New Care Foundation: The Rising NGO in Mithila

The very name Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) invokes mixed reaction to the people. Some think that it is the very tool, the moneyed and influential people use to hide their ill-gotten wealth and present their (false) image to the society. Some believe that NGOs are good, but these are not used adequately and appropriately by its operators. Some do also opine that NGOs are good, but they have not heard about any such NGO.

In the Madhubani district of Mithila, there are hundreds of NGOs with all the prerequisites of an NGO. Though almost all of them have explicit objectives, areas of operations, but what most of them lack is the ground work. They have all future plans and preparations, but not the past works, no any portfolio to display. Right from child labour to green India and Clean India, these organizations have all the subjects of social and national concern in their preamble, but when it comes to do something substantial, they all fall short.

New Care Foundation is the NGO that has made its presence felt since its inception. This NGO is operating from Koilakh, arguably the most prominent village of Mithila. Rajesh Paswan,  the secretary of the organization has been toiling hard since it came into existence and now, he seems to be getting paid for his hard work. Right from diarrhea control to environmental awareness, he has incorporated all the subjects of contemporary issues and has done justice to all.  He organizes campaigns, awareness drives, programmes, exhibition, events to not only to villages, but in the national capital of Delhi as well. Recently, he had organized a programme in Delhi Hat, which was a resounding success. 

Transparency in work and commitment is what drives me, said Rajesh Paswan while talking to Mr Ashish Jha, his schoolmate and one year senior to him in the very High School of the village that has got the distinction of producing record number of successful people since the school started imparting education. He said, “Doing job was never my priority. I was always toying with the idea of doing something substantial for our society, our village and beyond. I ask for blessings of all my seniors, I extend my hands of cooperation to all who have something to contribute, in whatever capacity they can, for the greater good of the society. I am ready to be used up fully for then only I can earn a peaceful life. Society has given me so many things, it is the time to give it something in return. I have big mission and vision for my NGO and I am quite confident that if I find the support of like-minded people, I will be in a position to achieve what I long for, one day.

(This article is based on the conversation of Ashish Jha and Mr. Rajesh)

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