International Airport to be Built Near Jevar

New Delhi: The hurdle for Jevar becoming the second airport in the National Capital Region has been cleared. The Central Government has given a green signal to the proposal to build an international airport in the area Javar adjoining Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

This airport will be ready in five to six years. On one hand it will reduce the burden on existing airport at Palam, on the other hand it can prove to be an economic picture-changer of Noida, Greater Noida and the entire western Uttar Pradesh.

Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju said in a brief press conference on Saturday that the proposal to build a new international airport in Jewelery has got the approval of the Center. All other formalities related to it will be completed soon. He said that the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority of Greater Noida has identified 3000 acres of land for a world class airport. Therefore, there will not be much delay in starting work on this.

In the first phase, the Central Government will acquire only one thousand acres of land. It is estimated to cost Rs two thousand crore. Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said that the capacity of the airport will be three to five crore passengers annually. Accordingly, it will be included in the country's largest international airports from the beginning.

According to Sinha, the burden of the passengers is already growing at the existing airport of Delhi. Now it is a burden of seven million passengers, which will increase to 10-11 million in a few years. But,  this will not be an ideal situation. In this sense a new airport was needed. With this, Delhi will join the few of the world's few cities, where there will be two international airports simultaneously.

The Government's intent is to connect it with Mathura, Agra, Bulandshahr and Meerut in the coming days. Existing Noida and proposed Greater Noida Metro Line will also be linked to it. However, to make this airport, the government will first offer GMR to the new international airport in Palam.

If GMR denies it, then only open tender will be issued for it. For many years, GMR continued to protest the Javar airport on the grounds that it would affect its business.
According to the agreement signed by GMR to create a new airport in Palam, it will not make any other airport within 150 km radius.

If made later, approval will be taken first by GMR. Political importance of Jever Airport is not even less. It has been a very important issue in state politics for many years. The BJP had also promised that if he came to power, it would go ahead with the issue of Airport airport by talking to the Center. Now that the state has BJP government, the Center has fulfilled its promise.

Earlier, despite the efforts of SP and BSP governments in the state, the former UPA government did not approve it.

GST will Create 13 Lakh New Jobs

GST i.e., Goods and Service Tax will be applicable from July 1, across the country. With the introduction of GST, there will be a change in the prices of many things. Along with that, GST will also bring good news for the youth.

With the implementation of GST, 13 lakh new jobs will be available. Under this, there will be a golden opportunity for the youth to do in other areas including banks, consumer products, insurance, real estate and medicines.

GST to bring 13 lakh new jobs
After the GST is implemented in the country, 13 lakh youth will get a golden chance to brighten their future. According to an assessment by the industry experts, tax based on the GST implementation and the demand for technical know-how will increase rapidly.

About 85 lakh companies and business entities are registered under the GST, out of which 65 lakh have already been registered. To work in these companies, more trained people will be needed. Under this, those who have mastered the bank and financial services will need the people working on the Excel seat on the computer.

Industry experts say that the demands of commerce educators and chartered accountants will go up further than before. Large companies have started preparing for it from now. Industry experts say that in the current time, the information technology (IT) sector, which is undergoing lethargy, can get new momentum from GST.

Meet these chances

GST will have 85 lakh units. In this, one per cent of the big companies, i.e.,  85 thousand and five trained people, will also need 4.25 lakh people.
                                                            ---Ramanand Yadav

Modi Visits Portugal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Lisbon in Portugal in the first phase of his trip to three countries. The tour of three countries, including the United States of America, began with PM Modi's visit to Portugal. 17 years later, Significantly, any Indian Prime Minister is on a tour of Portugal. Modi will also hold talks with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa of Indian origin in Lisbon. Let's know why Portugal is so important to us.

Why these visits are important

India's efforts to improve relations with the new countries of Europe have been continuing for the last few days. Last month, PM Modi visited Spain and Germany. Earlier in 2000, Atal Behari Vajpayee had visited Portugal. The India-Portugal dialogue began with this tour Modi will push it forward.

- Prime Minister Antony Costa of Portugal came to India in January this year. He was the Chief Guest of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Festival. He was felicitated in this. In this tour, six MoUs, including defense cooperation between India and Portugal, were signed.

-Portugal supports India's permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council.

The personal chemistry between the two leaders is also amazing. During his visit, Costa was a prominent footballer Ronaldo's signed jersey gift to PM Modi.

