No any Party Understands the Sentiments of Shavarna: Sanjeev Jha

The national spokesman of the Purvanchal Janta Party Sanjeev Jha took a scathing attack on the political parties of today. Interacting with the people at a function organized in Shastri Nagar, Delhi, Mr Jha said, “This is not done. This is simply not done. No any Savarna can be against the upliftment of the oppressed class of the society, but that should not be at the expense of snatching the basic rights and compelling the Shavarnas to live a life of penury, dejection and rejection”.

Underlining the need of uniting Shavarna and fight for their rights, Mr Sanjeev added, “It is now or never. Every political party has made Shavarnas dance on their tunes, we are bereft of living a life of dignity, let alone jobs and other basic things that are must for the sustenance of life. If the present situation is allowed to continue, and we choose to keep mum, waiting for the opportune moment and time, we will soon find ourselves at marginalized position, nothing to lose-like situation”.

Setting all the speculations at rest, the grandson of Pandit Baccha Jha said, “Yes, I have started toying with the idea of contesting parliamentary election. As I have said, it is now or never. I have decided not to live with the repentance that I did not do my bit to raise protest against a move by the Government to handcuff Shavarnas. Where will our children go? Any one will misuse the rights(absolute) given to one class of the society and we Shavarnas will be at receiving end. Enough is enough”.

Replying on a question on what are his roadmaps with which he will face the electorates and woo them in the 17th Parliamentary Election, Sanjeev stated: “The roadmap is on the way. We are meeting with the people, interacting with them, taking stock of the situation that has arisen against the draconian law by the Modi Government which has robed the Shavarnas of their rights. We are not here for electoral gains, we are here for creating consciousness in the minds of Shavarnas. They should say their representatives that gone are the days of lollypops. We do also have right to live, not only live for the sake of living, but with dignity. I cannot even think to harvest the unrest created in the Shavarna community, but someone should come forward and take the charge. I invite all like-minded people to come forward, join with us and do something substantial for safeguarding our dignity.”