Nitish is Wasting Time Meeting with Rahul Gandhi-BJP

BJP said that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was wasting his time by meeting Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and urging him to ask Tejashvi to resign.

Patna: BJP said that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was wasting his time by meeting Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and urging him to ask Tejashvi to resign. Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi issued a press release alleging that the expectation of 'goodness' from RJD-Congress against corruption was utterly inadequate. Bihar's deputy chief minister Tejashvi Yadav has been raided by the CBI and the BJP is constantly demanding resignation.

RJD is making pressure on JDU by placing banner at square-crossroads: Sushil Kumar Modi
Sushil Kumar Modi said that if Rahul Gandhi could not ask resignation from the Chargesheated Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh in the case of corruption, then how can he tell Ravi to resign? Sushil, leader of the opposition in the Bihar Legislative Council, said that RJD has been silent even after 15 days of JD (U) 's response to allegations of corruption related to the stinging Yadav, which shows that RJD has also accepted that all the allegations are correct.
Sushil Kumar Modi further said that in such a way, now what is the other way available before Nitish Kumar than asking his deputy to resign or sacking him? Sushil alleged that on the other hand, RJD was pressurizing the banner to bury the JDU spokespersons at the square-intersection.

JDU leaders accused of nexus with Sushil Modi
In some places in Patna, a poster with a picture of JDU spokesperson Sanjay Singh, Ajay Alok, Neeraj Kumar and senior party leader Shyam Razak have been pasted and they have been accused of associating with BJP leader Sushil Modi and attacking RJD. The poster does not have the name of the person in the posters but his theme is being guessed that a person is associated with RJD.

Sushil alleged that so far JDU has not said once that Tejashvi Yadav has been implicated in the political revenge by the BJP or the CBI wants to install RJD's 'BJP Bhagao, Desh Bachao' rally that is scheduled to be in August. He said that in this way, JDU is also agreeing that Tejashvi is riddled in corruption. The JDU spokesmen have been demanding a quick response to the allegations.

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi, alleged that Nitish Kumar is actually standing on the crossroads in which one path leads to preservation of morality and the other corrupt. Now it is Nitish Kumar to decide on which way he has to move forward.


PM Invites Nitish for Dinner, Political heat rises in Bihar

Patna: In celebration of President Pranab Mukherjee's farewell on Saturday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will also attend the dinner organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House in Delhi. The newly elected President Ramnath Kovind, PM Modi's minister and leaders of NDA allies will also be present in this dinner.

In the dinner, leaders of other parties such as BJD and AIADMK have also been invited who have joined Ramnath Kovind in the presidential election. Counting of votes under Thursday's presidential election, in which Kovind won.

Nitish Kumar, who has decided to support former Bihar Governor Ramnath Kovind, has already confirmed that he will be present at his oath-taking ceremony on Tuesday. During these three-days’ stay in Delhi, Nitish Kumar will also meet Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. The Congress is also a partner in the coalition government in Bihar.

In the presidential election, Nitish Kumar, by supporting the BJP's candidate Ramnath Kovind, instead of Meera Kumar, the candidate of the Opposition, has put an end to its partnership with Congress and its allies RJD.

Nitish Kumar is feeling uneasy with the allegations of corruption against his ally Lalu Yadav's in the Bihar government. The tension is about the major alliance. In the matter of corruption, the Chief Minister has asked Tejashvi Yadav, son of accused Lalu Yadav, to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Minister. Yadav is unhappy with this suggestion. Congress wants to mediate to end the tension in this matter, but the air is not so.

In the current stand of Nitish Kumar, his close associate BJP and Modi are increasingly becoming close to him. Last year, Modi stopped big notes to end corruption. Only Nitish Kumar supported the opposition's move. If Nitish breaks relations with his current colleagues, then BJP has already been offered outside support to Bihar Government from outside.

Nitish Kumar has stressed that his support to Ramnath Kovind is only due to the credibility of this 71-year-old leader. The undisputed neutrality of Kovind was seen as Governor of Bihar during his tenure. Nitish's party has promised to support opposition candidate Gopal Gandhi in the next vice presidential election next month.

Jio Launches the Cheapest Phone of the World

In the annual general meeting of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani has made several major announcements. Meanwhile, the chairman of the company said that people will be shocked knowing the price of the Jio phone.
Mukesh Ambani said, 'Jio phone for all Indians will be available with the effective price of 0 rupees'.

