Friendship Day Gift Ideas this Year

Friendship is not a condition, nor friendship can be priced. Friendship is just done. You may be chatting with your friends every day, spend time regularly in the company with each other, but when it comes to Friendship Day, the opportunity becomes special. In this case, if you are also in the dilemma as to what gift is to be given to your dear friend this time, we will bring a lot of Friendship Day Gift Ideas  to help you overcome your problems. You can make your best friend happy by choosing any of these gifts.

When you make a gift to your friend by adding memories of your friendship, then your friend will be more than happy. If you wish, you can gift your friend's best photos in the form of an album, collage or calendar, to your friend.

We are sure that in the days of your school, friends will be bound to have a lot of Friendship Bands and you may be thinking that the Friendship Bands have become old fashioned now. But it's not like that. You can still create colorful Friendship bands for your friends to refresh your old memories. Friendship Bands are still one of the best Friendship Day gift ideas.

To discuss your problems, or to chit-chat, you may have had coffee with your best friends at several times. So, why not give your friend a coffee gift. You can get decoratively superlative coffee mugs from departmental store or order it online. You will get many quoted words of friendship written on these cups and you might correlate your emotion with any of these cups. Every time your friend sips coffee, you will be remembered.

Girls do not have too much diet concerns, they love chocolates. So if you are not able to decide as to what gift you should give to your friend, then you can give her chocolates. Chocolates are indeed one of the most popular Friendship Day gift ideas.

Apart from chocolates, there is one thing that girls are very fond of - and these are bags - whether it is handbags, sling bags, clutch or tote ... when buying a bag, keep in mind that your friend does not have that bag beforehand. Apart from this, if your friend is fond of reading, then you can give her a good book in  gift.

If your budget is not high, then you can also gift a card or a keychain to your friend. There is one card available in the market for Friendship Day, which has good messages. Choose any good card you want to claim your friendship.

If your friend is fond of eating, then you can gift cake or brownie on the occasion of Friendship Day. But make it with your own hands instead of buying it from the market. Bake the cake or brownie of the flavor that your friend may like.

If you wish, gift your best friend a formal shirt. This shirt will not only remind you of your friend, but it will also get an idea of ​​how girls, boys, want to see in clothes. If you want you can gift a fun cap to your friend instead of shirts. Nowadays there are one color and variety caps available in the market. Keep in mind that choose a cap that will make the clothes complicated.

Boys often forget about important dates and events, so the diary and pen are their most gifted gifts. You can also customize the diary if you wish. In any case, boys like gifts that they can use in their day-to-day life. Hence, a diary and pen can be the best and what can be.

If you know the best friend well then you will know how much he likes this gift. Boys have a lot of attachment from mobile and a good mobile cover is an idle gift for them. You can also customize the mobile cover or you can buy even those designs available in the market such as Batman, Superman, beer glass shape, etc.

There are lots of options for girls, but when it comes to boys, the gifting options become very limited. In such a situation, if you wish, this time you can gift your best friend suitably on the occasion of Friendship Day.

Security Council to vote on strict sanctions against North Korea

United Nations: Today the United Nations Security Council will vote on the draft of that proposal in the United States, in which North Korea has been asked to impose strict sanctions. Ambassadors say that this proposed restriction on the export of certain things may result in loss of one billion dollars in annual revenue to North Korea. After a few months of talks with the US, the US has reached an agreement with China to put pressure on North Korea to stop its missile and nuclear tests. China is the main trading partner and affiliate of North Korea.

The ambassadors confirmed that the new restrictions in the Security Council are to be held today at three o'clock in the local time. According to information received from AFP, the proposal calls for a ban on export of fish, seafood and cash, iron, iron ore along with cash-dependent country.

According to an ambassador attached to the talks, if all countries implement this ban, then one-third of the income will be reduced (by $ 3 billion) to North Korea every year. The Ambassador told reporters about the draft that he has "complete confidence" in this matter that China and Russia will support the proposed sanctions.

With the support of its European allies Japan and South Korea, the US is pushing for the United Nations to impose more stringent restrictions in response to the test of its intercontinental ballistic missile on July 4 in North Korea. Upon the passage of this proposal, North Korea will not be able to increase the number of its workers abroad, which will lead to the establishment of new industries and new investments in existing joint ventures.

It has been said in the draft proposal that North Korea is responsible for developing its rare resources in the development of nuclear weapons and for making expensive ballistic missiles. These new restrictions will be the restrictions imposed by the United Nations on North Korea for the first time since the first nuclear test in 2006, for the seventh time so far. However, there was no change in North Korea's behavior with these restrictions.

Under the new proposal, the ships of North Korea who are found to be violating the UN proposals will be barred from entering the ports of all countries. Like China, Russia, who has veto power in the United States, has warned that it will not support such sanctions, which will harm the humanitarian crisis of North Korea.

