Security Forces Kills lashkar-e-taiba-commander bashir lashkari

In Anantnag area in Kashmir, security forces killed two terrorists, including LeT's top commander Bashir Lashkari, in an encounter on Saturday morning. Lashkari was involved in an attack on police team in Achhil last month. Six policemen, including police station in-charge Firoz Ahmed Dar, were killed in this attack. The terrorists had also mutilated the dead bodies of the martyrs and spoiled their faces. DGP and  S.P. of Jammu and Kashmir Police Vaid had told that the martyrs to get justice quickly and only 15 days after the incident, the security forces gunned down the Lashkar chieftain.

On Saturday morning the security forces surrounded the Lashkari and the rest of the 3 terrorists in a house, but due to the heavy protest of local people, the soldiers were facing huge difficulties in the operation. However, the army still managed to gun down the Lashkari. Two civilians, including a woman, were also killed in the firing between security forces and the militants.

A spokesman of the police said, "Bashir Lashkari and three other terrorists were trapped in the circle of security forces in Anantnag's Brendi village. These terrorists were involved in the killing of a police station officer and five other police personnel in the Achal area of South Kashmir on June 16th.

A woman was killed in the firing between with the security forces during a campaign run to capture the terrorists. Officials said that the 44-year-old Tahira was shot during an encounter. She was taken to the hospital, but her life could not be saved.

A police official said that after getting information about the presence of terrorists, including Lashkar-e-Taiba commander in Anantnag's Brenti Bitpora, they started the search operation by cordoning off the area. He said that during the search operation the terrorists started firing on security forces, after which both sides started exchanging bullets. Terrorists were using the common people as 'human shield' for their protection.

On 16th June, the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists had attacked the police force in the Achal area of Anantnag district. Six policemen, including police station Firoz Ahmed Dar, were killed in this attack. According to the police, the Lashkar attacked the police force to take revenge for the killing of his commander Junaid Mattoo. The terrorists also spoiled their faces while destroying the bodies of the martyrs. After taking out the attack, the terrorists took the weapons of the police along with them. The day after this incident, DGP Vaid had assured of ‘prompt and quick action'.

Dhoni, Spinners write script for Comprehensive win against West Indies

North Sound: India defeated West Indies by 93 runs in the third one-dayer on the bowling of half-centuries from opener Ajinkya Rahane and former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and then the disciplined bowling attack.The whole team of the West Indies got out at 158 runs in 38.1 overs.

Ravichandran Ashwin picked up three wickets for India. With this, spinner Ravichandran Ashwin touched the 150-wicket mark of his one-day career. Kuldeep three wickets, while Pandya took two wickets. Umesh and Kedar Jadhav took one wicket each.

In response to the team's 251 runs, the host team's batsmen looked dull. Earlier, in the absence of openers Ajinkya Rahane and former skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India had scored 251 runs for four wickets, that was not looking competitive.

West Indian bowlers, especially the spinners, did not let the Indians play openly by bowling a bit. Rahane again proved his worth in the top order and scored 72 runs. He, along with Yuvraj Singh (39), added 66 for the third wicket and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (78 not out) with a 70-run partnership for the fourth wicket to lift India to the first shock.

Dhoni played an unbroken partnership of 81 runs with Kedar Jadhav (40 not out). Both of them showed their batting prowess, especially in death overs and that helped India get 51 runs in the last four overs. Dhoni scored four fours and two sixes in his 79-ball innings. Miguel Cummins took two wickets from the West Indies while Devendra Bishoo and Jason Holder took one wicket each.

India had to bat first and it did not start well after losing the toss. Opener Shikhar Dhawan (2) and captain Virat Kohli (11) returned to the pavilion in just 10 overs and with 34 for two India’s batting looked dismal at that point of time.

Dhawan was caught in the third over by catching the short-pitch ball on the third man on the ball while Kohli could not accurately guess the ball of the Caribbean captain, who took the edge of his bat and went to the lane where the Shai hop catched the ball with one hand. After this, Rahane and Yuvraj did not let the wickets fall for almost 17 overs, but in the meantime they could not score as fast as expected in front of the West Indies fast and spin blended attack. They shared a 66-run partnership with 3.92 runs per over.

Bishnoi pawed out Yuvraj. Although the umpire had turned down the appeal but West Indies resorted to referral, after which Yuvraj had to return to the pavilion. He made four fours in the 55 balls that he faced.

Rahane then completed his half-century off 83 balls by taking single off Cummin’s over.In the current series he has been successful in making more than 50 runs in consecutive three innings. In the middle, though no boundary was reached for nine overs. Rahane made the first six of the innings on square leg and showed the ball the boundary line.