After this he said, 'This is for users and we know that free things can be misused. Jio phone offers should not be misused, so we will take 1500 rs from the customers. However, these money will be refunded after returning the used live phone.
However, you can not get a refund within 10 days or a year. For this, you have to use 36 months live phone. After this, if you want, you can get it back and get Rs 1,500.

Voice call free with Jio phone

Voice call will be free with the Jio phone, but for running the internet, you have to recharge Rs 153. Mukesh Ambani said that voice calls will be always free with live phone, but its terms have not yet been announced. Because when Jio Sim was announced, it was said that calling will always be free. But if someone does not recharge for 3 months, then the call will be blocked.

Mukesh Ambani said that Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Plan will be available only for the phone, with only 153 rupees per month. The special thing is that there is no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for this. That is, one day will not have 2GB limit and unlimited data will be available.

However, some reports say that only 500MB of high speed data will be available every day. After that unlimited data will be available at low speed.
However, a 4G feature phone can not use more data in one day.
Jio phone content can also be viewed on TV
Jio  Phone users can view mobile content on any TV.
- This is especially designed for the Jio Phone TV cable, which will be connectivity.
- With this accessory, users can take money plan of Rs 309. Under this, users can watch videos 3-4 hours a day across the big screen.
Cheap data plan
There are also two cheap plans for the Jio  phone.
- The first is 23 rupees, which will be valid for 2 days.
- The second plan is Rs 153, whose validity will be 7 days.

Why Insurance Awareness is Needed?

The only thing that is predictable for future is its unpredictability. The very next moment can be the end of everything. And this is one of the most important reasons why people opt for Insurance. With the passage of time insurance industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Today the word insurance is associated with every valuable, be it perishable good or the invaluable human life.

Insurance is actually a contract between two parties whereby one party called insurer undertakes in exchange for a fixed sum called premium to pay the other party. Insurance in India has its history dating back 1818, when Oriental Life Insurance Company was started by Europeans in Kolkata to cater to the needs of European communities.

Ø To provide security
Ø Old-age pensions
Ø As an investment or saving mechanism
Ø As a collateral for loans
Ø For tax benefits

Functions of Insurance
Ø Provide protection
Ø Collective bearing of risk
Ø Provide prevention of losses
Ø Means of saving & investments

Life insurance and its boundless benefits

Below are some ways how a life insurance plan can help:

• It will protect the future of your family by offering income for paying expenses like higher education, care for parents or children, a mortgage and emergency demands which may crop up as the household gets its financial footing.

• It will protect you as well as your family members against financial risks with your financial commitments and life circumstances changing from time to time

• It will help you leave a legacy by making extra wealth for you and your family, offsetting the estate tax's impact or a charity that you wish you support

• It will help in protecting a business in different ways like unlocking your business's value for your retirement, implementing your succession plans or covering up the loss of an important employee

Insurance not getting its due attention?

The irony is in a country like India, people seem to be more concerned about the insurance of their vehicles than their own life. Introduction of Goods and Services Tax has also levied 18% tax on policy premiums, like health plan and term plan(on other plans also it is 4.5%)making it little bit more difficult for its takers. In a time, when Government claims to take into consideration every think that contribute to its growth, it should not overlook its most important asset, i.e., human resource. It is high time the Government organized an insurance awareness campaign to its people and make insurance premiums more and more lucrative.
                                                                                       ----Amit Kumar Sinha, Wealth Manager, LIC of India, Patna DO-II

BPCL Cancels Petrol Pump licence of Lalu's Son

Patna: RJD chief Lalu Yadav and his family are getting into new trouble everyday. So far, only one son of Lalu was involved in a controversy but now the other son Pratap has also come in trouble. In fact, the license of Sharp Pratap's petrol pump has been canceled.

The state's health minister, Pratap Yadav, had a Petrol Pump in Beur area near Patna. The court has now removed the stay of this petrol pump and revoked the license and canceled the allotment. After this decision of the court, now the allotment of the fpetrol pump will be considered null and void.

It is notable that the BJP had alleged that Tej Pratap Yadav had obtained a license of Petrol Pump from Bharat Petroleum by misrepresenting the land of another by fraud. After this, Bharat Petroleum had canceled the allocation of petrol pump after investigating the matter.

On this order of the company, the court of Sab-judge -11 Shashi Mishra’s court  of Patna had stayed the allotment. However, on Thursday, the court of Sab-judge-11 withdrew its stay order.

