CM Nitish Lashes out at Panchayat Heads

CM Nitish hit the head of Mukhiya at Nalanda in Bihar. He bluntly said, “who has given you power? Stop provoking people against the government.
Nalanda: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who reached the Mubarpur youth farmer JDU workers' meeting at Harnaut in Bihar's Nalanda district, took potshot at the Panchayati raj chief. He said that the leaders have tricked some people that they have not been given the powers given in Panchayati Raj. Development work in the ward and village Panchayat is not done through the heading but through joint efforts of all the people and the general public through the Gram Sabha.

He said that through village panchayat we want to develop the village. But the leaders are flutering about the government and stirring up the issue. CM pinched Mukhiyaji and said, 'Who gave you power?' Under the law made by the state government, you have been given many rights at Panchayat level.
He said that the Gram Sabhas have been formed so that no representative should be deported with the public at any level. Work will be on the recommendations of the wards, members, Panchayat Samiti etc. which will decide in the Gram Sabha.

                                        I will keep my promise

He said that I will put full force to fulfill the promise made by the people in the time of election. During the seven resolutions, during a meeting, women demanded alcoholism. I had said that this time, if I came to power, I would implement the prohibition law.

                                            Toilet-free Society

CM said that seven decisions have to be made to impose prohibitions on liquor, every household plan, to create a toilet-free society, to open house-to-house electricity besides agriculture sector, health, education etc. This work is also getting faster. Apart from this, now my dream is to eliminate child marriage and dowry practice in whole of Bihar. For this, this campaign will be launched in whole of Bihar from October.

                                The Situation in Bihar was Grim

He said that at the time when I came from winning with MLA and Member of Parliament, at that time, Bihar's situation was very pathetic. At that time I used to visit village-village and used to think in my mind that whenever I get a chance, I will also change the picture with the fate of Bihar. He said that by the end of this year power will reach the corners of the state.

CM also assured to make Mubarpur middle school plus two to the demand of villagers of Mubarpur. He said that in the coming years, road and gutter-street will be built to every house of the village. In addition to this, to direct the DM to provide land to make a primary health center for nearby villages including Mubarpur, Sadikpur.

                        Reservation for Women in Panchayat

He said that in the Panchayat elections, there is 35 percent reservation for women development. After this, I had promised that 35 percent reservation will be given to women in the state government jobs, which I have applied. Now in any job of the state government, 35% reservation is being given to women from Sepoy, Dorda to any other job. Work is being made to develop and develop agricultural road map for the farmers.

He said that the provision of giving bonus to farmers on the purchase of paddy, but due to the wrong policy of the central government, the situation of farmers is getting worse today. He said that the Central Government had talked of giving employment to 2 crore young people, but till date no one got anything.
                              Skill Development Centre for the Youths

For the youth, the state government has opened a skill development center for education from employment to search where everything from computer to computer is given. For the students, the government created a student credit card. Students are being provided loan from the bank. Unless the young classes read, how will the growth be possible? That's why we also have complete education on education.

Britain Election

Seven weeks ago, Britain's outgoing Prime Minister Terija had suddenly announced the election in this hope that it would benefit him and he would return to power with a huge majority.

Seven weeks ago, Britain's outgoing Prime Minister Terija had suddenly announced the election in this hope that it would benefit him and he would return to power with a huge majority. The election surveys were also being expressed in the hope of their victory. Therefore, the result which is being brought to an extent is being said to be somewhat unpredictable. Not only that, for many, it is also a bewilder, because for a long time it happened when there was no clear majority in Britain's parliamentary elections.

The picture of the hung parliament has emerged at a time when the new government has to negotiate with the EU on the process of the breakage, the conditions and the laws, and the proposed negotiation has only stayed ten days. Will proposed negotiations start at the scheduled time, or can it be delayed? In any case, in the wake of breakage related talks, Britain needed a government with a clear mandate and a clear majority force.

 But this is the second time after Brekjet's referendum when Britain's voters have shocked the whole world including political pundits. After the new election, the conservative party of Terryja May came in the Parliament of Britain's six and a half hundred members, but it is a little away from the majority. Obviously, despite being number one, he has suffered a loss. But most damage is done to the Scottish Nationalist Party, which often starts separating the separatist raga.

On the other hand, the Labor Party, the Democratic Unionist Party and Liberal Democrats have increased seats, but the biggest advantage is to the main opposition party, the Labor Party. He has potential collaborators for the alliance, but unlike Labor leader Jeremy Carbin, Terrija May is more likely to form the government, because his party is just a bit away from the majority. Contrary to all the projections, why did the Conservative party have to bear the loss? There may be two reasons. One is that during the last round of campaigning, two terrorists were killed in which thirty people were killed.

This led to a shock of popularity, because for six years before that he had been an internal security minister and then he had cut the positions of the police officers. Secondly, their election campaign was faded. On the other hand, Labor leader Jeremy Carbin has made many promises of improved life-style including free higher education, and particularly the Labor Party has strong support among young voters. The worst is the fallout of the UKIP. Fascist, racist and anti-immigrant sloganeering party was wiped out. However, after the new election, the question in front of Britain is not just about who will run the government, but also how he will deal with the challenges after the breakage.

