Your Fashion Represents your Personality

Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people present themselves. A fashion can become the prevailing style in behaviour or manifest the newest creations of designers, technologists, engineers, and design managers.
According to fashion psychology, fashion and personality are closely related to each other. We have heard it a lot that ‘shoes define our personality’ but   it’s not just about a pair of shoes or boots, whatever accessories we wear, the kind of clothes we prefer can define our personality.  It can also affect our personality and behavior to a great extent.

According to Mary Sheehan warren,  personal fashion consultant and author of ITS SO YOU.  There are four main style personalities—expressive, romantic, classic, and relaxed—but most women will have elements of two or three personalities. The varying fashion personalities explain why women have different tastes in clothing and styling.

Those with an expressive fashion personality choose bold articles of clothing and often find fashion as an art form. Every day is a chance to create a unique masterpiece! Not afraid to try trends or stand out in a crowd, expressive gravitate toward bright colors, funky patterns, and chunky jewelry. The expressive will also go through phases of different looks. For example, they might go bohemian for a month, then switch to 1950s retro, and then surprise everyone with a nineties grunge look.

Romantics will gravitate toward twirling midi skirts, floral patterns, blushing pinks, silk blouses, pearls, and antique jewelry. The romantic loves to enhance her natural beauty by incorporating feminine details and flattering fits. She isn’t just frills and bows—her personality is expressed through many different styles and finds inspiration from vintage Hollywood, the Victorian Era, the country, 18th-century France (a la Marie Antoinette), and many more.

Timeless pieces and structured fits attract the classic personality. The classic avoids fussy prints, trends, and attention-seeking pieces. The classic is all about tweeds, blazers, crisp white blouses, pencil skirts, dark denim, pearls, ballet flats, and menswear-inspired outerwear. She’s always prepared for every occasion.
Comfort is number one for the relaxed personality. But, the relaxed fashion personality knows that being comfortable doesn’t mean looking like a slob! Relaxed personalities know how to look effortlessly cool in cotton shirts, neutral colors, slouchy knits, drop-waist dresses, loose trousers, chambrays, boyfriend jeans, maxi skirts, and chic sneakers. If a dress is too scratchy or a pair of pants too tight, the relaxed fashion personality will pass and opt for an outfit that won’t make her squirm all night.

Even for men, fashion rules apply the same way. The design team at john players have decoded how a man’s clothes can reveal about his personality. Men who wear bright colored outfits tend to be friendly approachable and dynamic personality. Abstract print lovers are mostly outspoken and spontaneous. They are considered very creative. Men who prefer crew necks are logical but delayed decision makers whereas men who prefer v-necks are considered as very chilled-out type. Men who prefer classic formal kinda look are considered culture loving persona who are well groomed. They tend to be very sophisticated and well-organised.

Coming to the footwear, shoes and footwear serve a practical purpose and also serve as a non verbal cue with symbolic messages. Researchers at the University of Kansas made it official earlier this decade with a published study. Yes, in fact, you can judge a person by their shoes.

In the study, participants were shown images of strangers wearing shoes, and were asked to guess the wearer’s age, gender, income, political views, social status, and other important personality traits. They were able to correctly guess an astounding 90% of the wearer’s characteristics — and all that were based just on that person’s footwear!

For men, tip top shoes in men depict fear of rejection. They are always well maintained as they fear being left alone. Funky shoe lovers are outspoken and extroverts-styled pointy toes are considered to be liberal political. These kinds of shoes are often worn by leaders and people related to politics. For men who wear high top boots tend to be less agreeable. They are not very friendly and like to be on their own.

For women, sky-high heels refer to a sense of pride in looks. These kinds of women love attention. Women who prefer wedges and platform heels are more practical, self assured and down to earth persona. Women who are keen to wearing sneakers, sports and training shoes can be athletic as well as artistic. They love to travel and explore and are always on the go.

Women who love wearing loafers and oxfords are independent, creative and versatile but introvert. Women who prefer boots more than any other style of footwear are well sociable, independent and a little aggressive. Women who love wearing flip flops and flats,are friendly, understanding, sweet. They seem to be highly extrovert but they are not.

