Why Distance Learning Education has become the need of the hour?

Distance learning education is a system of education in which the teacher and the apprentice are not required to be present at the location-specific or time-specific. This system is also generous in relation to the admission norms without compromising the requirements of teaching and teaching, as well as quality requirements along with quality requirements.

Distance learning education system includes open universities, education institutions and universities, and it includes dual system of correspondence courses of traditional universities. This system is extremely important for the quality of rational education for continuous education, capacity-upgradation of serving personnel and in the educationally disadvantaged areas, for the living apprentices.

Characteristics of Distance Learning Education:
• In the distance learning, the student does not have to study regularly in any institute
• The number of classes is fixed for all courses and they are studied at many centers across the country
• Remote education has become easy and relevant due to the Information Revolution and the Internet
• Students can study at home living in any state of the country through visual classroom learning, interactive onsite learning and video conferencing
• Students can create their reading schedule as per their requirements
• Less expensive - fees for distance education are quite low
• Absolute - no limit to the number of students
• You can even pursue the course while doing you job
• Even after getting low marks, admission in the desired course is available
• There is no age barrier for any course
• The most important work in remote education is 'preparation of text'. Teachers do not appear in this. That's why text content itself works as a teacher
• Vocational course and professional courses can also be done through distance education along with the usual course
• Nowadays, through distance learning education, students can pursue courses such as Graduate, MPhil, PhD, Diploma and Certificate
• Recognition: The recognition of the courses done by correspondence is not considered low. These are equally important as the regular course

Role of Distance Learning Education
Sociologists say that the education system is a system of social order. Therefore, it is inevitable that the impact of change in social economic systems is on the education system. Therefore, there are changing environments and requirements in the society in the wake of the emergence of distance learning, especially the free education system. In these requirements, due to globalization, there is a need to provide training, skill development and technical development in education sector. More than this, an alternative was needed in most developed and developing countries, in which the gap between the demand and fulfillment of the learners could be reduced.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
The establishment of the Indira Gandhi National Open University also resulted in the changing needs of the country and the need to provide higher education in the form of  distance learning system. When Parliamentary Act was passed in 1985 for this, it was intended to promote higher education and promote quality education through techniques. Providing opportunities to the people so that there is no confrontation in education earning was the main motive of establishment of the university. So, in essence, the purpose of IGNOU has been "the democratization of education".

Having a learner-centric and technical system became the key feature and this is the reason that it has achieved world-class status in a few decades. IGNOU is presenting more than 228 programs today, starting in 1987 with only two programs, Diploma in Management and Distance Education. Currently, around 2.8 lakh people are benefitting from higher education through the network of around 3,000 study centers.

Excellence has become a special mark of IGNOU, in which self-made study materials received Excellence Award by the Common Wealth of Learning in 2013 on the basis of quality. In the same way, it is Mega University status based on the prevalence and quality. It has a regional center number of 67 and many centers are also abroad.

Due to experimental and research, IGNOU has executed many programs every effort to achieve many successes. Several related programs are being run in collaboration with Agriculture Universities, Fashion Academy, etc.

17 Important Things Related to Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy. He was quite different from the common man in his brain, and he gave us a lot. Today we will read some of the interesting facts related to Leonardo Da Vinci:

1. Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to tell the true cause of the color of the sky being blue, that is because the wind shines the light coming from the sun, and if the ability of Nile to spread in comparison to the rest of the colors is greater,  then we see sky blue in the daytime.

2. Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand at the same time and drawing with the other hand.

3. Contact lenses were first suggested by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508.

4. The inventor of the scissors was Leonardo da Vinci.

5. Leonardo da Vinci used to buy caged animals from the market to liberate them.

6. Leonardo was a very hardcore vegetarian, as he loved animals very much.

7. Leo da Vinci was the illegitimate son of a wealthy lawyer.

8. Bill Gates bought Leonardo da Vinci's book Codex Leicester for $ 30 million in 1994. Some of its pages were also used in Windows 95 as Screen Saver.

9. Leo's study was done at home because there was a lack of formal education in Greek and Latin.

10. Leonardo Da Vinci could easily write the word in reverse order, as if we could see it written in a mirror. He would have written it when someone had to write a secret.