Pakistan pokes its nose in Doklam Standoff

Pakistan, which has been consistently violating the ceasefire on the LoC, is now trying to strike its foot in the ongoing Doklam controversy between Bhutan-China and India. In the wake of the dispute, Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit met the Chinese High Commissioner Lu Zhaohi in India. Not only this, Basat can meet Bhutan's High Commissioner Wetsop Namgyel too.

If the sources are to be believed Basit negotiated the Chinese ambassador on Wednesday. Sources have also confirmed that he will also meet Bhutan's ambassador soon.

According to the sources, Basit wants to discuss with the ambassadors of both the countries about the Doklam stand off. Importantly, Basit has completed his term as Pakistan's Ambassador to India and is likely to return to Pakistan next month.

It is known that China wants to make a road in Doklam, situated in Tibet's Magnetic Valley. Doklam is the land of Bhutan. China's efforts to build a road here were opposed by both Bhutan and India. Doklam is situated near the border of India, Bhutan and China and is strategically very sensitive. Reportedly, China is accumulating a lot of weapons near the Indian border; Siliguri corridor connecting with the eastern states is located just 50 kilometers away, right below this.

India says that this part comes in the border of Bhutan and its road becoming a road can prove to be very fatal in terms of its internal security. India is a protector of Bhutan, therefore, the armies of India and China are in front of each other in Doklam. India has made it clear that unless China goes out of Doklam, India will not move its steps back. On the other hand, China wants the Indian army to exit from the doklam.

US finally gives a terrorist tag to Pakistan

America has once again exposed Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. The United States has released a report in which Pakistan has been described as a hideout for terrorists.

In a report of the U.S. Home Ministry on Terrorism, Pakistan has been included in countries where secured safe havens are given to the terrorists. This report, released in the name of country report on terrorism, said that Pakistan is not taking action against terrorist organizations. This is hurting America's interests in Afghanistan. Pakistan has not taken any action against terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad. The report says, "These terrorist organizations are operating from Pakistan. They are getting training and funding in Pakistan. "

Pakistan does not act on terrorists
It has also been said in the report that the Pakistan government does not take any action against terrorist groups like the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani. Apart from this, Pakistan did not take any action against terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad.  These organizations are continuously training terrorists in Pakistan, collecting funds and spread terror.
The US State Department said that despite the ban on Lashkar-e-Tayaba in Pakistan, its ally Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Falah-A Humanity Foundation are openly fund raising in Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed Organizes Rally Despite the Ban
The US has also acknowledged that LeT chief Hafiz Saeed has been declared a terrorist by the United Nations, even though it is making public rallies on Pakistan's land. The report said that Pakistan has given Hafiz Saeed an open exemption. Hafiz Saeed also addressed the public rally in February 2017 and keeps on holding the public meetings, inciting the mob to terrorize the innocent people and instill a sense of terror in their minds.

India suffers from terrorism
This report also states that India is constantly suffering from terrorism. Pakistani terrorists are attacking in India. Apart from this, the claims of India in the report have also been mentioned. It has been said in the report that Indian agencies have been accusing Pakistan of cross-border terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.
This report was also mentioned in the Pathankot attack and it was said that this attack was carried out by terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed. After this attack, India sought help from America from terrorism and shared information.

Modi’s Initiatives Bear Fruit

Tell Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a number of occasions from the international stage has called for a fight against terrorism.From the United Nations to the US President, PM Modi has appealed on many occasions to adopt a tough stance against terrorism. After which UN declared Hafiz Saeed as an International Terrorist and now US has put Pakistan in the list of countries that harbour and abet terrorism.

                                                                               --Ashish Jha

India will get New President by today evening

Counting of votes will be done in the Parliament House, in which the votes cast in the Parliament House will be counted first, after which the votes of the ballots from the states will be counted.The country will get its new president by 5 PM today. The swearing-in ceremony will however be held on July 25.

New Delhi: Who will be the next president of the country? Ramnath Kovind or Meera Kumar, it will be decided by 5 PM tomorrow. The votes of the Presidential election will start from 11 a.m. and the results will be around by 5 o'clock. Counting of votes will be done in the Parliament House, in which the votes cast in the Parliament House will be counted first, after which the votes of the ballots from the states will be counted. According to data, the victory of NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind is being presumed. The new president will take oath on July 25.

