Delhi Committee Koilakh Plans for Overall Development of the Village

Delhi Koilakh Committee is not a stereotype committee. It does not deal with deposits and loans. Money-making is not its aspirations. The only motive of this committee is to do something substantial for the betterment of Koilakh, the most prominent village of Mithila.

The committee takes very paltry sum of money and that too annually from its members. In just 501 rs a year, any Koilakhiya can become its members. However, the quantum of money can be increased on individual basis. The entire money that comes in the coffer, gets used singularly for the religious needs, betterment of the premises of Koilakh Bhagvati and the likes.

The prominent members of this committee are Anand Jha, Jyotish Mishra, Ajay Jha,  Dadan Mishra, Kamlesh(Sikku), Hiranand, Sanjeev Jha, Arun Thakur, Moti Mandal, Abhilash, Anand Jha, KhelanG, D.N. Jha, Avinash Kumar Jha, Kishore Jha, Manoj Jha, Anil Thakur, Kamdev Thakur, CNT, etc.


etc. The meeting of the committee takes place every month. The attendance in these meetings is quite encouraging and the collection as well as members is increasing year after year.

I am sure the collective endeavor of all the Koilakhiyas residing at Delhi will bear fruit and will pave the way for the betterment of Koilakh.

                                                             Ashish Jha

                                                           (member, Delhi Committee)