Govt. employees may get benefit from 18th July

According to sources, housing rent allowance can be 27 percent of the basic salary in cities having a population of more than 5 million, while the 7th Pay Commission recommended it only to 24%.

There is a good news for nearly 50 lakh Central Government employees. These employees can get the benefit of the recommendations made in the 7th Pay Commission from July 18. Employees may start meeting with other rent allowances, including House Rent Allowance (HRA), in July. According to sources, due to not providing revised allus to the employees of the Central Government, the government exchequer benefited about Rs.2200 crores every month, or can say that due to non-payment of revised allowance, the Central Government has paid Rs.40,000 crores. But, the government can compensate  this loss to the Central employees and they can be given HRA more than the panel's recommendation.

According to sources, housing rent allowance can be 27 percent of the basic salary in cities having a population of more than 5 million, while the 7th Pay Commission recommended it only to 24%. Now, in these cities, atra is 30 per cent of the original basic salary, but the seventh pay commission has made a substantial increase in basic pay and it has increased by about 23.55 per cent. This means that the implementation of these recommendations will increase the salaries of the employees. According to information from the sources, the proposal related to the Alliance will be discussed in the meeting of the Central Cabinet this month.

Central Government has constituted a committee headed by Ashok Lavasa to fix the rate of allowance. The committee submitted its report to the Finance Minister on April 27. This committee had suggested some changes in the allowance to the employees of all sectors. Explain that the Reserve Bank expects that increasing the expenditure on the market will increase the rate of consumption by the central employees, and the rate of consumption will increase, hence the economy can get accelerated.

The Suspense over the allowance of the central govt. employees continues

The suspense that has been running for long periods on the employees' allowance of the Central Government, is still going on. The union cabinet did not talk about this issue in the meeting on Thursday. The issue of union workers' allowances was not the agenda of cabinet meeting, where the final decision was expected in this case.

The talk of the central worker's allowance is likely to be the agenda of the next cabinet meeting. The approval of the new allowance is already pending. Although, PM Modi had given instructions to settle this matter quickly.

The 7th Pay Commission has to implement the new rules. The Central Government employees have been waiting for a long time to implement the rules. Pay, pension and the issues related to pay panel recommendations were implemented in June last year. As far as the allowance is concerned, it is still being given at 6th Pay Commission's old rates.

The cabinet has continued the pension given on the basis of the recommendations of the Ministry of Defense. 3 para matrix has been continued for the security forces. The cabinet has cleared the change in the process of pre-2016 pensioners and family pensioners. Only these changes have increased the burden of 1.76 lakh crore on the public exchequer.

The 7th Central Pay Commission suggested some changes in the structure of allowance. In this, 52 such allowances have been abolished. Other types of 36 such allowances have also been added to it.

Learn about 10 special things related to dearness allowance in the 7th Pay Commission's recommendations:

1. According to the Central Government formula, dearness allowance will be increased by 2 percent, which will be implemented from January 1, 2017.

2. Employees’ Unions believe that to determine the dearness allowance, the consumer price index for the consumer worker is considered to be benchmarked different from reality.

3. According to the union, CPI is a hypothetical figure because the Bureau of Labor Bureau remains away from reality.

4. To increase inflation, the average CPI figure should be 4.95%, which should be considered as January 1 to December 31, 2017 benchmark.

5. The Central Government has increased the dearness allowance by 2 per cent in October and implemented it since July 2016, which is going to increase it by 2 per cent now. The Central Government determines the dearness allowance of the average retail inflation of last 12 months.

6. After the approval of the recommendations of the Pay Commission, the Central Government had announced that all the employees would get increased salaries and allowances from January 1, 2016 but after the ban was imposed, the Central Government was reluctant to take a final decision on this issue. .

7. After taking a decision on the ban, the Modi government has constituted a committee to look into the recommendations of the Pay Commission on the allowances of Central employees. This committee has been asked to decide on the way to implement the recommendations of the Pay Commission.

8. According to sources, the committee headed by Ashok Lavasa has submitted its report to the government. But the central government is not able to pay the employees a allowance because the ban on cash in the country is also troubling the central government due to the ban on the ban.

9. The seventh pay commission has increased the HRA by 138.71 percent and has proposed to increase 49.79 percent in other allowances. During the last few months, union government employees' union is pressurizing the Finance Ministry to make the earliest payments. The staff union is talking about the strike on its demand.

10. After the Election Commission's instructions and the election process in 5 states, the Central Government can not take any decision on the allowance of employees. Therefore, it is expected that now there is no option but to wait until the Central staff wait till the election process is over.


Nitish Kumar to be the Special Secretary of CM Yogi

Yogi Sarkar has transferred one IAS and 29 DSPs. Nitish Kumar, posted on the post of Additional Registrar Co-operative Societies, has been made the Special Secretary of the Chief Minister.