Dhoni also faced 39th ball for the first time to send the ball to the boundary line. When he was at 38, he got the life on the ball. India had scored 161 for three wickets after 40 overs. The patience of Rahane's innings ended with Bishnu taking a beautiful catch. He drove the ball through the space at cover point, but Bishoo changed the dive into a catch. Rahane faced 112 balls and hit four fours and a six.

Dhoni completed his 63rd half century in 66 balls. After this he showed his true character in the death overs. Dhoni created great disturbance in Holder’s bowling analysis by hitting two sixes in two consecutive deliveries. Jadhav played 26 balls and hit four fours and a six.

Indian Arnav has more IQ than Einstein

London: Arnav Sharma, an 11-year-old Indian student, has become the most intelligent child in the country by securing the highest number of 162 marks in the Mensa IQ test. He has gained two points more than the great scientist Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. In South England, Arnav Sharma of Reading Town passed the Mensa IQ test, famous for the toughest test a few weeks ago without any preparation. He had never given this test before. According to the news of The Independent, his marks in the Test are placed at the IQ level at the top of the country.

Sharma said, Mensa test is quite difficult and hence there are handful number of persons who clear it. I just did not expect to pass it. I gave this test and it took about two and a half hours. He said there were about seven or eight people there. Sharma said that he was not keen on giving the test. He said - I did not prepare for the test but I was not even nervous.

My family was surprised but they were also very happy when I told them about the result. Her mother, Misha Dhamija Sharma, said, I was thinking what would be going on because she had never seen how this paper would be. He said that when he was two and a half years old I knew about the skills of his maths. Sharma has passion for singing and dancing too.When she was eight years old, she also reached the semi-finals of 'Readings Got Talent' by making Bollywood dance.

Oldest IQ Society

Mensa is considered the world's largest and old high icon society. Scientific and advocates Lancelot Lionel Ware and Australian Barrister Roland Beryl founded it in 1946 in Oxford. Later, this organization spread to the world.
                                                              ---Anamika Jha

India on Top in Taking the Foreign Citizenship

India has reached the top spot in the list of countries in the world, whose citizens have adopted the foreign citizenship most. This shows that Indian citizens do not hesitate to take foreign citizenship. In 2015, 1.30 lakh citizens of Indian origin acquired citizenship of OECD member countries. Most of these works went abroad on the visa. After this, Mexico (1.12 lakh), Philippines (94,000) and China (78,000) have adopted the most foreign citizenship.

This information comes out in the International Migration Outlook (2017) report released on Thursday by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris on Thursday. It has been reported in the report that in 2015, 20 million citizens got citizenship of OECD countries, which was 3 percent higher than in 2014. The OECD is a global think tank of 35 countries, including European countries, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Earlier it said in its report that the number of Indian expatriates in the world is highest. 156 lakh Indians reside abroad.

The Secretary General of the OECD said, "Improving the inclusion of migrants, their children and refugees is important in the direction of the inclusive and prosperous future for all." At the same time, China remains on top of the list of new migrants in the OECD. However, due to the rapid rise in the number of migrants as the refugee crisis started in Syria, India has dropped to the fifth position in this list.

The number of new migrants in OECD countries has been 70.39 lakh in 2015 and of these, China has 7.8 percent. In 2013, only one out of ten migrants were Chinese. The migration of Indians in OECD countries has declined. 4.4 in 2013, which was 3.9 in 2015. America, Britain, Canada, Australia and Germany in countries where Indians prefer to settle most. At the same time, international students have the highest number of Chinese and Indian citizens. In OECD countries, more than 50 percent of international students are from Asian countries.

In 2014, six lakh Chinese students had taken admission in foreign educational institutions, while during this time, 1.86 lakh students from India had the opportunity to get education abroad.

The Countdown for GST Begins

New Delhi: Countdown to GST has started. After 12 o'clock tonight, the country will get freedom from countless tax. There has been tremendous preparation of GST in the Parliament. Parliament is being decorated like a bride. At midnight on the GST in the Central Hall is going to be exactly the same as the grand ceremony that took place on the midnight of 15th August 1947.

President and PM's address

The country will start a program implementing one country, one tax i.e., 11 o'clock in the central hall of Parliament, at 11 o'clock in the night and it will last for 12 past 10 minutes. This program will be addressed by the President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After this, President Pranab Mukherjee will announce the implementation of GST in the country at 12 o'clock.

The ceremony was held on 15th August 1947 in the Central Building
On August 15, 1947, when the country got independence, a celebration was held at the Central Building of Parliament House to celebrate Independence. In this ceremony, the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave the historic Trystt with Destiny speech.

Who will be involved?
 To join the 80-minute program, about 100 celebrities of the country have got invitation. Actors Amitabh Bachchan, singer Lata Mangeshkar, industrialist Ratan Tata, law-savvy soli Sorabjee, KK Venugopal and Harish Salve may be included.
BJP national president Amit Shah, former finance minister Yashwant Sinha, RBI chief Urjit Patel, former governor C Rangarajan, Bimal Jalan, YV Reddy and D Subbarao will also be present.