Pattern of Counting of Ballots
• Voting was held on July 17 in the Legislative Assembly of the Legislative Assembly and states and now all the ballots have been moved from the entire Parliament to the Parliament House Complex. If counting of votes starts on Thursday, then the first ballot box will be opened in which Parliament voted in the house. After that the votes of the ballots from the states will be counted.
• In Parliament House there are 4 tables for counting votes, i.e. votes will be counted together at 4 places.
• There are a total of 1.5 million votes for the presidential election and the 8 rounds will be counted.
• It is important to get one vote more than half of the total votes to be elected president.
• Every voter (MP and MLA) has to give more than one choice in this election. i.e., the first choice, the second choice,  etc.
• The first choice of voters is added at the time of counting. Then the next round of votes begins to count, in which the voter’s  second, the third choice is counted.

There is no whip in the presidential election and therefore MPs and MLAs can vote for any candidate. Given the total number of MPs and MLAs that the NDA have, NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind will get more than seven lakh votes and he should not have any problem in winning.

How much salary/ facilities will the former president Pranav Mukherjee get?

President Pranab Mukherjee's tenure ends on July 24 . On July 17, the voting process was completed for presidential election. After the end of the tenure, 10 Rajaji Marg government accommodation for President Pranab Mukherjee has been alloted. There are several other facilities which they will meet to Pranav after being the country's former president. Let's know about those features:

 The official residence of 10 Rajaji Marg stands at 11,776 sq ft. Earlier, it has been the Government quarter of the former President of the country, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Apart from the facilities, Pranab Mukherjee will be paid a salary of Rs. 75 thousand after being the former president.

The salary of the Indian President is 1.5 lakh rupees. It was 50 thousand rupees in 2008 but during the tenure of former President Pratibha Patil, it was increased to 1.5 lakh rupees per month. At the same time the salary of the vice-president and the governor was also increased. The salary of the Vice President has increased from 40 thousand to 1.25 lakh and the salary of the Governor increased from 36 thousand to 1.10 lakh per month. Rashtrapati Bhavan has staff of about 200 people. While Pranab Mukherjee's former president, many people will be present as his staff. His secretariat staff will comprise a private secretary, an additional personal secretary, a personal assistant and two more people. There will also be office expenses upto 60 thousand rupees.

According to the news of Times of India, the renovation work of 10 Rajaji Road is going on fast. As former President Pranab Mukherjee has a big collection of books, for which a special place will be built. The 14th Presidential election was concluded after the voting on July 17 at 5 pm. Although one percent  MPs and MLAs did not cast their vote. According to the Returning Officer of the presidential election Anoop Mishra, a total of 714 MPs voted in the election. He said that 100 percent voting has taken place in 9 to 10 states, while the total voting was 98-99 percent. The results of the presidential election will come on July 20 and after the victory the new president will take oath on July 25.

Nitish Blinks in an eye-to-eye with Corruption

Patna: Amid speculation about the resignation, the deputy chief minister of Bihar Mr Tejashvi Prasad Yadav met Nitish Kumar after the cabinet meeting. Both these leaders engaged in a closed-door conversation for about 50 minutes. As the media was not allowed for briefing of the cabinet meeting, and no any leader gave comment on what happened there, there is no any concrete evidence of what happened in and after the cabinet meeting. However, it is believed that he kept his side on the FIR filed by the CBI in front of the Chief Minister.

In the cabinet meeting on 18th July both these leaders met. Speculation was rife that like previous occasions, Tejashvi may cite one or the other reason and absent himself to avoid face-to-face interaction with Nitish. But, as the cavalcade of Tejashvi was seen, all these speculations were set to rest.

What happened after the cabinet meeting
After the Cabinet meeting, at 7.00 in the evening, the stinging elder brother and Health Minister Tej Pratap Yadav and education minister Dr. Ashok Chaudhary entered the Chief Minister's room. After 15 minutes, the Education Minister returned.

After some time, Tejashvi went out of the room too. Various speculations are being made about this meeting. However, RJD termed it as a normal meeting between the Chief Minister and the Minister. RJD leader and labor resources minister Vijay Prakash said that Rashid spoke to the Chief Minister on departmental affairs, whereas Finance Minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui said that any minister from his government can meet the Chief Minister. Why is there any meaning of this meeting? This is a routine matter.