Costa's India connection

Antonio Costa is of Indian origin. Many of his relatives live in Goa's Madgaon. Orlando Costa's father Orlando the Costa was a famous novelist. He also wrote an article on Rabindranath Tagore. At the time when Portuguese was ruled by Goa, Orlanda was young and had spent many years in this city.

Indian share in Portugal's economy

About 70 thousand people of Indian origin live in Portugal. From banking to many areas, the influence of Indian-origin businessmen is important there. PM Modi before the visit said, “since the visit of PM Antonio Costa to India in January, our historical and our bilateral relations have been strengthened. I'm excited to meet with Costa. We will discuss bilateral relations, especially economic cooperation, science and technology, space and the strengthening of mutual relations. We will also talk about terrorism, expanding cooperation and business and investment. I will also talk to Indians living in Portugal during the trip. "

MLA from RJD takes a Jibe at Nitish

Regarding the Presidential election, rift has become obvious and wide in Bihar's ruling coalition. After Nitish gave his party’s support to the NDA candidate for the President, Ramnath Kovins, Lalu got livid. He publically appealed Nitish to reconsider his decision as if he goes with his decision, it will prove to be a historic blunder and weaken the communal forces in the country. But, Nitish Kumar, even after attending an Iftar party very next day at Lalu’s house in Patna, refused to budge from his stand.
Now, an RJD MLA from Lalu's party has started firing on all cylinders against Nitish. RJD MLA Bhai Virendra said, "Nitish is such a person, who never spares even his close associates, forget the non-important ones.

Nitish gave the reply
Nitish Kumar responded to criticisms on not supporting UPA candidate Meera Kumar in the presidential election on Friday. He said, "Bihar's daughter, Meera Kumar is very respectable. Being a daughter of Bihar, her candidature gives me a lot of pride. He did a good job while being a minister and a speaker. But, I think she has been made a scapegoat. She is not going to win the election.

Why  the support?
Nitish said, "We have looked openly inside the party. Considering every aspect, every possible permutations and combinations, every possible situation, every foreseen situations and decided accordingly. This decision is for the presidential election, not the coalition that runs in Bihar. When we were in NDA, we had given support for Pranab Babu and Ansari Saheb, that was a remarkable shift from the BJP’s opinion.

On the issue of grand alliance in Bihar
Everyone is free to have his or her opinions. As far as the question on the future of the coalition is concerned, it is totally intact and everything is quite hunky dory with the coalition. The opposition party should stand united and make a strategy for the 2019 election.

What about the big coalition in Bihar
Everyone is free to keep their opinions. As far as the question is, there is no issue of the big coalition of Bihar. This is to decide the party. The unity of the opposition must be done and make the 2019 strategy.

What happened to the slogan of Sangh Mukta Bharat - Lalu
RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is still surprised by the fact that Bihar Chief Minister and JD (U) President Nitish Kumar has supported the National Democratic Alliance's presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind. Talking to journalists in Patna, Lalu said that Nitish Kumar had first talked about 'Sangh Mukta Bharat' in response to Narendra Modi's 'Congress free India', but I do not know what happened to him. He further added, “ I still wonder why Nitish decided to give support to Ramnath Kovind, a person from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, for the President”.
                                                                                                        ---Ashish Jha

Maharashtra Govt. Waives off Loans of 1.5 Lakh Farmers

The Maharashtra government has given a historic gift to the farmers. The Fadnavis government has waived loans of 1.5 lakh farmers of the province. This will benefit 90 percent of the farmers. This plan to waive the loans of farmers has been named as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Krishi Samman. However, it will not benefit the government employees. Simultaneously, 25 per cent returns will be given to farmers paying regular loans. The Government of Maharashtra has given this gift to the farmers by taking loans.

This decision of the Fadnavis government will burden the government fund of 34 thousand crore rupees. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that all this burden will be meted out by the government. For this, the government will cut its expenditure. All the legislators and ministers will give their one month’s salary. For some time, the farmers’ loan  was the hot topic in Maharashtra.

On Saturday, CM Fadnavis declared the farmers' debt waiver. Fadnavis said that it will waive the debt of 90 per cent farmers. This loan waiver will be under the Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Agricultural Shram Yojana. Earlier, Raju Shetty of the Swabhimani  Shetkari Sangathan had said that if the loan of farmers was not waived before July 25, then we would come on the streets with a great scale and strength. In fact, the next session of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly is going to start from July 25.