The US and its allies argue that stringent restrictions are necessary to force North Korea to negotiate for its ban on military programs. Meanwhile, China and Russia said that only restrictions will not change the behavior of North Korea and negotiations are necessary to deal with this problem. On reaching the final stage of the talks in the United States, US Secretary of State Rex Tyleron announced that America does not want the government to change in North Korea and she is keen to negotiate with North Korea.

Vice President poll today, Easy win for Venkaiah

New Delhi: Voting for Vice Presidential post is today. Just a day before this, the BJP organized a workshop to explain the process of voting for MPs and allies. It is being told that the party leadership made this effort so that the vote can be saved from being bogus. It is reported from sources that the votes of 10 MPs were found to be illegal.

BJP President Amit Shah apologized when such a large number of MPs were found to be wrong. He also asked his MPs to vote with caution. All NDA MPs have been asked to gather outside Parliament Library at 10 in the morning. Despite the recent election of Presidential election, 21 MPs' votes were found to be illegal. It is believed that most of them were of the BJP.

Today's workshop also participated by AIADMK, TRS and YSR Congress’ MPs. In today's workshop, Venkaiah Naidu himself also joined and urged all MPs to vote in their favor. PM Narendra Modi also addressed the MPs and appealed for Naidu's favour.

Naidu is in a very good position among the 787-member effective electoral college of both houses of the Parliament. The NDA has got a clear majority in the Lok Sabha and some political parties in South India also have his support. There are 543 members in the Lok Sabha and 244 in the Rajya Sabha. Two seats are vacant in the Lok Sabha and one in the Rajya Sabha. According to BJP officials, in addition to 81 members of the NDA Rajya Sabha and 338 members of the Lok Sabha, 50 members of AIADMK, 10 from YSR Congress and 14 members of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti will also vote in favor of Naidu in both the Houses.

In this way, with 493 members, Naidu will easily get the required 394 members, the required strength. The BJP is expected to get 500 votes. The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, former West Bengal Governor and former diplomat Gopalakrishna Gandhi is a candidate for the opposition. They have the support of Congress, Left, Nationalist Congress Party, DMK, Trinamool Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party and National Conference. Janta Dal (U), which has now joined NDA, has also announced support for Gandhi.

The Indo-China Stand off

In the past, about 50 soldiers of the People's Liberation Army of China came violating the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Uttarakhand, one km away in the Indian territory, which were soon stopped by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

China is exploring new opportunities to incite India, which will create a war-like situation between the two countries. China wants to tarnish the image of India at the international level too. India and China are two major nations of Asia, whose population is approximately 2.7 billion and both nations have nuclear weapons. If there is a war between these Asian giants, then surely destruction will be at wide scale, and it will have negative impact on the economies of both the countries.

If the opinions expressed by the strategic experts are to be believed, China will not fight with India, the stand-out will remain like this and this is just the political rhetoric of China, which is being used to make pressure on India. China wants to maintain its global dominance in domestic politics, so it will not spoil its international image. On the other hand, India will not take the initiative of war on its own, nor will it come under pressure from China to call its troops back. Nonetheless, India and China will have to find a diplomatic solution only after meeting together and talking.

After the fifty years, the stalemate that has arisen between India and China, has increased due to which the tension is increasing between the two. Doklam Plateau belongs to Bhutan's sovereignty territory. This is a geo strategic Tri-Pact area, where India, Bhutan and China meet the boundaries of the three countries.

China wants to make a road in this geo-strategic area, so that it can increase its influence in this area. From India's geo-strategic security point of view, China's presence in this region may threaten its sovereignty in future. Siliguri-Galiara, popularly known as Chicken-neck, is only 21 km from here, which works as a lifeline for the northeast states. It is very important for India to keep this area safe from Chinese influence.

There are close links between India and Bhutan. When Bhutan urged India for assistance, not delaying a moment, India sent its army troops to the security of the Dokalm region. On one hand, this military action of India strengthened the security of the geo-strategic interests of the two countries, but on the other hand, there was a stalemate between India and China, and soldiers of both the countries. Each other side are positioned face-to-face. If its diplomatic solution was not settled in time, then the conditions that are happening, it seems, that war may even broke out  between India and China.

The interesting thing is that the Doklam dispute is a matter between Bhutan and China, not between India and China but India is taking part in this controversy from Bhutan, being sensitive to its security point of view. Also, India says that the border line between India and China is at Butang-La, while China believes that this borderline is on Mount Gimpochi, which is three miles south of it. If China is right, then it will get access to the Dokalm Plateau. Consequently, the Chinese army can easily capture the chicken-neck area.

On this whole issue, many statements came from both sides of India and China. Colonel Wu Kian, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Defense has said, "It is easy to mobilize the mountain rather than move the People's Liberation Army."
China wants to remind India that according to India's logic, at the request of the Pakistan government in future, the third country's army can enter the disputed region of India and Pakistan. On the other hand, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat also acknowledged the possibility of India-China war, saying that the Indian Army is fully prepared for the two-and-a-half war war.