Apart from this, transfer of 29 DSPs to Ajay Kumar, Amroha, Amit Kumar Shrivastav to Allahabad, Umashankar Singh to Barabanki, Rupesh Singh to Ghaziabad, Atul Kumar Sonkar to Unnao, Arun Kumar has been sent to ZDA Allahabad and Udayraj Singh to Agra.

Rajiv Kumar Singh has been transferred to Gautam Buddha Nagar, Arvind Kumar Verma to Barabanki, Syed Newamul Hasan to Lucknow, Ashok Kumar Singh to Shamli and Shaurab Alam to Banda.

Apart from these, Ram Aparas have been sent to Meerut, Arvind Kumar Yadav to Gonda, Arun Kumar Singh to Ferozabad, Dinesh Kumar Shukla to Meerut, Bhagwan Sahay Ballia, Indrajit Singh to Balrampur and Ram Karan Singh.

Similarly, Brijpal Singh Solanki has been sent to Mahoba, Ayub Hasan to Moradabad, Virendra Singh Yadav to Badayun and Mohammed Naseem Khan to Ballia and Mahant Yadav, Uttar Pradesh promotion and recruitment boards.

At the same time, some of the transfers have also been canceled, in which Ranjan Singh will remain in the police headquarters Allahabad. Similarly, transfer of Triloki Nath Pandey's PAC Sitapur has been canceled, he will be posted in Gorakhpur. Anil Kumar's Mainpuri transfer has been canceled, he will remain in DSP pHq, camp office in Lucknow.

Yashvir Singh has also been ordered to resign PAC Meerut transfer and stay in Bulandshahar, while ordering Rajendra Dhar Dwivedi to be transferred to PS Fatehpur, he has been ordered to stay in Kanpur town.

Aadhar not Mandatory for filling IT Returns: Supreme Court

On the issue of Aadhaar card on Friday, the Supreme Court pronounced its verdict that those who have both PAN card and Aadhaar card will have to tell it by filling their IT returns. Those who do not have the Aadhaar card and PAN card, their PAN will be considered valid. And those people can fill IT returns. The Supreme Court said that the government should ensure the security of Aadhaar card, which could not leak data of the base. At the same time the government should also work to stop the duplication of the PAN card.

Earlier in the previous hearing, the central government told the Supreme Court on the issue of Aadhar card that citizens of India can not refuse for physical samples taken for Aadhar card, citizens can not have any right over their body on this issue. . Mukul Rohatgi told the court that having absolute authority over his body is an illusion, there are many rules that ban it.

Fully safe 

While defending the decision to make Aadhar card mandatory for the PAN card, the Central Government said in the Supreme Court that such a move has been done to curb the use of fake PAN cards in the country. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the bench of Justice AK Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan that the program of Pan had started to be questionable as it could be fraudulent even though the base is completely safe and robust system by which the identity of a person is not fake Could have been made.

One million PAN card canceled

Rohatgi said that due to the base, the government has saved more than Rs. 50,000 crores for the schemes of the poor and pension schemes. He said that nearly one million PAN cards have been canceled while 113.7 crore Aadhaar cards have been issued but the government has not yet detected any duplicate case.

The Attorney General had told the court that the Aadhaar card is an effective way of curbing money laundering activities and curbing the circulation of black money. The apex court is hearing petitions challenging the constitutional validity of section 139AA of income tax law. This section has been implemented in the New Budget and Finance Act, 2017.

While filing income tax return in Section 139AA, giving the information of registration of Aadhaar card or registration of the Aadhaar application card and giving details of the basis of application of allotment of PAN number has been made compulsory from July 1 this year. On behalf of the petitioners, senior advocate Shyam Diwan had earlier argued that Section 139AA is unconstitutional and this base is in direct conflict with law. He also argued that no question arises for any person to compromise on the basis and it is an issue that transforms democratic India's relations with its citizens.

Stopping fake pan card

The government told the Supreme Court that the basis for PAN card was made compulsory so that the fake PAN card could be curbed because it was used for financing and blackmaking for terrorism. At the same time, the government said the concerns expressed on personality were also false.

The government said that the aim behind bringing the foundation was to create a safe and robust system to ensure that no person's identity could be fabricated. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the bench of Justice AK Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan that the money laundered is being used in the financing of drugs and terrorism.Therefore, it was decided to bring a more robust system, so that one person's identity can not be duped.

The top law officer opposing the challenge given to the decision to make the base mandatory for the PAN card said that 10 lakh cards out of 29 million PAN cards in India were canceled because it was known that many people have one There were more cards and they were being used in the wrong activities, causing loss to the public exchequer.

He said that so far 113.7 crore Aadhaar cards have been issued in the country and the government has not got any case of double card as the biometric system used in the base is the only system which is completely safe.

The apex court heard three petitions challenging the constitutional validity of Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act. This section has been implemented in the New Budget and Finance Act, 2017. While filing income tax returns in Section 139AA, giving information of registration of Aadhaar card or registration of Aadhaar application card and giving the details of the basis of application of allotment of PAN number has been made compulsory from July 1 this year.