Not only this, many great personalities have been invited, including Metro Man E Sridharan, RSS thinker S. Gurumurthy, former CAG Vinod Rai, agriculture scientist M Swaminathan and CEC Naseem Zaidi.

Who will not be involved?
Mamata Banerjee's party TMC, including Congress and RJD, has decided not to go to the program on GST launch. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that her party TMC will not be included in it. However, Nitish Kumar's party JD(U) will join the grand alliance in Bihar.

New Delhi: Countdown to GST has started. After 12 o'clock tonight, the country will get freedom from countless tax. There has been tremendous preparation of GST in the Parliament. Parliament is being decorated like a bride. At midnight on the GST in the Central Hall is going to be exactly the same as the grand ceremony that took place on the midnight of 15th August 1947.

President and PM's address

The country will start a program implementing one country, one tax i.e., 11 o'clock in the central hall of Parliament, at 11 o'clock in the night and it will last for 12 past 10 minutes. This program will be addressed by the President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After this, President Pranab Mukherjee will announce the implementation of GST in the country at 12 o'clock.

The ceremony was held on 15th August 1947 in the Central Building
On August 15, 1947, when the country got independence, a celebration was held at the Central Building of Parliament House to celebrate Independence. In this ceremony, the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave the historic Tryst with Destiny speech.

Who will be involved?

To join the 80-minute program, about 100 celebrities of the country have got the invitation. Actors Amitabh Bachchan, singer Lata Mangeshkar, industrialist Ratan Tata, law-savvy Soli Sorabjee, KK Venugopal and Harish Salve may be included.BJP national president Amit Shah, former finance minister Yashwant Sinha, RBI chief Urjit Patel, former governor C Rangarajan, Bimal Jalan, YV Reddy and D Subbarao will also be present.

Not only this, many great personalities have been invited, including Metro Man E Sridharan, RSS thinker S. Gurumurthy, former CAG Vinod Rai, agriculture scientist M Swaminathan and CEC Naseem Zaidi.

Who will not be involved?
Mamata Banerjee's party TMC, including Congress and RJD, has decided not to go to the program on GST launch. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that her party TMC will not be included in it. However, Nitish Kumar's party JD(U) will join the grand alliance in Bihar.

How will the program be?
• The program of GST will begin at 10:45 pm
• At first, guests will be shown a 10-minute film made on GST.
• It will be followed by inauguration speech of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
• The Prime Minister and the President will give a speech for about 25 minutes.
• At the middle of the night, the President will announce the implementation of GST by ringing the bell.
• A 2 minute movie will be shown after this.
What is the minutes-to-minute event of organizing?
10 pm to 55 minutes: President Pranab Mukherjee will reach Parliament House, he will be welcomed here.
10 pm to 59 minutes: Marshall will announce the coming of the president
11 pm: President Pranab Mukherjee will enter the Central Hall.
11 o'clock in the night: the national anthem will be played.
11 pm to 2 pm: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will introduce GST.
Night 11: 10 minutes: A movie made on GST will be shown.
11 pm to 15 minutes: There will be speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
11 PM to 45 PM: President Pranab Mukherjee will keep put his point.
12:00 am: President President Pranab Mukherjee will launch GST by ringing the bell.
Night 12: 3 minutes: Marshall will announce the president's departure.
• Twelve o'clock four minutes: the national anthem will be played.
12:05 AM: President leaves, the program ends.
                                                                                        ---Ashish Jha

Sukma naxal attacks mastermind Hidma sustains bullet injury during Operation Prahar

Hidma, who is said to be the mastermind of Sukma Naxalite attack, was allegedly injured during the joint operation of Chhattisgarh Police and CRPF. During the 'Operation Prahar' of the security forces run for the wreckage of the Maoists hidden in the forests of Chhattisgarh, Hidma was shot.

Sukma SP Abhishek Meena told that people of the village of Tombarka have confirmed that Hidma has sustained bullet injuries. It is not known
As to what is the intensity of his injury. Meena further said that the villagers have told that the Naxalites took 10 bodies from Swamarka to Sakaler area.

Chhattisgarh's special DGP D. M. Awasthi has confirmed that more than a dozen Naxalites have been killed during the Operation Prahar against Chhattisgarh on 23 June, while 3 are also martyred. He said that about 5600 people participated in this 56 hour campaign against Naxalites.

Awasthi said, "During the campaign, we lost 3 jawans of District Reserve Guard while 5 jawans were injured. More than a dozen Naxalites have been killed and 8 to 10 have been injured. This operation lasted for 56 long hours. About 1,500 soldiers participated in this joint operation. This campaign is over today. ' In this year, 26 soldiers of CRPF were martyred in Naxal attack in Sukma in April this year.