There is a government of the Shiv Sena and BJP alliance in the state. On the issue of farmers' debt waiver, Shiv Sena had also landed on the streets. Shiv Sena's demand was that farmers should be waived fully, without any ifs and buts. It is noteworthy that in view of the farmers 'agitation in Madhya Pradesh, on 11th June, the Devendra Fadnavis government had approved the waiver of the loan for farmers' debt with certain conditions. The loan of small farmers was immediately waived, while the conditional loan waive of large farmers was reported.

                                                                                    ---Ashish Jha

Subrata Roy Sahara Gets 10 Days to Deposit 710 Crore

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has extended the interim bail of Subrata Roy Sahara till July 5. He has been given ten working days so that he can deposit 709.82 crores in the SEBI-Sahara account. Senior advocate Kapil Sibal, appearing for Subrata Roy, argued that 790.18 crore rupees have already been deposited. They demanded ten business days to deposit the remaining amount.

The Bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and Deepak Mishra decided to extend the interim bail period. The Supreme Court had ordered Subrata Roy to deposit 15 billion rupees in the SEBI-Sahara account.

Prior to this, Rai had deposited two checks of 15 hundred crore and 552.22 crore. These were submitted on June 15 and July 15. On April 17, the Supreme Court had rebutted Subrata Rai and had ordered that Sahara Group's assets in Maharashtra be sold to Ambli Valley of Rs 34 thousand crore.

The court also ordered Rai to appear in person. Subrata Rai was sent to Tihar Jail on March 4, 2014. On May 6, 2016, he was given four weeks' payroll, so that he could attend his mother's funeral.

Since then, period of payroll has been increasing continuously. Apart from Rai, two other directors of Sahara Group have also been arrested. Ravi Shankar Dubey and Ashok Roy Choudhury are the directors of Sahara Group companies. He was asked to return Rs 24 thousand crore of investors, but he failed to raise the money.
                                                                         ---Ashish Jha

Party will not re-consider its decision on supporting Kovind

Patn: In Bihar, Lalu and Nitish are on two separate paths, at least for the Presidential candidate. Lalu has asked Nitish to withdraw his decision, but Nitish, through his statement refuses to do anything like this.
Meanwhile, on Friday night he targeted the opposition and said that Meera Kumar has been made a candidate for the defeat.

After the Iftar party of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar categorically said, “making Meira Kumar as the candidate of opposition for the post of president is the biggest mistake of the opposition. I think she has been made a scapegoat. Nitish again reiterated that he is with BJP's candidate Shi Ramnath Kovind. This is a deliberate decision of the party, and the question does not arise to re-consider the decision.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that Ramnath Kovind has done commendable work as a Governor of Bihar with neutrality. The Governor of Bihar is going to be the nation of the nation. It's a matter of rejoicing. JD (U) has given its support in this regard.

Nitish said that the Opposition has made the daughter of Bihar a candidate for defeat. The Opposition should make the strategy for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

On the statement of Lalu, in which he described Nitish's decision as a 'historic mistake', he said that it is his thinking. Nitish refused to respond to this. Describing his decision as a party decision, Nitish said that there will be no effect on the unity of the alliance in the wake of different stand on supporting the Presidential candidate.
                                                                            ----Ashish Jha

major Blow for Pakistan Before Modi-Trump Meet in US

Before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit, the US has given a huge blow to Pakistan. Bill in relation to the cancellation of status of Major Non-NATO Associate (MNNA i.e. Maj Nan-Nato  Allay) to Pakistan in the US Parliament has been introduced. It has been said that Pakistan has failed to fight against the terrorists effectively. This bill was presented by top Republican Senator Ted Po and Democratic Senator Rick Nolan in the US House of Representatives.

In the year 2004, US President George W. Bush gave Pakistan status of Major Non-NATO Associate, so that Pakistan can help US combat against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Senator Po said that the hands of Pakistan are in the killing of Americans. It is high time US should punish Pakistan for acting against the interest of the former.

Ted Poe is also a member of the US Congress's Foreign Affairs Committee and chairman of Terrorism, Non-Expansion and Business Subcommittee. He said that for the last several years Pakistan has acted as a treacherous partner of America. Pakistan supported the terrorist Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. He further added, “it seems that Pakistan is hell bent not to do anything to curb the menace of terrorism.”
                                                                     ---Ashish Jha

People Fear Cash Crunch as Banks go for Three-day Closure

Since Saturday 24th June, the banks will be closed for three days, so if you have important work related to the bank, do them today itself.
Due to the fourth Saturday, the banks will be on leave on 24th  and there will be holidays on Sunday and for  Eid on Monday.

People may have to face difficulties due to the three-day holidays of the banks. Due to such a long time many ATMs also become vacant due to which people may have to face persecution.