11. According to the Guinness World Record, Leonardo's Mona Lisa has paintings most painting in insurance history. After being stolen from the Louvre Museum of Paris in 1911, it became the most famous picture. Its price was $ 780 million in 2015.

12. According to a Face-Recognition software, Leo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% scared and 2% angry.

13. Leonardo made his signature on Mona Lisa's eyebrush puppet.

14. Difficult to believe but Leonardo da Vinci invented some things at the end of 1400 or early 1500 AD. In fact, he had prepared the first parachute, helicopter and aeroplane sketch. He also designed the first repeating rifle and tank, and in addition to these, he also designed the first swing pool, paddleboat and motorcar.

15. It is shocking to know that Leonardo da Vinci has never gone to school in his life.

16. King Francis 1, was also a good friend of Vinci. On May 2, 1519, Leonardo broke his thigh in his arms.

17. Leonardo da Vinci's last words were "I have offended God and humanity, my work did not reach the quality as far as I should have".

What are Aromatherapy Diffuser and How it Benefits?

When talking about aroma diffuser and its benefits, it is essential to understand the true meaning of Aromatherapy. Basically, It is a scientific process which involves the usage of natural oils extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, Stems, Bark or other parts of different plants to enhance psychological and physical well being of human beings.

What are Essential Oil Diffusers?

Electric oil diffuser is the best way to experience aromas from essential oils Electric oil diffuser breaks down the molecules of essential oil into micro-molecules and disperses the fragrance and aromas of essential oil into the air. You just have to put some drops your favorite essential oil and let it do the rest of work itself.

These are used to utilize the healing properties of plants and aromatic compounds of plants. As the diffuser breaks down the molecules of essential oils, it releases natural ozone, in this way it freshens and mends the quality of air of that place. These are best for night diffusion because it is easy to monitor.
The oil diffusers can use by people in many ways. Oil diffusers provide the benefits of oil extracted from the aromatic plants. Oil diffusers allow the essential oil vapors’ to spread in the home and provide a good smelling home.
 10 Reasons Every Home Should Have An Essential Oil Diffuser.
If you’re no stranger to natural living, you’ve probably already read a recommendation or two about using essential oil diffusers to improve your health, increase your energy, or to help you sleep better. The fact is, these handy little devices are great for all of those things and more.
 The top 10 reasons to own an essential oil diffuser and use it every day.
1. Relaxation and 
2. Mood Elevating.
3. Ward Off Illness.
4. Helps You Breathe Easier.
5. Pain Relief.
6. Improve Cognitive Function.
7. Safer Alternative to Candles & Incense.
8. Repel Insects.
9. Keeps You Cool.
10. Saves Money.
Where Do You Get It?
An Elegant electric or non electric Aroma oil diffuser just put some drops of Aroma oil on the top with some water (warm water to get fast result in electric),bulb's and Candle heat warm up the water and give the desired fragrance. The bowl need to be filled with water and power switched on. Put 6 to 7 drops of oil in the bowl filled with water. As the water gets heated the oil by electric bulb & candle, oil get evaporated and it will be fill the room with Aroma.
Trans Creation

Muslim Girls have to spend one night with Maulavi to save their Marriage

It is as brutal as it sounds as if a large number of clerics take advantage of the compulsions of divorced Muslim women. The Maulavis or clerics whatever you can call them  spend a night with the girl, who want to save their weddings under Islamic Law. This disclosure has come from the investigation of a prominent news channel Investigating Team.

These people also take amount from Rs 20,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh to be part of the disbanded Halala's disputed process. According to Nodoh Halala, if a Muslim woman is divorced and she wants to reconnect with her husband, then she has to spend a night before marrying someone else. Then the person can get divorced. After this, she can marry again with her first husband. There is a similar provision in the personal law.

Maulvi gets exposed in the investigation of INDIA TODAY

The Investigating Team has focused on this taboo ritual in the investigation, on which notice has not been taken as it should have been. During the debate in the three divorces on the media and in the Supreme Court of India, the aspect of Halala remained untouched. The investigation of  a news channel exposed many Islamic clerics who, with their charge, looked ready for Halala with such women who are desperate to save their broken marriage.