Printing of 200 rupees' notes begins

Given the problems faced by the people by the government's decision to close the note of 1000 rupees, the preparation of a new note of 200 rupees is ready and is expected to hit the market before long. The Reserve Bank has also started printing of 200 rupees’ notes.

The notification for issuing a new note of 200 was issued in July. But now there may be some delay in this. The Reserve Bank of India told a newspaper that a few weeks earlier, orders have been issued to start printing of new notes. After this, printing of these notes has been started in the Government Printing Press.

Importantly, the Narendra Modi government had announced a ban on November 8 last year, under which old notes of 500 and 1000 were declared not valid. In place of these notes, the newer notes of rupees 500 were printed and 2000 notes also came in. The note of 1000 rupees was completely closed.

According to the State Bank of India Research, on November 8, the number of notes in the country was Rs 1,650 crore at the time of the cancellation. After the removal of these notes, there was a huge difference in the number of circular notes in the market.

Soumya Kanti Ghosh, who worked as a Group Chief Economist in SBI, said, "It will be easier to get work done by bringing 200 rupees notes for the purpose of daily transactions." He said, "A portion of the notes which have been withdrawn in the note-bank have been paid by the notes of Rs 2,000, while notes of Rs 500 have largely worked to fulfill this shortage. But that was not enough. ' He said that after issuance of 200 rupees notes, relief will be given to the small currency crisis whose shortcomings have been feelt since the closure of 500 rupees old notes.

Vice Presidential Election to be held on August 5

Delhi: After the President in India, the Vice-President's post is the largest in the executive. Vice President also participates in legislative work as Chairman of Rajya Sabha. The Vice-President's election is done entirely by secret voting in a single transitional manner on the basis of proportional representation by electoral members formed in conjunction with members of both the houses of the Parliament.

Vice Presidential election will be held on August 5
Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi has announced the election schedule for election of the 15th vice-president from the Election Commission. Notification will be issued for the Vice Presidential election on July 4. However, the last date for filing of nomination papers is July 18 and the job of screening of nominations filled by candidates has been kept till July 19. At the same time, the EC has announced this date and announced the date of election of Vice President on August 5.

Vice-President elected 790 members of Parliament

Members of the electoral college formed on behalf of the elected and nominated representatives of both the Houses of Parliament for the election of Vice-President under the President and Vice Presidential Elections Act, 1952 and the rules framed for it 1974. In the Vice Presidential election, 233 elected members of the Rajya Sabha and 12 nominated members vote. Likewise, 543 members of Lok Sabha and two nominated MPs vote. In the Presidential election where electoral college chooses that there are legislators of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and different states, in contrast, Vice-Presidential elections are only Lok Sabha and Elected MPs of Rajya Sabha.

Hamid Ansari's tenure ends on August 10
Vice President Hamid Ansari's tenure ends on 10 August 2017. Hamid Ansari was made Vice President at the time of the UPA Government on August 11, 2007 after Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. Hamid Ansari is the country's twelfth Vice President.

Requirements for Vice Presidential Candidates
Any person can be elected vice president only when he
1- Be a citizen of India
2- Has completed thirty-five years of age
3- Rajya Sabha member has the ability to be elected
The thing to keep in mind is that any person who is in the position of any benefit under the Government of India or any state government or under any subordinate local authority, may not be eligible for the post of Vice-President.

Vice-President of India till date

Since 1952 Firstly, Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan became Vice President. After that, Zakir Hussain, V.V. Giri, Gopal Swat Pathak, BD Jatte, Mohammed Hidayatullah, Ramaswamy Venkataraman, Shankar Dayal Sharma, K R Narayanan, Krishnakant, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and Hamid Ansari Vice-President.

                                                                                   ----Ramanand Yadav

China Chides India Again

India and China's army are standing face-to-face on Sikkim border. This led Army Chief Bipin Rawat to reach Sikkim on Thursday to review the situation. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang has demanded immediate withdrawal of army from India.

Kang said that we demand that India withdraw its forces immediately. This is a prerequisite for negotiation and talk between the two parties. There is tension on the border of China adjacent to the North-Eastern Sikkim region for a week. China has accused Indian soldiers of entering the border and preventing the construction of roads. The Chinese army broke the two bunkers of India and said these were built in the Chinese border. China is giving tough message even from Beijing and is constantly accusing India for disturbing the peaceful environment.

From where did the controversy start?
In earlier this month, Indian soldiers protested against China's construction of a road from Donglong, Sikkim sector. After this, Chinese soldiers broke two Indian bunkers in Sikkim sector, telling that these two bunkers were in its territory. Since then, thousands of soldiers from both countries are face to face. Actually, India has strengthened its preparations on the China border. In fact, since the time India started making bunkers at the places where there were already the old bunkers, China seems to be very disturbed and hence does some provocative measures.
What objections do China have?
The incident of the removal of the Indian bunker happened in the first week of June in Doka La area of Sikkim, due to which there was a tension on the Indo-China border in the Sikkim region. The history of the China-India border dispute is quite long. There are 3,488 km long border between the two countries, from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. In this, 220 km of part falls in Sikkim. Since the border line is not completely clear in this area, there is no clear basis for the boundary.