ATMs become Cashless in Festival Period

Preparations are being made for this. Bank management will have proper arrangement of cash in ATM to meet the needs of people's cash in these holidays. However, it has been seen before that people take excessive cash in festivals, due to which there is a lack of cash due to proper arrangement.

Make Digital Payments

Due to Eid, people make large scale shopping and that too in cash payments. Given the three-day closure of the banks, you may have to face difficulties in cash transaction in three coming days. In such a situation, the problem of cash can be overcome by resorting to digital payments. Using digital and online wallet, you can avoid long lines and cash crunch.

                                           ---Ramanand Yadav

CBSE Releases the Result of NEET

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the result of NEET. You can check it on the official website.

It is reported that this time Navdeep Singh of Punjab has topped the examination. He has scored a total of 697 points with AIR 1 rank. Arke Gupta is in second place.

How is the result
According to HT, this time 6.11 lakh students have cleared the exams, while there are 63,800 seats for MBBS  and 40,000 seats for BDS.

These are toppers

Navdeep Singh has topped All India. They have 697 points. In the second place are Archit Gupta, who has 695 points. In the third place, Manish is a fundamentalist, who has 695 marks. Nikita Goyal topper is made in Female category.
It is worth noting that on June 12, the Supreme Court had said that the 2017 resolution will be issued by June 26. Therefore CBSE will release the results by June 26 in any case.

How to check result?
- Visit the official website
- Click the NEET 2017 result and rank link.
- A new page will open. Now enter your roll number and other details here.
- The result will appear. Take it out of printouts.

This year the exam was organized in 10 languages. It is important that admission is given only in MBBS and BDS courses through NEET.

Bihar School Examination Board Releases Result of Class 10

Bihar Board BSEB Class 10 Matric Result 2017: The wait of students of Bihar Board Matriculation is over. Bihar School Examinations Board (BSEB) released the results of Class 10 on Thursday. Despite this Grace Marks, 50.32 percent of studios have passed. That means half of the students (49 percent) have failed. In the 10th, 51.37 per cent students and about 40 per cent of girls went through. Last year's result was worse than that. Only 44.66 percent of students had passed in 2016.

Prem Kumar, student of Govind High School of Lakhisarai, has been topper this time. Sidhtala's predecessor Kumari has found second place. Sinnaltala's Harshita has achieved third place.

Investigation done by experts for toppers
Like last year, the board would not be a minority and the results were released without any manipulation and complete transparency. Several steps were taken for this. Last year, after the topper scam was surfaced, there was fierce argument. There were arrests of many big officers. Not only this, in the 12th result released recently on May 30, questions have been raised over the capabilities of tops. In this way, the board has stepped down and stepped up this time. This time only the physical verification was done before the results of the 10th toppers were issued. Because of this, there was a delay in releasing the result. Examination of answer sheets of toppers was conducted by experts. Experts teams also ask questions from Topper students.

12th result bad too

Results of 12th class in Bihar this year have been disappointing. This year only 35% of the total 12,40,168 students who attended the Science, Arts and Commerce stream passed, i.e. 4,37,115 students passed and the rest failed ... only 8.34 percent out of 4,37,115 i.e., 1,03,460 students passed first division, whereas 2,93,260 ie 23.65 percent students secs second, while 40,395 students passed third division.

In the science faculty this year,  where only 30 percent of the test takers could be successful, whereas last year 66 percent students passed. Only 37 percent of the students in the arts faculty could get success, compared to 57 percent of the students in the previous year. However, 73.76 percent examinees were successful in the Commerce faculty. 80% of the students passed the previous year

Of the 6,46,231 students in the Science stream, 57,706 i.e., 8.93 percent of the students have passed the First Division and 20 percent of the records, that is, 1,30,800 students pass from the Second Division, while 4,49,280 students, about 70 percent of students failed to pass.

Tubelight Movie Review

Story: Lakshman Singh calls Bisht (Salman) as his neighboring tube light because he is a bit weak with his brain. Despite being special, Lakshman has won his life only on one theory, "If you have faith in yourself, then you can do anything, you can stop it till a battle".

Review: The first thing that should know Salman's fans is that the 'tube light' is very different from Salman Khan's and Mass Entertainment movies. Here your favorite star will be playing the role of a man whose mind is like a child. Here neither he will pull his shirt nor will be seen flexing his muscles. So, if you are going to watch a movie in the hope of seeing it all, then change your mind(you will probably not). Rather, go to the movie by believing in Salman, that he will not let you done as he has never.