India's Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj says that China's unilateral action in the Doklam Plateau poses threat to India's border security, and safeguarding it is a matter of national honor for India. As a result, both the countries are completely unaffected by their national interests and no nation wants to retreat. If both nations remain on such a similar situation, then the chances of war will increase. And both countries will pay a heavy price.
                                                                                                    ---Ashish Jha

Modi’s letter has touched my heart: Pranab Mukherjee

New Delhi: Former President Pranab Mukherjee has made a public letter written on behalf of Prime Minister Modi on Thursday. Pranab Mukherjee has issued this letter while writing that the letter written by the Prime Minister touched my heart. This letter was written by Prime Minister Modi on July 24 to the former President. Importantly, that day was the last day of Pranab Mukherjee as the president of the country. The former nation's head has made this letter public by means of his Twitter account.

 Pranab Mukherjee
@ CitiznMukherjee
On my last day in office as the President, I received a letter from PM @narendramodi that touched my heart! Sharing with you all.
9:14 AM - Aug 3, 2017

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On Pranab Mukherjee's tweet, the Prime Minister has written that it was quite heartening to work with you. In this letter written to the former president of India, Prime Minister Modi has addressed him by writing 'Dear Pranab da'. PM wrote in the letter that through your guidance from time to time, my self-confidence increased. Significantly, even before that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had described the former President as 'guardian and guide'. He had said that after assuming the office of Prime Minister, he had showed me the path on various topics and remained my guardian.

In a program held before Pranab Mukherjee's tenure as a president, Prime Minister Modi also mentioned his emotional association with the outgoing President that Mukherjee had taken such a view of him as if a father keeps his son. While releasing the book 'President Pranab Mukherjee: A Statesman', Modi had said that he was fortunate that he got Mukherjee's support in his early days in Delhi and there was no such meeting in the last three years when the President had accompanied him and did not treat him like a son.

Modi said in a toneful manner, "I am speaking like that. Like a father takes care of his son. "The Prime Minister said, 'Pranab da says, Modi, you have to rest for half a day. Why do you run at such a fast pace? You should shorten your program. You should take care of your health. "Modi said," During Uttar Pradesh elections, he said to me that victory and defeat always prevail, but you keep your body healthy.

Mukherjee also praised him for expressing his deep gratitude towards Modi. They said that the views of both were different, but they kept it to themselves and worked in close consonance. Mukherjee said that it did not affect the relationship between the President and the Prime Minister. Mukherjee said that he often asked for clarification from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and he often kept the government's stand on various issues and Jaitley often explained him as a competent and effective advocate, as he is.

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed to make Foray in Politics

Islamabad: Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief and mastermind of the Mumbai attacks, terrorist Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has decided to join politics. Hafiz Saeed has petitioned the political party for the name of 'Milli Muslim League' in the Pakistan Election Commission by its organization Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Media reports say that Saeed wants to launch his party in a function in Lahore on the Independence Day of Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed has asked to form his political party at a time when Pakistan is going through a period of political upheaval. In the Panam case, Nawaz Sharif has resigned as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Hafiz is looking at this opportunity as the right time to get into politics. Saeed is said to have good penetration in ISI and the army of Pakistan's intelligence agency. In such a situation, if he gets permission to form a party, then he will try to make his entry into Pakistan's politics.

Detention of Hafeez
In Pakistan, officials in Punjab province recently extended the period of detention of mastermind Hafiz Saeed for the Mumbai terror attacks to two more months. Officials have cited this step to keep up the public order. Jamaat-ud-Dawa Chief Saeed is detained since January 31. In April his custody period was extended for three more months.

Saeed was detained in January
On January 31, the Punjab government had taken Saeed and his four close associates Abdullah Ubaid, Malik Zafar Iqbal, Abdul Rehman Abid and Kazi Asif Hussain under the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997. Saeed's custody period has been extended under the Punjab Maintenance of Public Order.

Notification was extended

In a notification issued on 28th July last year, the Home Department of the Punjab Government said that on the recommendation of the Federal Home Ministry Saeed's custody period is extended for another 60 days. According to the notification, the period of custody of Saeed and four others was ending on July 27.

Sharad Yadav and JDU will part ways?

Since the government's fall in Bihar and the formation of the BJP-JDU government, Laloo Prasad Yadav has been continuously  attacking Nitish Kumar. Not only this, he has been talking to the media about the angry JDU leaders. Now RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav has said that former JD (U) President and senior leader Sharad Yadav is coming to Patna to meet him on August 8. Lalu Yadav said this to Ranchi media workers and with this, the speculation has been started and JDU sources have clarified that if this is the case then efforts to placate Sharad Yadav will stop.