Know the dispute Bhutan connection
In Donglang area where the Chinese side are constructing roads, fall in the Bhutan territory. But, since India has the right of foreign and defense affairs of Bhutan, it objected to the construction. But, China has its own set of arguments. It says that since it is between China and Bhutan, India is the third party, hence it should not and cannot raise its accusing finger on China. China seems to be uncomfortable with the increase in dominance in that region.

What said the Chinese Foreign Ministry say?

China's Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying - The country is respecting sovereignty of other countries. The China-Bhutan border is not defined, no third party should intervene in this matter and should not take irresponsible comment or action. China accuses India of a secret agenda and said- If a third party interferes with the secret agenda, then it is an insult to Bhutan's sovereignty. We do not want to see this because Bhutan deserves sovereignty by the international community. China called road construction in Sikkim sector as legitimate and stressed that it is being made in the Chinese area which is neither of India nor Bhutan. Chinese foreign affairs ministry spokesman said that no other country has the right to interfere.

                                                                                         ---Ashish Jha

Trump Administration Issues New Criteria for Visa applications for 6 Muslim Countries

The Trump Administration has set up new Criteria for six Muslim countries and refugees’ visa applications. Now they will need family or business proximity from America to travel to America. This order came when the Supreme Court partially restored ban order of Donald Trump for the Muslim community, which had been widely criticized. The new guides have been sent to American embassies and commercial embassies.

It has already been approved that the visas will not be canceled, but the instructions issued by the State Department say that parents, parents or newcomers to travel to new applicants from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Yemen in the US Relationships like wife, child, child son or daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law and brother will have to show.

According to the new guideline, grandparents, grand children, aunt, uncle, nephew-niece, cousin, sister-in-law, fiancé and other family members have not been included in the nearest relative.

On Monday, the Supreme Court had partly lifted the order of the lower court against Trump's executive order, which banned the visas for citizens of six countries temporarily. If the judges can prove a "strong relationship" with the American person or institution, then the applicants will get exemption from this restriction.

Earlier, hearing the disputed judgment, the judges had said that this matter will be reviewed in October. Now this ban can be imposed on people from six countries whose relatives or close relatives are not living in the US. Let us state that before the stay on the travel ban, the US Supreme Court granted it partial approval. According to the ban, there were talks of 90 days of ban on the arrival of citizens of 6 Muslim countries in America.

Violence cannot be allowed in the name of cow protection: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Gujarat today (Thursday). First of all, he reached Ahmedabad's Sabarmati Ashram, where he took part in 100 years of completion of the ashram. The Prime Minister launched a spinning wheel in the ashram. After this, PM Modi said on the violence of the crowd that the service of the cow should be learned by Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave.

 Violence in the name of Goraksha cannot be allowed. The service of the cow is devotion to cow. Violence is not right in the name of cow protection. The country will have to follow the path of non-violence. People will not be accepted in the name of Gobhakti. If any person creates a chaotic situation in the name of the protection of cow, then the law will do its work, no one is required to take the law in hand. Violence is not a solution to the problem

Terming the violence of the crowd as wrong, PM Modi said that it is wrong to blow the hospital on a patient's death. There is no fault of the doctor who was serving your family member, but that member could not be saved. But then you have a complaint then the law is there. Violence is not a solution to problems. Our country is a country of non-violence and Gandhi.

The country which believes in feeding ant also, what has happened to the country which believes in feeding the dog even in the street. PM Modi explained his point through a story. He said that when I was young then there was a family near our house. There was no child in that family, due to which there was a lot of stress. After a long time, a child was born in that house. At that time a cow used to come there and used to eat something everyday. Once the child had come under the feet of the cow, and he died. 

The next morning, the cow stood in front of his house, he did not eat bread in front of anyone's house. Even from that family did not eat bread. The tears of the cow were constantly flowing. The cow could not eat and drink for many days. The people of the surrounding area tried very hard but the cow did not eat anything and later left his body. The cow did this in the repentance of the death of a child, but today people are killing only on the name of the cow.

Through his statement, he has given a strong message to those people who take the law in their hands. 

Lalu-Nitish Smoke Peace Pipe for now

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav talked on the phone amid an atmosphere of incrimination between the two parties. With this dialogue, the status of 'armistice' has been created between the two parties, but the sources connected with the JDU are confirming that some incidents in recent times and especially for the removal of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar The 'conspiracy' has hit the coalition.