'TubeLight' is inspired by the Hollywood movie "Little Boy", directed by Alejandro Montvard. This is a very simple story told. The backdrop of the story begins with Jagatpur, a very beautiful north-eastern city of India. The story is about a period when the war between India and China was fought. The people of the city laugh at Laxman's innocent innocents and take advantage of it. Laxman has been created by Bunny Chacha (Om Puri). He has learned to use Gandhiji's knowledge in every trouble.

Narayan (Mohammed Zeeshan) is a badman of the area who keeps slapping Laxman without any reason. Laxman does not seem to be get hurt by the slap, but the humiliation that the slap brings in.

Things get improved slightly when the beautiful Lilling (Ju Ju) and Chulbula Guo (Matin) come to Jagatpur. These two are migrants from China. It is clear that both of them have been taken in the film for the purpose of redeeming the slogan "Hindi-Chinese Bhai Bhai".

The war sequences of the film seems to be intimidated and no emotionalism is seen there. That's because neither the filmmaker has raised a conspiracy to bring emotional writing in it, nor has he kept such a montage that jumble.

The film has talked about the values ​​of family, faith and patriotism, but with all of these, the filmmaker seems to fall short when it comes to convince the audiences. Rather, everything is filled so goody goody that you will feel that you have not seen Salman's film but have come in a satsang. Pritam's song 'Nach Marie Jaan' and 'Sajjan Radio' have become very beautiful. The film was a lot of talk of Shah Rukh's cameo. Shahrukh has played an important role in this, a magician go-go paasha. Asim Mishra's camera work is very beautiful.

Talking about the performances, Salman has also laughed and cried, which is in sharp contrast to his Macho Man's image. Obviously, he has not given any shocking performance, but looks good. Sohail looks very sincere in this film. Ju Ju has done a courageous act and you will also enjoy watching the little Matin. Seeing the role of Om Puri Saheb, you will remember that our soldiers are made of which clay.

No Review Rating from Today Twig! You Watch and Decide! Comment!
                                                                          ---Sushmita Jha

Nitish Made a Historic Blunder: Lalu

What Nitish Kumar has said about supporting NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind in the presidential election is a crack in the brotherhood between Lalu and Nitish. Laloo Yadav has clearly said that this decision will send a wrong signal and strengthen the Fascist Forces across the country. He further revealed, “ Nitish Kumar had clearly said and he might be remembering that his party is with Congress, RJD and other with similar mindset. But, a meeting was called 3-4 days back and the selected fews like Sharad Yadav, K C Tyagi were called for the meeting. I do not know the entire proceedings of the party meeting. But, it was later said through press conference that JD(U) is going to support NDA candidate Kovind as Nitish Kumar has personal excellent rapport with the Ex Governor of Bihar.

Nitish made Historic Blunder
He further added, “ Nitish Kumar should not have decided on personal likings. Nitish Kumar had called me and said he likes the candidate personally. But, I had even that time made it clear that if he decides to go with Kovind, it will be a historic blunder. I had also cautioned him not to make decision as such, as it will weaken the secular forces and help the Fascist Forces raise its ugly head even more vigorously.  Hopefully Nitish will be with us in the 2019 elections.

Fight against BJP continues
When family members are trapped on benami properties, Laloo Yadav says that all matters will become crystal clear. It will be clear that there is nothing hidden in it. We will cooperate in whatever inquiry we have been subjected to. But this is the conspiracy of the government. He said that he will not get intimidated by the move of the centre to show his family in poor light and defame. As long as blood remains in my body, I will keep on fighting against the communal forces (read BJP).

All parties should help Meera Kumar win
He says that Meera Kumar is the daughter of Dalit Babu Jagjivan Ram's daughter. That is why he appeals to all parties, that they should vote for her. He also hopes that some NDA supporters will also support them. He said that by describing Ramnath Kovind as a Dalit, the BJP is doing politics of vote bank. The real target is Gujarat. There is a very good vote bank there. But, BJP is not going to benefit from this.

Lalu on the statement of Rabri's Sanskrit bahu
On the question of Rabri Devi seeking to find her daughter-in-law for her sons, he said that Rabri Devi did not say that she does not want to go to the mall and go to the market to see her daughter-in-law. He asked them the time has changed. The time has changed. There is no objection to them that they go to Bahu Bazar and Mall. He said that he is ready to inter cast wedding. If there is such a relationship, he will not even have any objection to inter-caste marriage.
                                                                       ----Ashish Jha

ISRO Successfully launches PSLV C-38

Chennai: PSLV-C38 carrying satellites of Cartosat 2 series and 30 other satellites have been successfully launched from Sriharikota. It will not only keep an eye on the Indian border areas and neighboring areas, but also plans for Smart City Network, there will be of colossal help strategically. This satellite can count the standing tanks of enemy army near the border with a height of more than 500 km. India already has five such satellites. Apart from Cartosat, PSLV also took along 30 small satellites along with it.