Let us say that after leaving the coalition of Nitish Kumar and forming a Government in Bihar along with BJP, Sharad Yadav is continuously angry. His closest people made it clear that he was not happy with the party's decision. On the other hand, it is also a important to note that Sharad Yadav has not done any direct attack on Nitish Kumar, but he is constantly attacking the Center's Narendra Modi government. Now JD-U and BJP have a mixed government in Bihar.

Sharad Yadav has convened a meeting of similar thoughts’ parties on 17th August. At the same time, the JDU executive meeting has been convened on August 19. It is believed that the call for such a meeting before the crucial meeting of the party is a clear indicative of their next political intentions.

Sharad Yadav, many times, has accused BJP as a communal party and he is quite indignant with the decision of Nitish Kumar to join the hands of the communal BJP.

Trump Announces New Immigration Policy

US President Donald Trump has announced an immigration system on Wednesday, through which many people can get America's residence card on merit basis. If this proposal is passed in the Congress of America, then it can directly benefit many countries including India. This act is being called the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act.

The system that is running this system will end and the point-based system will come directly. Through which good English speaking skills, studies, good job will be kept in view.

Announcing the act in the White House, Trump said that due to the coming of this act, poverty will be reduced, while the people who pay tax will also be left with money. Through this, people from other countries will get green cards for the US. Trump says that through this act, the old system will start, according to the rule, the point-base system will start.

After the coming of this Act, it will be easy for those people to get a green card, who speak good English, who are able to afford their own expenditure and can promote the economy of America by their skills. He said that this system would not be able to discriminate with any American employee. Trump said that now it will not happen that any one will come to America, and start making money easily. If you have the skill then you can work here.

After coming to power, Trump adopted a tough approach on the H1B visa, thereby making a lot of difference to migrant people. H1B visas are issued for foreign professionals who are skilled for such 'special' tasks. According to American Citizenship and Immigration Services, these 'special' works include scientists, engineers and computer programmers. Every year around 65,000 such visas are issued through the lottery system. IT companies are more dependent on these professionals. Lottery system has started on Monday without any modifications to issue H-1B visas for the year 2017-2018.

No Fail Policy Ends

The central government is preparing to end the policy of not failing students till the eighth grade. The cabinet has approved.

New Delhi: The central government is preparing to end the policy of not failing students till the eighth grade. The cabinet has approved its proposal. Apart from this, the proposal to open 20 world-class universities across the country has also been approved.

The government will bring a 'free and compulsory education amendment bill for children' to end the no-detention policy. In this, the provision of failing in class 5th and eighth grade will be added again. However, unsuccessful students will be given a second chance. In case of failure, students will have to study again in class VI or VIII. It will be introduced in Parliament shortly. Under the Right to Education Act (RTE), which came into effect on April 1, 2010, students were freed from the disturbance of the eighth grade. This was an important provision of the RTE.

 The Cabinet also approved the proposal to open 220 world-class educational institutes across the country. The University Grants Commission (UGC) passed a proposal to open a university in ten public and so much in private sector in February. It was also mentioned in the general budget. Every institute in the public sector is expected to allocate Rs 500-500 crores. The Finance Department Expenditure Committee has started taking steps to allocate Rs. 5000 crore. The HRD Ministry has also prepared separate rules and regulations for this. All 20 universities will be given full independence in foreign students, fees, admission and teachers salary. At present, the university does not get this discount.

 Proxy Voting for NRI

The Cabinet also gave green signal to the the proposal related to proxy voting for NRIs (NRIs). For this, the Representation of People Representation will be amended and added to the new provision. Under the proposal, they will now have the right to proxy voting. Right now the jawans have only this right. NRIs are free to vote in registered electoral areas. In the year 2015, the Election Commission sent the proposal to the Law Ministry for amendment in the provisions related to it. According to the statistics, only 10-12 thousand NRIs voted. Most non-resident Indians are not ready to come to India to cast their vote.
                                                                       ---Amita Tewari


China Still Indecisive over Ban on Masood Azhar

China's stereotypical attitude on Jaish-e-Muhammad  chieftain Masood Azhar continues. The neighboring country, which claims to fight terrorism, has not yet made any decision to ban Masood. Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the decision will be taken when the time comes. India is constantly trying to put the the Jaish chieftain on the list of global terrorists, but China has been preventing the proposal presented in the UN Security Council to some extent. At the end of this month, the proposal is expected to be presented before the Council for review again.

The United States, Britain and France presented a proposal to the Anti-Terrorism Committee (1267) of the Security Council to blacklist the miscreants. China has banned for six months on a technical basis at the beginning of the year. This period is about to end soon. Therefore, it is likely to be re-submitted to the committee in the end in August. In such a situation, China has talked about deciding on time. The Ministry of External Affairs said that China has clarified its position several times before the UN Committee. While making the basis of not becoming a consensus, Beijing has been consistently failing to end the efforts of the Beijing Masood.

