The Short Term Skill based Courses that Fetch Better Salary and Perks

Nowadays new technology is developing every day. The knowledge of the latest technology helps a professional find a coveted post, position in the area he/she works in. So, if you are among those professional who want to upgrade their skill/knowledge and advance your career and job prospects, better salary, perks, etc. mastering the new technology is something you should not turn a Nelson’s eye on.

The short term skill based course is the best choice for increasing the ideas and skills of professionals. With the help of these courses, a lot of new things are learned so that you can get more information and get ready for big responsibilities in the workplace. Let's know about some similar courses:
Course selection
There is a need to be extremely careful while choosing a course to upgrade the skill. Choose a course that is linked to your academic qualification and field of study. Also select the course according to your professional experience so that you can later benefit in your career growth. Before choosing any course, please know that you will get new opportunities to do this course. When choosing a course, pay close attention to your interest, increase in salary and career growth.

Digital media and marketing have strengthened their hold on all sectors and industries. Digital marketing has become an important need for any brand to grow. There is no need to spend even more money in digital marketing. By doing a short term course on digital marketing, you will be able to handle the company's social media platform and website well. Many short term courses in digital marketing are present on many online learning platforms.

Main areas- Social media marketing, SEO writing and branding, affiliate marketing and email marketing.
Key Role - SEO Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and Web Analytics Executive.

Business Analysts work in fields like Finance, Planning, Marketing, Sales and Operation. This is an important need for every business. Business analytics has to use a variety of tools and techniques. The cost of business analytics courses is not very high. Any skill based program related to this increases the likelihood of an increase in salary.

Main areas- Logistic regression, data summary, clustering, market basket analysis, decision tree, liner regression and time series modeling.

Key roles - Business analytics plays a key role in the field of IT, e-commerce, banking and insurance, healthcare, HR, biotechnology and law.
Financial Modeling has emerged as a key role in the financial sector nowadays. By doing a course in Financial Modeling, you will be able to build strong models for the company in the field of valuation, operations, investment and finance.

Main area - Creating financial model for company and preparation of Financial Statement.
Key Role - In the commercial banks, giving loans to projects, managing existing projects and keeping track of its performance.

Java is an object-oriented programming language that helps in creating real world applications. Java Professionals get High Salary. Java can be used from small to small gadgets to complex computers. Any short term course in Java programming can be great for your career.

Main area- Architecture, Java fundamentals and their importance
Key Role - Java Programmer, Java Webmaster, Java Web Developer
Big Data Professionals are among the high paid recipients. These help companies make better decisions and take good steps. Big data is created on the Java platform and is a software framework that helps in the collection and processing of Big Data.

Main area- Map Reduces, Junkeeper, HbS, HDFS, Hive, Pig and SQOP
Key Role - Hoodup Developer, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Big Data Engineer and Chief Data Officer. Virtual Reality Video Production

Due to cloud based storage and ultra-fast internet traffic is increasing on the video. In this way, virtual reality video production can get a good salary package when doing a short term course. If you want to make specialization in virtual reality, then you can search internet and find many. This course is taught by video lectures on the distribution of camera, scripting, shooting and content.

Main area - camera, scripting, shooting and content

Main Role - Virtual Reality Video Editor, Virtual Reality Video Assistant, Game Developer