With this satellite of 712 kg cartosat-2 series launched for observing the earth in this sequence, 30 other co-satellites weighing about 243 kgs were also projected simultaneously. The total weight of these all satellites being sent with PSLV-C38 is about 955 kilograms. These satellites are being sent in addition to India, 29 Nano satellites from 14 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, UK and USA.
 Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said this is the 40th (PSLV-C38) journey of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). PSLV's 17th flight is 'XL' configuration (with the use of solid strap-on motors).

DSP Lynched to Death

Srinagar: On the auspicious night of Shab-e-Kadar, when the Muslims in the world were immersed in the worship of Khuda renouncing all their sins, at that time in the historic Jamia Mosque situated in the summer capital of India, a DSP of the State Police, going to the plain clothes, Mohammad Ayub Pandit was beaten to death by rogue elements outside the mosque. DSP also fired a gun to save lives, the security personnel present there used sticks to disperse the crowd, but to no avail. Three youths were also injured by the bullets coming out from the pistol of DSP.

In the incident after midnight, there was no immediate identification of the dead DSP and no police officer was able to identify him till two o'clock. Everyone was saying that this is a non-Muslim officer of an intelligence agency. At the time when the DSP fired from the crowd outside, at that time, the leader of the moderate Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Moulavi Omar Farooq was teaching the people of Islam peace, kindness and brotherhood while teaching the lessons of Islam.

It is said that the last night was Shab-e-Kandra. On this happy occasion, people in the local mosques, Khanhahs and dargahs had gathered for Namaz-I-Ibadat. Shab-e-Kadr, commonly in Islamist mosques, spend the whole night in prayer.

There is a huge Majlis on this occasion in the historic Jamia Mosque of Srinagar. After midnight, a DSP of the State Police Mohammad Ayub also went to Jamia Masjid for worship. He was in plain clothes. But some mischievous elements outside the mosque recognized and  caught him. They started beating the DSP. A young man allegedly snatched his pistol and tried to shoot him. But in the melee he failed to shoot and three other young men who were beating the DSP they got  wounded by the bullet. They have been identified as Danish Mir, Mudassar Ahmed and Sajjad Ahmed Butt. All three have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

In the meantime, the voice of bullet hit the pandemonium there. Policemen and CRPF personnel deployed at some distance from Jamia reached the spot after hearing the bullet. They see a person beating there, using sticks and teargas on the disturbing elements to save him. But as long as he pushed the violent crowd, the DSP had died due to the mob. Along with this, clashes began between the violent mob and the policemen.

Police had to use sticks, tear gas to control the situation. Due to tear gas, pilgrims present in Jamia Masjid also faced lots of difficulties. Due to the identity of the DSP, there remained suspicion for a long time. No policeman or officer, including the station officer of the Navhata police station,  the concerned DSP and SP, could identify him. All began to claim that the deceased is a central intelligence agency officer.

Later, when the body of the deceased was taken to the post-mortem, it was found that there is no non-Muslim who died, but DSP Mohammed Ayub Pandit, posted in the security wing of the state police. The deceased Jamia Masjid was a resident of Khayyar. After completing necessary formalities in the morning, his body was handed over to his family. Police has also started a case in this regard by registering a case. Police officer's pistol is also being searched.
                                                                            ----Ashish Jha

Saurath Sabha is Calling Maithils from across the Globe

This year, many socio-cultural organizations have made collective efforts to preserve the ancient dignity of the Saurath Sabha. In this direction, a non-governmental organization named Mithilalok Foundation is particularly active and has made genuine effort to save the Signature of Maithils’ Marriage, i.e., Saurath Sabha.

Madhubani: Saurath Sabha is going to be held in Madhubani district of Mithilanchal of Bihar from June 25. In order to include people this year, people of Mithilanchal are solicited through songs. The title of the song Pritam lene chalu humor Saurath Sabha yaw(O beloved! Please accompany me too in Saurath Sabha) is becoming quite viral in social media platforms. The lyricist of the song is Dr. Birbal Jha, the owner of Mithila Lok Foundation, while it is sung by the famous Maithili singer Jyoti Mishra. Through this song, an appeal has been made to all the Mithilavas living in the country and abroad to come to the cultural land of Mithila.