Tejashvi to leave for Delhi today, lawmakers will take advice

Deputy CM Tejashvi Yadav will go to Delhi on Wednesday. His two-day tour of Delhi is a program. It is said that he is going there with government work. But sources say that during this time they can also consult legal experts on fresh legal issues. It is important here to note that Himachal Pradesh CM, surrounded by similar allegations, got bail from the CBI's lower court.
                                                                                                 ---Murari Pandey

Mayawati Plays Dalit Card, Resigns from Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: First threat and now resign from the Rajya Sabha. BSP supremo Mayawati has resigned from the Rajya Sabha membership on Tuesday. After the resignation, Mayawati said that it is okay to resign when the ruling party does not give me time to talk to me.

Earlier, during the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha, Mayawati had said that she was neither heard nor spoken nor she has decided to resign from the Rajya Sabha. Congress also supported Mayawati and party leader Renuka Chaudhary asked, "Is not there a right to speak a Dalit leader?" He tried to talk in the house by giving notice.

 UP Minister Srikant Sharma said "Mayawati has no role  in the development of UP after her resignation. Do not try subverting peaceful state."Prior to this, raising the issue of Dalits in Saharanpur and Uttar Pradesh, they had walkout from the Rajya Sabha, in support of which the Congress also got a walkout. BSP supremo said, damn if I can not keep my weak class in the house, then I do not have the right to stay in the house. I will resign from the Rajya Sabha today because I am not being allowed to speak in the Rajya Sabha.

At the same time, BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that Mayawati is desperate for defeat and is insulting the chairman by threatening to resign. They should apologize for this. Beginning of the session, BSP supremo Mayawati raised the issue of Saharanpur. Mayawati said that violence in Saharanpur was under intense conspiracy. BSP supremo further said that atrocities against Dalits are happening in Uttar Pradesh. He also threatened to resign and said that if I was not heard, I would resign. After this, Mayawati woke up from the Rajya Sabha.

 After the rioting in the Rajya Sabha, the Congress also has a walkout. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that in the All Party meeting, we had explained clearly that the Opposition is not interested in hindering the House's proceedings. The Hon'ble Prime Minister assured us that he (the government) will not obstruct, on which the Opposition would like to talk about it will be discussed.

Although, according to experts, Mayawati wants to put pressure on the government since the beginning of the Parliament. Under this, efforts are being made to encroach on the government by telling Saharanpur violence as a conspiracy.

Let me tell that Mayawati's tenure as Rajya Sabha MP is ending in April 2018. At the same time, it will not be possible for the number of people to enter the house again in the form of force. Only the BSP MLAs could win in the UP assembly elections. The number of BSP members in the Rajya Sabha is six.

China is Ready for any Kind of Confrontation: Chinese Media

Tensions created in China and India are increasing due to the border problem. China's media has clearly written in a threatening tone that China is ready for any kind of confrontation. China will not shy away even from going for a war if the situation of the circumstance necessitates it. And India will have to pay the price for this conflict.

What does the Global Times Say
China's official newspaper Global Times said in the article that after 1962, India has been accused of persistent inciting. It has been written that China should be prepared for all kinds of conflicts in the future. China should go ahead and fight the LAC, if India is facing difficulties in many places, then it will face confrontation on LAC.

The article says that China should feel free to build up the construction in the Docamal area, along with the number of its army should also be increased there. Being a sovereign country, it is the right of China. China is not afraid of any kind of confrontation with India, in the same way China is not afraid of any kind of war and prepares itself for it.

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of June 16, Chinese media has been continuously using this kind of language. Recently, the video was also been released by the Chinese media practising the firing of Chinese army.

China’s Sovereignty is Under Threat
 The newspaper has written that this kind of action is a challenge to China's sovereignty, as the tension is building continuously between these two neighboring countries. China should be well prepared for a conflict, though it should also be watchful. There is a consistent voice in China that the Indian Army should be removed from the Docmal sector, while the people of India also think that India is fighting for war with China. By forgetting all these things, the two countries need to maintain restraint.

Diplomatic Negotions are going on
It has been written in the newspaper that diplomatic negotiations are still going on in both the countries, but all kinds of relations have been poisoned by India. If India strengthens its army on the border then China will do the same. If India wants to end the ongoing border dispute, it should immediately withdraw its troops from Docmal sector. China is an emerging force, it can use its source on any kind of border problem. China has built in Tibet area which is near the border of India, Bhutan and Nepal. It is a contest of the strength of an army, as well as the competition of economic growth.