Modi-Nawaz meeting in Astana

Astana: Here is the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Friday. Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif appeared together on this forum in this meeting. Modi thanked all SCO members for giving membership to India in his speech. Modi raised the issue of terrorism, but did not mention Pakistan even once. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif took the name of India twice and congratulated. Importantly, both countries have been given membership in SCO this time. This organization of 6 countries was started in 2001. In 2015, the SCO summit was held in Ufa in Russia. In this, a proposal for induction of Indo-Paki as Permanent Member was passed in the organization.

Modi said- Terrorism is the biggest threat ...

Modi said, "SCO is the cornerstone of our political and economic cooperation. Our involvement in SCO countries has many dimensions—Energy, Education, Agriculture, Security, Mineral, Capacity Building, Development Partnership, Trade are its key factories. The membership of SCO will certainly take our cooperation to new heights. Connectivity with SCO countries is the priority of India and we are committed to it. We want connectivity to pave the way for cooperation between our future generations and societies. "
- "Terrorism is one of the most violent infringement of human rights and human values." The struggle against terrorism and extremism is an integral part of the cooperation of the SCO. Whether the issue of radicalization, recruitment of terrorists, training of them or their finances. As long as we do not try to work together in this direction, all the countries will not be able to solve the problem, then the efforts of SCO are appreciable. Feb. battle will give a new direction and strength."

Nawaz Sharif took India's name twice

- Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after he gave a speech. He said, "Today is a good day for Pakistan and India. I thank the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (NIC) for making us members." Pakistan knows SCO well, we have participated in several summits. Without ambush, we should create an environment for generations to come. I would like to congratulate India also that she has also become a member of SCO. "
Sharif said: "Pakistan has been fighting terrorism for a long time, we have been able to control terrorism to a great extent." He said that we want to contribute to the change of the world, bringing economic development through Asia through SCO , Reducing terrorism and reducing weapons race."

Built in 2001
- Let the SCO be a Political and Security Group. Its  headquarter is in Beijing. It was built in 2001. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are the permanent members.
- This organization is designed for military co-operation between member countries in particular. This includes sharing intelligence and conduct operations in Central Asia against terrorism.
- Currently, Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia are supervisor country in SCO.
India and Pakistan were started to make membership process two years ago.
-SCO has been involved in India's status since 2005. In 2014, it was applied for its full membership.
In 2015, there was a SCO summit in Russia's Ufa. It was passed in the proposal to include India-Pakistan as permanent member.
- In 2016, the ACO Summit was held in Tashkent of Uzbekistan. It was signed on the Memorandum commitment to join the SCO in India and Pakistan. China has expressed hope that by becoming a permanent member of the SCO, the bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan will also improve.

Modi-Jinping meeting

- On Friday morning Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping also met. Between the two leaders, there was talk about India's membership in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Both countries talked about stress reduction on many issues.
- Recently, India had boycotted the OBOR Summit in Beijing. India had described this as a case of its sovereignty.
- India has been going against the Sino-Pak corridor from Gwadar to baking India prior to Xinjiang in China. India has alleged that the Corridor will pass through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) Gilgit-Baltistan. CPEC is a part of forest belt-one road. China also appealed to India to join the OBOR Summit.

What is China's Stand on NSG?

China has also been opposing India's NSG membership. It says that if a country has not signed on non-proliferation treaty (NPT), then membership should not be given.

At the same time, India has said that France was also given the membership without signing on NPT. China has been protesting against declaring Masood Azhar a terrorist in the UN.


India loses to Sri Lanka

Due to the poor performance of their bowlers, defending champions India had to face an unexpected loss from seven wickets against Sri Lanka in the ICC Champions Trophy Group B here today.India defeated Shikhar Dhawan 125 runs and Rohit Sharma and Mahendra Singh Dhoni's half century Put 321 runs on six wickets. In reply, the Sri Lankan team achieved the target in 48.4 overs and almost all the batsmen contributed to the win in the headline. It is the winning win by chasing this biggest goal for Sri Lanka in one-day cricket.

Dhanushka Pritishtika scored 76 off 72 balls while Kaushal Mendis scored 89 runs in 93 balls. Both gave a good start to the team with a partnership of 159 runs. Skipper Angelo Mathews scored an unbeaten 52 off 44 balls, Anla Gunaratne scored an unbeaten 34 off 21 balls and Kushal Perera scored 47 (retired heart) runs.
After this biggest turnaround in the tournament, the ground has opened for the four teams. Anyone from India, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka can qualify. To reach India in the semi-finals, South Africa will be defeated in every situation.
India's hearty Pandya (51 runs in seven overs) and Ravindra Jadeja (52 runs in six overs) gave India a chance. Indian bowlers who lost their self-determination showed lack of discipline and its Sri Lankan batsmen took full advantage.
Left-handed batsman Virat Kohli scored seven fours and two sixes in his innings. First Umesh Yadav in the square leg and then the hearty six in the front.
Jadeja's performance was also very disappointing, with 52 runs in his first six overs, including seven fours and a six. Captain Kohli bowling himself and seeing regular bowlers fail, and also Kedar Jadhav. Dhoni scored a brilliant display of quality to score runs.
Bhuvneshwar bowled Mendis on his own ball as he bowled himself well. After this, however, Captain Mathews and Perera kept the rung by adding 75 runs in 10.2 overs. Pereira had to leave the ground due to stretch in the muscle. However, Gunaratne, while convincingly with his captain, brought the team to victory.