Imam ready to be one night's Husband
The Under Cover Reporters in Ghaziabad first met Mohammad Nadeem. Imam is in Madina Mosque in Lalbagh adjacent to Nadeem Moradabad. The investigation revealed that Nadeem was already married. Underscoring Reporters spoke from Nadeem as a relative of a fictitious divorced Muslim woman. Nadeem showed respect for this woman to become 'one night's husband'. When the reporter asked Nadeem whether your wife did not refuse, then if there was a reply on whether or not she got the answer, she will not have any objection. The reporter asked again whether you have talked about it with your wife. On this Nadeem said, 'No, I have not talked to him. I have not told him. What is the need to tell him? '

Divorce with guaranty after the night
Imam Nadeem of the Madina Mosque of Lalbagh confessed that he had already done many marriage Halala weddings before. This time, he cited the package deal for his entire "service", which included sex. Nadeem demanded one lakh rupees. He also gave the guaranty divorce after spending a night with the woman, so that according to the personal law, she becomes able to reconnect with her first husband. The investigating team of the news channel  found that the business of 'one night bride' has become widespread.

Maulvi manages easily with 2 wives
The Under Cover cover reporters of Jamia Nagar, Delhi turned to Jubair Kasami. Jubair, who was Maulana, already has two wives. In spite of this, Jubair did not take a lot of time to get ready for marriage for the third time in exchange for money. Zubar burst out and said, "I stay out of the night. Managing with two (wives) becomes very easy. Whenever I am away with a stranger, the first wife thinks that I am with the second one and the second wife also thinks in the same line.
This is not much harder with two wives. 'Jubber told' Fees' on the basis of Mehr. Mehr is a money or gift that promises to give during the Muslim bride's marriage. Jubair said, "Do not worry about anything. I will make all arrangements. If 30,000 rupees of Mehr is fixed, then 40,000 or 50,000 rupees (for taking part in the marriage). There is no problem in this. '

Divorce is the aftermath of sex
The Investigative team approached Mohammad Mustaqim, the next day in Delhi's Darul Uloom Mahmudiya Madarsa. Mastikim, educated in Islamic studies, is ready to spend a night with the divorced women for the marriage of Halala. Moutakim claimed that he had done this work many times before. Moutakim believed, 'There was a woman in the room, I went there and had sex. Before leaving for the morning at 2:30, I divorced him. '

Marriage without formal procedures
Moutakim did the marriage without any pre-defined procedues. The Under Cover Reporter asked Moutakim, 'You have been involved in three Halala. Just really married one occasion. The other two married acknowledged Dia.'mustkim consequences as marriage without Halala, so without marriage, after sleeping with her I went 1 pm Gyak'mustkim donated to the seminary in fees to the 'Service'. Moutakim said, 'You have to pay Rs 20,000 for madarsas. I am willing to do this for any amount. I have done this many times before. '

Three Supreme Court judgments on divorce

The Supreme Court's decision on three divorces be awaited. INDIA TODAY investigation found that divorced Halala marriage for Muslim women dangerous labyrinth is still open. In some cases, the clerics themselves execute the potential deal. Imam Jhirullah the Mewatian mosque Tilganv Bulandshahr introduced to a man as the proposed groom Hlala marriage front under cover reporters to India Today. This man, named Arif, did not give up on his masculinity in spite of having a great age. Arif said, 'My program is set. Today, tomorrow and tomorrow. I am always fit (24x7), mashallah. 'Arif told his fee is  Rs 25000.

All that you may want to know about Car Insurance

In today’s world, when people are seen always on their toes, the car is becoming an important part of our lives. Everyone believes that the car makes your personal life even easier. But given the all-time use of your car, do you really care for its safety? Do you really care for your vehicle the same way you use it for your convenience? Do you take the safety of your vehicle seriously? If your answer to these questions is an emphatic yes, car insurance is certainly for you.

Apart from the fact that your car is the result of your hard earned money, it is also your moral responsibility to take care of its safety. And this is one of the most cogent reasons why your car is needed to be ensured. When you buy an insurance policy, you inspect it thoroughly, but do you have the same curiosity, attention and eyes on detail when it comes to your car insurance?

Car Insurance is not a rocket science

Insuring a car is a common procedure, but knowing some important things related to it becomes extremely important at the time you need to make an insurance claim. Today, we will tell you in some of the most important things related to car insurance in this article. So let us know the essential things related to car insurance:

The car insurance quotes

 The car insurance quotes give you the perfect opportunity to protect your car. In case of insurances, you can make the company in the insurance clause during any casualty accident or loss of any type of car. In return, your insurer company provides you the amount according to your car loss. It is based on a system.