The famous Saurath Sabha, named 'Dulhon ka Mela', is a very ancient tradition of Mithila, where dowry-free marriages have been organized for more than 700 years. The scholars of yesteryears would use the premises to discuss various scholarly topics and contemporary issues. For the past few years however, Mithilawasis have become indifferent about this meeting.

This year, many socio-cultural organizations have made collective efforts to preserve the ancient dignity of the Saurath Sabha this year. In this direction, a non-governmental organization named Mithilalok Foundation is particularly very active.

The Foundation says that a public campaign called 'Chalu Saurath Sabha' has been started on 25th June with the aim of creating awareness about Saurath Sabha. It is intended to invite more and more Mathils to join the sabha and its culture.

According to the statement released by the Foundation, "Both our tradition and modernity are essential for our new generation, so our effort is to coordinate between the two, while preservation of Mithila's cultural heritage is the need of the hour. The foundation has also written a letter to the Bihar government as well as central government."

The letter has demanded that given the importance of Sauratha Sabha, it should be developed as a cultural center of the country so that the people of today could know and preserve the rich tradition.

                                                                      --Ashish Jha

Why you should Eat Salad?

Salad is arguably one of the most important ingredients of our food. Often ignored, it is a health wonder. Even those who know about its colossal importance, turns a Nelson eye, when it comes to consuming salad. Here are some of the reasons why you should not escape salad in your diet.

To get fiber
Rashmi Bhatia, Consultant Dietician and Nutritionist of Health Mantra, says that women need 25 grams and men 38 grams of fiber are needed every day. According to a research, Indians average 15 grams of fiber per day. Salad is a great source of fiber. It helps in keeping cholesterol levels low in the body and keeping the digestive system well. Food containing fiber also protects against heart diseases and cancer.

To eat fruits and vegetables in their natural form
A senior physician at Kailash Hospital Dr Shukla says that salad is essential for our entire health. Raw vegetables provide essential enzymes to the body, which help the body absorb nutrients from food. The more nutrients the body will feel, the healthier it will be. Vegetable salad increases the blood volume in the body and gives vitamin C, E, Folic Acid, Lycopene, alpha and beta carotene just to the body.

To reduce calorie intake
Dr. Shukla says that if you want to lose weight then eat salads. While weighing down, we always emphasize on reducing the amount of food, but in the case of salad, this rule changes. The rule of 'there is better' applies here. Eat as many salads as you like. More in salad,  but less in calories. A cup salad contains only 100 calories. The fibers present in it help to calm down and feel full of stomach. Therefore it is advisable to eat salad before eating. Salad over protects from over eating too.

Eat more to live
Raw fruits and vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants. Modern research has shown that those who eat fruits, vegetables and good fats, their average age is high.

                                                                          --Sheetal Gaur


Questions on GST and Benami Transaction in UPSC Prelims Exam

In the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, questions were asked about the Goods and Service Tax (GST), benami transactions and plans of the central government. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted the examination held on Sunday in the country, with millions of candidates appearing for the exam. Examination of the first question paper was held from 9.30 am, while the second question paper (CASAT) examination started from 2:30 pm. For two question papers, a time period of two-two hours were fixed.

Official sources said that both the question papers were completed without any disturbances or obstructions of any kind. Candidates were asked questions about schemes like the National Skill Quality Framework (NSQF), Vidyanjali Scheme and Smart India Hackathon. These are all schemes introduced by the NDA government recently. There was one question, “What are the benefits of implementing GST?” Apart from this, the questions related to the anonymous transaction (Prohibition) Amendment Act, 2016 were also asked for the candidates.

Importantly, most number of questions are asked in the UPSC prelims examination that is current and holds national importance. The teachers and educationists therefore advise the aspirants of the Union Public Service Examinations to take note of the current topics and prepare these fully. All those who clear the preliminary examinations of the UPSC become illegible to appear for the Mains exam.

However, the number of candidates applying for this examination by UPSC or the number of candidates included in this examination is not yet public. It is worth noting that nearly 11.35 lakh applicants had applied for the Civil Services Examination last year. Of these, 4,59,659 candidates were enrolled in the preliminary examination. After the main examination and interview, its results were announced on May 31, in which total 1099 candidates were declared successful.
                                                                            ---Ranjana Jha

New Coach before the Sri Lankan Tour: Rajeev Shukla

BCCI senior official Rajiv Shukla said that despite the best efforts, the Board failed to resolve the differences between Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli, but he assured that the new coach would be appointed before the next year's Sri Lanka tour of India.