Profile of the NDA's Vice Presidential Candidate

In the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Party for the Vice Presidential post, the name of Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has been stamped. Naidu is a trustworthy name for PM Modi and party president Amit Shah. Naidu has come out of the ordinary background and has reached here.

Take a look at Naidu's personal and political journey:
Venkaiah Naidu was born on July 1, 1949 in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.
Father's name: Rangaiya Naidu (farmer)
Education: After completing school studies from Nellore, he graduated in politics and diplomacy from there. Degree in International Law from Visakhapatnam's Law College
Marriage: Married to Usha on April 14, 1971.
Children: A son and a daughter
Venkaiah Naidu has been a Rajya Sabha MP four times. At present, he is an MP from Rajasthan. After Naidu was elected in 1998 for the first time in the Rajya Sabha from 2004, 2010, and in 2016, he became a Rajya Sabha MP.
- As a volunteer of RSS, in the All India Vidyarthi Parishad he became president of the college union.
- In 1972, Venkaiah was a popular leader from the Andhra movement.
In 1974, Jaiprakash Narayan's Student Conflict Committee became the convener of Andhra Pradesh.
Naidu had also been jailed in the year 1975 during  emergency.
- For the first time in 1978, at the age of 29, he became a legislator. In 1983, the Assembly reached and slowly emerged as the BJP's biggest leader in the state.
- Between 1977 and 1980, during the Janata Party, he was also the President of its Youth Wing.

- Between 1980 and 1983, he became the Vice President of National BJP Youth Wing,
- BJP leader in the Andhra Pradesh assembly from 1980 to 85.
- Between 1988 and 1993, he was the President of Andhra Pradesh BJP.
- From 1993 to 2000, Naidu became the BJP’s National General Secretary
- From 1996-2000 the party's national spokesperson.
- In 1998, for the first time elected to the Rajya Sabha from Karnataka.
- In 1999, in Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government, he was the Rural Development Minister.

- Naidu was elected the BJP's national president for the first time in 2002.
Naidu became the national president in 2004, but after the party's defeat in the general elections that year, he resigned.
After April 2005, he was appointed as Senior Vice President of BJP.

After 2006, Venkaiah was made a member of the BJP Parliamentary Board and member of the Central Election Committee.
                                                                                    ----Ranjana Jha

Venkaiah Naidu Resigns from Ministry

Venkaiah Naidu, who was made Vice-President of the NDA, will fill his nomination today. Today is the last day to fill the nomination for Vice-President's post. On Monday evening, in the BJP Parliamentary Board meeting, Venkaiah Naidu's name was stamped.

Two sets of nominations

On behalf of Venkaiah Naidu, two sets of nominations will be filed. In the first set, Proposer will be the PM Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh will be the seconder. In the second set, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will be the proposer and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj will be the seconder.

Resigns from Ministry
M Venkaiah Naidu has resigned as Union Minister. Naidu was the command of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Urban Development.

PM Modi's most deserving candidate
BJP President Amit Shah said in a press conference that after discussions with all the members of the Parliamentary Board and allies, it was decided to make Venkaiah Naidu the Vice-Presidential candidate. PM Modi also tweeted Naidu as the most eligible candidate for Vice-President.

Many leaders announce support
As the candidate of the Vice-President of Venkaiah Naidu was announced, all the leaders and political parties congratulated him. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam talked about supporting Naidu, while TRS (Telangana Nation Committee) made it clear that the party would support Naidu's candidature.

Nothing better than Venkaiah Naidu

Maharashtra's CM Devendra Fadnavis told that he was happy with Naidu and could not have been better than anyone else for the Vice-Presidential candidate. While congratulating Home Minister Rajnath Singh, he said that Venkaiah is not only a politician but also a social worker. BJP MPs from Rajasthan met Venkaiah Naidu and congratulated him on becoming the Vice Presidential candidate.

Venkaiah Naidu is the Vice Presidential Candidate of NDA

In the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board, Venkaiah Naidu has been stamped for the post of Vice President. Union Urban Development Minister and former BJP president Naidu will be the NDA's candidate.

After the meeting, party president Amit Shah also spoke to the coalition parties. It is being told that all the BJP allies agree to Naidu's name.

