Women: Yesterday and Today

Like every year, this year too, “Women’s Day” was celebrated. This day is a grim reminder that the foundation of women empowerment is yet not strong. We tend to make cosmetic efforts for the betterment of the condition of women, most of the time our efforts do not extend more than the lip service, giving lectures and returning home without giving a little serious thought.

The complexities with which the women of today have to deal with, is something, the males will not even think of. A women need to be an ideal wife, ideal mother, ideal home maker and the biggest financial contributor. She not only bears the entire legacy of a women, but also live up to the highest expectations of the contemporary society. No doubt, the women of today have started getting placed at respectable position, but the fruits of development have not reached to the poorest of the poor women of the society. Even the women reservation is a distant dream.

 The problem of the women is quite complex. And to understand the plight of the women, what is needed is comprehensive economic and social analysis. Different situations lead to different kinds of problems among women. And it is the responsibility of the society and government to tackle the problems of women. Though the government does initiate a number of programmes and awareness drive for the upliftment of women, but it is not suffice. However, these initiatives have helped improve the situation of the women to a great extent. The women are still subjected to indecency, eve teasing, outrage of modesty, etc.

The reform movements that started to educate women and to ward off social evils related to them helped create an awareness in the society. The contemporary governments have done their level best in order to eradicate child marriage, killing child in womb itself, etc. The society has also changed considerably with the educational activities. Gandhi ji had righty said, “educating a girl child is far more important than a make child, as educated girl child makes her entire family educated.”

No doubt, education is the very key that unlocks ignorance and explores abundant possibilities for the betterment of life. Indeed, women at helm in national and international level have helped earned a respectable position for women. Women of today are more concerned about their rights and position than that of yesteryears. Education has really helped them know about their potentials and create a feeling of demanding equal rights for them.

No doubt, lots have been done, thanks to education, reforms movement and changes of perceptions for the women from time-to-time, but the need of the hour is to make them at par with man.
Ranjana Jha

1205, Nanda Tower
Kaushambi, Ghaziabad