What is the key for car insurance?

 For a better car insurance, give complete information to the company you are hiring to ensure your car. Hiding anything can be fatal for you, especially when you want to complain. Provide the appropriate information to your insurer about your car in full details like your driving history, car user, car details and location, etc.

Why different premiums between different insurance companies?

Every insurance company works with different figures and uses different methods to calculate the premium. Some companies are better in some areas or types, and hence they are always ready to give discounts in those areas.

Why there are different premiums in different insurance companies?

Every insurance company works with different figures and uses different methods to calculate the premium. Some companies are better in some areas or types, so they are always ready to give discounts in those areas.

How is the amount of premium determined?

The amount of premium is based on certain things related to the vehicle, such as year of model construction of the vehicle, registration number, the current showroom price of the vehicle and  whether the customer is personal or corporate.

Can you insure another's car?

Yes, it is not necessary for auto insurance that the insured owner is the owner of the vehicle. If you want to insure someone else's vehicle etc. in your house then you can do it. There is no any legal provision that will prevent you from ensuring the vehicle that you do not own.

Can I renew my vehicle policy online?

Yes, now this facility has become available. You can now renew your vehicle's insurance online without any hassle or difficulty. You can do this within two days of the end of your insurance or within 6 days of the date of the termination.

If there is an accident other than the fixed installment of the insurance, you should tell that no matter what the accident is and wherever you have done your vehicle insurance in any city, it does not matter. Your insurance will be valid throughout the country.

How much is the cost after the accident?

After the accident, companies carry 50 percent of your car's towers, headlights, fiber parts or plastic parts. At the same time carries 100 percent of the loss of car gloves, such as wind shields, gloves etc.

How much will the insurance company have to pay when you claim insurance?

 Before that you have to pay some money to your promoter. If your car is less than the capacity of 1500 cc then you have to pay 500 rupees. If your car has a capacity of 1500 cc, then you have to give 1000 rupees to the company first.

Now, the insurance premium comes in handy. This company rate may be different. Many companies give a few percent discounts on premium amounts. Let's understand this with an example. Let's say that if a company is paying 50 percent discount, then 50 percent of the Rs 10 thousand rupees was raised to 5 thousand rupees.

Now the next and important stop is the No Claim Bonus. This tells you how much money you have to pay for the insurance. If you have not been claiming insurance for the last year, you get a discount of about 20 percent in premium. This discount increases in the coming years if you do not claim car insurance. Remember that we are talking about cars for less than one year and less than two years old. From this point of view, if you look at 5000 rupees, 20 percent no claim bonus is made according to the amount of one thousand rupees. In this case, you get a rebate of Rs 1,000 for premium money i.e., Rs 5,000 and you only have to pay a premium of Rs 4 thousand as premium.

The second stop is the third party premium. This is to compensate for the injury or loss of someone other than you. The amount of premium is fixed according to the capacity of the car's engine. This year is revived year after year. For example, if the Alto car is below 1,000 cc then its premium will be Rs 1,468. For cars with a capacity of 1 thousand to 1,500 cc capacity, a premium charge of Rs 1,598 is charged as well. Where vehicles for more than 1,500 cc have to pay 4,931 rupees. In such a situation, you will get Rs 1,468, which is more than 1 thousand cc engine, it will be added to 4 thousand rupees. In such a case, the total amount will be Rs 5,468.

Now remains the last step. The Personal Accident Cover and Service Tax are also added in the total amount of premium for insurance. 100 rupees as a Personal Accident Cover Whereas 14 per cent of service tax is available. Now, if the total amount is seen, then 14% of Rs 5,486 and add Rs 100 extra discount. In such a way, the total amount is raised to Rs 6,348.

So this was the way the insurer calculation is done. Hopefully now you can easily calculate the insurance calculator yourself.

Why The Blue Whale Game is Banned in India?

The game, called Blue Whale, was the reason for taking away the life of people in Russia earlier, while India is also not untouched by it any more. Even in India, the case of the death of a child has been reported from the Blue Whale game. After that the question must have come in the minds of people whether a true game can be the cause of someone's death.

