockets all across the country in the interest of unity, integrity, and well-being of the nation. Moreover, he appealed to the people in common and Bihari brethren not to take law and order in their hands and maintain brotherhood and sisterhood.

---- Subramanian