Grateful Mithila pays homage to Atal Bihari Vajpayee

"Entire Mithila is grief-stricken to hear the passing away of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. His departure from life has caused an irreparable  loss to billions of Maithili- speaking people spreading all  across the world.", said Dr Birbal Jha, Chairman of Mithilalok Foundation while  expressing  his  profound grief over the death of former Indian Prime Minister.

Noted author Dr Jha further said, "it was Atal ji, who during his prime ministership, included Maithili language in the 8th Schedule of the constitution of India, which no Maithil can afford to forget. Each of people from the Mithila belt owes late Atal ji.

 Dr Jha , a fan of  Vaypayee's style of communications added, "the Mithila belt was divided into two parts by the Kosi River in the aftermath of the powerful and devastating 1934 earthquake. In order to bridge the division thereby created, the then PM Vajpayee affectionately laid the foundation stone for the Kosi Bridge in 2003, which was however  completed in 2012 and was then thrown open to people living on the both sides of the river ."

"Hence, after a gap of 78 years of pretty long time, Mithila, the birthplace of Goddess Sita was reunited, thanks to the visionary PM Vajpayee, who will always reside in  the heart and soul of every Maithil" , he put forth.

Dr Jha, a social worker emphatically added "Vajpayee was a statesman. He was more than a political leader. He, however, was not a student of economics but aced the economy of the country during his tenure. The initiatives taken by him are far reaching and impactful."

Dr Jha further pointed, "Widening of national highways, what we enjoy today, is a wonderful gift left behind by Vajpayee on which even the posterity will take pride on"

In order to pray for the departed soul to rest in peace, a condolence meeting was held at Dr Jha' social venture  British Lingua, an institute of communication skills, which  he heads as its managing director.