Earlier, Shikhar Dhawan continued his glorious performance in the ICC Champions Trophy, converting a century to 321 for six at stumps. Dhawan scored 125 runs in 128 balls and with Rohit Sharma, he made 138 runs for the first wicket. Rohit scored 78 runs in 79 balls.

In the last over Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored 63 runs in 52 balls. This is the third century in Dhawan's Champions Trophy, which has also scored two hundreds in the previous season. He hit 15 boundaries and a six in his innings. Dhoni added 82 runs for the fourth wicket with 10.4 overs. The former captain put seven fours and two sixes in his innings. Kedar Jadhav added 25 runs in 13 balls.

Lasith Malinga took two wickets for 70 runs in 10 overs while Suranga Lakmal scored 72 runs in 10 overs and Nuwan Pradeep grabbed one wicket with 73 runs for Sri Lanka.

Playing XI
India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Jaspreet Bumrah.

Sri Lanka: Niroshana Dikewala, Danushka Gunathilaka, Kunal Mendis, Angelo Mathews, Dinesh Chandimal, Kusal Perera, Asla Gunatantane, Dasara Perera, Suranga Lakmal, Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Pradeep.
                                                                  ---Suveer Chaudhary

Modi Meets Sharif in Astana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif face confrontation at the welcome ceremony of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference in Kazakhstan. The two leaders greeted each other. Modi asked for Sharif and his mother's health. Sharif has recently undergone heart operation.

Although there is still speculation on the meeting of the leaders of both the leaders on Friday, but the goodwill gesture shown between the two leaders may pave the way for a meeting, the sources said.

 There is a tension between the two countries regarding the destruction of the body of Indian soldiers on the Line of Control, issues like execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav and hanging. Before leaving for the reception, Sharif was questioned whether he would meet Modi. On this he just smiled and waved his hands towards the media gallery. Sharif's Advisor Sartaj Aziz did not answer the question. India's Foreign Ministry spokesman Gopal Bagale also said that neither the request has been made on behalf of Pakistan nor has any such proposal been made by India.

India's stand on terrorism

India will insist on the issue of terrorism in the conference on SCO that will be able to circumvent countries with double standard on terrorism. Pak and China have shown double standards on the issue of terrorism. During his address at the conference, Modi will call for cooperation on the issue of terrorism. He called on Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Thursday and discussed ways to expand bilateral relationship.
Indian artists joined the celebrations
The conference started with an excellent concert in the evening. First of all, the presentation of Indian classical dance Kathak was done. Eight dancers from Bengaluru presented the dedication of Mahaganapatnam dedicated to Lord Ganesh.

Important Asian countries for India

India will strengthen defense-security cooperation with the regional anti-terrorism framework (SCR) of SCO. By joining this China-dominated organization, India's importance will grow in Asia and agreement will be easier in different areas of business including energy. Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are also members of the organization. These Central Asian countries have abundant reserves of oil and natural gas and India is a big consumer of these.

How SCO is important for Indo-Pak?

Additional population of 1.45 billion will be added to the organization
20% of the world's GDP will be in the scope of SCO
India-Pak decision in July 2015
India is a Supervisor in Shanghai Cooperation Organization since 2005

Organization is expanding for the first time since 2001

                                                                                 ---Ashish Jha

UP board result 2017

Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council (UP Board) today announced the results of High School (10th) and Intermediate (12th) examination today. Exam results will be announced today at 12.30 pm. Director of Secondary Education and Chairman of the Board Amarnath Verma has given this information. Those students who had passed the 10th and 12th examinations, can check the result by going to Live Hindustan and the Board's official site

Those students who had passed the 10th and 12th exams, can get their results exam by clicking on this link when the results are declared. For this you have to put your mobile number and roll number in it. Students can also check the result by going to the Board's official website. Student students can also check the results on the official website
Strict Vigil
After the BJP's victory in the Assembly elections, the officers took strict vigil over the copy during the examinations in the districts. Due to this, the schools were stuck on the mud. This time the board had ordered to double check the copies of students who got more than 90 percent marks. It will say the effect of the strictness that in the 2017 examination, the UP Board canceled the examination of one shift of 72 centers on the complaint of collective copy and 91 schools were dissolved.