The Blue Whale Victims
In a recent report, it was revealed that Manpreet, a child from Mumbai's Andheri West, jumped from the seventh floor and took away his life. The reason is being told the Blue Whale Game. The child was in so much depression that he committed suicide. Importantly, about 50 different tasks available in the online blue Whale game played online. After completing the task, you have to mark your hand, which is completed in 50 days and becomes the size of the whale, after which the game has to be sacrificed in the final task to become the winner.

The first case of knowing this game first came in Russia in 2015. It is reported that due to this bloody game, about 250 children have died in the world, in which 130 children are from Russia only. This is the first case of death due to this bloody game in India. But, there is no information available about whether this game was banned or not yet in that country.

Blue Whale is Banned in India
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked the search engine Google India, Microsoft India and Yahoo India to download social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, to remove the link to download the game immediately.

New Delhi: The central government has asked the main search engine and social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo India to remove the link to download this game after getting several complaints about the lethal effect of this game. The online computer and mobile game "BlueWell Challenge" was so famous among the children. This game is a wizard to end life. The children follow the game and end their lives.

An Initiative Taken by Maneka Gandhi
In the directive released on August 11 by senior director Arvind Kumar, on August 11, in addition to the BlueWell Challenge game, it has asked to remove links to online games with similar names. After complaints of instances of suicidal tendencies in children playing this game, the Central Government has banned the 'Blue Whale Challenge' on demand of other state governments including Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra. Earlier, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi had also asked the government to ban this game. This initiative has been taken after information technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad received complaints about the game.

Instructions for Search Engines and Social media platforms
With the ban on this game, the Ministry has instructed all search engines and social media platforms to remove the link to download the Blue Whale game, so that it is not possible to use or search. An official said that on the social media platform, many pseudo-proxy URLs or IPadresses had already been created, considering the restrictions on the game. In view of this, the government has asked the search engine and social media websites to remove links with similar names or URLs with the Blue Whale game.

With the ban on this game, the Ministry has instructed all search engines and social media platforms to remove the link to download the Blue Whale game, so that it is not possible to use or search. An official said that on the social media platform, many pseudo-proxy URLs or IP addresses had already been created, considering the restrictions on the game. In view of this, the government has asked the search engine and social media website to remove links to similar names or url games from the Blue Whale Challenge game in their instructions.

Keep an eye on the habits of your Children
All this will be truly childishly said that when a person plays a game, it is so lost in it that he does not have an idea about the things that happen around him. In this case, the need to keep an eye on the habits and behavior of children, who are engaged in the day-to-day life of the Internet and the mobile, is required. Considered smartphones are an integral part of our lives and gaming is not a bad thing in the free time, but during gaming, you can put the problem in trouble. Especially for children, such problems will be called very sensitive.
                                                                                            ---Ashish Jha

PM Modi Addresses Nation on the Occasion of Independence Day

New Delhi: The country is celebrating 71th anniversary of Independence today. There is an atmosphere of joy in the whole country. Independence is celebrated in every state of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the national flag on the Red Fort for the fourth time today. Today, PM has congratulated the people of the country on the Independence Day through his tweet. On this occasion, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the rampart of Lal Quila.

Addressing the nation, PM Modi said:

Best wishes to the countrymen on the auspicious occasion of Independence. He said that today the entire country is celebrating the festival of Janmashtami along with the Independence Day. He said that from Sudarshan Chakra Dhari Mohan to Charkha Dhari Mohan are in attendance today.
 Our inheritance is our heritage. For the country's independence, thousands of people sacrificed for the pride of the country, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives for the glory of the country and all the countrymen bow their heads in respect for those great teachers, mothers and sisters.
PM Modi said that sometimes natural disaster becomes a challenge for us. Good rain contributes to the flowering of the country. But there was a natural disaster due to climate change.

He also mentioned the incident of Gorakhpur. He said that at the time the whole country is with them. He said that we will do everything to facilitate the people. He said that 75 years of Quit India has been completed. The PM said that by 1942-47 people of the country fought hard and forced the British to quit Hindustan. He said that the slogan of 'Quit India' was, now is the slogan of 'Add India'.

PM Modi said that there is no small person who is not small and no one is big. A squirrel also forms part of the process of change. He said that in 2022 we can bring changes through collective power. Everyone in New India will get equal opportunities. Our countrymen have made their presence felt across the globe. PM Modi said that we will take the resolution of New India for the next five years.