Apart from shoes and clothes, accessories are also a part of fashion. Vogue editor kirstle clements says that the right accessory does change everything.
1.      BAGS
An oversized bag means you are a girl who is always on the go. It means the person is pratical and critical thinker. If you’re someone who dreams of traveling the world with nothing but the essentials, we guarantee you’ll love having a backpack slung over your shoulder. Tote bag lovers are opinionated. They don’t fear to put up their voice. Girls who love sling bags do not really prefer carrying bags around. For them it needed to carry only necessities.

Jewelry is a tool that you can use to make a statement to others about who you are. If you enjoy wearing big hoop earrings, statement necklaces, or extravagant cocktail rings with colorful lab-created gems, then it’s quite likely that you are the life of the party. Your personality is very likely to be cheerful and you are probably bubbly and outgoing. People like you because you’re so much fun If you are a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, then it’s likely that you have an appreciation for all the best things in life as well as a sense of balance. Your personality is thoughtful, and your habits tend to be orderly. You exude worldly charm despite your pared-down wardrobe..bracelets and bangles deceipt a kind of show off and extrovert personality. You are kind of person who loves chit-chatting and loves to move hands while talking so that you can show your hand accessories. Statement earings' lovers are expressive and fearless, you are a kind of person who loves attention.

If you love to wear a bright watch, then you are most likely to fall into the happy-go-lucky category. Leather straps look classy and signify stability. Girls who love to wear leather strap watches are absolute go-getters and do not shy away from a challenge. You have a more practical approach to life and just like your leather strap, you’re sturdy, dependable and do not stray from your beliefs. Watches with studded dials represent the elegant girl who loves a little drama in life. Unisex watches are becoming popular these days, and women with a strong will and drive tend to appreciate them more. You believe in absolute equality of the sexes, you’re self-driven and you love living life on the edge. You also love to travel, and exploring new places is your thing. You are surely that one person no one wants to mess with. If you love the traditional, round-dial watch with a minimalistic look, then you are old-school and completely at ease with your choices. You like to stick with age-old traditions and you’re most likely to follow rules, no matter what anyone says. Your sense of fashion is timeless and in a room full of people, you’re always the one everybody trusts.

Apart from depicting your personality, what you wear affects your behavior too. that is why there is a particular dress code for different places you g The term Enclothed Cognition is used to describe the effect that our clothes seem to have on various psychological processes like emotions, self evaluations, attitudes, and interpersonal interactions. Clothes affect our behavior and our moods because of the symbolic meaning that we (as a society) ascribe to different types of attire.

When someone wears a formal dress, they automatically tend to act more responsible and work in an organized manner. There’s a reason tailored jackets are associated with being ‘dressed for success’. It seems that wearing formal office wear and structured clothes puts us in the right frame of mind to conduct business. Wearing power clothing makes us more feel more confident [possibly because we call it power clothing]; and even increases hormones needed for displaying dominance. This in turn helps us become better negotiators and abstract thinkers.
Funky and casual looks make you act more relaxed and friendly. You tend to act more sociable.
3.      UNIFORMS
Any kind of clothing that is associated with a specific role activates all our knowledge and expectations about how people from that profession should behave. For example, wearing uniforms and coats can make people more conscious of their duties and encourage them to pay more attention to their jobs. Just wearing a lab-coat during an experiment encourages people to pay more attention (since lab-coats represent serious, attentive professions like scientists and doctors) and make fewer mistakes.

To improve self-image, even copying someone’s style is a good idea. Research shows that a person you consider smart and powerful and whom you really appreciate, if you emulate or incorporate their style mantra, you will feel infused with their qualities as well and you will feel more confident.

Fashion is related historically to an individual’s personality since it gives a general idea of what the person is thinking of and minimizes his personality as well. Personalities have a big and great responsibility; they represent the individual himself. Clothes help in expressing the innermost thoughts, kindness, and feelings. This is enough to know what kind of clothes and what way to wear appropriately. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable for being in a place that obliges us to be with a certain dress while we have a different life style. Fashion simply is our appearance, manners and characteristics. Fashion and personality are related and each one completes the other. So in a nutshell, we can say that fashion depict a person.
                        --Rakshika Priyadarshini