Youth should Come Forward to Shoulder Social Responsibility: Binny

New Delhi: British Linga, a prominent organization working in the field of Communication Skills, organized a discussion program on Sunday in its auditorium in Lakshminagar on the occasion of International Youth Day. The topic of the discussion was "Today's youth and social work."

Addressing the congregation of young and ignited minds, the chief guest of the program Vinod Vinni, former MLA of the Delhi Assembly, said, "Today, the sale of adulterated products has become a major cause of concern in society. People are dying mysteriously. And the government seems to be winking at the real problem. People are being forced to spend their hard-earned money in the treatment of their family members. The money that gets spent in treatment could have been used for education, marriage or for the betterment of the families.

Delhi University’s senior professor and the chief guest of the function Dr Arun Kumar Jha said, "Change is the rule of nature. And youth are the carriers of change. ''Dr. Jha, appreciating the British lingua, said, "This institution has been playing a key role in social uplift for two and a half decades. Through English, Dr. Birbal Jha has been able to uplift the level of life of the people and I urge him to accelerate it and play a pivotal role in the establishment of equality oriented society. "

Dr. Ratnapriya, speaking on the occasion of the World Youth Day appealed to the youth not to fall prey to any kind of intoxication. She said that it is quite depressing that the large number of youths of today is coming under the influence of intoxicants, which, apart from destroying their career, is also becoming one of the greatest impediments for the growth of our country. If they shun these habits, their career will blossom and our country will prosper.

Ashish Jha Koilakhiya speaking on the occasion added, “Youths are the drivers of changes in the society. History is replete with so many examples of this fact. If youth changes, so does the society.

Speaking to the youths, Dr. Birbal Jha, the Managing Director of the British Lingua and a well-known author said, the society is created by the person itself. If the person is good then the society will also be good. When a person becomes self-sufficient then the society will also be self-sufficient and so will be the country.

In the program Mandeep Kaur, a student of the institute spellbound the august gathering with the song composed by Mr Birbal Jha----“Aaj hamare desh ki jaroorat hai –jaroorat hai. Desh ki tarakki mein har yuva ki jaroorat hai”. (Today, our country needs effective contribution of every youth for its prosperity)  Tabla maestro Amrendra Jha made this song speak through the minds of the audience with the sonorous sound of his Tabla.

British Lingua has been organizing programs based on social issues from the last two and a half decades for the overall development of students. Dr Jha is doing his utmost for making egalitarian society a reality through the organization.