JDU general secretary K.C. Tyagi also cleared the statement on 'comfortable alliance' with BJP on Wednesday and said that the party's intention is not to break the alliance. He said, "There is no question of joining hands with BJP, we want to strengthen the alliance." However, there are still questions about some of the RJD's leaders intentions to destabilize Nitish Kumar and his party.

A senior JD(U) official said, "We have information that two RJD leaders, including a Rajya Sabha MP, have personal meetings with some senior BJP leaders. What do you mean by talking informally with those leaders whom you call your enemy? And that too, when the agencies are going to take action against benami properties against Lalu's family?

On condition of anonymity, the JD(U) official feared that a section of RJD wanted to destabilize the ruling coalition in Bihar and in return take some help in investigating the illegal property against Lalu's family against the Anonymous property.

Party sources said that even if Lalu and Nitish themselves stop their party leaders from making statements against each other, even then 'unbelief' created between the two parties is not going to be reduced. According to sources, if the Income Tax Department decides to prosecute Lalu's younger son and Deputy Chief Minister Tejashvi Yadav on charges of holding the alleged undeclared property, then it may be possible that the two parties get separated from there.

Last week, the Income Tax Department seized assets worth Rs 170 crore, which is reportedly the name of Radha. According to law, it is decided to register a case against the stunning. JDU has not yet supported this stand of the RJD that the action of the Income Tax Department is a political conspiracy of BJP.

A JD(U) leader expressed displeasure at the attacks on Nitish by supporting RJD leaders to support NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind in the Presidential election, saying, "We have given a strong message that staying in the coalition with Nitish and sparing no occasion to corner him on his decision cannot go together.

K.C. Tyagi, however, rejected the idea of joining hands with BJP, but also said that the manner in which opposition parties reacted to the support of Ramnath Kovind by JDU, he was going to be disappointed. He also raised questions about Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's visit to Italy. He said, "There was a decision to protest against the issue of farmers in the opposition parties' meeting at Mandsaur, but Rahul suddenly went abroad and his party did differently in these protests. All the parties should meet together to see who is responsible for not taking the issues of farmers properly.

Meanwhile, Bihar's Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has demanded amendment in the law to give more rights to the states in matters related to money laundering from the Central Government. He has said that the State Governments should at least get this right to seize the property acquired illegally. He said, "The ED sees big cases and does not have time to look for smaller matters." Nitish has demanded that the state government should get the right to confiscate properties worth 10 crores.
                                                                                   ----Ashish Jha

Big Leap in Space: ISRO Launches Communication Satellite GSAT-17 successfully

Bengaluru: India's modern communication satellite GSAT-17 was launched through Arianspace rocket after midnight from Koro of French Guyana. Earlier, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) had announced this while saying, "GSAT-17 will be launched on 29th June, at the time of two hours and 29 minutes, through Arian-Five launch vehicle." The weight of about 3,477 kilogram. 

This satellite will provide various communication services in normal sea bad, extended C band and S band. The weight of GSAT-17 is about 3,477 kg. This satellite will provide various communication services in normal sea bad, extended C band and S band.

The space agency said that it has also taken equipment related to weather related and satellite based search and rescue operations. INSAT satellites previously used to provide these services.

After GSLV Mk-3 and PSLV C-38 from Sriharikota Space Center, ISRO has launched a satellite for the third time this month.

Salient Features of the Launch
1. Launching on 29th June at 29.29pm
2. Weight of GSAT-17 is about 3,477 kg

3. ISRO has launched a satellite for the third time this month.

Cabinet Clears 7th Pay Commission's Allowances

Delhi: There was a great news for nearly 47 lakh central employees on Wednesday evening. The cabinet approved the proposal for change on the basis of the recommendations of the seventh pay commission in the allowance to the government employees in a key decision. Government employees will be able to meet the increased allowance from July 1. After the implementation of this, the government will have a financial burden of Rs 30,748 crore.

Announcing this, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the Cabinet has approved the increase in the HRA, which is available to government employees, by the recommendations of the Pay Commission.

New rates of HRA
-When a government employee gets 25% of DA Basic Pay, then HRA will get 27%, 18% and 9% for cities of different categories.
When a government employee gets 50% of the DA Basic, HRA will get 30%, 20% and 10% for cities of different categories.
- A floor will be fixed for lower level employees, their HRA will be fixed on the same basis.

Increase in Siachen allowance
-The Seventh Pay Commission recommended 31,500 for level 9 and above.
-The government has decided to increase it to 42,500.
-The Seventh Pay Commission recommended 21,000 for level 8 and below.
The government has decided to increase it to 30,000.

Increase in employees' allowances
- Free medical allowance was increased from 500 rupees to 1000 rupees per month to pensioners.
The employees of the Remote areas have been improved in the provision of special compensability allowance.
-Technical allowance has been reorganized

The Govt. employees were awaiting a decision from the Government on the issue of 7th Pay Commission Allowances. So, in today's cabinet meeting government employees were expecting a discussion on the Cabinet note related to the Allowance.

