Loopholes of Current Education System

Education is an enlightening experience which makes us able to live in a better world.  It is therefore the basic need for every being as education is not only about being literate, but it is also about how to behave, how to speak,  how to deal with your problems and to lead an ideal life and make the society better.

  Education in India has progressed in past few years in both urban and rural areas. But here the matter of concern is-- Is it really serving its purpose? As it is said there are two sides of every coin-- so there are two facets of this issue too. On one hand, it is making people literate, helping them to be aware of their day-to-day problems and issues but on the other hand somewhere people are not getting the fruit of education.

   In India, one needs to get very good marks or come in merit list just to get promotion in senior grades,  either schools or in colleges. Most of the students mug up the subjects or do assignments just to pass or to score good grades, but they may completely forget even the basics after shifting from one grade to another. Why it happens? What do you think?  Because those basics were learnt just to get the grades. Though, it is not the case of all the students, but of course most of us have to face it.

Coming to the assignments, they are given to develop students' skills, concept and understanding, but has somebody thought that do children really gain something from them? Along with their regular studies, these weekly assignments put pressure on them. That's why most of children get their weekly assignments done from their parents, guardians, tutors or seniors, etc.  Some of them get stressed out. One of my nieces got an assignment to make a model showing the effect of water conservation, when she was just six years old and  a student of UKG. She didn't even know the meaning of water conservation.  Then, just think how could she make her assignment on her own ? It's really a great matter of concern and the educationists of today, must not turn a Nelson’s eye on this.

     They may be counted as bright students in the class, but due to such pressure, they get affected physically and mentally. They cannot get involved  in family get- together, neither can spend good time with their relatives or friends,  or get time to take part in outdoor sports activities. Their all-time engagements make them aloof even from their hobbies and ultimately family matters take a back seat for them. This all makes them emotionally weak with the passing time. This leads to so many physical and psychological problems like--- hyper-tension, depression, insomnia, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. at very young age.

Apart from these, those children who get their assignments done by someone else,  do not get any idea of the basic concept behind these.

Some years back, government made value education necessary in primary classes. It aimed to make children learn basics of social and behavioural thinking and manners. Its assignments were created in such a manner so that it could help children develop an all-round personality. But unfortunately, most school administrations follow its syllabus very lightly, just for formality.

In such an education system, how can we expect our wards to be all-rounders, given the facts that the system fall short on providing concepts, but seems to be hell-bent on assignments and other less important things?
                                                                          ---Rakshika Priyadarshini

Christmas Day Celebrations this Year

Christmas is a very important festival for Christians, although it is celebrated by people of other religions as well. It is celebrated every year throughout the world as with other celebrations, with joy enthusiasm. It comes every year on the 25th of December winter season. Christmas Day is celebrated on the occasion of the Birthday of Gesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was born from  Joseph (Father) and Mary (Mother), in the Bethlehem on December 25,

On this day, all the houses and churches are cleaned up, white pottery get decorated with lots of colorful lights, scenery, candles, flowers and other decorative things. All are involved in this festival together, whether they are poor or rich. They all celebrate this festival with great gaiety and fervor. On this very festive day, people decorate all Christmas trees in the middle of their homes. They decorate it with electric lights, gifts, balloons, flowers, toys, green leaves and other items. The Christmas tree looks very beautiful and attractive. This festival is celebrated by all the people in front of the Christmas tree with friends, family, relatives and neighbors. All dance in exuberance sharing gifts and joining the celebration with delicate dishes.

On this day Christian people pray to God. In front of the Lord God, the devotees apologize for their misdeeds. People sing sacred hymns in the praise of their Lord Jesus Christ. Later they share Christmas gifts for their children and guests. This is the tradition of giving Christmas cards to their friends and relatives on this very day. All are involved in the big celebration of Christmas banquet and take delight in happy dishes with their family members and friends.

Children look forward to this day very excitedly because they get lots of gifts and chocolate on this very day. Christmas celebration is celebrated on December 24, in schools and colleges.  Children wear Santa Claus's dress or hat and go to school on that day.

On this day people celebrate by getting engaged in a social gathering, music shows, or visiting malls and restaurants late at night. People of Christian religion worship the Lord Jesus. It is believed that the Lord (the children of God) was sent to the earth to save their lives and protect them from sin and misery. To celebrate the good works of Christ, the Christians celebrate this festival with full festivity, exuberance and devotion to their Lord. This is a public and religious holiday when on which all government and non-governmental institutions are closed.

Translator’s Career

Today the world's eyes are gazed on India. India is in front of the world as a fast growing economy. Every country's political leaders are making a beeline to come to India and talk about more cooperation at every possible level with our country. In working with close consonance with a foreign country, especially with a country where English is not used and spoken predominantly, working knowledge of the prominent language of that foreign country is a must. And this is where the importance of a translator lies.

In this period of globalization, there is a great demand for good translators in languages. Therefore, good translators do not have to worry about getting good work and good money. A translator's career can be a great option for young people who wish to pursue a career in this creative field.

Sit at home

If you make a career as a translator, then you have both options for full time and part time work. Translation work as a freelance for those who want to sit and sit in the house can prove to be the best option.

Opportunities in the field of tourism

With this, you can also become an interpreter. It is a form of translation that has to do verbal work, instead of written work like translation. Traveling tourists are also translators, and in the growing period of tourism, the demand of such people is also increasing which guide as a translator.

Hold on language is necessary

If a Chinese composition is to be translated into Hindi then the translator should have a deep understanding of both the Chinese and the Hindustani cultures. Writing culture without knowing the language proves unimportant, due to which readers are not attracted.

Need to know

A good translator should keep in mind that translation is also difficult with original writing. For this you must first be aware of your language other than your mother tongue.

Patience and stability are also important

It is not enough for you to know English, Spanish, and other foreign languages, just by furiously. The purpose of the translator is to go from one language to another. So you need good information about that subject, with the knowledge of the topic to be translated, patience and stability is also needed as the translator has to do a lot of experimentation from starting up to finish. The exact words have to be selected.

In every language there are opportunities

Many people think translator's work is to translate only Hindi and English. Therefore, he only sees the translation with Hindi and English. Though there is no denying of the fact that the area of ​​Hindi and English is very broad in terms of translation, but in other languages ​​also there are many opportunities for translation. Apart from Hindi, there are many opportunities for translators in Gujarati, Marathi and Tamil languages, if we talk about our country.

Importance of Knowledge of English

A good translator can work not only in his country but also abroad. So try that you hold good in English with whatever language you are translating, because good English can serve you as a successful translator in theses.

Pay scale

In the early days of the job, a translator gets salaries of 15 to 20 thousand rupees. Later, according to your experience, it is increased. You can also do your work as well.

Major institutes

- Devi Ahilya University, Indore
- Sardar Patel University, Gujarat
- Indira Gandhi Open University, Delhi
- Delhi University, Delhi
- Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
- Central Institute of English and Foreign Language, Hyderabad

- Mumbai University, Mumbai
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