PM Modi said that everyone was doing their job and now everyone has a feeling that he was contributing to the country's independence. PM Modi said that in order to liberate the country from poverty, our very duty must have in the spirit of nationalism. This increases the strength of the result several times. PM said that 2018 is special for people born in the 21st century. He said that they would all be of 18 years old this year. They can make their contribution in the country.

PM Modi said that gone are the days of Chalta Hai attitude. He said that we are changing now, we should have faith on change, change for better will invariably take place. PM Modi said that when there is a means and faith, then only there comes a change.

The PM said that the security of the country in the independent India is a natural issue. He said that every uniform force has done its duty on every urgent occasion. He said that terrorism or Naxalism is not accepted in the civilized society. When there was a surgical strike, the world knew the strength of our people, considered our might. He said that security of the country is our priority. Whether it is ocean or soil or sky, our safety is our priority.

PM Modi said that people who have robbed the poor are now robbed of their sleep. People have come to have new faith. He said that the law of Anonymous property was kept for years. We implemented in such a short time, an unaccounted property worth 800 crores was seized.

He said that the case of OROP was stuck for 30-40 years. This government has completed it. He said that Federalism has been promoted by GST. PM said that GST has been implemented successfully. It succeeded in such a short time. Today the road is going on at double speed. Today rail tracks are being set at double speed.

He said that bank accounts of 29 crore poor are opened. 9 crore farmers become a health card holder. Now, the country will go on the fast track of progress. The youth get loans for employment. Now, the entrepreneurs get less money on interest. Then the country moves forward and people believe in it. He said what the government says today, does it. Third and fourth grade job interviews have been abolished.

PM Modi said that today India’s credibility is increasing in the world. Today the whole world is with us in action against terrorism. People are giving us all the information. We are giving our support on black money. He said that global peace is also being used in the peace and security of India.

He said that along with the government of Jammu and Kashmir the country is with them. We will build Kashmir again  heaven. PM Modi said that the problem will not be solved by abusive, nor will the problem be solved by the bullet , but only by embracing them. At the same time, PM Modi said there would be no compromise with terrorism. Everyone will be connected to mainstream. He said that with the efforts of the security forces, people are now joining the mainstream. Naxalism is decreasing substantially.

He said that the Government of India is launching a website which will have information about the people receiving the Gallantry Award. He said that with the help of technical help, our fight against black money will continue. He said that the basic transparency is being brought. Corruption is no longer a norm.

PM Modi said that there was always a mismatch on the style of functioning in the central and the states on several issues. Urea was also an issue in this. It is now over. He said that now there is a time of competitive Federalism. Center and state are working together in the electricity business too.
All the states of our country are working side by side with the Indian government. Democracy can not be restricted to ballots. He said that Swaraj is our birthright. There is a right in the state. He said that when it came to abandoning gas subsidies, people came forward themselves. People in the blockade supported the government. Today the government is getting successful in cracking down against corruption.

He said that the country is moving forward with the tradition of people's participation. He said, referring to Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Kisan. He said that the production of pulses has been started . He said that there was no tradition of buying pulses in the country.

PM Modi said that the farmers of the country are facing water problem. We are working in this direction and soon they will end this problem. He said that farmers' problems will be eliminated from seed to market.

PM Modi said that youth have got jobs with the money scheme. He said that the government has done a lot of work in the field of education. The job of linking education to the job is being done. Changes have been made in employment law for mothers and sisters.

He talked about the issue of three divorce issues. He said that the victim women did a strong movement. He said that the country has created an atmosphere of justice for all, injustice for none. He said Hindustan would help him in this fight of these women.

He said that some people do wrong things in the name of faith. He said that the poison of communalism and racism damages the country. He said that violence can not be given place in the name of faith.

PM Modi said that in three years, the government did many things. He said that we are trying to take the country to new track and are trying to make the progress of the country not slow down. We have promoted every kind of infrastructure.

After making SIT on black money, PM Modi said that so far, Rs. 1.25 crore has caught in black money. He said that the government also carried out black money through the ban on bondage. He said that nearly three lakh crores have returned to the banking system after the crack down on black money. He said that the amount of two lakh crores of rupees is in the circle of doubt. He said that now everyone has to answer. He said that millions of new people have filled ITR. He said that 18 lakh people have been identified, whose income is very high.