India had proposed a proposal against Masood Azhar in March last year. The terrorist who operated terror activities from Pakistan has been accused of plotting the Pathankot attack. China initially stopped it for six months. Later on technological basis, it was stalled for another three months. This period was completed on December 31. This year the proposal was presented on behalf of the United States, Britain and France. China had vetoed it. The 14 countries of the 15-member Security Council supported the Indian proposal.

Bullet Train Foundation Work to Start from Next Month

New Delhi: The Modi government is going to step up further towards realizing the dream of the bullet train in the country. Construction work on the country's first bullet train project that is scheduled to run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai will start from next month. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation for this project. This much-awaited project has to be completed by 2023.
According to sources, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is coming to India in September. It is believed that between 12-20 September he will be participating in the Project of Land Pooja and Shilanyas of Bullet Train Project in Ahmedabad. A total of 508 km of this project will be 92 percent (468 km) of elevated, but within 2 percent of the city within Mumbai (13 km) and 6 percent (27 km) will pass through the tunnel under the sea.

The majority of the 508-kilometer long corridor of this project is elite. After Thane Creek, a part of Virar's side will pass through the sea according to the project report of JICA's project funding agency. For the project, 81 percent of the estimated cost of 97636 crores will be available as a loan from Japan.

There will be a total of 12 stations on the 508 km long route
There will be a total of 12 stations on 508 km long route, in which four will be in Maharashtra and eight will be in Gujarat. The official said that soon after the uncertainty over the place of the starting point of India's first bullet train project, the Railways and the Maharashtra government can make it a formal announcement. About 67 acres of land is available in BKC and 10 acres of land is required for the project.

320 km journey in one hour

According to railway minister Suresh Prabhu, the first bullet train will start running in India in 2023. There is a possibility of completing 508 kilometers between Mumbai and Ahmedabad in about two hours. Its normal speed will be 320 kilometers per hour, while the maximum speed will be 350 kilometers per hour.

China Issues Fresh Warning on Doklam Issue

China has issued a 15-page statement on Wednesday in the ongoing dispute over the issue of Doklam. In this statement, China has asked India to remove its army from Doklam without any condition. China has alleged that India is using Bhutan as an excuse, if there is a dispute between China and Bhutan, then the two countries should remain between the two countries. India has no role in it.

In its statement, China said that India is entering into this matter as a third party. India, which is debating in this issue, is challenging freedom of Bhutan and sovereignty of Bhutan, not just the sovereignty of China. This statement from China is similar to those statements that were continuously being done by the PLA and the Foreign Ministry since the dispute.

It is said in the statement that China is able to protect its land, no country can challenge our sovereignty. China has said that the Chinese army has the ability to withstand any kind of opposition. China said that more than 400 jawans of India had entered the Chinese territory on June 18 to about 180 meters. China is the area which is telling itself, it is the area of ​​Doklam Bhutan. China said that even in July, about 40 Indian soldiers were in the border with China with a bulldozer.

Earlier, China's President Xi Chinping said on Tuesday that China will never compromise on its sovereignty and security and its army is confident of failing every attack. Jinping said in his address in a special ceremony organized on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army, which has 23 lakh soldiers, that we should not allow any person, organization or political party to partake any part of China anytime from the country, in any way and it is loud and clear.

All that you may want to know about Distance Education

Today every person wants to make his future bright and meaningful. Keeping in mind these needs of career and education, arrangements of alternative or distance education are being developed all over India today. Thanks to this, both earnings and studies have become possible.

In the era of today's competition and inflation, it is very necessary for everyone to earn livelihood and to constantly develop their educational qualifications. Studying in regular classes while making a job becomes almost not possible. There are two means attaining education—formal education and non-formal education. As a means of informal education, today's modern scenario has emerged as a viable alternative to attaining distance education.

Today every person wants to make his future bright and meaningful. Keeping in mind these needs of career and education, arrangements of alternative or distance education are being developed all over India today. With the courses being run by various universities today, both earning and studying have become possible. For correspondence education or distance learning, the learner does not have to take regular classes, and so he can pursue both his career and class simultaneously.

 Today there is no difference in distance learning, Correspondence or Open Learning. In today's era, distance learning is not restricted to postal or course by post only, but it is easily sent online for personal contact, audio-video aids to study materials studied. Today, in many study centers, the candidates learn/solve their queries through conferencing. Apart, tele-counselling is also provided.

In the present age, distance learning is an easy way to increase academic ability. Many times there are some students who can not get regular education due to financial difficulties or for their family reasons. Distance education is a dominant tool for all those students. Through this mode of education, they can complete degree course, diploma, certificate course so on and so forth.

Today the State Education Board and Education Department are going forward to get thousands of students to get the opportunity of distance education through the State Open School on the lines of National Open School. The existence of institutions that have a remote course is also flourishing. Therefore, the information should be sought from institutions providing distance education. Those programs which are filling in the form, if the program is not recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC), it is useless to enter. In such a conscious manner, get complete knowledge about the recognition of institutes and should do any courses from related universities.