The number of students appearing in the exam

Thus, a result of 5466531 test takers will be declared. Eight prisons of the state were also made the examination centers, in which 222 prisoners (High School 104 and Intermediate 118) were registered. Due to online registration, 345039 and 415422 examinees were reduced in the year 10th and 12th compared to 2016. Over 55 lakh students of High School and Intermediate have been included in the UP Board's 2017 examination in 2017, 3404715 and 2656319 students were registered in the 10th and 12th respectively. Of these, 389658 of 10th and 204845 students of 12th passed the exam in the middle.

Important dates regarding examination

Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council organizes the UP Board High School (10th class) and Intermediate (12th) examinations. This time UP Board High School 10th examination was started on March 16 with Hindi paper and ended on April 1, while Class XII examination began on March 16 with Military Science and ended on 21 April with Library Science was. Last year the result of the 12th was released in May.

                                                                    ---Sushmita Jha

Dimple's Daunting Moment with Vinod Khanna in an Intimate Scene

Mumbai: During the shooting of a film with Shumar Dimple Kapadia in one of the biggest hit heroes of his time, such an incident had happened, after which the dread-comedy Dimple went missing in the makeup form. Now you should be thinking, what such a tragic incident has happened in the past, due to which Dimple had to flee from the pursuit in a make-up room.

Actually, this incident happened during the shooting of a romantic scene of the film. According to media reports, the late actor Vinod Khanna used to shoot a movie whenever he was so lost in character that everything was really real and not real.

Dimple was shocked by the incident

Vinod Khanna was working in a film 'Prem Dharam' in the seventies. In it there was Dimple Kapadia and director of the film Mahesh Bhatt. During the shooting of 'Prem Dharam', Vinod Khanna had to do an intimate scene with Dimple Kapadia. During the shooting of scene, Vinod could not control himself, despite being a cut, he kept doing Dimple for a long time. Dimple was shocked by this incident. Later, Mahesh Bhatt had to apologize for this incident.

According to the film scene, Vinod Khanna had to do first to the Dimple. After this, he had to hug Dimple before sleeping. Vinod Khanna reached the set for the shooting of the movie 'Prem Dharam' in the night schedule. After that he changed his costume and got ready for the intimate scene and came closer to Dimple.

Mahesh Bhatt dimmed the light enough to bring the originality in the scene and called 'action'. As soon as the action was done, Vinod did the first to the Dimple and then started hugging him. Mahesh Bhatt asked him to shift his unit slightly back down the bedroom to make Sean more intensive. Mahesh shouted action as Mahesh Bhatt and Vinod Khanna were more in the distance.

After this, Vinod Khanna started to kiss Dimple and hug. Mahesh Bhatt spoke 'cut' after the shooting of the film but Vinod did not hear due to the excess of the distance, and he constantly kept doing the Dimple. After this scene, Dimple had been in shock and did not understand what happened after all.

Mahesh Bhatt rushed there and said, "Cut it down." After hearing his cut, Vinod Khanna left Dimple. After this accident, Dimple got angry and went to his make-up form. Mahesh Bhatt later apologized to Dimple.
                                                                                 ---Ashish Jha


Rajasthan Secondary Education Board Announces Result

RBSE BSER 10th Result 2017 Live: Rajasthan Secondary Education Board has announced the date for issuing the results of the 10th Board Examination. According to the official information released by the Board, the results of the examination will be issued on June 8 i.e. today.

Rajasthan Secondary Education Board has announced the date for issuing the results of 10th Board Examination. According to the official information released by the Board, the results of the examination will be issued on June 8 ie today. The Board will release the results of the examination after 4 o'clock, and after that all the candidates can visit their official website or result websites and see their results. It is being speculated that this time the examination could be reduced in percentage. 

According to the board information, this test result will be available on the board's website, where after the results are released, many statistics will be released from the examination result.
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- The Board President had said in a special interview with that the results of the examination will be released today and at 4 pm the Education Minister will release the results.

- The results of the examination will be released along with the official website as well as many other websites, through which the candidate can see the result.

- In this examination 10 lakh 98 thousand 921 examinees were registered, in which 6 lakh 30 thousand 342 students and 4 lakh 68 thousand 579 girls are waiting for the results of the examination.

- Board Chairman BC Chaudhary said in a special interview with that this time the merit list will not be released with the result. This time only the results of the candidates will be released.

- The results of the examination will be announced by the Education Minister of the State, Shri Vasudev Devnani in the Press Conference located on the Board premises.

- The examination was conducted between 9 March and 21 March, in which 6 examinations were conducted for the subjects.

- Last year, 10 lakh 81 thousand 879 candidates had participated in which 464331 students and 440337 students were included. This year 75.80 total candidates passed, in which 76.02 per cent students, 75.70 per cent girls passed. This year Tanisha Vijay had secured first place.