Importantly, PM Narendra Modi had returned from overseas tour on Tuesday night and due to this the meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning was scheduled for five o'clock in the evening. For the last few weeks due to some reasons the discussion on the issues related to the Seventh Pay Commission was not being discussed in the Cabinet meeting and it was increasing the wait in the staff. It was being said that this issue was not being kept in the Cabinet meeting ever because of the absence of finance minister Arun Jaitley and the Finance Ministry officials in Delhi.

Sources of the employees' associations said that the Committee of Secretaries had prepared a Cabinet note after discussion on this issue.

Let the Union employees wait for nearly a year for the government's decision on the issue of HRA in addition to other alliances. It may be mentioned that on June 28 last year, the government had decided to implement the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. The government had announced the implementation of the recommendations of the Pay Commission from January 1, 2016, but after several recommendations of the Pay Commission, the Central employees expressed their objections on many issues. There was also a dispute about the allowances in these issues.

The government had constituted a committee for this. The committee submitted its report to the Finance Minister on 27th April. This report was sent to the committee of empowered secretaries on behalf of the Finance Ministry. Now after discussing this report, on June 1, the Empowered Committee of Secretaries had prepared a Cabinet note.

Importantly, the Central Staff was entitled to 196 types of allowances before the Seventh Pay Commission, but the seventh pay commission had abolished or had merged several avenues, after which only 55 vacancies were left. All employees were uncomfortable with the abolition of a number of allowances.

The Narendra Modi government had approved the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission in 2016 and implemented the report of the 7th Pay Commission from January 1, 2016. But, due to disagreements over many issues with allowances, the recommendations were not fully implemented.

Lalu and Nitish part their ways after Presidential Election?

New Delhi, [Special Desk]. The crack in Bihar's coalition government is becoming more and more widespread with each passing day. Regardless of the top leadership of the parties involved in the general body, they are constantly being asked to not make rhetoric against each other, but the reality is that the leaders of the parties in the government today are looking at themselves with the future of this coalition. If the opinions of the trade pundits are taken into account, the breakdown of this alliance is almost certain. In such a way, the question arises, how many days will the coalition continue?

No big leaders except Sonia-Lalu-Nitish
After announcing support to the  NDA presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind, the leaders of the RJD started taking a potshot on Nitish Kumar. Laloo Yadav himself dubbed his decision as a historic blunder, while his son and the deputy CM of Bihar, Tejashvi Yadav alleged Nitish of being opportunist. Another ally Congress too joined the bandwagon. Its leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha Mr Ghulam Navi Azad allged Nitish of being a person of multiple ideologies and accused him for defeating the presidential candidate of his state.

We will not reconsider our decision: Nitish
However, after rigorous rapprochement in the grand alliance since last several days, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and other JDU leaders have tried to put all speculations to rest before the media. Questions were raised about the future of the grand alliance.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the political assault on NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind in support of JD (U) in the presidential election, in a tone, said, "We have made a commitment to serve the people. Regardless of what people from his alliance or the others think and speculate, we will not go back. On Wednesday, at the Eid meeting function organized at Anjuman Islam Hall on behalf of 'Jamaat A Hind', Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said these things. He said that we are trying to change society. This is not possible overnight.

Known as the second man in the party, Mr K.C. Tyagi told that our coalition in Bihar is very strong. There will be no impact on the government of different views on the presidential election. However, political analysts see his statement with suspicious eyes.

The breakdown of this alliance is imminent

Indeed, there is a ruckus in the big coalition in Bihar, even if it seems to break for a few days, but political analysts believe that this is an alliance of opportunism, whose rupture is almost certain. Former MP and senior journalist Shahid Siddiqui is not considering this alliance to last for long.

Shahid Siddiqui said that Nitish Kumar had always opened the window for the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that Nitish Kumar is playing games from both sides today. He said that Nitish Kumar has given a clear indication to the BJP about the 2019 elections, while on the other side, he is also running the stance on Lalu Yadav so that Lalu does not put any pressure on him. It is because of the continuous effort of Lalu Yadav to pressure Nitish on the side of Lalu Yadav in the last days. 

Awake! the world's most important prime minister is coming

There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm for his visit to the country before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Israel in July. One of Israel's leading newspapers, The Marker, described PM Modi as the world's premier prime minister. While praising him, the newspaper wrote, "Awake! the world's most important prime minister is coming".

The Business Daily 'The Marker' has written an article on Israeli relations with India in the most prominent story of the Hebrew version. The article said that Israeli people had put considerable expectations about their Israeli visit with US President Donald Trump. But they did not say anything special. While the leader of 125 million people, PM Modi is very popular all over the world. Together, the representative of the country with the fastest growing economy, Modi is so capable that the whole world is forced to look at him today.