 Therefore, accurate information about these institutions should be obtained in the past. In the field of education, along with regular education centers are now being opened, there is a need to identify institutions that meet the conditions of reliability. The first Open University in India started in Andhra Pradesh in 1982. IGNOU was constituted by the Parliament in 1985. It is the largest open university in the country. At present, there are 11 Open Universities in the country. 64 Universities are proving the meaning of distance education by getting them through different courses through distance learning.

10 interesting facts about Bahubali 'Prabhash'

The success of 'Bahubali' at the box office has broken so many records. Prabhash, who plays Bahubali, has become a household name. Given below are 20 interesting facts about Prabhash:
1. Prabhash's full name is Prabhash Raju, Uppalapati and most of his work is in Telugu cinema.

2. Prabhash's first Hindi film directed by Prabhudeva, is 'Action Jackson' in which he has done a cameo.

3. Prabhash was gifted Rs.15 crore for the Bahubali gym equipment from the filmmaker. They wanted to see Prabhash as per the demand of the role. And according to which he had to work very hard on his fitness.

4. Prabhash's training was done by Lakshman Reddy (Mr. World of 2010).

5. Prabhash is going to marry soon. He will have arrange marriage. The bride and groom will be tied together in December this year. But according to the sources, he may postpone the marriage till the date of release of 2 of Bahubali.

6. Prabhash's wife is being told to be 13 years younger. She is an engineering student.
7. During the movie 'Bahubali', Prabhash did not sign any other film.

8. Prabhash is very fond of watching movies of Rajkumar Hirani. He has seen 'Munnabhai MBBS' and '3 Idiots' nearly 20 times.

9. Prabhash's favorite artist is Robert De Niro.

10. Prior to Bahubali, Prabhash has done a film called 'Chhatrapati' with Rajamouili, the director of the film.

Nitish is a Paltoo Ram: Lalu

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav on Tuesday lashed out at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Laloo called him a Paltoo of Politics(the one who changes side most frequently) and said that nobody in the history of politics has done like Nitish. Nitish has been typing with the BJP since the beginning. Even if Tejashvi had resigned, Nitish would accompany the BJP, everything was fixed.

On Tuesday, at a press conference held at the residence of Rabri Devi, Lalu said that I am senior to Nitish Kumar. I was listening to his press conference on Monday. He was not ashamed to say that we made Laloo Yadav a leader. At the time when I met the student union's first meeting, then Nitish Kumar was not even viable. Nitish Kumar was included in the Steering Committee of the student organization. I never saw Nitish Kumar in any movement.

Lalu Prasad said that I know Nitish Kumar's political character, so he did not want to be the leader of the alliance, but on the request  of Mulayam Singh Yadav, he announced his name. I did not call Nitish Kumar poison. Actually,  I  had said that to fight against communal forces, I can even drink poison.
RJD supremo said that Nitish is a greedy and selfish leader of power. They wanted to sacrifice our boy. He came to my house and told us to give a term. Next, these children will handle.
Lalu Prasad said that I became MP in 1977. What was the contribution of Nitish Kumar? Asked, when Nitish Kumar was a machine-maker, why did he lose assembly elections twice? I made them MP from the Barh constituency. Ramlakhan Singh Yadav celebrated for this. He sent a saw and talked of making his son MLC.

RJD supremo on alcoholism said it completely failed. Now home delivery has started. Thousands of Pasi were arrested and sent to jail Say you will make Neera. One gram tadi also did not reach the workshop.
Lalu said that the government has sued him with the intention of discouraging RJD MLA Virendra. This happened because of political rivalry. Actually brother Virendra was a little more vocal.

Chairman of the Planning Commission offers Resignation

Arvind Pangariya, the chairman of the Planning Commission has offered to resign. In order to give new direction to the country's policy and development process, the Modi government started the Niti Ayog by abolishing the Planning Commission under the chairmanship of Pangarhiya.

Pangriya has also conveyed to PMO about this decision. Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on tour to flood affected areas of Assam, therefore, the last decision on the resignation of Pangriya has not been taken.

Experience of Pangarhia
Arvind Pangariya, who worked in the Columbia University of America, was selected by the Prime Minister himself as the first Vice President of the Policy Commission. He is recognized as one of the most competent and experienced economists of the world.
It is said that no person in Columbia University retires. He can work as a teacher throughout his life. A notice was sent by the University of Columbia two times to Arvind Pangariya enlightening him that the future of its students is suffering due to his long absence. The letter asks further, “if you do not want to continue further with us, resign.

Fond of teaching
A senior source said that Arvind Pangariya's first love is to teach. That is why he has made the intention of taking a leave of the policy from here on the voice of conscience. That is why he has offered to resign from his post.