What Amit Shah said?
BJP President Amit Shah said that after discussions with all the members of the Parliamentary Board and allies, it was decided to make Venkaiah Nadu  as the Vice-Presidential candidate. Naidu has been in public life since the 1970s. He was a key leader of the South in the JP movement. Naidu is one of the most senior leaders of the country. Venkaiah had been associated with BJP since childhood. All the NDA allies have welcomed the name of Venkaiah. Nayudu will file nomination on Tuesday.
Before going to the meeting, Naidu had said that the party will decide the name of the candidate. Apart from Naidu, the name of Maharashtra governor C. Vidyasagar Rao and West Bengal governor Kesari Nath Tripathi was also being discussed in the discussion.

It is being said that the BJP-led NDA candidate will have a lot of experience in legislative work. The BJP is trying to give a political message through its candidate.

On the other hand, the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has made Gopal Krishna Gandhi, the grandson of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, as its vice-president. Gandhi met members of political parties on Sunday and sought his support. Although JD (U), supported NDA candidate in presidential election, it is in favor of UPA candidate for Vice President.

Netaji did not die in Air Crash-French Media

Paris: So far it was believed that the secret of the death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has risen. The way the Indian government made public all documents related to Netaji and it was almost confirmed in that Netaji lost his life in the air crash. But, now the French intelligence report has surprised one and all.

A French intelligence report claimed that Netaji's death had not happened in Plane Crash. Paris historian JBP Moore claims that Netaji has not been killed in the plane crash of Taiwan, but did not know about Netaji's whereabouts until December 1947. After Moore's claim, once again it is clear that France is not ready to accept the claim of being killed in August 18, 1945 in Netaji's plane crash. Tell you that Moore is a professor at the prestigious academic institution of Paris.

Moore says that the French intelligence department believes that Bose did not go to that plane, but he managed to escape from Indo-China. No one knew about their whereabouts until December 11, 1947. It is clear from this that he was somewhere alive till 1947.

Indian Government not Speaking the Truth

Any one claim can be correct—either the French Report is distorted, or the Indian Government has something to hide. Some historians also believe that it was then USSR that gave Netaji capital punishment and informed then Prime Minister, Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru. But, the information did not come to the public domain, due to its perceived repercussions.

Whatever may be the reason of Netaji’s demise, one thing that has become evidently clear is that the new revelation with raise many eyebrows in India.

China should be cooperative and competitive with India: Chinese Media

There is now another statement of Chinese media between China and India that has been going on for some time now. Chinese media say that because foreign investment is constantly getting higher and higher from India, it will be tactful and helpful if Chinese administration be in the mode of competition and cooperation with India. At the same time, China should carefully focus on this issue and work on its new development model.
What does the Global Times Say
According to China's official newspaper Global Times, the continued foreign investment in India shows its progress. China should quietly look forward to India's progress and be prepared to compete with it. China should consider the new policy of its development. The article says that through foreign investment, India is removing its problems and it is also successful.

The newspaper wrote that China had also adopted such a policy earlier, now India is also successful in it. If India is untouched by infrastructure first, then it is ending its shortcomings through foreign investment. The Government of India is also making it successful through Make in India. Chinese media has also mentioned the list of all the companies which are investing in India, including some manufacturing companies in China are doing well and getting good response from India. According to the article, it should be noted that what has happened in India and China for the past two decades.

The Standoff for Docmol
Significantly, there is an atmosphere of conflict between India and China on the issue of Docmal. In the meantime, continuous provocative statements from China are coming. Earlier, a government official in China had written directly threatening that before the situation worsened and India had to suffer severe consequences, it should withdraw its troops from Dokalmal. The newspaper writes that Beijing will not make any kind of compromise on its regional sovereignty.

What does the People’s daily Say
People's Daily, considered to be the Chinese government's main paper, has also re-published an editorial on September 22, 1962, on its editorial page. In this article, it has warned India about 'regional provocation'. While China is claiming itself on the dome of India, China and Bhutan, India and Bhutan say that this is part of Bhutan and is disputed.

China interrupting Kashmir

The Chinese Foreign Ministry, while making a mark on Kashmir issue, said that the situation here has drawn attention from the international community. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jeng Shuang said, "India and Pakistan are important countries of South Asia. Conflicts continue in Kashmir near the Line of Control. This will harm the peace and stability of both the countries. '

Decision on Tejashvi after Presidential Election:JD(U)

The political crisis that started with FIR lodged against Tulsi Yadav can take a new turn soon.
New Delhi: Today the votes will be cast for the election of the new President of the country, but everybody's eyes in the field of politics will be built on Bihar. According to information received from sources from a prominent news channel, after the end of the presidential election, a decision about Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tashavi Yadav is likely to be taken.