In other Israeli newspapers, the mention of Modi's forthcoming Israeli tour is also mentioned. Local news portals have also made comments on the avoidance of Modi's Ramlah. The Yerushalam Post has made a separate link on Modi's Israelis, in which he has published many news related to India.

Local news portal Arushj Sheva said in its report that unlike other leaders of the world, Narendra Modi is the leader of the world's largest democracy and his country is the world’s second largest country. But he is not going to Ramallah during the Israeli tour. He is not going to meet the Palestinian administration chief Mahmoud Abbas or the other leaders. It has also been said in the report that Modi met him during Abbas's visit to India.

Importantly, International Yoga Day in Israel was also celebrated with full enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the relationship between India and Israel is increasing steadily. Next week on 4th July my friend Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to Israel and his visit will certainly add another feather in Indo-Israel diplomatic cap.

Significantly, this is the first Israeli trip to any Indian Prime Minister. Netanyahu has said that it reflects Israel's military, economic and diplomatic strength. PM Modi will leave for a three-day Israeli tour on July 4.

High Court Summons DDA for Arbitrariness in Private Schools

The Delhi High Court has strongly condemned the DDA for not providing details of DDA's private schools. The court has also directed the DDA director to send a notice to the court himself. The High Court has directed that no single seat of the EWS of Delhi Private Schools will remain vacant.

The Delhi High Court is hearing a petition related to nursery admission in private schools on DDA Land. Taking the DDA on Tuesday in the matter, the court said that till date, why the DDA is not giving it the record so that it is known where and when the land was given to open the private school in Delhi. The petitioner had complained that DDA has made houses at places given to open private schools with the collusion of DDA officials. They are being used commercially.

In view of the seriousness of these allegations, the DDA had ordered all the records to be produced in the court, but even after several hearings, when the DDA lawyers and officials did not present these records, the angry court had directed the DDA director to appear physically.

At the same time, the High Court has directed the Delhi Government to ensure that no EWS seat in private schools remains vacant. The court has often received complaints like this that in the absence of information from the schools, EWS children are not able to get admission and taking advantage of it, private schools give admission to the general category children with heavy donation.

DDA Launches New Housing Scheme

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is going to launch a new housing scheme on June 30. All necessary formalities have been completed for this scheme and by the end of this month the new scheme will be launched.

DDA Chief Commissioner (Housing) JP Agarwal has said that the form and brochures will be available in selected banks from 30 June to 9 August. Apart from this, he said that this scheme was linked to the Prime Minister's Awaas Yojana, which would give subsidy on the interest of loan taken from the people of the people fulfilling all the norms.

Only those who apply under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme will get the benefit of this, who do not have a permanent house in Delhi. If anybody has applied under EWS, then their annual income should be less than 3 lakhs in this case.

DDA is offering 13000 flats under this scheme, in which 350 two rooms are for middle income groups, and the remaining one is for people with low income group.

However unlike last year, people whose names are in the Lucki draw this year will be compelled to buy flats otherwise their registration amount will be seized. Let us know that deposit amount has been kept for 2 lakh for middle class and Rs. 1 lakh for lower class.

Mumbai Serial Blast Convict Mustafa Dausa Passes Away

1993 Mumbai serial blast case convicted Mustafa Dausa has died. On Tuesday night he was admitted to JJ Hospital after complaining of chest pain. Mustafa was complaining of hypertension and sugar. He also told Tada Court about his heart problem. In the blast case, he could get a hanging sentence too.

In the Mumbai serial blast case, there was a debate in the court on guilty convicts Mustafa Dausa, Underworld don Abu Salem, and six convicts. CBI counsel Deepak Salvi had demanded the execution order of the convicts. Court considered Salem as Master Mind, Mustafa Dosa, MO Dosha, Firoz Rashid Khan, Karimullah Sheikh and Tahir Merchant were convicted.

Mustafa Dausa is considered as the mastermind of the arms and explosives for the Mumbai serial blast. He was found guilty of making arms land in Raigad, sending the accused to Pakistan for training and plotting the conspiracy. Mustafa Dosa was arrested from the UAE in 2004, then in 2005 Abu Salem was extradited.
On June 16, the second batch of the accused was sentenced to the Mumbai serial blast case. Earlier, in 2007, 100 people were convicted, while 23 were acquitted. After hearing the Supreme Court, Yakub Memon was sentenced to death in 2015, while 99 people including film actor Sanjay Dutt were sent to jail.

On March 12, 1993, there were 12 bomb blasts in Mumbai one after another. In the blasts, 257 people were killed, while more than 700 people were injured. In these blasts, property worth Rs 27 crores was destroyed. The charge sheet was filed against 129 people in this case. Sanjay Dutt has completed his sentence in case of illegal arms.