IIT to Increase 1000 Seats from the next Academic Year

Good news for students who want to do engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). With the next academic session, at least one thousand additional seats will be increased in 23 IITs across the country, which will give more students an opportunity to study from this prestigious institute. The Senate of the new IIT institutions will send this new proposal to increase additional seats soon for approval by the Joint Admission Board (JAB), which is authorized to take a decision on this matter.

A senior official of the Human Resources Development Ministry said that the increased number of seats will be in new campuses like IIT Mandi, Hyderabad, Ropar, Jodhpur, Bhubaneswar, Indore and Gandhinagar. But seats in the old campus like IIT Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur and Kharagpur are also likely to increase, although the increase in seats in these institutions will be less. The official said that construction work in new campuses of IITs is going on very fast, so that more students from the next session can get admission in these institutes. Increasing one thousand additional seats will increase the number of students studying in IITs to about 12 thousand. Currently, 10,998 students study in 23 IITs across the country.

Special seats for girls
Another senior official of the Human Resource Development Ministry said that special seats for girls in IIT will be marked from the next academic session. This will increase the presence of girls in IITs. In the ratio of total students studying in IIT, the number of girls is only 8 percent. This year, IIT's Joint Admission Board (JAB) had decided to increase the seats of girls to 14 seats i.e, 600 seats. This has risen the number of seats allocated for girls in IIT to 1440. Now the Human Resources Development Ministry wants to increase it further.

 Option to eliminate unpopular courses
In this academic session, about 400 seats were increased in IITs across the country. Although despite seven rounds of counseling, 121 seats remained vacant. While 96 seats were vacant in the last academic session, there were only 50 seats vacant in 2015. An official of the Human Resource Development Ministry said that IIT has the option to eliminate unpopular courses to fill the vacant seats. Instead, seats for popular and more scope-oriented courses can be increased. However no decision has been taken in this regard yet.

JEE Advance, 2018 website launched
Www.jeeadv.ac.in, the official website of the JEE Advanced Examination to be organized in 2018, has been started. This time IIT Kanpur has the responsibility to conduct JEE Advanced Examination. This examination will be held on May 20, 2018. This time this test will be completely online. According to reports, the examination will be held in two sessions. The examination will contain 2 papers - Paper One and Paper Two. The scheduled time for both paper exams is 3 hours. Let us know that 159540 students took part in JEE Advanced examination this year.

Get Part Time Job and Gain Confidence and Experience

While doing a part time job, you can continue your studies through distance education. There are arrangements for such studies in various universities of the country in many disciplines. IGNOU is the country's leading institute for this. From its website, you can get complete information about its various courses along with the  admission processes. In the course of admission in distance learning courses, there is no fuss as it tends to be in admission in other colleges. At the same time, the importance of the degree obtained through IGNOU is no where less than any degree obtained by any prominent college/university.

Online jobs

Part time job in fast food shops, call centers, production houses and advertisements is in trend. Part time online jobs can prove to be a great option for you. If you have a good knowledge of Hindi-English, then you can connect with country-foreign content agencies for writing or translation. You will get paid per word. Apart from this, you can also explore opportunities in digital marketing. At the same time software companies and blogging also provide both work experience and money. While doing a part time job, young people should be very careful about the many things that can be done to make their career easier along with studies.

Importance of work related to profession

You value the work that is related to your course or profession. With this, after the end of the course, you will get the benefit of the work experience. Understand this as part of the study and try to gain experience from it.

Understand Work Culture

Treat yourself like a campus on the workplace. Understand company culture. The experience gained here will train you for the future job. Not only will you learn new things while facing challenges, but you will also get the skills of work.

Maintain balance

Can you work for hours in such a way that there is no effect on your studies? Keep a better balance in your college, social life and work life, so that you can achieve good scores. Do not bother your studies in a money-making contest. If you are not able to balance, then focus only on studies.

Be disciplined

The excessive pressure of work can affect your studies. Such a disciplined routine is very important. Complete your assignments and projects on schedule. Decide to complete course deadlines too. At the same time, do not spend time with social media, friends, and do not waste your time.

Do not be afraid of the pressure

If you are feeling pressure during work, do not get panic. Face the difficulties. You will learn to move forward only after struggling with difficulties during work.

These are its benefits


Pocket money comes out easily by part-time job. If you earn good in part time jobs, you can also support your study through this money. You can deposit your college or course fees.

Many things will be trained

Part time will work with the skills of the work as well as learning the essential things such as Time Management, Multitasking, Leadership Skills, Stress Management, Creativity, Teamwork, Out of Box Thinking, etc. which will further work for you in full time job.

Will make you a better candidate

Work experience with degree is now becoming a necessary job condition. In this case, part-time job benefits can prove to be a big deal. Through this, you can become capable of getting on job experience while staying in the campus.