PhD in economics at Princeten University, Arvind Pangariya first used to teach Indian Political Economy at the Columbia University of America. Earlier he had also been the Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank. Apart from this, he has also served as an economics professor at the College Park of the University of Maryland. World Bank, IMF and UNCTAD have also worked on several posts.

Arvind Pangariya has written several books too. In his book India The Emerging Giant 2008, the Economists across the globe rate it the most read book. In March 2012, he has been awarded the country's third highest civilian award Padam Vibhushan.

The government had decided to sell Air India on the advice of Pangriya, who identified himself as an economist in a cordial manner, in a cordial way. Prior to this, all the economists wanted such a thing about Air India but no one has initiated the initiative to say in front of the government.

What is Rupee-Dollar Equation?

The big prevalent satire is "Indian rupee only goes up one time and it is the time of toss"
Today, due to the falling prices of rupees, there has been a lot of attack! Bhartiya Mudra, that is, the rupee has fallen considerably against the dollar! But do you know what is the reason for which the value of rupee is affected and how you can contribute to strengthening the rupee in the countryside? Let us tell you all this mathematics. And that too in easy language!

There is a very straightforward theory. The less dollars that India has, the value of the dollar will increase! India or any country makes its own needs either by itself or importing it from abroad and you have to pay them in dollars to import anything from abroad! For example, if you want to import oil from any country, you can not pay it in rupees. For that you have to use any currency that is recognized internationally. So this means that India will have to pay in dollars or euro!

I wish that these countries accept the rupee and if we print the amount and give it to them, but unfortunately it is not really that.
Now the question arises: Where do we get dollars to make international shopping? Dollars or foreign currency in your country comes from different mediums!

1. Export: When we export foreign goods made in foreign countries, we receive foreign currency as payment to them!

2. Foreign investment - Foreign companies, when foreigners start their business in the country or if foreign investors invest in the industry or the stock market in our country, we still get foreign currency.

3. Living overseas: When the Indians send dollars earned abroad from abroad, our foreign exchange reserves still increase!

Now we have to keep the reserves of dollars for our expenses and the import of essential items. It is also known as "foreign exchange reserves". If for some reason the stock is exhausted then a big problem will arise before us, without our oil all our economy will be stuck!

A balance of our import bill and export bill is necessary. If this equilibrium is disturbed, then there is a shortage of foreign currency which is also called "Current Account Deficit"! India is going through the problem of current account deficit due to which our currency is constantly devalued. And resultantly, the price of rupees is continuously falling!

What can be done to strengthen the rupee?
1. Export should be increased so that the foreign currency is gained. Increase production so that more and more exports can be done.

2. Promote indigenous products: 80 paise drinks made in abroad, are sold here for 15 to 20 rupees! If we start indigenous items or use, then the cost of importing these foreign items will be saved.

3. Option of oil- We are compelled to import large amounts of oil as the production of oil in the country is not in accordance with demand. If we try to change our dependence on oil, then we can save a huge chunk of foreign reserves and for this we should consider oil options.

4. Indian’s love for gold - Attachment to gold is quite common among Indians. There is an indefinite increase in demand for gold on wedding or festival festivals, which increases our import bill!

To strengthen roughly rupees, you have to increase investment from foreign countries. To create a favorable environment for foreign investors! Apart from this, indigenous adoption has to be done. The things that we can make in the country have to stop imports! Every Indian will have to contribute to the development of India with integrity. The more the production will increase, the more the exports will be, the stronger our economy will be!

How to Recognise Arthritis?

Joint pain disease is quite common across the world. People have less awareness for this. The majority of Indians are in the grip of this disease. From the village to the city, from the illiterate to literate, there is not a single section of the society that is not in its grip.

Modern lifestyle, no work time, working day in and day out, not paying much attention on physical work, eating unhealthy diet, all these contribute to Arthritis.
Symptoms of Arthritis

About 200 types of arthritis are considered by the doctors. Swelling occurs in joints in any form of arthritis. Due to this inflammation, pain, stiffness and swelling occurs in the joints. If the disease progresses, then it also starts troubles in walking or moving.

In this disease, the joints of body organs begin to grow old as well as grow old. It happens in every person's joints. In this disease, the disorders of cartilages i.e. the tissues that cover the ends of the bones are present. This causes inflammation in them and cartilage of the bones begin to rub together. This happens in the bones of knees, buttocks, fingers and spinal cord. Well, the combination of the cervix, elbows, shoulders and ankles can also be affected by this. These conditions affect the joints in the injury or more work.

Occasionally the pain of body or joints occurs to everyone. In such asituation, the question arises how to identify arthritis. In fact, this disease gradually takes the person in his grip.


How to recognize

Initially there are such pain after doing physical work or exercising. But sometimes there is pain due to arthritis without any reason. Further, there is pain in the joints at some intervals or there is always pain and swelling in them. Then the joints begin to stiffen. Rubbing of bones in the affected joints also brings trash-like sounds.

