In Nature’s Lap

Don't we all ever think to have an escape in some natural place,surrounded by forests,mountains.. Listening to humming of birds,trickling of water where there is no hustle of urban life,no noise of traffic,no worry of bills, no curiosity of social media notifications?? A place where all the company we will have is us...exploring ourselves. 

In today's life, there is so much rush for everything, hurrying up for meetings, daily chores and other huge lot of work that we get stressed easily. We have somewhere lost ourselves. We try to find happiness in technology, watching movies in theatres, shopping at malls, partying, etc. These things do give us happiness and are important in today's world BUT just for a moment close your eyes and ask yourself "is this exactly the happiness you always wanted? Is this what gives you real joy and peace? Your answer will be a big NO.

These things surely make us happy but they are momentary pleasure. We shop a lot for fun but right after coming to home we start worrying about savings, we make many social circles, but somewhere inside we crave for a true bonding.

So before we completely lose ourselves in this crowd, let's meet ourselves. Go somewhere where you always wanted to. But wait, before exploring the outer world, explore yourself. Close your eyes and go back to your carefree childhood. Remember the child who waited for festivals to go to fairs, buy candies, wear new clothes, who did everything because he felt happy not to upload them on social sites. We all loved to dance like nobody is watching, sing without caring about techniques, fight with siblings and friends, act in front of mirror, play hide n seek, ice-pice, go somewhere on holidays. ...didn't we?

If yes, so at least once, repeat those things—sing aloud, recite your favorite movie dialogue in front of the mirror. Find time and go to children's park because that's necessary. As it is rightly said" we don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing". So, let the child inside you feel alive to catch the happy moments and forget all the worries in a moment. There you will find REAL HAPPINESS and then you will be able to spread it to others.

"Keep smiling as it is only contagious thing that's good" 😊

                                 --Rakshika Priyadarshini

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