Shukla said that the BCCI made best efforts on its behalf to resolve this issue. Acting Secretary and CEO discussed this matter with Kumble and Kohli in detail. The Board also reached to the COA (Vinod Rai) and sought his opinion on this matter. He said that efforts were made to resolve the issue, but in the end there was no result and Kumble decided to step down.

What did Kumble say?
Kumble said in his statement that Kohli had some objections to his coaching style and his involvement became unstable. Shukla said that BCCI gives good wishes to Kumble for the future. Meanwhile, the BCCI has decided to appoint a new coach for the team. Before the tour of Sri Lanka, the coach will be appointed and this will be the best coach for India.

Rajeev Shukla unfolds the story of the spat

When asked to Shukla that only Virat Kohli had opposed Kumble as coach, he said that these are all speculative ones. I said beforehand that sometimes there are some differences and the BCCI has done its best to solve them, but sometimes things do not work. Many times it happens that you can not get along well with anyone. He further said that only the captain was not given importance. We gave importance to everyone. Many times the differences arise. They are also human.
                                                                         ---Ramanand Yadav

Relief for Retailers in GST

Giving the assurance of easy process under Goods and Services Tax (GST), the government said on Wednesday that retailers need to file returns only once a month, as they are doing these days. Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said this. Just a few days before the implementation of the historic GST system, Aditya has tried to remove the notion that the new tax system is very complex and complied with the burden of compliance. Aditya said that the notion that taxpayers will have to file returns three times every month, is baseless.

Goods will not be trapped on the boundaries of states: GST will be beneficial in many ways for economic development, being implemented from 1st July. In the name of Chungi, it will be a matter of old days to stop the vehicles carrying goods on the boundaries of the states and seize them in the name of document check and compelling them for bribe. Rakesh Kaul, Vice President of Caravan Roadways, says that at present, in various states 500 rupees to 20 thousand rupees are being illegally collected on the check post. MD of Transport Corporation of India, Vinit Agarwal says that GST will be very easy to carry goods anywhere in the country.

Convenience Center for pharmaceutical companies: The Department of Drugs has set up a GST facility center for the pharmaceutical companies to successfully implement the new tax regime. This center will remain in constant contact with large industrial and business organizations and groups of this area and work on solutions.

Only details of total business will be given: Retailers are not required to give the receipt wise details every month. The Revenue Secretary says that 80 percent of the business people will have to give details of bus business in return as they are retail businessmen. According to a World Bank report, because of the high stays in the check post in India, the cost of transportation increases three times as compared to the international standard. This will decrease if GST is implemented.

                                                                      ---Shuvendu Sekhar

Sonia Calls Meeting to Decide Presidential Candidate

There was a crack in the coalition camp before the crucial meeting of opposition today about the presidential election. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's party said after announcing support to NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind that he will not be present in the meeting today. The opposition camp has not announced any name yet, but the meeting of former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar's Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her residence has given the speculation that she is going ahead in the race.

Sources said that after the announcement of JDU, in the day, a brief discussion was held between senior leaders of Congress and non-NDA parties, how to keep the opposition united. The Congress, who was coordinating the meeting of the Opposition, expressed hope that leaders of all those parties would join the meeting which was attended by the daughter-in-law on May 26 in the afternoon lunch.

Meanwhile, a senior leader of the Left Party said, "Whatever happens, we will contest elections." When asked about the choice of Congress for the election, party spokesman Manish Tewari said that this is a fictional question and the opposition will decide on a joint strategy for the July 17 elections. Tiwari said that a clear answer will be available after the meeting. Naresh Agrawal of SP said that the Opposition parties will jointly decide on any candidate.

In the meantime, some Left leaders mentioned the presence of SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav in Lucknow today in a program related to Yoga Day which included Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Nitish will support NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind

NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind's victory in the presidential election is now considered convincing. On Tuesday, JDU also gave its support to Kovind after Shiv Sena's support. After the announcement of JDU, the road to BJP has become easier. At the same time, RJD will take a decision on the opposition candidate in the upcoming presidential election. In the party meeting at Nitish Kumar's house, he decided to support NDA Presidential nominee Ramnath Kovind.

JD Spokesperson K. Tyagi said that his party has announced support to NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind. Tyagi said that Ramnath Kovind's job was as good as Governor. He worked peacefully and did not let any dispute during his tenure.
                                                                                                       ---Ramanand Yadav