                                                                                ---Sushmita Jha

I was a Sanjay Dutt Addict: Raveena Tondon

New Delhi: Raveena Tandon, who is preparing for her next film 'Shab', says that at one time she was very attracted to Sanjay Dutt and was his addict. During the interview for the promotion of the film 'Shab', Raveena was asked about his favorite actors, so he said that his choice has changed from time to time. He said, "In childhood I was a fan of Rishi Kapoor and when I grew up, I felt so much attracted towards Sanjay Dutt. I have worked with Dutt in seven movies. I used to be scared enough to work with him because I could not believe that I am actually working with the person in the film, whose poster is all around the walls of my room. "

Raveena Tandon said, 'I was attracted to him very much.' Raveena and Sanjay have worked in films like 'Kshatriyas', 'Vijeta' and 'L.O.C. Kargil'. Regarding the film 'Shab', Raveena said that it is a very sensitive movie based on relationships. Relationships are never easy and are complicated. The actress says that doing different things and making diversity full character makes them happy and excited.

According to Raveena, "I try to play the most diverse role." After the movie 'Mater', you will see me in glamorous and negative character. Diversified work encourages me. I like doing things which challenge me as a person And I have never done that before. '

There are also artists like Arpita Bisht, Ashish Bist, Simon Freney and Gaurav Nanda in the Onir directed film 'Shab'. The film will be released on June 30.
                                                                         ---Ashish Jha

Aamir's Screen Daughter is the new Bollywood sensation

New Delhi: Actor Fatima Sana Sheikh played the role of his daughter in Bollywood's Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan's superhit film 'Dangal', which was shot in theaters last year. In the film, he played the role of Geeta Fogat in a fine manner, and got the fulsome praise of critics along with the audience. Right now, he is shooting for Aamir's forthcoming film "Thugs of Hindostan" in Malta. On Wednesday, Fatima shared two bold photos on her Instagram page. In these photographs they are wearing swimsuit on the beach.

 Fatima wearing black swimsuit in this spectacular background looks very beautiful. As soon as Fatima shared these pictures on social media, these pictures became viral. These two photos of Fatima have got more than 80 thousand likes.

Significantly, Fatima started her career just as a child artist at the age of four. In Kamal Hassan and Tabu starrer 'Auntie 420', he played the son's character perfectly. After playing supporting role in films like Shahrukh Khan starrer 'One Two Ka Four', 'Bitu Boss' and 'Akashwani', he got Big Break from Aamir Khan's 'Dangal'. In addition to the films Fatima has also won her fame on television. He has worked in a TV show like 'Ladies Special', 'Next Janam Mohheithey Ki Kejo'.

In an interview given to ANS about Aunt 420 from 'Dangal', Fatima had told that, 'Auntie -420' she did in childhood and after that she had to fight again. They gave many auditions. Whatever he has found, he has struggled. According to Fatima, after the "riots" they had to start again. For the 'Thugs of Hindustan', he had to undergo the process of audition in many phases. '

Fatima has learned firing and archery for the film 'Thugs of Hindostan', under the Yash Raj banner, in which she will be seen as a warrior. In the film, Amir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan play Lead Rally. In the film directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, Katrina Kaif will also appear in the lead role.

How did Team India win against West Indies in 1971?

New Delhi: This is 1971's thing. Team India visited the West Indies.  There  was no great expectation about this tour, because at that time the West Indies team was considered very strong. For India, defeating the West Indies was not only difficult but it was impossible. Between 1948 and 1967, five Test series was played between India and the West Indies and all the West Indies won. To win the series is very distant ... India has not won a single Test match against the West Indies in 19 years. In these 19 years, 24 Test matches were played between the two teams. West Indies won 12 matches, while 12 were drawn. Not only that, in the last 15 games against India, the West Indies did a great show and won 10 matches.

First Test match, this player has scored double century

When the West Indies team was in such a great form and playing on their home ground, hoping to win the team India was like shooting an arrow in the dark. Then on March 6, 1971, the first Test match was played between India and the West Indies. After losing the toss, Team India gave away three wickets for 36 runs while batting first. Now Dilip Sardesai landed on the field to bat. The Sardesai were handled on one end, but the wickets were falling on the other end. On the 75th, India's five wickets fell, but Sardesai was not going to give up. Sardesai surprised everyone by playing spectacular shorts all around. Sardesai and Eknath Solkar shared a 137-run partnership for the sixth wicket. Not only this, for the ninth wicket, there was a 122-run partnership between Sardesai and Erapalli Prasanna. In this match Sardesai scored 212 runs in the first innings. This was the first time that a player from the team India had scored a double century against the West Indies. Team India was successful in getting this test match drawn.

Sardesai's century in the second Test, Team India won the first match against the West Indies

On 6 March 1971, the second Test was played between Queens Park Oval between the two teams. West Indies batting first, winning the toss, scored 214 runs in the first innings. In this Test match, Dilip Sardesai scored 112 runs in the first innings. Sardesai's excellent innings helped India to score 352 runs in the first innings. West Indies's second innings collapsed only 261 runs There was a golden opportunity in front of India to win the match against the West Indies. Team India needed only 124 runs in the second innings to win the match against the West Indies. Team India did not let this opportunity go hand in hand. In the second innings, India lost only three wickets and reached the target of victory.