Initially, treatment of arthritis is completely possible

The lifestyle can be managed by bringing some changes in lifestyle. But when the problem aggravates, then there is a choice of medicines. But when medicines are not talked, then surgery might be the only solution. When the disease progresses at much more advanced stage, the choice of joint replacement can be avoided. Due to lack of awareness about the disease in the country at the initial stage, proper treatment is not possible, as the cases of surgery are increasing rapidly.

Mody is Magic, No party has the guts to throw even some challenges

Bihar's Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that there is no one compared to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Nobody has the ability to compete with them. He'll win again. Talking to media for the first time after forming government in Bihar in collaboration with BJP, Nitish clearly said that next time, there can not be any other alliance except the NDA on the power of the Center.

No Decision on Joining the Modi Cabinet 

 Nitish said that his JDU is a regional party and the decision on joining Modi Government hasnot been taken. Bihar Chief Minister also satirized Congress vice president Rahul Gandh. He was asked that Rahul Gandhi said that he had realized the decision to go to BJP three months ago. In response, Nitish said that it is a matter of great happiness that he too started to realize. When we met him recently, I did not get any impression of anything like this. When he knew it, he would have already told us. The crisis with the Congress was that we wanted to help them, but I did not like my role. We can be partners, but not followers.

Lalu Should not be under False Ego

Nitish also attacked Lalu Prasad and other RJD leaders. Nitish said that nobody should harbor the ego. Ego is the worst thing. People are saying that we have got so many seats on them. Will you tell me how many seats did the RJD have in the elections of 2010?

 JDU does not have the status of national ambitions

 The Chief Minister said that only JD (U) got recognition due to Bihar's support. Bihar's unit decided to form a government with BJP here. Decision on what to do for JDU at the national level, its decision will be taken in Jatiya National Executive meeting in Patna on August 19. The status of JDU is not like that we have no national ambition at the national level. When asked about Sharad Yadav's resentment over the decision to form a government with the BJP, he said that there are different views in democracy. Sharad ji was in trouble even on the decision to support Ramnath Kovind in the presidential election. The Chief Minister said that whatever happened has not been planned. There was no other option in front of me. We tried our best to run a massive coalition.

China shows its Military Might on PLA's Parade

On August 1, 1927, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China was formed. This year PLA is going to complete 90 years of its establishment. On 30 July, China organized a huge military parade on this occasion.

In this parade, China presented a glimpse of its strength and stamina in front of the world. PLA is the world's largest army. Look at the slides next to the power of China.
This year PLA's anniversary is taking place in China. The parade held on Sunday was also part of these programs. This was the biggest parade in China since 2015.

In this, the three forces of China--the army, the air force and the navy demonstrated their strength. The Army and the Air Force have shown a lot of modern weapons. Among them, the tank was also included, along with which the Chinese army had allegedly practiSed war near the border with India.
Long-range nuclear-powered missiles were also kept in the parade for demonstration. Also, the state-of-the-art and extremely powerful aircraft-based carrier J-15 also appeared in this parade.

President Xi Chunfing also appeared in Army dresses on this occasion. He said that PLA is capable of ending every enemy that infiltrates here.
During the parade, more than 100 fighters flew into the sky. Over 600 types of weapons were displayed on this occasion. Half of these are weapons, which have been made public for the first time.

During his speech President Chinfing said that the soldiers of PLA should be dedicated to the Communist Party of China and be ready to run there, wherever the party said.
About 12,000 Chinese soldiers attended this parade. Chinfing was inspecting the parade in an open military jeep.

This parade was organized in Zurich, Asia's largest military training center located in the interior part of Mongolia. PLA is also different in that it is one of the select national armies of the world, which works under the leadership of China's ruling Communist Party.
Chinfing said that peace is like a boon, while maintaining peace and protecting it is the responsibility of PLA. At the end of this year, an important meeting of the Communist Party is going to be held. It is considered to be Chanfing's second consecutive presidential election.
China's President is also the head of the Central Military Commission. The commission has a PLA command. Though Chinfing did not mention the Doklam in his speech, but earlier, China had instructed India, that on August 1, IT would be back from Doklam on PLA's anniversary.

India maintained its stance that till Chinese army does not go back, till then it will not even be able to retreat its feet.
In this parade, besides the Chinese military Communist Party, the flag of China and PLA will be seen. In the last few years, China has spent a lot on modernization and expansion of its army. During the past few decades, China has increased its navy strength quite a bit.

While there is international pressure on Beijing on the eastern and southern China sea areas, it is also being quite preoccupied due to North Korea's anxiety with the US and its allies.
China's third major concern is the ongoing border dispute with India. In the Sikkim sector, there has been a deadlock over the past one and a half months for the Kochal valley in the heart of Bhutan, China and the border of India.

China's political leadership is under tremendous pressure to end the deadlock in Doklam.