How it is Difficult to be a Birbal Jha

In the lines of Brian Tracy, “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’. After meeting with Mr Birbal Jha, the Director, British Lingua, I found the statement Correct to the Core. Given the success that he has already got, I thought he would meet me with a plastic smile and give me a cold-shoulder treatment.

But, contrary to all these pre-conceived notions that I had in my mind, his jovial nature, no-nonsense approach, electrifying persona, warmth and his in-depth knowledge on Paag, filled in me a great sense of love, respect and honour for this man.
On the way back to my home, I started pondering, “I had never met the Patriarch of Mithilalok Manch, nonetheless he opened the door for me with an all-pervading smile, made me sit comfortably, tied his pet to make me feel at home, asked his children to touch my feet, a rare phenomenon these days; he spared ample amount of time for me, was brutally honest about all that he has done in his life and appreciated my work. Should not I write about him? I should". I treasured every moment that I spent with this exponent of English.

His knowledge of Paag is outstanding. The way he narrated me the evolution of Paag and its significance, made me feel that despite being born and brought up in Mithila, I knew nothing. The Mithilalok Manch, a brainchild of Mr Jha, has made its presence felt far and wide for awakening the conscience of the people of Mithila about their own tradition. It has also been able to cement the social fabric by making Paag, a symbol of not only one cast or one gender, but for all the lovers of Indian Tradition.

The popularity of British Lingua publication is also increasing day by day. With more than 20 titles to its credit, it has already been acclaimed as one of the most talked-about publications owned and operated by a Maithil. No doubt, if anything is written on the “People who made English language for Masses”, the name of Mr Jha will surface prominently.

Today Twigs wish him great luck for his future endeavours and expresses its solidarity for every good work that he will be doing in the days to come.

                                                                 ---Ashish Jha