A new hero debut
In this match, another Hero debut for Team India. Through this Test match, Sunil Manohar Gavaskar started his cricket career. Gavaskar played a magnificent innings of 65 runs in the first innings and scored a 67 not out in the second innings to give India the victory. India won history by winning this match. He won the Test match against West Indies for the first time in 23 years.

Gavaskar proved to be the hero in the third Test
In the third Test, Gavaskar won the hearts of cricket fans while batting brilliantly. Team India had scored 376 in response to West Indies' 363 in the first innings and opener Sunil Gavaskar played a brilliant 116 runs from Team India. In the second innings, the West Indies declared their innings at 307 and in the second innings, India lost the wicket without scoring 123. In the second innings, Sunil Gavaskar scored 64 runs in the second innings.

Gavaskar and Sardesai hit centuries in fourth Test

Team India also managed to draw the fourth Test. The magnificent West Indies in the first innings scored a huge score of 501. India's start was very bad, Team India gave away 6 wickets for only 70 runs but Dilip Sardesai scored 150 while batting brilliantly. Sardesai and Eknath Solkar shared a 176-run partnership for the seventh wicket and India reached 347 in their first innings. In the second innings, the West Indies had declared their innings at 180 runs. In the second innings from India, Sunil Gavaskar managed to draw the match while not out on a paltry 117 runs.

Gavaskar's double century in last Test

The fifth match between India and the West Indies. The West Indies had to save themselves by winning this match, while India was a history composition by keeping the match in check. Earlier, while batting, Team India had scored 360 in the first innings thanks to Gavaskar's magnificent century. Gavaskar played 124 runs. Sardesai also scored 75 runs. West Indies made 526 runs in their first innings in the play-offs, due to which the pressure on India increased, but the pressure of this pressure was in Gavaskar's hands. In the second innings, Gavaskar battled brilliantly, batting 220 with a double century and India's score reached 427. Now the West Indies needed 262 runs in the second innings to win the match, but only 40 overs were in hand. West Indies tried to play fast but in these 40 overs, only 165 runs were scored on eight wickets and the match got drawn. With this draw, India created history and won the Test series 1-0 against the West Indies for the first time in 23 years.
                                                             --Anita Saraswati

5 Teaching Websites that will help you earn 50,000 in a month

If you have a "good knowledge of a subject", why not make it a way to earn, summer holidays, students want to utilize this time, and the teacher also thinks that if something new is done in the holidays, for a 5 websites have come up with to help you part-time teaching can earn up to 50,000 per month.

1- Vadantu-: This is the website, co-founded by waxy Krishna. Vedanta is an "online learning platform", which has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award. Through this website, if you have commands in any other subject including ICSE and CBSE Board, can earn up to Rs 25,000 every month by just working 4 hours with vadantu. At present, more than 11,000 students on this platform are registered and 350 teachers work with those who want to teach full time At ₹ 75,000 a month can easily earn.

2- Italki-: This is a good platform for learning foreign languages ​​and italki has got the Best E Learning Teaching status. Here you can learn more than a thousand languages ​​including Hindi English and can also teach you to work on this site and you will have to give information about how much 1-hour fee you want to take, then upload the trial lecture which will provide information about how to teach the student along with the tips. You can earn by this website per hour from 500 to 1000.

3- Helphub- This is a website where you are interested in any other field as well as teaching subjects, they can also teach - like photography, photoshop which is also your field, you can upload the course here. From this side you can earn at least Rs 320 per hour.

4- Udemy-: Here also you can teach courses in any field including the subject of marketing, engineering and web developer. You can also earn at least Rs. 320 per hour or more here.

5- Cuemath-: This is the best platform for those who are interested in teaching and reading this math. This website is for women only. Here you get technical support for your work; Teach 3 hours to earn up to Rs 40,000 per month. 
                                                               ---Suveer Chaudhary

Now any body can go to a foreign country for higher study: Know How

You are good at studies and want to go abroad for further studies, but there is a lack of money,  then do not worry. Your dream of studying abroad will be complete. You can easily get money from various sources.
Take a loan from the bank: If you want to study abroad and you do not have money then the bank will complete the need for your money. For this, you have to take a loan from the bank.

According to the website of the Punjab National Bank's GM, Kanpur RP Gautam and Axis Bank, any bank offers education loan in seven to 10 days. Education loan upto four lakh rupees is available without any guarantees. There is no maximum limit of education loan.

If you want to take a loan for reading in India, you will get a loan at 10.50 to 12.50% interest. At the same time, if you take a loan for reading abroad you will have to pay 11.75 to 12.75 per cent interest. The cost of your books will also be included in education loan.

You have to produce the documents to the bank to take a loan. Bank will see your educational certificate before giving loan. How the applicant is studying, will be checked through certificates.

Before the loan, the bank will check that all the colleges and colleges of the admissions are recognized whether or not a college-institute is canceled, the bank considers that college-institute as black-listed.
                                                                                                    --Sushmita Jha