The political crisis that started with FIR lodged against Tejashvi Yadav can take a new turn soon. According to sources, Lalu Prasad's party RJD and Nitish Kumar's JDU party are both waiting to end the presidential election to decide on this matter.
So, after the presidential election is over, there may be a decision on the fate of Tejashvi Yadav. Nitish Kumar may sack Tejashvi Yadav, or Tejashvi may have to resign. Such speculation is that RJD can support Nitish Kumar from the outside if the situation like this emerges.

RJD again protects Ravi
Meanwhile, RJD also favored Tashy Yadav on Sunday too. RJD spokesman Manoj Jha said, "CBI, ED and IT all three agencies are running from BJP address. The image of Nitish is spotless, there is no single charge in two years. Nitish ji is a serious man, he knows the truth about the allegations on corruption.

Speaking about the opposition unity, referring to an Emergency-like environment in the country, Tulsi Yadav himself came in front of the camera. He avoided the questions related to the resignation.

The Third Party Congress involved in the grand alliance also wanted that there should be no major decision till Presidential election. In this case, it will be important to see what the Congress does after the end of the presidential election. The Congress has so far been saying that the alliance in Bihar should be maintaine at every condition.

Even if the Congress wants to see Nitish-Lalu together, but will Lalu Yadav be able to prepare him for the son's resignation? These questions are also being discussed whether Nitish Kumar's script has been decided? 

Vote for Presidential Election Today

In this election, NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind and Opposition's candidate Meera Kumar are face-to-face, but the winnability of Kovind seems to be more.

New Delhi: The voting will be held today for India’s first citizen i.e., the president. It will be held between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Parliament House and the state legislatures. MPs and MLAs will vote for the new President. In this election, NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind and Opposition's candidate Meera Kumar are face-to-face.

Ramnath Kovind has nearly 62 percent votes and the effort is on full swing to raise this support percentage to 66 percent. More than 30 parties are supporting Kovind. At the same time, the opposition candidate Meera Kumar has 27 percent votes. Meira Kumar has the support of 18 parties including Congress.

Former Governor of Bihar, Kovind and former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar has asked the people to vote in their by traveling around the country.

Party-wise vote percentage
The BJP-led NDA has a total of 5,37,683 votes, including Shiv Sena, and it needs about 12,000 more votes. However, the promise of support from the BJD, TRS and YSR Congress and the possibility of support from a faction of AIADMK can fulfill the difference in the shortage of votes in the presidential elections. On the other hand, in support of Meira Kumar, there are 36% of votes with 3,886 thousand 500 votes.

Voting with special pen
MPs and MLAs who have voted in this election have been refused their pen inside the polling booth and they will mark the ballot from the specially designed marker. The presidential election is through confidential ballot paper. In this, the parties can not issue whip to vote for their members in favor of a particular candidate.

Who has the right to vote?
The elected members of all the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council of the country can vote with the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs in the presidential election. The point to note here is that in this entire process, the designated members do not have the right to vote.

How does the voters vote for delegates?
If the number of total members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is merged, its figure reaches 776. That is, 776 MPs can vote in it. These MPs have a total of 5,49,408 votes, while there are 4120 MLAs across the country who have 5,49,474 votes. In this way, the total votes are 10,98,882 and for the victory one should be more than half that is 5,49,442.

In the case of legislator, the state of which the legislator is, the population is seen according to the 1971 census. The population is divided by the number of elected MLAs, the results that are now divided are divided by 1000. Now the figure that is handled, is the value of the vote of a legislator of that state.

The weightage of the votes of MPs is different. The value of votes of elected Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs is fixed. The value of an MP's vote is 708.

UP's legislators vote
The highest vote value of MLAs in Uttar Pradesh is 83,824 in the state legislatures. This is the figure of 208 votes per legislator. At the same time, the lowest vote value in the Sikkim assembly is 224 and this is the figure of seven legislators per legislator.

When will the counting of the votes begin? When will be the swearing in?
Counting of votes is going on July 20. Swearing in ceremony will be held on July 25. Chief Justice of the country will administer the oath of office and secrecy to the new president.

                                                                          --Ashish Jha