PM Modi said that after the ban, it was discovered that three lakhs of companies were found who were working as hawala. The cancellation of two million registrations was canceled. There were 400 companies running at the same address. He said that the youth of this country is fighting for the future. He said that GST will help in this fight considerably.

He said that due to GST the benefit of the transport world has been benefited. He said that digital learning is on the rise. We should move on a low-cash plan. He said that dialysis has been delivered in every district of Hindustan.

We are making names in the world by Tejas airplane. The use of Bhima app has increased. He said we proceed with the resolution of New India. If no work is done at the right time, then the desired results are not achieved. For Team India, we have to take a resolution. Take a resolution of New India till 2022. The poor have a strong house, electricity, water. The farmer of the country does not sleep in peace.

PM Modi went to Rajghat before going to Red Fort. He offered floral tributes there and paid tribute. 

Best and Most Reliable Car Insurance Quotes in Colorado

The State of Colorado, also known as the Centennial State, is known for its rocky mountains and Great plains. Its mountains, landscapes, mesas, plains and deserts make it a place of scenic beauties. The capital of this city is Denver. The mountains and the surrounding valleys play an important role in its local climate. Though the city has to face flood sometime due to the melting of the snow in the mountains, but more or less its climate remains salubrious. Good climate, greater transportation network and being one of the most important cities of US, most of the people love to live here. More population here results into more cars on the road.  And more cars means more queries regarding the best and most reliable car insurance quotes in Colorado.

When you drive in the Centennial State, make sure you have valid Colorado car insurance, no matter whether you are heading to the hospital or just hitting the slope. If you do not pay much heed on having the most reliable car insurance in Colorado, you may end paying penalties, in the range of moderate to heavy one. If you fail to show the proof of the insurance while driving your car, you may face the penalties up to $500. Moreover, insult may be added to your injury: you may get more slap on your face. Points may get added to your driving record, you may even have to face the suspension of your license and community service hour, so on and so forth. In order to register vehicles, you will have to show proof of insurance to the Colorado Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Colorado Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

If you are among those vehicle owners who drive on the roads of Colorado roads, you will require to have at least the following things on your insurance policy:

  • Bodily Injury: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage: $15,000 per accident
  • Uninsured Motorist: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident*
  • Medical Payments: $5,000 per accident*
It is important here to note that the Uninsured Motorist and Medical Payments can be rejected by signing an option form

Laws on Driver’s visibility in Colorado
Colorado is one of such states in the Union that has distinct laws regarding the height of the vehicle. Visibility of the driver also needs to be uncompromised, no matter what the driving position is. Mind, if the height of your vehicle and your visibility level is not in accordance with the standard set by the state, you may lend into trouble. Police may pull you over while fastening skis and other equipment to the roof. If there is ski tip that is obstructing your visibility through any of your vehicle’s windshields or windows, you may not be allowed to drive further. If you drive SUV or van and you place a ski rack, make sure that the rack does not exceed the state’s maximum allowable height of 13 feet. Otherwise, you may have to cough up fines and surcharges.

Important things to know in Car Insurance Quotes in Colorado

In order to get the best Car Insurance Quotes in Colorado, it is better if you have the following information:
Ø Your Current Policy: In order to know as to what coverage you currently have, know about your current policy, if you have any.

Ø Driving and Record Information: You will need to have foolproof information regarding accidents, violations and claims in the last five years.

Ø License Number: The license number of your driver will be required to get the Car Insurance Quotes in Colorado.

Ø Important things about your vehicle: You will be required to submit the vital information about your vehicle, such as its Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, its make, model and year.

Ø The Odometer Reading: Whenever you want to get an insurance quotation in Colarado, you will be required the odometer reading of the car you want the quotation for.

Cheap Car Insurance in Colorado

All those vehicle owners, who seek the companies for getting the best and most reliable car insurance quotes in Colorado, want to know as to know the name of the company/companies from where they can get the cheapest car insurance quotes. Based on the survey conducted recently, it was found that there are certain companies that indeed provide cheapest rates in Colorado. I will like to give the names of five such companies with minimum insurance rates. Here it is: Grange, State Farm, American Family, Auto Owner and the Hartford. Based on your location, you can select any one of them.